BOYS NITE OUT rerelease

BOYS NITE OUT rerelease

I remember my first time I was with a man.. I was 22 and my g.f. and I had just broke up the day before. That was thursday so friday I had a shitty day at work and nothing seemed to go right,when I got a 2 way from Lee he is a friend of my ex's and he was wanting to know what had happened. So after explaining to him thaty I was at work and couldnt talk about it now he said (why dont we meat at the "L" for a beer and talk about it after work). I agreed and 4:30 couldnt come quick enough. Not that I was wanting to see him I figured he was just going to try to talk me into going back out with her any ways…But I really wanted to get drunk and find some pussy. Plus that bar is really cool with lots of good music and food . Plus the women are pretty as hell alot of the times. So any ways we met and did some bull shitting and checking out women. Wich for some reason they always seem to flock all over him???

Lee is a rather broad built black man who was 33 at the time and about 6' 3" tall . Not really all that much to look at but he has a rugged appearance about like me. I am white with a dark complection 5' 7" 205 muscular pounds with dark bro hair and eyes with tattoo's all over my arms and back and a 7 inch cock. I dont know exactly how fat my cock is but my ex used to wrap a dollar bill around it and only the edges touched.She would say it was going to be her money maker and teas me saying she was going to put me on the corner for all the rich people to have fun with. Women have always said it was real fat. But I have always thought they were full of shit.

But the nite wore on and then it was closing time and it was just me and him out in the parking lot talking next to our vehicals. Well he said. I think I am too shit faced to drive …….."gimme a lift home"?? I said sure and took him to his house wich was about 6 miles from the bar. When we get there he cant find the keys to get into his house when he got a call from Jim the bar tender. Who was real good friends with Lee. He told him he had his keys and does he want to come and get them since he left them on the bar and lee looked at me…I told him not to worry about it I didnt feel like taking my chances to drive clear over ther to get his keys and told him he could crash at my place. He told him to put them into his car under the drivers seat and he would get them tomorrow

When we get to my house I showed him were the spare blankets were since he was going to be on my couch. I headed for the shower and when I came out of the shower he was pissing in the tiolet with his back to me. He said I'm sorry but with all the beer I couldnt hold it no longer. Then he asked you dont mind if I get in after you do-do you? Well playing football in school I wasnt afraid to be naked around another man. I said no go ahead and went to get him a towell. When I returned he was already naked turning the shower on and I didnt think much about it. with my towell around my waist I went to my room and dried off and laid down. I must of fell right to sleep because when I woke up I was still on top of my blankets and I was recieving a wonderful head job. I didnt think nothing about it at first. I thought it must be Tabby from down stairs. She was the reason my g.f. broke up with me…For some reason women dont take it too good when they wake up to another woman sucking thier mans dick. Wich she snuck in to my appartment to do alot. It wasnt hard for her she had a key to get my mail and feed my pirahnas since my work always puts me out of town at the worst moments possible.

But for some reason this felt sooo much better. I felt like I was about to cum when I reached down to grab her head so I could jam it down her throught when I felt really short nappy hair!!! I opened my eyes and saw Lee and about shit ! I screamed and hollared W.T.F. and fell out of bed trying to crawl away from him. When I hit the floor I screamed for him to get the fuck out because I wasnt a fucking fag. But after I was done he had the nerve to ask me if it felt good?!?!…… I then about shit I got up off of the floor and dove for him grabbing for him I was so mad that I was going to kill him. When I landed on him he rolled me over so I was in a 69 position with him and him over me and he started to suck on my cock again…Wich I might add was sill as hard as ever. his super fat cock was laying on my chin and his ball were over my eyes when I looked up. It seems like all of the fight just left me and all I could say is I'm not gay man. He stopped long enough to say I know.

Now I have seen some black cocks in the locker room at the gym from time to time and even seen some back in school but never have I ever wanted to suck one or even look at one. But for some reason when I opened my mouth was I shocked!!!! I loved the taste of his cock and I started to suck on it the way I liked Tabby to suck on mine. he started to moan and then I pushed him off of me . He looked like I brooke his heart when I told him to lay down on his back. He jumped at the chance thinking I was done with him he was now happy to find out he was wrong. I saw his member as he rolled over and was very impressed. at the base of it he was as thick as my wrist and the head was twice the size of mine……I slowly crawled up to his cock and told him "if you tell any one I will kill you" and his 9 inch monster stared to dissappear in my mouth. Now he must of enjoyed it because he started to buck against my mouth gagging the fuck out of me but I kept going down on him and the next thing I knew he was blasting into my hungry mouth. I thought I was going to choke from all of the cum he was shooting into it when I let off I had a mouth full and he was still shooting… CLear up on his chest and face.

When he was done I asked him how it was. He told me that no one gives head better than a "STRAIT MAN" and laughed. With that I looked down at my own cock and saw a huge puddle of pre cum on my sheet and said I hope we arent done because there is no way I can sleep with the biggest hard on of my life. He said no and then he asked me to fuck him. I thought about it for a minute…."would that make me gey if I fucked him in his ass?" Then I thought and said out loud fuck it. well I know I always liked Tabby to finger fuck me when I was getting head but only one finger and she always made sure to suck on my ass first to lube it up. I remember the first time she did that I about punched her. But I will tell you that one later. So anyways I sat down on the bed inbetween his legs and lifted his legs up and put his knees on my sholders with his lower legs going down my back. I lifted his ass with my hands and started to lick the little pucker that was twitching when my tounge hit it. Feeling his balls on top of my nose I felt like I was in heaven. The noises he made was incredible. I was in total controll as I ate his wonderfull tasting asshole I knew I was good because I had eaten out alot of womens asses. The taste was nothing different but the smell was alot different. I could smell the musk of his balls on my nose the smell of his nut on my face and my own as well. It was so fucking great I might really be able to get into this shit I thought.

Then I heard something I had never expected to hear from him as he then asked me to fuck his little asshole. When I pulled my tounge from his ass it was winking in approval at me. I then got up on my knees and saw my puddle was even larger. He sat up really quickly taking my cock in his hand he said he was going to lick some of the precum off of it first. He went down a couple of times and then he deep throughted me. No woman has ever been able to do that to me. Then as fast as he started he stopped and layed back down on his back. I thought I was going to cry when he stopped but I saw him lifting his legs up and grabbing them just behind the knees and I snapped back to reality. I walked up to him on my knees and slowly pointed my cock at his puckered ass hole and slowly pushed in it. I felt it slowly work its way through the first ring then it stopped and he was tighter then hell. I looked at him as he grabbed my hips pulling on me. Then my cock slid all the way in to the hilt. He screamed and I moaned a low loud moan. I just stayed like that for like 2 minutes savoring the feeling then I slowly started to rock my hips back and forth. I looked into his eyes and he was staring rite through me in pure lust it was beutiful.

I have only untill this point in my life saw a woman make a face of pure dispare but he did at that moment. He started to shake all over and the next thing I knew I felt his ass spasming out of controll I looked down to see was shooting another load and I lost it. I stared to ram his ass as hard as I could feeling him cum had just sent me over the edge. I was getting ready to release when he asked me to stop and shoot it in his mouth I pulled my cock out of his ass with a slippery wet squishing noise and looked at it and was supprised to not see any shit on it. I had always had shit on my cock when fucking a woman in her ass. He jumpend onto his hands and knees and I fell to my back then he grabbed my tool with his left hand and started to cuck on my cock when he stopped only for a second he put 2 fingers in his mouth and got them all wet then he placed my cock back in his mouth and started to suck my cock again I was on the edge when he pushed hard on my ass and shoved his fingers all of the way in untill his hand was against me . He started to fuck me like crazy with his long ass digits when with his free fingers and tumb grabbed my ever tightining sack and squeezed now I thought I had came before but I was in pure bliss as he drank spurt after spurt of my cock. I must have shot at least ten spruts of cum untill it felt so good it actually hurt a little and I made him stop. I was afraid if he didnt my ass would sink clear through the bed and floor and fall in to Tabby's bed room.

As I finished cumming I heard a cough from behind us and it was Tabby standing there. I was shocked at first untill I saw she was standing there with a wicked smile on her face. Naked as the day she was born her hand inbetween her spread legs rubbing a thousand miles an hour. She was sweating as bad as we were and she asked us why didnt I come and get her…..Apparently he beat her to the head job earlier. She siad she had seen the whole thing and didnt want to interrupt us fearing we would have stopped. but now she had some thing else in mind…………….I hopped you all like the story it is all true and if you did like it I have plenty more to tell……

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