Brunette Stewardess

Brunette Stewardess

Airline Stewardess.

It was a Saturday afternoon. As always I was traveling from place to place on business work. On occasions I stop by certain cities and do some sight seeing. New York is a wonderful place this time of year, the leaves are orange the floor is blanketed in snow, and people seem to be more cheery. I was walking through the JFK airport to get to the food court and grab a bite to eat before my next flight. And out of the corner of my eye I see a nice Brunette.

She looks like she is in a hurry. Putting my skills to the test, I decide to try and seduce her. It’s been long since I gotten into the dark community. The same community which shows men how to become players while attaining as much ass as possible is the community that has helped me. Before my meeting Shark_Blue or Jeff in real life, I was the nerd. I was always clumsy around women. I didn’t have a thing to speak to them about. It was always something I couldn’t get a hold of. Until I met Jeff in a bar, than my life changed.

I was sitting there, in a booth and feeling sorry for myself. I was down because I never got a chance to be with a women. But looking ahead of me, I see an intriguing figure sweeping in. He looked might with his stylish clothes and a man with full fledge of confidence. His aura made it seem like he was Jesus walking on water. He swooped into the booth next to me and started talking to a hot blonde that I was staring for a while. With in minutes of him entering the scene, he had the two girls at the table laughing and joking. They were quick to extend their arms to him.

I watched in amazement as he expertly maneuvered around with this girls like a captain driving his ship in a dark stormy night trying not to hit the rocks ahead. The girls seemed to throw every kind of curve ball at him “Who in hell are you?” And he expertly hit the ball out of the park by saying “Well, you won’t believe this but I am… DARTH VADER” he pronounced it with a dark sterile voice as you would see in Star Wars. At first I thought he was insane, but the girls started giggling and then burst out laughing. I watched with a kind of shock a person gets from getting into cold water, because with 7 minutes of the initializations with the two blondes, he had one sitting on his laps.

I noticed the time because I needed to get back home so I can get on with my dull boring life in the morning. But for some reason, something compelled me to stay. I wanted to see this man. See what he does. What his next move will be. Odly enough, 10 minutes into the whole ordeal his tongue was down her throat. I was in shock. My mouth dropped down, as I pretended not to stare. I watched him slowly get up, give a last kiss to her and grab her number as he headed out the door. With a deep breath I pulled my last fibers together and run after him.

“Hey my name is John, I-I-I just saw you back there…” I said. “Aaannnd???” He responded while smiling. “A-and” I was stammering, “I wanted to know how you did that. May sound bad, but can you teach me?” He took out a pad of paper and a pen. Looked like he was a professional, cause half the pad was gone. I’m guessing the other half is filled with numbers. He filled in his email address and gave it to me. This was the beginning of a beautiful friend ship. Over the next few weeks and on to months, he was explaining to me that seduction is a science kind of art. It is not magical that just happens, but something that can directed like a ship or even a plane. His “seminars” as he called them were fantastic and mesmerizing. I learned more about women in the next 3 months than I could have learned in 4 years studying women in an Ivy league school.

With that story behind me, my confidence with women grew to amazing heights. As I continued my walk through the JFK airport, I noticed the stewardess and decided to approach her. “hey” I exclaimed “wait up, you look like your in a hurry.”
“No not really, What do you want?”
“Oh I’m selling something. Want to buy? It’s a lovely home filled with 3 kids and a good stable job.” I smile while saying this than I burst out laughing cause it was just too funny.
“Oh I’m not interested.”
“Oh, well you suck… : ) What’s your name?”
“Sweet, do you have any special abilities?”
“What do you mean?”
“Uhh like flying and x-ray vision? No? lol. I’m messing with ya.”
“I see, ”
”Where you heading off to?”
“I’m not just tell you! Your some stranger.”
“But of course, I forgot to tell you my name. It’s DARTH VADER”
“LOL :D”
I touch her shoulder and keep going…
“Now, I have this little game. Ok? You see a field in front of you. There are straw berries. And around the field there is a big fence. How high is the fence in your mind?”
“Umm, 6 feet?”
“Ok, you jump the fence and grab some straw berries, how many do you take?”
“Now, after eating the straw berries, how do you feel about the farmer you just stole them from.”
“Lol, what kind of questions are these? Ok, fine, I feel kind of bad…now what does it all mean?”
“well the fence represents how far your willing to go to get a guy. The higher it is, the more your willing to chase him. So you’re an achiever at 6 feet. The strawberries represent the number of past relationships. You said 10. And the farmer represents your feelings about the boyfriends you have dumped.
“OMG, that is so true!!! Except I had only been in 9 relationships. 😀 : )!!!”
“Do you cook?”
“Yes, of course : ) and I clean my house.”

At this point I say “Wow, like I now love you and stuff, we should just TOTALLY get married. YAY!!! I know you’re my gi” I put my arm around her and hug her, she responds a little. By this point I have good KINO established with her. KINO is one of the keys to seduction. Which is touching her.

“I gotta run”
“Well” I respond in a straight voice, “When you’re done come see me I’m here for another 2 hours.” She leaves and I continue my way to the food court. I spot a nice blonde, and decided to try and get her too. I ordered my cheese omlet come up to the blonde with a stride of confidence and sit right there. Within 5 minutes I have her laughing giggling and talking to me too. After about 20 minutes the stewardess is in the food court I pretend not to notice her. But she does notice me, and slowly walks over.

“Heeey what’s up! Meet Karey”
“Hello!… But I thought I was your girlfriend?”
“You both are. Lol”

I proceed to excuse myself from the table and slowly walk with the Brunette Stewardess to the gate area. I get her number and she darts off into a different direction. As I board the plane I notice the plane is not as full as it usually is, so I just plop down into a nice isle seat and open a magazine to read. I nice fello sits next to me. And we start chatting. As we were chatting I get a nice surprise, the Brunette Stewardess is on my plane. I notice her but don’t look into her direction. I don’t want to seem needy. The best thing I’ve learned in from Jeff is to never stare or look needy. She sees me too and comes up and asks us both if we were fine.

I casually reply yes, pat her hand and she goes on. She comes back a short while and asks if she can listen, we were both talking about a subject that seemed to interest her. With in 5 minutes she excused herself to go do the announcement on safety. An hour later the food tray was coming through and she handed me some food and my neighbor. And I nearly started laughing. Cause this poor fellow was trying to seduce her. “hey baby, they must of seen your photo before making a hire like that.” She said “Huh?” and quickly walked off.

As I watched the clouds float by, I noticed it was really sunny. So I put on some headphones closed the window and took a shut eye. I woke up to chatter, apparently the people behind me can’t hear well so talking loudly is the only way possible for them to communicate. GOD! I thought to myself I need to sleep!!!

As she walks by again, I get up casually and ask if we can both talk. We than proceed to the very back of the plane. I close the curtain and slowly look at her. I didn’t notice until now, but her body was one of the best things I have ever seen. I slowly started to caress her cheek and hair. She pressed me against the wall and I felt a sharp shooting pain the in back. It was a handle from a door leading to the lavatory (bathroom). I opened it and we barely jammed inside together. I proceeded to smell her hair and slowly started inching up her neck.

As my lips continue to move across her neck and up to her lips, I she let out a small moan. My lips cam close to her lips and I stopped just short. I looked into her eyes, as she opened her mouth and with her tongue proceed to wet hers. I slowly inched in and we started to make out. The sensation was ecstatic I felt like I was high on Marijuana. Her lips filled me with a passion of 100 angels. Nice and soft were her lips and even moister was her tongue as she expertly moved it in my mouth. I proceeded to unbutton her white dress shirt. Slowly while lip locked I took the time to undo her blouse. As I went further down I finally reached the bottom.

I reached my hands around her body and slowly slid them down her back. Feeling every crevice of he soft warm skin made my body shiver. I came to the point of no return, her zipper. Slowly I slid it down and watched as she pulled the rest of it off herself. Cramped in a small area we were both a bit hot and getting mightily sweaty. Her face and cleavage was filled with moisture and sweat made lines down into her bustier.

She was down to her white panties and I was still fully clothes. “That’s not fair” she said in a very playfull manner “Take the rest off. : )” I told her “Go right ahead.” She slowly slipped my clothes off one by one, until I was fully nude. I than proceeded to inch down to her tanned lined legs. I could see the lines of her bikini on her body which made the whole ordeal even more exciting. I slowly started to rub around her pussy with her undies still on. Pretty soon I got her nice and moist, she started to drip with her liquid. I proceeded to take pull her panties down slowly to expose her well groomed pussy. I slowly nelt down and started to lick her inner thighs. I moved forward ever so slowly as to not her hurt in any way as if she was just a new born. I inched my tongue slowly towards her juicy opening. As I got close I kept with in half an inch of touching it. I was building her horniness. Delaying her pleasure made her moan.

“Ohhh,” As I moved in for the kill. I slowly started to lick her pussy. It was running with fluids “Ooohhhh, please John…” I made my way slowly around while increasing my pace finally. I went faster and moved swiftly. I zoned in on her clit and start to make it work. “Oohhh I love it.” She started to moan louder. I slid my tongue in and out of her pussy making her quarrel while she was sitting with her legs up in the air. “Harder” She exclaimed as I went harder and deeper. I was making her way into her pussy and giving her the best oral I could conjure up.

Her pussy was pink and dripping with fluids. I made sure she got the full range of motions as I at her out. She moaned like crazy, even grabbed by hair and started to pull on it gently. “Fuck me please. Harder, yeah like that, yea more. More, more yeah oohhh aahhh yeeessss.” I finally too my tongue out and inched back up to her beautiful tits. Her nipples were brown and gib. About an inch in wide. I loved it. They were hard as rocks. I started playing with one and licking the other one. Licking it around it and slowly swirling my tongue to finally meet the point of her nipple.

My dick was rock hard by now, she saw this and grabbed it by the shaft and slowly but at increasing pace started to rub it up and down. “yes” I said “harder, do it harder” Her hand was an expert. She moved it just right. Fast and yet she kept me really horny all this time. She continued to make me feel like a man. Her hand was moving up my cock while I was playing wither he titties which looked like a decent C cup. “Enough, I want you to go inside me. I want to feel you inside me. Fuck me like we ware animals. Feel me” I slowly inched my way into her, “Ohhh yeahh I love it. : )” she said. “harder harder harder” She kept telling me. I was banging her hard “AHHHahhh ohhh, oh oh oh” she was saying as I was pounding her pink dripping pussy. I was making her moan hard. “Come inside of me. I want to feel you. Yeaah Yeah yeah yes like that harder come come…”

I was going at it while making way with my tongue. Her lips were locked into mine, her hands were rubbing my ass while I was pinning her down into the wall. I felt for a while like the plane was going to tip over. I continued this. Made sure she felt everything. She was almost crying while moaning “So-so-So fucking gooooogoogoooddd!!!!” “”Ahh” I was saying,” and before I could say anything, she stuck my dick out and put it next to her ass hole “I want it up there. I want to feel it and experience it. I am a virgin and I want to be broken” I grabbed some of the juice coming off her pussy and lathered my dick. And slowly pressed into her anus.

Her face was in slight agony but she was moaning all at the same time. “Ooooohhh yess. Slowly please” I did as she asked, I went slowly. “yes, that’s fine, ahaaa aahhh that’s it” I started to go in slowly and reached the end. Than I backed out slowly and pushed it back in harder “Oh” she said “oohhh yeea”” and I continued goind faster and faster while pushing harder and harder. She was moaning like crazy! “I’m going to cum” I said “Cum in my face” she said that instance I took my dig out and she put it into her mouth. As my warm cum flowed she slowly swallowed it. I took it out and she breathed a sigh of being tired. “Ahh, that was wonderful” she smiled while saying it. Yeah of course that was wonderful, I thought to myself I’m Darth Vader Bitch. I started laughing inside my head.

I put my clothes on and helped her get dressed. As we walked out, one of the male stewards looked at us, “WTF just happened?” he said “Umm, the toilet is broken.” He knew right then what had happened, but he went inside to pretend to check what was wrong, when in reality nothing was wrong. I made my way back to my seat, with a note from her “Thanks for the great fuck. Call me again when you fly with us… Love Jenna”

-Author: WACOM

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