Birthday Present_(5)

Birthday Present_(5)

Me and my girlfriend have been together for 2 years now. We have had a very easy going relationship and we always get along no matter what. Our sex lives was kinda moderate. Dont get me wrong it was great sex but it always seemed like something was missing. We got into watching porn alot, which suprised me because when we got together she despised it. Anyways, i began noticing that when a scene with a black man would come on she would become extremely aroused. So one evening i asked her about it as we were watching these Two black guys break this little girl in half if she fantasized about having sex with a black guy. She got so embarrassed because i knew she but she wouldnt admit it. So i began asking her was it the size she fantasized about or just the thought of the black guy. She looked me square in the eyes and said both. I was totally shocked. I didnt know what to think, i mean my dick isnt huge by no means but its not that small i dont think. I have 7 inches but apparantley that is what was always missing in our sex lives.

Her birthday was coming up around a week after i discovered my soon to be wife was desiring a black man. Then the thought of seeing her so happy getting what she wanted started cramming in my head. And not to mention ive always been a voyeur but she dosent know that. Anyway I had my mind set, I was going to give her her what she wanted.

The following week her birthday came abd i sent her out with her buudies to go shopping. I told her it was gonna be me and her only tonight to get some new lingerie and to be wearing it home. I could see she wasnt really all that excited about it. By this time i was a nervous wreck with a raging hard on. While she was out i went and picked up a black due named laiten. I had talked to him earlier in the week about the whole situation and a was more than willing. I had partied with this guy alot heard from alot of girls he'd slept with he was hung like a horse.

When she arrived home that night she was kinda shocked to see laiten was there. She acted kinda mad. She whispered to me and said i thought it was just me and you. I told her there was a important game on we had to see and i couldnt miss it. She was so hurt, i wanted to tell her the whole reason he was there but i knew she wouldnt jump right into it, we had to seduce her.

So we all sat on the couch watching the football gamewhen i told her to go put her pajamas on but leave her lingerie on under it, that he'd be leaving soon. As she left i offered laiten a pair of ball shorts to wear to be more comfortable. He beat her back and as she sat back down between us on the couch i caught her stealing a quick glimpse of his huge dick which was still soft showing through the shorts i let him wear. Then he went to work. He complained about it being hot and asked if he could take his shirt off. I told him it was okay with me as long as sheena didnt care. and of course she didnt. I could see her squirming around in her seat, i knew she wanted to jump right on him but she controlled herself. At this point we and laiten were pretty drunk a i told sheena and him that i was getting sick and i had to leave the room for a little bit. As i left the room i winked at him and he knew what i meant. So i went up the stairsand as i topped th stairs i stopped and beeked over the banisters overlooking the back of our living room. They sit witout a word spoken for about five minutes, and then i could a casual converstaion start. Then laiten started slowly rubbing his cock through the outside of his shorts. I was amazed at the size. as so was sheena , all she could do was stare. Then the converstaion started again, and i could hear him ask her if she'd ever had anything that big before. All she could do was shake her head. Then he asked her if she wanted it and she said she wanted it so bad but she didnt want to cheat on me. he kept teasing her and finally she worked her hand onto itafter a few seconds of playing with she i heard her say "i have to measure this thing". Almost getting caught i dunked down as she walked over to the sesk to get out the tape measurer. After she maesured him i hear her say 14 inches long and 6 inches around.she slip the tape under the couch and sat back down. she yelled for me like three times and then said i be he's passed out in the batroom i better check on him. as she stood up hestood up as well and pulled her into him and with no resistance she meet him.Instantly they began a passionate kiss. His muscular body towered over her. She was thick in her butt but the rest of her body was small. She bagan slowly stripping until she was naked. Then she stripped laiten all the naked also. He sat back down on the couch and she started sucking his huge cock. I was so horny bhy now i couldnt take it anymore so i made my way down the staris ever so quietly. I made it down and around the couch behind her without her hearing me. Her pussy hadnt even been touched yet and she already had juice runnig down her legs. She was on her knees still sucking his cock when i came up behind her and placed my hands right above her ass. She didnt even react, i guess she thought they were his. Then i aimed i hard cock right for her pussy and as soon as it slipped in she tried to jump up. But i held her and told her everything was alright, it was all a plan for her. She started trying to apologize and i told her i wanted this as much as she did. And it was on from there she began sucking his cock and i slid my cock in her pussy. I began pumping her as hard as i could and she was wild, she was moaning like she had never had sex before. I quickily got off and sat back on the recliner facing the couch. she got up and squated over his cock and slowly began easing herself down on it. This was my first good look at this thing and to be honest it was kinda scary. The head looked like it was on steroids it was so big. It took her about 30 seconds to get the head of it in her. Then his muscular arms cupped her under her ass for support. She slowly began easing up and down on it. Before she got six inches in hernshe had already got off. and all at once it was like her pussy just opened up and she bagan taking about 9 or 10 inches at a time. Then they changed positions and he mount her. He bagan serious pounding her pussy, she was screaming and moaning at the smae time. By this time my cock was hard again so i waled over to watch more closely, when looked between her legs i was shocke to see she was taking all of his cock. He woul pull out about 12 inces and slam it all the way in with each thrust. She lloked me in the eyes with this crazy look like she was in another world. And all of a sudden she started shaking and convulsing, she let out a moan that was pure ecstacy. She had the longest orgasm iver seen. I know it had to be at leat a minute long and during the whole thing he was still pounding away. At the very end of her climax she actually passed out. I swear when she come to a couple of seconds later she couldnt believe what had happeded. Then the rest of the night was just as good. She mounted him again and while he fucked her pussy i fucked her in the ass at the same time we all had earth shttering orgasns. Then as i couldnt go anymore, she asked if she could take him up our bedroom for the rest of the night. I had no problem with that and i heard my girl being fucked all night as i lay there listening.

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