Caught out continued

Caught out continued

I told you in my first story how our wives had caught me and my mate Dave, visiting a local massage parlour, Dave’s missus had after a few weeks pretty much put it to one side and he and she were working things out, from what I could gather he had put the whole mess down to me, playing the part as if I had forced him to shag the girls and to be honest that is pretty much how it had started, he was reluctant to cheat on his missus at first but later he couldn’t get it up them fast enough or often enough.

My missus Alison in contrast had gone absolutely bonkers and was set on revenge plain and simple, she had bought herself sexy gear (with my cash) and was getting herself toned up by working out every night, then about 3 weeks later I had come home from work to find a big hairy ginger Irishman shafting the shit out of her and her enjoying every second of it, she had said it was to be the first of many (at least as many as I had visits to the parlour) and then we could see if there was anything worth saving in our marriage, I had tried to placate her but it was a dangerous thing to do as it usually ended up with her trying to kill me whenever I touched her raw nerves, so it was that I shut up and let it take its course.

I found out that she was picking the guys up at of all places the Sainsbury supermarket coffee shop, apparently all she did was sit close to a good looking guy engage him in conversation, tell him about her cheating worthless waste of a husband she had and then it was back to ours, knickers off and legs spread and his arse going like a fiddlers elbow, I know this as she took great pleasure in telling me after her second guy had came and went that’s how she was going about it, the second guy had not cut the ice too well with Alison as he came too quickly so no seconds for him but she took great pleasure in letting me know that she had arranged for the big ginger Irishman to meet her for coffee on Friday at Sainsbury’s then she was going to get some cream back at ours, she said she was telling me all this so that I could appreciate how she felt, but really all she was doing was twisting the knife, she suggested that I should watch them at it as I might pick up a few tips. Then off she went for a couple of hours watching soaps whilst working out in our spare room.

I thought about nothing else for the rest of the week a mixture of jealousy and arousal at the thought of Alison arranging to cheat on me again , I had tried to get intimate with her on a couple of occasions but was told that was not going to happen until we were even and if I wanted to speed things up I should be helping her !…….. I guess that’s a woman logic, but I have to admit I was secretly hoping to see her at it again with another guy, so I came straight out and asked her what she was expecting me to do for her to speed things up as she put it.

She explained that she was getting worried about picking guys up in such public places as we live in a relatively small town she was worried about getting spotted, she wanted me to take her out in the evening to a different town so she could get dressed to the nines and have a few drinks whilst selecting her next stud, I was stunned this was not the Alison that I had married, she went on to tell me she often had fantasised about being a “trollop” and now that I had given her the excuse she was not going to miss out on it, especially as she only had 9 to go after this Friday thus reminding me that big paddy was scheduled to give her a seeing to, she went on to tell me she wanted some quality guys and they didn’t frequent Sainsbury’s Caf?nd hinted that there would be plenty for me too if I played along, I must admit my cock was beginning to stiffen at the thought of a threesome, a fact not un-noticed by Alison who much to my surprise then reached forward, unfastened my jeans, pulled them down to my knees, fished my cock out of my pants and started to work the shaft with her hand, all the time she was wanking me she talked of her need for new cocks, bigger cocks, harder cocks, fatter cocks, and mostly multiple cocks, it was not too long before my balls tightened and cock jerked as the jets of cum arced out of the eye and across the floor she continued to pump me until I was dry, “do I take that as a yes then” she asked as I rearranged my clothing “Ok, lets give it a try” I replied trying to sound unenthusiastic.

Friday came and much as I wanted to sneak away from work and spy on Alison and Paddy events conspired against it and it was past 7pm by the time I got home, Alison was wearing only her dressing gown, she seemed relieved to see me and I suspect she may have thought that I had done a bunk, Paddy had indeed visited and put in such a good performance that Alison seemed eager to tell me all about it, she explained that they had come back at 3pm and she had expected me to be home, and that she had been disappointed that I had not been, but Paddy (not his real name) had quickly had her undressed and on the end of his cock, he wasn’t big on romance or foreplay Alison informed me but he could last for ages and seeing his cock was a good size who needed foreplay anyway.. as she continued to tell me about how he moved her around our bed shafting her in various positions, bending her this way and that as he worked her on his cock, my own cock was erect and ready to burst so I began to undress, Alison continued to tell me of the shafting she had taken, then when I was finally naked Alison lay back on the bed opened her legs to allow me to see her recently fucked pussy, still red and swollen, she began to gently finger her clit “He came in my mouth too” that was the second time she seemed pleased to tell me “the first time he came in here” she said as she opened her pussy with her fingers so I could see the remains of his cum inside her, I was now pumping my cock slowly as she continued to tell me all, I reached out to touch her but she gestured me away “still 9 to go before you get me to yourself” she said as her fingers continued to work away in her hole in time with my own self pleasuring, “he wanted to fuck my bum” she said and smiled a wicked smile “did you let him?” I asked as I felt my orgasm coming “not this time, but maybe next time, but you will need to be here to see that wont you, his big fat cock up my bum, would you like to see that?” she continued to smile as her fingers worked harder on her pussy, she bit her bottom lip and her hips rose off the bed as she came her fingers flashed in and out of her wet hole, it was all too much for me and I came too firing my cum across her body in several long spurts.

“ thought you would like to see that” she said as she recovered “but that’s for later, you and I are going to hit the town tomorrow, you are going to get me another new cock”.

And that’s exactly what happened the next night.

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