Brother's curious introduction

Brother's curious introduction

When I found out that my older brother was gay I was shocked at first but somewhat curious. We slept in the same room so often we would lie awake talking about everything including girls and many times the conversation would turn to gay sex. I asked who he had sex with, what it felt like, what sperm tasted like. He must of known I was curious and who knows maybe willing.

The more I thought about all he had told me the more I wanted to know yet I never found men attractive but thoughts of sex with them made me so horny, I wanked off to fantasies of older men, teachers, and strangely most of all my older brother. For a long time I would feel ashamed after masturbating and questioned my sexuality, I even tried to stop these thoughts but they always returned and with them, my 14 year old boner.

It never entered my mind to actually fulfil any of these fantasies but one evening while wrestling with all of my brothers I pinned my older brother down on the bed straddling him. I felt him resist but something told me he liked it!I moved back and forth on his groin careful not to arouse his or my other brother’s suspicion. His eye’s looked glazed as he half struggled against my weight on him thrusting upwards but never enough to force me off…strange as he was 4years older and at 18 a lot stronger than me.
Beneath his jeans I could feel his manhood hardening but I felt safe that he didn’t realise I knew he was getting off to me. Mom had called my younger brothers; now we were alone. He must have feared me feeling his boner because he flipped me over. I heard him groan as his hard cock rubbed against mine and his weight on me made me hornier than ever before. By this stage we both knew what was happening but not how far this would go so we progressed slowly.

He lay back on the bed an pushed down on my shoulders. Taking my opportunity I went down towards his crotch and holding his legs down buried my face in it. Rubbing around the area I became braver by the fact that he remained lying and groaned deeper with his eyes closed.

Something came over me and I opened my mouth wide to massage and lick at the bulge in his pants. He hopped up suddenly and now I was in for it. Actually sucking at my brother’s cock had gone too far. He looked at me and said “do you want to suck it?” I trembled and hesitated. Was it a trick? Would he let me? Right here with our parents down the hall? Did I want to?

“ehh ok…” I muttered still trembling. He pulled his pants down and showed me his thick cock, 7 and a half inches, circumsised with a bulging purple head. It actually looked kind of intimidating. I don’t think I wanted to suck it in reality and half heartedly said “mom and dad are down the hall.” He looked at me scornfully obviously ashamed of himself and hiding it. He said I was scared and suddenly as he pulled his pants up over the erect dick still pointing ou at me I regretted my decision. “I’m not scared! Let’s go somewhere else.” Did he hear the wanting in my voice? He got up and we walked down the long hallway, down the stairs and out the back behind the shed.

The whole way I still felt as if he would turn on me and even asked him if he was going to hit me!? Once hidden he turned and pulled his pants down to his ankles. I dropped to my knees and placed my mouth over his thick head. The smell was a strong musky man smell and tasted of sweat. His cock was hard, fleshy and hot in my mouth. I stroked it up and down a few times with my hand which barely covered half of his manhood and just reached around its circumfrence. He pushed the back of my head down on his erect penis and by this stage my spit was dribbling down his length and into his pubic hair. He moaned as his penis rubbed the back of my mouth and my lips squeezes tightly on his shaft while my tongue rolled over the head of his now salty penis.

Time seemed to go on forever and as I explored him I poked my tongue at the slit in his penis making him spasm and buck at my mouth violently. He pushed harder on the back of my head until his dick slid down my throat making me gag and almost throw up. He let go then and asked was I hard. It was only at his point that I relised I wasn’t! Why was I doing this? None the less I replied “kind of”. He pulled down my track suit pants and reveled a rather less impressive manhood. At 5 inches and uncut with little pubic hair and certainly no throbbing veins I felt so inferior compared to him. “Do you want to fuck me?” I heard myself saying. He looked at me for a moment and said “that’s too much, just stand up.”

He took my penis gently in one hand and tugged at it while his other hand grabbed my smooth subtle bum cheek. He said “wank me off” and so I once again grabbed hold of his tool and pumped in time with him. Precum ran down his shaft and over my fingers. I desparately wanted to taste his love goo but by this stage he was moaning like a wounded animal and licking inside my ear. All I needed was to see him shoot all over my hand. He had been wanking me all this time and now rock hard i became more aware of him pumping me harder and harder almost ripping my foreskin. It now seemed like a race to make the other come first a race I had up until now been sure to win. My balls tightened and my face reddened as I held back my sticky sperm but it was no good. Now barely wanking him lost in my own sexual ecstacy I shot a small load over his white knuckles.

“Ughh I didn’t know you were so close what the fuck!” He looked at me with disgust or was it disappointment? As my spent cock twitched in the cool air back came the feelings of shame! I’m not gay why did I do that? Why did he do it to me? How could I look my brother in the eye again? I pulled up my pants knowing that he had expected me to finish beating him off or something. I told him he better never tell anyone not even his gay friends and we returned upstairs and never mentioned it again. Things returned to normal and I even started fantasising over it again but knew after what I had done it could never happen again.

About 2 or 3 months later while doing homework on his bed he sat at the computer doing whatever. Soon after that I heard sex noises “uggh uggh uggh! Fuck me bro fuck me hard!” Did I hear that? I looked up and sure enough two guys were fucking hard on the computer screen. Why was he watching this with me here? And then things started to make sense. My parents and younger brothers were away and he was watching gay porn supposedly of two brothers having sex. There was an underlying agenda.

I was still doing my homework in my school uniform when he turned around and said you can wank off if you want. Truth was I didn’t but couldn’t pass up this opportunity to be with him again. I pulled down my pants and began to stroke my limp dick as I watched the men on screen violating each other. Yeah thats what I want, one inside me. He turned an said “do you need a hand with that?” That was pretty forward this time. “Ok” I whispered kind of nervous again. He lay down next to me and began to stroke my semi hard dick into a full hard on. This lasted a few minutes until he got up to remove his own clothes. I didn’t want to spend the next half hour half chocking on his meat and being simply wanked off. I wanted more and blurtted it out. “Will you let me see what it feels like inside me?” With his half hard manhood dangling a mere foot or two from me he searched my eye’s to see if I really wanted this. I knew it would hurt but was sick of dreaming about it and not knowing. I had stuck my finger up my anus before and that had even hurt slightly. What would his cock do to me?

“Ok” he said and I pulled my pants all the way off and stood awaiting my instructions. “How do you want to do it?” I asked as butterflies filled my stomach. What if I couldn’t fit it inside or it hurt too much. He told me to kneel on the edge of his bed and we would do it doggy style. My ass felt tighter than usual as if it knew what was coming and protested! He positioned himself behind me and pumped his cock a few times to get it hard enough to fuck me with. He nudged the fat purple head against my ring and pushed but couldn’t pop my sphinter. He pushed once or twice more as I prayed desparately that it wouldn’t actually tear me. “Loosen up, just relax.” He told me. “Push like you want to fart”. It was no use I was starting to feel embarassed. He then said “hang on i’ll get some lube”, not wanting him to lose his boner and change his mind I told him to wait and spat on my hand then rubbed it into my tight slot. Now slick it would be easier for him to do his nasty deed to me and easier for me to have it done.

He pushed gently and parted my anal walls it felt ok but that was the lubed part and he pushed further until his entire head penetrated me. He leaned forward over me and wrapped his big arm around my waist. I must have been struggling away from him. As he held me in place he stroked my penis with the other hand and resumed pushing into me. The feeling was getting tighter and tighter until i felt a sharp pain and whimpered. He told me to accept him to push and it wouldn’t hurt. He pulled out slightly until just the head was still inside then pushed deeper into me again. I started to sweat and felt a bead run down my crack to the top of my hole. It became easier as his cock became more sweaty and my ass got used to being fucked. He started to fuck me quicker and deeper and soon I found myself on a boner again. I started bucking against his hardness as his breath deepened. He pumped me harder and I panted “don’t make me come…please” I didn’t want the shame to come on while he was still inside me. He released my pecker and i moaned, squeeled and panted deeper. “Fuck me, Fuck me harder agghhh! Fuck that hurts! Pound me Pound my ass please!”

He groaned and told me once again how tight I was. “Come inside me”, I wanted to feel the warm gooey wetness inside my stretched hole. With That he grabbed my hips and jerked as far as he could into me slapping off my sweaty butt cheeks. His pumping became more irregular and spasmatic until I felt his head swell and release his wad into me. The sprays of thick spunk came one after another filling my now twitching ass until he collapsed on top of me panting and sweating with his spent cock still throbbing inside me. He pulled himself up and pulled out of me with a slight pop and a loose fart. “Ugghh! That’s disgusting” I thought he was on about my fart until I rolled over on the bed and saw that his cock had my shit on the end of it. I was still so horny that I stupidly asked him to finish me off but instead he ran down to the bathroom to clean himself off while I came on my stomach.

Immediately I felt the shame and disgust at myself. Being used like that. It was always something why did I have sex with him it was his idea. He seduced me this time and why did I always fuck it up! I walked down to the bathroom to wipe my ass and while sitting cold, sweaty and naked on the toilet I pushed to expel the wads of spunk from my tender bum. Plop plop plop, the white goo dropped thick as gelatin into the bowl. I wiped and tried to forget about it. The next mornng I woke with a morning bone and relived what happened the day before. Fingering my now de-virginised butt hole I felt the hairs around it stuck together with my brother’s jizz and thought to myself will this never end…

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