Christmas Eve, New York

Christmas Eve, New York

The day before Christmas, my office closed early as expected, and I headed to the train station for the commute home. The station was thronged with people carrying luggage and laden with gift-wrapped packages for the holiday — families with children, young couples, singles, and elderly folks all in a festive mood, waiting impatiently for trains. But the electronic board that posts train arrivals and departures kept flashing the word that holiday travelers dreaded: Delayed. The stationmaster kept announcing how long the delays would be – and I had nearly an hour’s wait before my train showed up.

I’d read the day’s paper in the morning, so I wandered about, trying to kill time. Then I headed out of the station in search of a coffee shop. As I walked, I spotted a video store across the street. A neon sign blinked in big, red letters, "Adult Video Booths."

I thought, "Why the hell not?" So I crossed the street, went in and glanced around. Besides the racks of porno videos, books, magazines, vibrators, sex toys, inflatable dolls and sundry notions and lotions, there was a row of video booths in the back. There were several men loitering around, trying to look anonymous by not making eye contact with anyone. A seedy-looking guy was selling tokens to operate the videos in the booths. So I handed him ten bucks for a handful of tokens and went into a booth to enjoy a half-hour or so of erotic entertainment.

The booth had a comfortable chair and, as I expected, a hole in the wall at convenient crotch height. The hole was about five inches in diameter, and just above it was a viewing window with two switches reading "Open" and "Close." The switches operated a curtain that went up and down in between the two glass panes that separated one booth from another.
"Aha, the glory hole," I thought. Like many men, I was curious and wondered what I’d do if a guy in the next booth shoved his erect cock through the hole. Would I suck it?

I decided no way. Not in these days of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. It was too risky. But I was curious. And I thought, "If a guy sticks his cock through the glory hole, I’ll just jerk him off if he’ll let me."

I dropped some tokens into the video machine slot, selected a video showing two young, hard-muscled guys making out, and settled back to watch. They kissed passionately and undressed each other eagerly. As they simultaneously pulled each other’s pants down, two gorgeous, hard cocks popped up. They stroked each other’s boners and as they did, my own cock started to get hard.

As the action proceeded, the two guys took turns sucking each other’s stiff cocks, and then they maneuvered around in the classic 69 position, giving each other head. One of the guys really deep-throated the other, swallowing his hot tube steak all the way down to his balls.

My own cock needed some attention, so I unzipped my pants, took out my woody and rubbed it slowly, in synch with the action on the screen. I wanted to make it last as long as the video show. After a while, I heard some tapping on the wall from the booth to my left. I peeked through the glory hole. The guy in the next booth had removed his pants and was stroking the biggest hard-on I had ever seen! I pressed the "Open" button on the viewing window for a better look.

At first, all I saw was his back. He was intent on entertaining the guy in the booth on his left and at first didn’t notice that I had opened the window on my side. So I tapped on the glass divider. He glanced at me, smiled, and then turned part way toward me so I could watch him rubbing his stiff cock while he massaged his balls. Then he stuck his huge weapon through the glory hole in the opposite wall, and I could see another guy licking it eagerly as if it was a big candy cane he had just gotten for Christmas.

The guy’s thick-veined cock was beautiful – a good 10 inches long and as big around as a can of Red Bull. It curved upward near the head, which was smooth, wet and raging red. It looked like he was about to blast a load of creamy hot spunk.

As the man in the opposite booth tongued this huge cock up and down, the guy who owned it kept pulling back to tease him. Every time he pulled it out of reach, I could see the man mouthing things like "please" and "give it to me." But the cocksman kept teasing him, giving him a couple of seconds of licking and then pulling back. He’d jerk his cock up and down slowly within an inch of the guy’s begging mouth. The guy who wanted that giant cock was going crazy with lustful desire.

Then the cocksman let him have it – all of it! He rammed his rock-hard cock into the guy’s mouth and began pumping in and out, fucking his mouth like it was a hot cunt. The cock-sucking guy was good, really good. I was amazed at how much of that huge pole he could take in. He was a deep-throater par excellence. I guessed he visited here often to suck guys off. And no doubt the guy with the massive weapon came here frequently as well, looking for a good time.

Both guys had real staying power. The cock-sucking guy was really into it, taking the stiff cock deep into his mouth, then withdrawing, swirling his tongue around the big head, then diving down fast. He kept this up for about 10 minutes, going faster and faster, and he was working so hard that I thought his mouth and jaws would be aching by the time he finished.

Suddenly the cocksman groaned, "Yess, here it comes! Take it, you bitch! Take it!" At least two-thirds of his cock was in the other guy’s mouth, and what I could see of it began to throb with powerful pulses. The muscles of the guy’s buttocks flexed several times for good measure and his cock jerked at least seven or eight times, really hard, as he pumped his huge load of hot spunk into the guy’s hungry mouth. There was so much spunk, so fast, that the guy couldn’t swallow it all, and streams of come were dribbling down his chin and onto what looked like a very expensive necktie.

The two of them remained motionless, savoring the moment. Then the cocksman pulled his wet member from the guy’s mouth. Amazingly, it was still hard! Just then, there was a click as the video on the screen in my booth ended. I had been rubbing my stiff cock during this unexpected live show, which was far better than any hardcore video I’d ever seen. The guy with the big cock turned toward me with a smile, waved his cock in my direction, and mouthed the words, "Want some?"

I did want it, desperately. I wanted to suck that beautiful hot, hard-raging cock, still wet and sticky with gobs of his spunk, into my eager mouth. Instead, I glanced at my watch and reluctantly shook my head no. With some difficulty, I managed to tuck my still-hard cock into my pants. I was turned on like crazy, my balls were aching, and I was frustrated that I hadn’t come. As I left the video store, I consoled myself that at least I’d have something big to fantasize about when I fucked my wife that night. But at that moment, I had a train to catch.

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