Book store

Book store

It was a hot summer day and I was through for the day. I was in a section of town that I didn't know well when I saw something that got my attention. Adult Book Store and Theater. Seems like a good spot to kill a little time I thought to myself. As I pulled in I saw a couple of guys standing out front and I spoke as I was entering. I went into the store where I saw hundreds of porno movies of all types along the walls. They were on counters in the aisles felt as if I were in porno heaven.

I looked around and as I looked around I realized I was getting this incredible hard on. They had everything movies, Cd's, dildos, you name it it was there. I walked to the back of the store and I saw a sign that said $10.00 for theater. MMMMM that sounded good. I went to the cashier and gave him $10.00 and entered the theater. Their were movie style seats everywhere. I walked to the back side so I didnt go in front of the other guys in there and had a seat.

As I sat there trying to rub my 7 inch cock thru my shorts three guys came and sat next to me. One on my right and two on my left. I smiled and nodded my head to acknowledge them. Two of them were kinda large black men and the other was a slim Mexican was trying to hide my hard on but it really was too late because that was the first thing they looked at and it didnt take long till the guy on my left began rubbing his cock and would look over at me and smile. This turned me on and I was no longer worried about them seeing me rubbing my cock too. At dint take long for the Mexican guy on my right to put his hand in my lap to get a feel. I moved my hand and he began rubbing me while he rubbed his cock with the other hand. The guys on the other side got couris and his hand slipped into my lap and he began rubbing me too. I felt a hand going down my pants and he wrapped his hand around my now very hard cock. One of the other guys began tugging on my shorts as I lifted up slightly so he could ease them down.I felt warm wet lips take me inside his mouth and he began sucking me like I had never been sucked before. I felt as if I was going to explode as he stopped to let one of the other guys swallow me. It didnt take long and several other guys came over to watch. I was the star and loving it. All these guys;there must have been 10,were jacking off while I was getting the most incredible blow job. I felt someones fingers down by my ass hole which was wet with all the sober they were drooling down from my cock. One finger then two fingers and then I felt the third finger slide in my virgin ass hole and it felt so good. He began working his fingers in and out, in and out. He asked me to stand up and I gladly complied have never been so turned on. As I stood up someone took my idle hand and put it on his cock. I began jerking him and a pair of hands grabbed my waist and turned me to the side. then he put a hand on the center of my back and whispered to me BEND OVER.I have never had anal sex before and I was a little hesitant but I did as he said. He tried to push the head in my ass but it was so tight. He said to relax and tried again and slowly I felt the head of his cock slide in. It burned as it slid in. Slowly he pulled back and slid in a little deeper. It was still burning but it felt so good. It was not long and I could feel his balls slapping my ass. He fucked me for a couple of minutes when his breathing got very fast and with a hard push I could feel him dumping a load into my ass. As he pulled out another took his place and he began fucking me. It wasn't long and he came deep inside of me. Then another and another and another. They were all taking turns on me. I felt cum shooting on the side of my ass then in my face. I could not tell you how many guys dumped their hot load inside of my now very well used dripping ass hole. I was covered with loads of spunk. My hair was wet, I even had a guy cum on my swollen cock and began to jack me off. When I finally came I blew so hard I swear it went three rows. I could feel cum oozing from my ass and running down my legs. My ass was a foaming mess of cum. I bent over again to pick up my shorts and again I felt another cock forcing its way into my ass. I just stayed there and let him explode his hot load into my ass as it now was making a sloshing noise from the 30 or more loads I had taken.

When I finally got my shorts on and began walking to the exit I could feel my ass cheeks sliding together because of the cum oozing from my now gaping ass hole. I could swear I was making a sloshing noise as I walked. Never the less I have never been that satisfied in my life and I now make monthly stops there to please the crowds.


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