Clara 2: Sharing

Clara 2: Sharing

Clara and I had clicked sexually from the first time we had fucked, and over the summer we had spent quite a few hours happily fucking, swapping oral sex, and having anal sex. She knew I was also fucking around with other people, though I don’t think she ever did, but we never considered ourselves boyfriend/girlfriend, we were just a couple of kids who loved sex, and enjoyed pleasing each other whenever we got the chance.

Our favorite place to fuck was the old railroad pumphouse I had found and converted into my own little hideaway, but we would gladly fuck anywhere we could get away with it. Since my mother worked during the day and my two younger brothers were often off visiting friends, we were able to fuck in my own bedroom a few times, and even managed it on the couch a couple of times without anyone walking in on us. My brothers and I had managed to get a large wooden cable spool from the phone company up the street, and roll it into our yard, where we knocked a couple of slats out of it so we could get inside, and occasionally Clara and I would disappear in there for a while for some fucking.

There was a high school baseball field across the street from my house, and on the far side of that there were some railroad tracks on a built up berm. There were a couple of concrete block dugouts for the teams to use when the high school played games there, and since the field didn’t get much use during the summer when school was out, Clara and I would sometimes fuck in the home team dugout, where no one could see us from the street, but a couple of times passing train crews got a good look.

Clara was from a large family, and had been molested and gotten pregnant by an older cousin before I met her. The back alley abortion her folks got for her left her sterile – this was before ’68, when we started fucking, and back then, where we lived, abortions weren’t legal. Her family pretty much ignored her, apparently since she was considered damaged goods for having gotten pregnant, and now being unable to have any children, so she came and went pretty much as she pleased without being missed.

We were in the home team dugout at the ball field one day, fucking our brains out, when Clara told me to stop and look behind me. I looked, and saw four other boys standing there, watching us fuck. They were all black kids, from the ‘other side of the tracks’, literally in that small town, who had come to the field to bat some balls.

Somehow, being raised in the South, and with all the prejudices in my own family, I had managed to grow up open minded about most things, and race had never been an issue with me. I went to school with black kids, played with black kids, made friends with them, had even fucked a couple of black girls, and I never saw them as any different than anyone else, though I was aware, being from the South, and considering the times I grew up in, that not everyone felt the same way.

A couple of the kids were actually friends of mine, and we had all probably played a few pickup baseball games together at one time or another. One of the older kids, maybe a year or so older than me, Robbie, knew me, and apologized, saying they hadn’t meant to interrupt us, and began to tell the others they should leave us alone.

I told them to wait a minute, and asked Clara if she had ever had a black cock, and she said no. I asked if she had ever had several boys fuck her at one time, and she said no, but she was beginning to get a gleam in her eyes as she realized what I was working up to. I asked her if she would like to accommodate our new friends here, and give them all a good fucking, and she rather enthusiastically said she would be willing to try anything.

The boys dropped their balls and bats and gloves, then their pants and underwear. There was some argument about who should fuck her first, then someone suggested they should let Clara choose, and they lined up in front of her, their hard cocks already at attention and hoping to be picked first.

I watched as Clara motioned each one closer to her, one at a time, and rubbed around their cock and balls, sliding her hand along the shaft, then bent over and licked the bit of pre-cum from the tip of each cock and kissed the head of each one in turn, then sent them back in line. The third boy, unfortunately, fired his load of cum prematurely as she kissed the head of his cock, and she got most of his cum on her face. She wiped it off with her fingers, then licked the cum off her hand, and told him now he was going to have to be last as she sent him back in line.

Robbie got chosen to be first, and since I had already warmed Clara’s pussy up and gotten her juices flowing, he wasted no time planting his cock in her pretty pussy and giving her a good fucking. I had thought Clara might resist a black cock at first, and had thought I might have to talk her into it, but she was eager to have a black cock inside her, and fucked back at Robbie with everything she had. A few minutes later, he filled her pussy with his cum, managed to get off a few more strokes, then finally withdrew his limp cock.

The next boy was immediately lining his cock up on her pussy, and plunged the entire length inside her all at once. He fucked Clara hard and furiously, and she fucked back at him just as hard.

As the second boy was fucking her, I decided I was tired of just watching. We had been interrupted in mid fuck, and I still had a bit of unfinished business to take care of. I walked over and leaned with my hands on the block wall at Clara’s head, so my rock hard cock was right in her face. She took the hint, and began to suck the head of my cock as the second boy continued to bang away at her pussy. He came almost immediately after Clara took my cock in her mouth, and the third boy quickly took his place.

Unlike the first two, this one decided to take his time and enjoy his first fuck with a white girl, or possibly just from inexperience at his first fuck. Either way, he started out nice and slow, and Clara was able to concentrate a bit more on sucking my cock since she didn’t have to concentrate so much on fucking back at him. I began to cum a few minutes later, and my cock slipped out of her mouth and gave Clara’s face a good dousing. The boy who was fucking her, despite his best efforts, began to cum as well, as Clara licked the cum off her lips and used her fingers to wipe it off her face so she could lick it off them.

The last boy, who had cum prematurely earlier, was now back up and recharged, and he also started out slowly. I backed away from where I had been standing, and Robbie asked me if he could take my place, and I said sure. He leaned over against the wall, dangling his cock in Clara’s face, and once again she began sucking one cock while another fucked her pussy.

By the time it was over, Clara had been fucked at least ten times, and everyone had had their cocks sucked at least once. Clara and I got dressed and left, leaving the field to the other group so they could bat a few balls, and went across the street to my house. No one was home, so Clara and I went up to my room and stripped down, and I proceeded to eat her pussy for her. She was still wet with all the cum she had taken, and her own juices, and I licked and sucked her sweet pussy until she had a nice cum. Then I paid a bit of attention to the part of her body that had been neglected that afternoon, and gave her a nice, slow ass fucking.

I shared Clara a few more times that summer with different friends, now that I knew she didn’t mind. One was Donnie, a friend of mine who lived in the house behind us, up on Main Street. Donnie and I had experimented with each other a bit a few years earlier, but while bisexuality was my thing, once he discovered sex with girls, he didn’t care to swap blowjobs or anal with me anymore. We were still good friends, though, and one day he came over looking for me when Clara and I were having sex on the couch. We heard him knock on the door and both got quiet for a minute, hoping whoever it was would go away, and he did. However, as he got down off our porch, he went right by a living room window, and just happened to look in and see Clara and me, both stark naked, on the couch. His eyes opened up wide, and Clara gave me a nudge, so I waved at him and yelled to meet me at the door.

Donnie was speechless when I let him in, Clara standing beside me, both still naked. He started to sputter something about being sorry he had bothered us, but Clara tugged on his shirt and told him to hush, and get his clothes off. I told him to wait, and Clara and I grabbed our clothes and we all went upstairs to my room.

Donnie was actually seeing another girl at the time, but he wasn’t about to pass up a chance for a fuck with someone else. Soon we were all three in my bed, with Clara taking us in her mouth and pussy as we swapped out, and I even got Donnie to let me have another taste of his cock as Clara and I gave him a blowjob at the same time.

Donnie and I had swapped anal sex with each other before, and I told him Clara liked it too, and she let him fuck her in the ass while she sucked my cock. He had never fucked a girl in the ass, and I really, really wished I could be banging her pussy as he stuffed his cock up her ass, but at the time, on short notice, I hadn’t quite figured out the logistics.

Once school started, Clara and I were in the seventh grade, which meant we were close enough to the school we were now attending to walk to and from school. Since I had to go right by her house anyway, I got in the habit of walking to school with Clara. It was just a nice time for us to talk and maybe make plans for later in the day, but neither of us still considered ourselves girlfriend and boyfriend.

Olivia, Clara’s older cousin who had introduced us the first time we fucked, lived along the way, just a couple of blocks from the school, and one morning she just happened to be coming out of her house as Clara and I were walking by. We all began walking on to school together, then out of the blue Olivia asked why didn’t we all just skip school for the day? Clara and I decided why not, and we all walked right back to Olivia’s house. Both her parents were gone to work, and she didn’t have any siblings, so we would be alone the rest of the day until school let out.

Olivia may have planned to waylay us on the way to school, or it may have just happened, but for certain she knew that Clara and I had been fucking since the night of the ‘camp out’ a couple of months before, and was well aware of Clara’s enjoyment of the fucking and oral sex I had given her then. In fact, I had heard a few people at school mention it, and one other girl had brazenly asked me if I could make her cum like Clara. Clara had been teased about it as well by some of her friends, but we both mainly ignored it, though I did tell that one girl she would have to try me to find out. She did, several times.

At any rate, now that we had the whole day to ourselves, we had to figure out what to do with it. If it had just been Clara and me, we would have probably spent the day fucking like rabbits, but there was Olivia to consider. Fortunately, that appears to have been her plan all along.

The first thing Olivia suggested we do was to play strip poker, but Clara and I got the idea what was going on right away and decided what the hell, let’s just get naked and get it over with. Olivia was a couple of years older than Clara and I, and actually had some pretty well developed breasts, where poor Clara was pretty much flat as a board, though that had never stopped me. She also had a bit more hair around her pussy, though Clara was quickly catching up in that department.

Olivia had never had her pussy eaten, though after seeing me do that for Clara the night of the ‘camp out’, she had tried several times to convince her boyfriend to do that for her. He was only interested in a blowjob or getting fucked, though, and thought the idea of kissing a pussy was somehow disgusting. I knew Clara hadn’t minded sharing her pussy with some of my friends, but I wasn’t sure how she would feel about me fucking her cousin, but she was all for it.

Clara watched as I began licking and sucking Olivia’s breasts, while I slipped one hand down between her thighs and began playing with her pussy. I licked around each of her nipples in turn, as I slipped one finger into her pussy and began running it up and down the slit. Clara moved closer to see what I was doing, and I gently rubbed a finger up against Olivia’s clit, causing her to shiver. Her clit was a bit larger than Clara’s, and protruded somewhat, and as I suckled her breasts, I gently circled her clit with my fingertip, barely touching her. Olivia moaned as her pussy became very moist, and I licked and kissed my way down her body, pausing for a few seconds at her navel, then continued on, through the top of her bush. I paused at her clit and licked it a couple of times, kissed it and sucked it lightly, and felt Olivia begin to tremble as her moaning increased in volume.

Abandoning her clit for the moment, I ran my tongue down her slit, lapping at her wetness as I did so. I used two fingers of one hand to slightly spread her pussy lips, and slipped two fingers from my other hand into her pussy, working them in and out, but deeper each time. Olivia humped up against my fingers, and I continued fingerfucking her as I explored her pussy with my tongue.

Clara watched closely, having felt my attentions to her sweet pussy so many times before, but interested in seeing exactly what it was I had been doing. She was rubbing her own pussy with one hand as she watched, and it excited me to see that, and have her watching me eat her cousin’s pussy so closely.
I moved my tongue up to Olivia’s clit again, licking all around it but being careful not to touch it, despite her humping upwards as I licked her. Finally I took her clit between my lips and sucked it a bit as I kissed it, and Olivia’s moans turned into pants and grunts as she tried to hump her clit deeper into my mouth.
Somewhere I had read that some women liked their clits to be nibbled at gently, but I had never tried it for fear of hurting them. For Olivia, though, I decided to try it, and nibbled a bit at her clit with my teeth, being as careful as I could not to bite too hard.

That seemed to do it for her, as she began to buck upwards wildly, and I had to back off a bit for fear of hurting her. She began to cum, and I pushed her back down and buried my face on her pussy, now relying only on my tongue to lap the juices from her pussy, and lick around her clit, and over it, at the top of each pass up and down her slit.

Clara began to moan as well, still rubbing her pussy, then she sat back and inserted a couple of fingers into her slit and began fingerfucking herself. Olivia was at the peak of her climax, and I wasn’t letting her go, intent on keeping her there as long as I could. Watching Clara masturbate as she watched us, though, was getting me so excited, I finally gave in and mounted Olivia, preferring to cum inside her rather than on the floor. Clara again moved over to get a close up view of my cock ramming in and out of her cousin’s pussy, and that excited me even more. I was so excited, I probably only fucked her for a minute or two before I began to cum myself, and thrust my cock as deep inside her pussy as I could as I shot my cum inside her. I managed to fuck her some more for another minute or so as my cock grew limp, then finally withdrew it from Olivia’s pussy.

Clara, who had been as close as she could get to watch me fuck Olivia, immediately moved in and wrapped her lips around my cock, licking and sucking Olivia’s fresh cum and pussy juice off it, and sucking the entire organ, limp as it was, into her mouth. Satisfied she had gotten all she could off my cock, she turned and began to kiss Olivia’s pussy. I normally did that myself after I had fucked a girl, but this time I was happy to sit back and watch as Clara greedily licked and sucked my cum and Olivia’s pussy juice from her wet slit. I had watched two girls together before, and they had been cousins as well, and seeing one girl pleasuring another was most enjoyable for me.

Clara was familiar with what I had done for her the many times I had eaten her pussy, and now she had seen me eating Olivia’s pussy, so she had a very good idea what to do to please her cousin, even though she had never eaten a pussy before. It was sheer joy to watch as she quickly brought Olivia back to her climax, and held her there for what seemed like hours before she gently eased her back down, leaving Olivia panting and gasping for breath.

We spent the rest of the day sucking and fucking in various configurations. Olivia was coaxed into giving Clara oral sex, and with a bit of coaching, she did very well, and admitted she had enjoyed it. Clara and I agreed to let Olivia in on our anal secret, and after some hesitation on Olivia’s part, she tried that as well. I tried to use my cock sparingly, knowing we had a full day ahead of us, and managed to keep getting it up several times – oh, the advantage and energy of youth – with long rests in between, and lots of oral.

I fucked Olivia quite a few times after that, sometimes with Clara, sometimes alone, and once with her boyfriend, as she talked me into trying to teach him to enjoy oral sex. He tried it, once, pronounced it disgusting and filthy – though he had no problem letting Olivia suck his cock – and they broke up. She eventually did find a lover who enjoyed giving oral sex, though he wasn’t so good at it at first, but she coached him along and eventually became quite good at it, I hear.

As for sharing Clara, I had found that she was open to almost anything, and more than willing to try something new.

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