Bestial Lust – A True History

Bestial Lust – A True History

(N.B. This is a true story. As such it won’t be written in the adjective-rich style of erotica, but more in a narrative sense. Also, I obviously don’t remember all of these events in exact detail. All of what is written is factual, but where I don’t remember every single thought I had or every single movement I made, I filled in the suitable information as best I could.)

I don’t know exactly when it was that I began to have an interest in bestiality. I never knew it was called that, or even that there were other people who practised it, when I became aware of it in myself. Just as I do not know when, I do not know why. I have been interested in dogs as sexual partners from a young age, but contrariwise, I was more of a ‘cat person’. I have no reason to believe that I had any kind of sexual encounters when I was young, whether from animals or humans, so that rules out sexual abuse. Perhaps it is only because while I am not a very sexual person, I have always been sexually aware, having genuine interest in the opposite sex since the tender age of 5. Perhaps my sexual frustration was projected onto my canine friends… who knows?

The first dog I ever knew was a bitch named Minnie, an Airedale, and the family dog. She was already getting old by the time I was born, and died when I was five or six years old. I never had any sexual experiences with her, and I hardly even remember her, but I sense that it may be how it all started for me. For one thing, my father, normally so strict and fearsome, loved Minnie with all his heart. The only time I have ever seen my father cry was when Minnie had to be put down, a result of illness from her old age. It only occurred to me a few years ago that perhaps my father’s love for her ran deeper than what is considered ‘normal’ adoration for a pet. I still don’t know if this thought disturbs me or reassures me. This could explain my own orientation.

Within a year or so of Minnie’s death, my parents brought home a kitten, a purebred of Oriental descent, and named her Coco. When I was around 8 years old, I (to my shame) tried to gently persuade Coco to lick my pussy, but to no avail. Instead I took some Q-tips and inserted them into her little hole to see how she would react. She seemed nonplussed by this, and I desisted because she didn’t react the way I was hoping, and anyway, I felt bad for doing so.

On that note, now is probably the time to mention that while I believe that animals can have vastly differing personalities, just like humans – which most people believe – I also believe that animals can have a deeper understanding of things, an almost humanlike quality to them. I don’t know quite how to explain this properly without sounding idiotic or irrational, but anyone who has a deep love for animals, sexual or non-sexual, should understand what I mean. I could never use an animal just for its body, and indeed I find the pornography in which girls use dogs like little more than living dildos repulsive and anathematic for that very reason. Just as I would feel ashamed for fucking someone I hardly knew, I would feel ashamed for fucking an animal without getting to know it first.

Maybe a year later I had a sleepover at a friend’s house. She had a lovely pet Staffy who was friendly and playful. At night when we were sitting around watching movies, her Staffy (whose name I don’t remember) charged into the room with his red cock fully erect. Being all of us young, we squealed and laughed and said how gross it was, and pushed him away. When everyone was asleep that night, I gave him a hand job.

When I was ten or so, two things happened. First of all, my family got another dog: a White Shepherd rescued from an animal shelter. He wasn’t de-sexed, had no name, and we were unsure as to how old he was. We named him Merlin. The second thing that happened is that I started horse riding, and with it came a deep and intense love for horses. At that time the closest I had ever come to sexual contact with a horse was handling a horse’s cock – not sexually, I was cleaning his genitals. The only time anything sexual occurred to me around horses was when, on a long trail ride, a seam of my jeans was pressing into my clit. I was surreptitiously grinding myself on the saddle for about 10 minutes but didn’t manage to come.

I continued horse riding for three or four years. During that time, when I was about 12, I chanced upon my first mention of bestiality while checking my email. There it was, sitting in my junk folder: ‘Horny teen farm girl fucks a horse with a 12 inch cock!’ I wondered if that was possible. Then I started thinking about the sizes of all the horse cocks I’d seen. I’d never really noticed them before, apart from the occasional immature and embarrassed titter when one of the geldings would random get an erection. I opened the email and stared at the pictures of girls with these enormous dicks filling up their holes, and almost immediately my hand went down to rub myself. Being twelve I was of course a virgin. I’d sometimes fingered or teased myself absently, but I never came. Staring at those girls, their faces twisted in ecstasy, and the beautiful, long cocks thrusting into them, I was jealous and insanely turned on. Rubbing my clit didn’t help, it never felt good enough to bring me to climax, and I needed some way to relieve all that young sexual tension.

That’s how I remembered that when I was much younger, my sister and I used to shower together. One time we were in the bathroom alone, and I stood outside the shower door watching as my sister lay on the floor of the shower with her legs spread, letting the water droplets splash over her legs, belly and puss. ‘It feels good,’ she had said, and with that I rushed off to the shower. But lying on the hard tiles, with only a few light drops sprinkling my clit, only served to tease and frustrate me further. So I decided to go one step up. The bathtub’s sides squeaked horribly as I settled myself into position: propped up by one side of the tub with my ass under the faucet and my legs spread wide. The water gushing straight onto my clit felt amazing. I lay there fantasizing about being fucked by a horse, and came within minutes. The orgasm was so intense that I could feel liquid gushing out of me – I thought I had voided my bladder but I would later learn this was not the case. Thus began my long love affair with the bathtub. Funnily enough, though, I never even connected wanting to be fucked by huge horse cocks with the actual horses that I knew and loved.

When I was 12, in the summer holidays between primary school and high school, I stayed at my friend’s house for about a week or so. She had a little fox-terrier cross called Jack who I was fascinated with. I followed him around her house, always tickling and playing with him. A few times I was alone with him, and when he rolled over so I could scratch his belly I would tentatively reach for his sheath. He never shied from the contact, but I never did get to touch his cock because there was always somebody around, or the threat of someone seeing what I was doing. There was one time when my friend and I took Jack to her neighbour’s house. While my friend stood chatting with her neighbour I followed Jack around as he kept trying unsuccessfully to mate with the resident cat. My friend told me to ‘Leave them alone, don’t watch, it’s gross,’ but I was turned on every time Jack leapt onto the cat and started thrusting manically. Even more turned on when the cat stood patiently accepting it. I think that’s when it began to occur to me that I wanted to be fucked by a dog.

After school one day, at the age of 13, I was home alone with Merlin. I was on the computer in the family room and he was curled up in a corner licking his privates. On impulse I typed the words, ‘dog dick’ into a search. I didn’t expect the likes of anything that came up, the most I had hoped for was a picture of a dog’s cock or two, or at the very most, two dogs mating. To my surprise and delight I was met with thousands of results, and many including pictures of girls slobbering over shiny red cocks. I surfed through them for a while, getting what free kicks I could from the paysites, and getting more and more aroused. Then I went and masturbated. It was the first time I had multiple orgasms.

The next day after school, in the hour and a half between the time I came home and my sister came home, I played with Merlin. Nothing heavy or sexual at first, the usual wrestling, hugging, tickling and tug of war. As I scratched and petted Merlin I gradually moved my hands to his belly. Obligingly he rolled onto his back for me, and I slowed my movements and instead began to gently stroke his fur, moving slowly towards his sheath. ‘Good boy,’ I murmured as my fingers moved closer and my heart sped up. He kicked his legs happily, not at all displeased, and soon enough I was softly moving my fingers across his sheath and cupping his balls. The red tip of his penis slid out of his sheath, gleaming wetly. My panties were damp by this time and my cunt was throbbing urgently. Then I made the mistake of touching his naked cock. My friend’s Staffy, who I had jacked off years earlier, had not minded the direct contact.

Anyway, even though I did so as gently as possible, Merlin jumped up and sprang away, his cock disappearing back into its sheath. Disappointed, and having learned my lesson, I hugged him in apology and started all over again. This time, when his cock emerged from its sheath, I made sure my hands went nowhere near it. I fondled his balls and used his sheath to masturbate him. As I watched his cock jerk and quiver, and short spurts of watery fluid spray out, I was so turned on that a single touch would have undone me. As it was, even that was not required. After three minutes or so, a huge bulb grew at the base of Merlin’s dick and swelled: bigger, bigger, bigger… he froze, then whimpered, and I came just from watching as the last of his cum, thick now and white, came shooting out.

By then it was only ten minutes or so until my sister was due to be home. I hugged Merlin and kissed all over his face, then hurried to clean up the cum on the floor. When my sister came home I was sitting innocently in front of the computer, and Merlin was again in his corner cleaning his dick with his tongue.

About a week later my sister had some kind of parent-teacher night at her school. Both my parents were meant to attend, and they wanted me to come as well, but I faked a minor illness, saying I was tired and would sleep while they were gone. Of course I did no such thing. As soon as they were gone I sprang out of bed and called Merlin inside and into my room. Already I was aroused by thoughts of what would happen, if everything went to plan.

Merlin came in eagerly and jumped up on my bed to lick my face. I hugged and petted him and we played for a while, which eventually turned into me fondling his cock, something we’d done together two or three times since that first day. This time when his cock was fully emerged from his sheath, I let go instead of masturbating him. Merlin rolled over and stood up, whining, and started thrusting his hips into the air, a few drops of cum flying. I got off my bed and hurriedly stripped off my clothes before sitting back down beside him and stroking his fur. Then I spread my legs and softly invited him to lick my pussy. Merlin whined a few more times and then bent and licked at his cock. I took his collar and guided his head towards my pussy. He started sniffing enthusiastically, his cold nose bumping into my cunt and thighs making me shiver. But no licking.

I pushed him off the bed and sat on the edge with my legs spread as far as they could go. This time, I got lucky. He eagerly began to lap away at my pussy. I had never been eaten out before and it was absolute heaven. It was a few years more before I realised that man can never quite hope to match a dog’s tongue in length or dexterity. I came within two minutes. Even after my orgasms subsided he kept at it eagerly and I had to push his head away and hold it so I could recover my breath.

Eventually I let go of his head. His beautiful cock was still fully erect and out of its sheath, and he had started to thrust his hips again. I was already aroused once more, and I tried to get Merlin into position by patting the bed at my sides. ‘Up, boy! Up!’ I took his front paws and tried to guide him, but in his excitement he was thrusting every which way and couldn’t hold the awkward two-legged position long enough to penetrate me. So I got down on all fours.

He mounted me easily, but his big paws rested awkwardly over my shoulders and neck, and scratched me. He was still thrusting wildly, and I tried to get one hand back behind me so I could position him at the right angle. His cock slipped past my hand a few times and I felt it jabbing my ass and thighs, and then a great pain as it rammed home. I remember it hurt a lot at first but the pain went away quickly. I was about to come when Merlin suddenly slid out of me, then came around to lick my face. ‘Up, boy, up! Come on!’ I urged him, and he mounted again, still with his forelegs over my shoulders. In a few seconds he was inside me again. He began to pound me mercilessly into me and I could feel every inch of his cock inside me and his great weight pressing down on me. His cock was hot, temperature wise, and that only added to the pleasure, likewise when his fur-covered balls banged into my clit. Within a minute I was shaking with the intensity of multiple orgasms, and the floor was spattered with what I thought was his cum but later, from the scent, turned out to be mine. Remember when I thought I’d pissed after coming, that time in the bathtub? That night was when I discovered it wasn’t actually piss, and when I looked it up on the internet I discovered all about the phenomena of female ejaculation.

Back to Merlin and I – I had forgotten about the ‘knot’, the bulb that grows at the base of a dog’s cock when they mate, and of course I had never experienced it for myself, only seen it in the photos on the Internet. When I felt Merlin’s cock curiously swelling inside me, I remembered the pictures I’d seen and panicked. I started to struggle and try and throw his weight off me before we became ‘tied’. I managed to throw Merlin slightly off balance, and his dick slipped out of me and faltered for a moment. But his paws had come off my shoulders – his forelegs slid back, gripped me around the thighs and his cock slammed into me with new intensity, knot and all. Then he stopped thrusting and instead gave a series of little jerks. At the same time I felt his knot grow even more, and to my surprise it didn’t hurt. It felt amazing, stretching me out, and I could feel its throbbing vibrate through all my pussy and mostly, my clit. I came again after a few seconds, and after ten minutes or so Merlin’s knot slipped out of me and I hugged him in thanks. He went to go and clean up his dick, and I ran to clean the floor before my parents came home.

Merlin and I repeated the above activities, and many more, many times for several years. He was a fairly old dog when we got him, though, and he died when I was seventeen. I will always miss him, not just for the sex but for being a loving pet and companion. He was my first animal love and the one I lost my virginity to. It was only later when I started ‘training’ other dogs that I realised Merlin was an old hand at sex with a human. I can only be grateful to whomever owned Merlin before my family, not only for the training they gave him but for giving him away so I could come to love him as my own.

Before I continue I want to clear some things up about dog sex and the things people seem to write about it. I’ve read stories, not only on this site but others, where people say that as the dog came inside them they could feel the cum shooting into them. Maybe it’s just me, or else the dogs I’ve had as partners, but I’ve never once felt anything of the sort. Another thing people seem to like writing about is how their dog thrust so deep into them that the first inch or so of their cock entered their cervix, and they screamed and moaned in ecstasy, etc. etc. ad infinitum. Let me tell you that this is just not possible. Firstly because, unless you are for whatever reason fucking a dog within hours of giving birth, your cervix is only about a quarter of the width of your vagina, not large enough to accommodate a dog dick as it does not stretch like the vagina does. Secondly, if you have ever experienced being fucked by a larger-than-average cock, you may have felt it banging against your cervix during sex. Therefore you would know that if something ever forcefully entered your cervix, you would be screaming in agony, not ecstasy.

Briefly I want to recount another episode in my life. When I was older I went back to horse riding, at a different place this time, a place that was more ordered and professional (the first place I went to when I was a young teenager didn’t have stables, only corrals, and the tack was old and dusty and kept in two big shipping containers. Not to mention the horses were somewhat underfed, and most of them were old, flea-bitten and tired-looking). There were about thirty horses there all up, most of them purebred, as well as some young colts and fillies and some ex-racehorses. I started a relationship with two young horses, one a strawberry roan filly who had just been weaned, the other a two-year-old bay stallion. I helped to raise them and developed strong bonds with each of them, which at first was non-sexual but soon became otherwise.

I was brushing down the filly, Maya, one day, when she was about 14 months old, when she started displaying to me signs of sexual arousal, the most notable the raising of her tail to display her genitals. I ignored it but by the time I was brushing down her hindquarters she had started turning to expose herself more, and started rubbing up against me. To put a long story short, I ended up with my hand in her cunt, which Maya enjoyed. After I’d satisfactorily pleasured her and finished brushing her down, I moved on to my favourite boy, the bay two-year-old, Beau.

I guess those of you who are into horses know what happens when a stallion picks up the scent of a mare’s cunt. Beau was restless, butting his head into me and nibbling my clothes, and soon enough the entire length of his cock had come out of his sheath and he was slapping it against his belly, which is how a horse masturbates. I was slightly turned on. Beau was a beautiful specimen of horseflesh and here he was wanting to fuck me. But of course, it being the middle of the day, I could do no such thing.

A few days after I returned to the stables, this time at night, using the hidden spare key to unlock the main door and let myself in. All the horses were nestled in their stalls sleepily. I went to Beau’s stall and let myself in with him. He pricked up his ears and started nuzzling me again. I fed him an apple and started stroking him all over, including under his belly, but while he enjoyed the attention I didn’t see hide nor hair of his cock. I let myself out of his stall and went to Maya, who was all but asleep. She also enjoyed the attention and the petting I gave her, and didn’t mind at all as I slipped my hand under her tail and probed into her so my hand would be covered with her scent.

I went back to Beau’s stall and rubbed my hand over the stallion’s nose. Almost immediately his cock slid out to its full length, about two feet long and patched dark brown and pink. I worked my way over his body, stroking and talking to him, and soon enough came to his dick. He was slapping his cock against his belly again, but stopped as I tentatively started touching it, seeing what he responded to and did or didn’t like. Eventually I rid myself of everything below the waist and started working his cock again, wondering how I was supposed to achieve sex with a horse. Obviously I didn’t want his weight on me, and though I could have dragged over an empty grain barrel to lie on I didn’t fancy the awkward position, especially if I needed to get his cock out of me in a hurry.

Eventually I just stood at his side and bent over at a slight angle, my head facing away from his hindquarters. I held onto one of his front legs to support myself and with the other hand reached behind me and gently guided his cock into my pussy.

It slid in easily. I could nowhere near take the full length of it, and stopped when it was about four inches in. Luckily enough too, because as soon as he felt it he gave a massive thrust that nearly knocked me over. Fortunately, I suppose, he couldn’t thrust very well on all fours, and he didn’t try to rear up and mount me or anything of the sort. I had to work myself back and forth on his dick and every so often he’d give as big a thrust as he could manage.

Seeing as he was fully erect it didn’t take long for him to come inside me and step back. His cock slid out, a good eight inches of it, and with it a veritable river of cum. I was surprised to see the tip of his cock had ballooned into a huge fist-sized bulb. I’d had my fare share of fisting in my time otherwise I could have potentially been in large amounts of pain. I hadn’t orgasmed from the encounter but I was happy enough just to have fucked my lovely Beau.

Since then I’ve enjoyed sex with Beau the stallion on a regular basis, as well as each of my two dogs. This brings me to the end of my story so far. Hopefully in future I’ll have more bestial encounters to write about.

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