Cheating wives…curious

Cheating wives…curious

It was a hot saturday morning and my husband and i had just returned from grocery shopping. As I stepped out of the car, there she was across the street, with her hair falling over her shoulders. She was new to the neighbourhood,along with her husband (i assume) and her 3 children. I said to my husband as we were unloading the car, "I wonder if they have met anyone from the neighbourhood dear. He said you know what I am not sure,but the other day when i came back from cycling,he was outside washing his car and he waved hello to me.

I said to my husband we should go over later and introduce ourselves,"my husband with excitement ,replies..thats a great idea.
We finally finished putting our grocery away and found ourselves siiting on our front porch with a beer and a glass of wine.
As we were sitting there ,we look across the street and see the man and woman walking towards us.I said to my husband,hmmmmmm look whos coming.?
He looked up and replies, well thats a nice surprise considering we were going to go over there later. As they approached the stairs, all you could see was her beautiful tanned body in her little tight shorts. And her husband right behind her. At this point I wish I as behine her (wink).( Now keep in mind I have always wanted to be with a woman). She introduced herself, "Hi my name is Monica.,And this is my husband Ryan. I returned with my name is Katherine, and this is my husband John. The four of us exhanged hello's and then invited them to sit and have a drink.

My husband offered to move it in the backyard,as we walked away and had them walk infront of us. I could see her tight ass in her shorts and it was turning me on.I offered them a drink which they accepted, and from the moment on we talked and laughed and go to know each other for the rest of the evening,until about 5am …LOL.
We decided that we needed to all go to bed, even though it was Sunday the next day. Monica had mentioned that she was on holidays for another week before she had to go back to work. Her husband worked for the hospitals so he was rarely never home. I mentioned that I had a few days here and there ,and that I should take a few days off and spend time together to go out shopping and show her around,"since they were new to the area.She loved the idea. So as we said good night (or good morning)which ever you prefer. The walked away and disappeared in the morning dusk. My husband and I stampled to bed and didnt even make love, as we usually do since we were so tired. Well 10 am came around on sunday morning and we had alot of things to do that day for our company. We had our usual BBQ with friends and family, and decided that we could invite Ryan & Monica. I walked over to their house, to my surprise when I rang the doorbell, Monica answered the door in a robe.. a see through robe at that. All I could see was her firm nipples sticking right out of it. I invited them and she accepted with kindness and excitement.

As I walked back to my house, all I could think of was…OMG she is gorgeous and I want her.I thought to myself,she could be the one for my first time. But without my husband knowing what I was up to. Our friends started to arrive, as well as Ryan and Monica. I asked them where their children were and she mentioned that she called her sister to go over and babysit them at their house. So she could keep a better eye on them in case something happened. I had mentioned to her that she could have brought them with her and she said 'NO WAY..are you kidding. A day without my kids is GREAT…!!!!!

Well this is where it all begins. I walked inside my house to get more drinks for everyone. She followed about 2 mins even sooner later after me. She walked into the kitchen and complimented on how beautiful my home was. I thanked her and said that her home was beautiful as well , for what i could see from the front foyer. She came towards and asked if I needed help with the drinks and I told her that I think that I was fine. She took her hand and placed it on mine. She looked at me and says.."I have been wanting to come and talk to you for weeks.".I saw you when I first moved here and watched you one day from my bedroom window watering your grass, you were wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a nice tight white tank top. From my bedroom window just looking at you , you made me wet and finally had me touching myself ,as i was watching you from the window. I understand if you tell me right now to turn around and walk out of your house, but I needed to tell you this..Katherine she says, I think you are a beautiful sexy woman, and I would love nothing more than to take you in my arms right now and kiss you. "I gulped as I looked at her", at this point I didnt't know what to say. I looked at her and replied,"well Monica I have something to confess as well, for the past few weeks i have had my eye on you as well. She looked at me with excitement, a look that she just got candy from the store.

At that point she says to me., but we need to promise each other that our husbands dont find out about this.. Ryan would go through the roof. I replied as well,,John would kill me..We both giggled. At that point she had my face in her hand, and i held it with my mine. Feeling her soft skin was the most amazing touch ever. I then realized that we needed to get back to the party. She mentioned that she had the next week off, so I told her to leave it up to me and i would arrange something with my work to have time off to see her. We both looked at each other and exchanged a BIG SMILE..!!!! We walked out in the backyard to join everyone. I introduced her to our friends, and with time she was a hit with everyone. She was loved by everyone.

The next morning I called my work and told them that I decided to take the day off since it was owed to me. They were not pleased about that. But what can you do ,when you are at a company for 15 years and they know that if they let you go they are in jeopardy…LOL..Dont you just love it when you have control over the situation..HAHAHA!!!!! Well it was like 9am, and my phone rings,my husband was gone to work, and I answered the phone, and to my surprise it was Monica., Hi there she says,what are you doing.? I asked her how she knew that i would be home .,She replied ,"well honey I just figured that the way you looked at me yesterday you would be taking the day off, and besides you said you would do that anyways.. LOL. I thought that was real cute. She asked what I was doing and I said not much. Just about to take a shower . She asked if I wanted to go over later and I ,with no hesitation replied… YES !!!!
I will be over in about a hour or so. I rushed into the shower, i didnt want to waste another minute to be away from her. I slipped into my sundress(without panties and no bra). I had a feeling she would love that. I walked out the door and locked it and started to walk over to the house. She then opened the door and I found her wearing just a towel . She had just got out of the shower herself. She was beautiful just standing there.

I walked inside, and past her and she smelled like a new bouquet of flowers. I followed her into the living room where she had a pot of tea ,ready and waiting. She offered for me to sit down., We both sat and started to talk about things. We got to know each other more and more, and noticed that we had alot more in common than the 2 days prior to actually meeting. She has wanted to be with a woman for a long time,until she met me., Then she wanted to be with one ALL THE TIME..LOL. LIke I know what that means. She asked me if I was uncomfortable with her in just a towel and I replied ..Are you kidding? She then said to me , well take off that dress and let me see what you got. Here to make you feel better, she says, let me take off this towel. To my eyes ,she did. And my tongue was hanging out. Her breasts were so firm and tight and OMG beautiful. All I wanted to do was just grab her and kiss, and lick them. I said to her OMG I wish I could lick them, she replied well go ahead.Who is going to stop you..NOT ME SHE SAYS..!!! I got up to meet her face to face, and she looked at me and says ,you are beautiful katherine, let me take off this dress of yours. She removed my dress and started to caress my breasts. I shook all over. Having the most beautiful woman on the block in front of me naked.,I couldnt believe it. I just couldnt take it anymore. I pulled her towards me and kissed her. She didnt pull back, She wrapped her arms around me and we kissed and exchanged tongues for a few mins. IT was like it was forever. I didnt want to let go of this beautiful woman.

We pulled away from each other , and I asked her what was wrong she replies, "not a thing my sweet angel".I am just real content that you are here. But I need more then just a hug and a kiss. She was very blunt , and then said..I need you to lay down on the floor for a moment. I asked her why, she says dont ask questions. So I got down on the floor and she followed ,She moved down to my face and started to kiss my lips.I squirmed because she felt amazing. She started to caress my inner thigh and then started to move her fingers in and out of my pussy. At this point my pussy was so wet that I wanted to cum so bad. But i didnt want to yet, because I wanted both of us to cum together. At this point she is laying on top of me now, kissing and slipping me her tongue. The most amazing feeling ever. I didnt want this moment to end. I pulled her off and now it was my turn. I layed her down and spread her legs open, she was shaking.I looked and all i could see was the pinkest of pink pussies.. I couldnt believe how it looked. It looked better then those pussies you see in pornos. I bent my head down and started to lick the inner thigh and she started to shake again. She started to pull my head forward and I was licking harder and sliding my tongue in and out even harder and then faster. She mentioned at one point that she wanted to cum and told her no..try not hold off. I want to cum together. We positioned into a 69er, and let me tell you how good that felt. All I could feel was her soft,warm tongue going in and out of my pussy. And I did the same to her. I could hear her say, thats right baby right there, Oh yeah. She licked and sucked until I couldnt take it anymore. She wanted to cum real bad , and so did i . So I thought we have suffered enough, I need to explode. I got up off of her and we entangled so we could see each other as we rubbed each other with our pussies. She looked so beautiful. I looked at her and said, I am ready now. She replied so I am .. And then there it was , an explosion of a life time. I couldnt hold it anymore. I started to cum and I could feel my body shiver and quiver. She looked so content ,her breasts were turning me on. As she shook..!!!!

When we were done we layed down on the floor wrapped in her arms and we kissed so i could tast my juices and she could taste hers. She tasted so good. It was our first time for both of us. And I dont think that I would have wanted to share it with anyone else but her. She was my fantasy come true. We both got up from the floor and moved to the couch, where she sat cross legged. I looked at her and bent over to her and kissed her and said,,YOU ARE AN AMAZING WOMAN!!!! I hope that we can do this again sometime real soon., She replied, how about in hour or so. Why dont we go for a swim in our pool, and then we can come inside and continue where we left off. I said to her that I didnt have my bikini with me. And she replied ,who these days uses those anymore, and with a wink took my hand and walked out to her pool, and jumped right in. As we were swimming around, i didnt realize where she was until she popped right infront of myface. She took me in her arms and kissed me. I could feel her hands on my buttocks. She looked at me and asked what I wanted to do now . I replied ,need you ask. ?

We removed ourselves from the pool,walked into her house,and through the kitchen.She then guided me to her bedroom. I looked around and couldnt believe how beautiful her house was. She guided me to the bed, and sat me down.She jumped up onto the bed and wrapped her arms around me from behind, grabbing a hold of my breasts, and started to kiss the back of my neck. I took a grab of her h ands and caressed them, I turned around and looked deep in her eyes, and said make love to me Monica. She looked at me and replied , I thought you would never ask.She got up from the bed, and went into her closet (which was the size of the White ). She came out with a huge purple dildo. Omg I loved it. I looked her and said..Please make love to me now. She strapped on the dildo, and laid me down on the bed, started to lick me so she could get me all wet. And to my surprise which it shouldnt be,.i was soaked. She got up and turned me around. She put me on my fours, and licked her fingers and slid them in my pussy. She slid the dildo deep inside my pussy and I yelped that it felt good. She says …now baby do you want it in your ass. I said yeah I do. she removed the dildo out of my pussy, licked her fingers one more time, wet my ass, and slid the dildo right in. OMG what a rush. She fucked me over and over again ,. until I couldnt take it anymore. I told her that I wanted to come, she took the dildo out and licked my ass, until i came. I couldnt take it anymore. She was amazing. I wanted to fuck her now, and she said that fucking me was the best , and that we could just lay there and kiss and caress until we both fall asleep.

About an hour later, we were awoken by the phone ringing, it was her husband,calling to say that he wasnt going to be home until 9pm. It was already 4pm at this time, and my husband was probably already home. I looked out the window and there he was ,out in the garage. I told her that I needed to go home for a bit and then return,. She said that was great. We both held each other and kissed, exhanged tongues, and I could feel i was getting wet again. I told her that I should try and stay dry..we both started to laugh..and i replied YEAH RIGHT…like thats going to happen. I assured her that I would be back around 7. I went home, greeted my husband, and things worked out in my favour. He mentioned that he was going out for a bite to eat with friends,and a few drinks. "I asked him why he came home, and he mentioned that he tried to call me all day and I wasnt at home, so he thought that something happeend. I told him that I was with Monica all day. He sure felt better after he heard that. Well he was off for the night. And it was about 4:30pm,so I had at least 4 1/2 hours with Monica again.

I hurried back to her. I rang her door bell, and a shout saying COME IN,!!!!
I walked in and found her naked on the couch.I walked over to her and looked at her, and said HI BABY…I missed you . She looked at me and replied..I missed you to. So glad you came back to me. Now come here and make love to me….!!!!!



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