Boys in the Band

Boys in the Band

It started when the guys agreed to let the girls have a night out. For doing this, the women would let them go on a weekend hunting trip. The couples were in their early fortys and brother and sister had married brother and sister, they had been married for over twenty years and both the families had two teen-age children.

The girls were going to a local dance hall, that speacilized in country music. They had been there many times before, but always with their husbands. The girls loved to flirt with the other guys, as they danced with a lot of different men. Their husbands didn't min because they were also doing their share of hitting on the women.

The night of the outing arrived. The girls were dressed in their jeans and boots. They both looked great, and were looking forward to having a good time. The closer the time came to going out, the more excited they became. The husbands had agreed to baby sit, so no hurry to get home. After a few beers away they went.

The dance hall was going strong when they arrived, loud music, and the dance floor was crowded. Finally, finding a seat at a small table, they ordered beer, and began to look around to see who, and what was there. Josie was the oldest of the two, had been married a bit longer then Doris. She had long black hair, dark eyes,and her body was still in good shape for her age, and the Mother of two children. Doris, the younger was a true blond,, and her tits were bigger than Josies,but had smaller nipples.

They danced with different guys, drank more beer, and began to really get with the music. Most of the men were younger than they were, but that didn't stop them from dancing. They would talk about the guy and how they would rub up against them with their dicks getting hard. They laughed and just enjoyed themselves. When the floor was crowded, some times a dancer would rub their ass, as they danced by. This didn"t bother them at all.

They talked about men they had dated before they got married. Both had fucked some of their husbands friends a few years back. Doris admitted that she had jurked her brother off a few times, when thet were in their teens. 'Have you ever made it with a woman?" Josie asked.
"not really, Just the few times you and I kissed and felt each other up" Doris answered. I think I would like to try it, though A few years back they had trying kissing each other, and feeling each others tits..Mostly they giggleg.

When the band took a break, they came over and sat with the girls. After we're done here we're having a party at our place, if you want to come over, we can really party. It was fine with the girls, and sounded like something they would go for. A lot of beer, and a lot of dancing, and rubbing, the danceing came to an end.

The two girls, and three members of the band got into their van, and drove to the Motel where the band had a Room. It wasn't far from the dance hall, so not much went on. A lot of laughting and just talking. The room was really nice, with two king-size beds. There was beer on ice,whiskey and chasers. Now the fun began.

One of the men started kissing Josie, she kissed back. His hands went to her tits, and began to put his hand down her button down shirt.The other two were sitting next to Doris, kissing her from both sides, and playing with her tits. Josie stood up and started taking her shirt and bra off, Now her tits are bare. Her man was now sucking her, and trying to feel her pussy.The other two were undressing Doris, as she lay back across the bed. Josie laid back on the bed with the two girls were head to toe. One of the guys got the idea to see the girls eat each other. They said no way. After much coaxing from the guys the girls sat up facing each other. They both giggled, and Josie bet over and lightly kissed Doris on the lips. The men encouraged them on.

They both began to kiss each other, and feel each others tits. Lightly pinching each others nipples, One of the men took their hands, and laid it on each others pussy. Now they got it on, finger fucking each other. Both tried to lick each others tongue, more than the other one did.

Josie laid Doris down on her back, got over her in the 69 possition. Softly, they began to lick each other. Their finger going in and out of their pussies, as their tongues found all the right spot, The guys began to play with their titties and ran threir fingers in their tails. Now the girls got with it, trying to make each other cum. Doris was first. She moaned and wiggled up and down in extecy. When Josie stopped licking Doris, One guy stuck his dick in her mouth, she began to suck him off. She came with a dick in her mouth, what a sensation it was. Now both girls are blowing two guys, the third guy got out a cam corder and started taking a recording of the girls. While the camera ran, he loped his dick, The guy with Josie came first, "Swallow it all baby he said." She took the load all the way down her throat..Now the guy with Doris began to cum, After two spurts he pulled his dick out of her mouth, and let the rest of his cum go on her face.
She took her finger,wiped it off, then licked her fingers.

The Drummer laid Doris on her back and slowly shoved his Dick as far as it would go in her Pussy. She began slowly to move her hips up to meet his thrust. Up and down they went, both moving together, both enjoying the shit out of it, Josie was being screwed, both laying on their side facing each other. Now the Camra Man joined in the fun. He got behind Josie and put his dick in her, along with the other guy. Now Josie was being screwed by two men at the same time. Now this was a Party.

Doris and the Drummer came first. It was a lot of moaning, kissing, and just good sex. When they had finished, Josie went over to the others, and rubbed the balls of the other two men..both came about the same time, and Josie groaned with excitement as she began to also cum.

When it was all over, they all showered, cleaned up, and the girls left to go home.

"Well we have been Dancing with the Stars>" Josie said. "what a night!

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