Coquette and her cuckold. Part 2

Coquette and her cuckold. Part 2

By the time we returned to our holiday villa, it was well past 11 o’clock.
The combination of a late dinner and Julie’s desire for an extended masturbation on the walk back had taken us into the quieter part of the evening.

We could hear the local band playing some easy rhythms in the bar but I didn’t intend doing much dancing tonight – unless it was the horizontal kind.

Watching my wife brazenly finger-fuck herself on the walk back from the dining room had aroused me to an almost painful level.
Sure, I was more than happy to know that she’d had so much pleasure from it but I wasn’t so selfless that I didn’t expect something for myself too.

As soon as we entered our one-bedroom bungalow, my hands were reaching for Julie.
My fingers brushed the silky back of her dress and had slid around to the side of her left breast when she made a move for the bathroom.

“I’ll only be a minute.” She whispered over her shoulder, as she went in and closed the door.

I poured myself a straight vodka from the mini-bar and watched the liquid shake in the glass before I slugged it all down and enjoyed the slow burning as it entered my chest.

But it was the burning in my groin that was bothering me at the moment.
Julie’s lewd antics on the semi–public pathway earlier had got me harder than I’d been in weeks and I was thinking it would be a real shame to waste it.
A shame for Julie, of course.

Just as I was preparing to rush into the bathroom and drag my wife out, throw her onto the bed and unceremoniously fuck her brains out, the door opened.

I don’t know what emotion ran through me the strongest at that point; the disbelief, the disappointment, the sense of injustice, the frustration.

Julie came out of the bathroom wearing her one–piece swimsuit and doing some adjustment to one of the straps like she was getting ready for a couple of laps of the pool.

No, this couldn’t be, surely she knew what I was expecting?
But she didn’t even look at me, just went straight to the full-length mirror on the wall and checked herself out.

I could feel the anger rising inside me as I registered her lack of interest in me.
“Go ahead,” I was thinking, “satisfy your own urges and forget all about me.”

Then she looked at her watch. I couldn’t believe it!
Here I was, looking forward to an endless night of passion and she was checking the time!?

“Come on, put your swimmers on and let’s go for a moonlight swim.”

Oh, what was this? Maybe I was going to get lucky after all.

They say that women are changeable, that they are subject to wild mood swings.
But let a man know that there’s just a hint of the possibility of a fuck and he will fly from a black depression to walking on air in a moment.

I’d changed and grabbed a towel in a heartbeat.
Maybe Julie did want a romantic, lovemaking session under a full moon. Well, that was ok with me.
So long as I ended up with my cock buried deep inside this hot, passionate woman at some point, I would recite Byron under the stars for a week.

I was soon out of the door and hurrying down the path towards the pool again when Julie called to me from up ahead, “Don’t forget to lock the door.”
Damn! Yes, there had been some thefts from one or two of the villas recently and I didn’t want us to lose our cameras or money.

It took me a while to locate the keys and I eventually found them in the bathroom. Julie must have left them there when she changed.
“A bit odd.” I thought.

As I was leaving, I saw the vodka bottle and grabbed it, as well as a couple of plastic cups.
I thought, “Julie always warms up a little after a few mouthfuls of the hard stuff.” And smiled at the image that popped into my head.

By the time I eventually arrived at the pool, I couldn’t even see where Julie was at first.
There were a few miniature, coloured lights in the plants around the pool edge and some underwater lights but they didn’t cast much light and it wasn’t until I heard her speaking that I caught sight of her at the darker end of the pool.

Well, this evening was turning into a series of surprises.

There was Dave, the guy we had met earlier that day and who’d been so attentive to Julie at every opportunity.
He and Julie were standing next to each other, their heads and shoulders above the water, seemingly in some private conversation and very much at ease with each other.

I took a swig straight from the vodka bottle to calm my nerves and remembered Julie checking the time earlier. Had she been keeping an appointment?

“Hey,” Julie called, “don’t drink all of that yourself, dive in and bring it over here.”
And after a half-second delay … “And take your shorts off.”

What the …? I looked hard at Julie in the water but couldn’t be sure in the dim light, if she was in her suit or not.
Then I saw it at my feet … not even wet.
So did that mean that he was…?

I quickly stripped off and took another big gulp of the drink. I lowered myself into the warm water and walked across to them.

When I got to the end of the pool where they were, I could see Julie and Dave silhouetted quite clearly against one of the underwater lights.

He was standing close up against her back, leaning over her shoulder and saying something into her ear that was turned away from me.
His right hand was on her neck, his thumb steadily massaging the muscle.

I felt like taking another drink, my mouth was so dry and my throat constricted but I couldn’t even move.

“Put that on the edge and come over here.”
I did as I was told, put the bottle down and moved a couple of paces closer. Julie reached towards me and took hold of my right wrist.

Without saying another word, she put my hand under the water and moved it in towards her crotch.
I was relieved that she obviously wanted me to touch her but was still shaken by the closeness of Dave next to my naked wife.

She had hold of my fingers now, pressing them against her mound, easing them down over the just discernible stubble of her shaved pussy and across the hood of her clitoris.

Then the alien sensation. The feeling of the hard maleness there.
I must have flinched, maybe I pulled away a little but Julie pushed my hand further down and my fingers felt the fullness of Dave’s penis separating my wife’s pussy lips.

My mind was in a whirl, I couldn’t think, all sorts of emotions were churning my insides.
At that point I gasped something totally stupid and obvious like “He’s got his cock inside you.”

I looked at Julie’s face, only a few inches from mine now. Her eyes were closed and a slight smile played across her lips as she kind of hummed her agreement, “Hmmm.”

She now had a grip on all four of my fingers, near the tips, so she knew exactly what they were feeling.

She took them on a slippery journey around her pussy lips, from near her clitoris, down the stretched inner labia of one side, across the thickness of the underneath of his cock where it entered her and up the other side.

I was breathing hard now and I could feel my own cock start to press against Julie’s thigh as the eroticism of the moment got a hold of me.

My fingers were being slid along the side of Julie’s pussy that was away from me, repeatedly up and down in a smooth, deliberate rhythm.
She started to make odd little mewling noises and I watched her mouth open slightly as she softly bit on her bottom lip.

After a few moments, she opened her eyes, turned her face to me and smiled. She didn’t say a word as she pressed the palm of my hand towards her cunt.
She knew what I would be feeling, knew that I would be touching his cock as it penetrated her.

Then she put her hand over mine and curved it around his prick, pushing my fingers into her alongside him.

“Push him into me.” Julie growled in my ear.

I had no will of my own, I couldn’t protest. I was caught up in some kind of sexual hypnotism. All the usual restraints and rules didn’t exist.

I told myself I was just trying to get my fingers deeper into her and this other man’s cock just happened to be in the way.
I translated the fluttering of Julie’s eyes and the opening of her mouth as a response only to my own squirming fingers.

“Push him deeper.” She urged.

I pressed hard against the underneath of his cock, that thick vein against my palm as I felt it enter her another half inch.

Julie’s face was suffused with lust, she wore that smile of complete animal arousal I have only seen on her a few times. She reached an arm around my neck, pulled me towards her and gave me a hot, lingering, open-mouthed kiss.

I felt Dave move against my wife’s back and she pulled her mouth off mine as a moan of pleasure escaped from her.

Leaning her face towards me again, she whispered, “I’ve always wanted to do this. I feel so hot, feel so much like a woman.”

Then Julie pulled my fingers out of her, so that they lightly brushed the top of her cunt, she breathed in my ear “I want you to lick me right there.”

It was the place, just below her clitoris, where Dave’s cock disappeared into her.

Feeling it while delving my fingers into my wife’s pussy was one thing but I knew I couldn’t do what Julie wanted without touching his cock with my tongue, however briefly.

She must have read the reluctance at once on my face.
“This may be my only chance, ever.” She pleaded.

Then, in the only moment of that night when she gave me any kind of control, put her hand on my cheek and almost begged, “Please.”

I took a deep breath and lowered myself into the water.

One of the underwater floodlights was next to where we were standing and cast an eerie glow on the erotic sight in front of me.
Julie’s legs were splayed quite far apart and rose up to her smooth, recently shaved pussy.

Even though I knew what to expect, I was still shocked at the vision of my wife’s cunt lips being spread apart by another man’s cock.
It was totally foreign to me, I was so used to seeing Julie’s cunt open and pink and …well, empty. I just didn’t know what to think or feel.

But males are such visual creatures.
Even though it was another man with his meat inside my wife, I couldn’t help but feel highly excited at the sight.

The outer lips, now slightly puffy from Julie’s arousal, seemed to mould themselves around Dave’s invading cock.
Looking like it wasn’t fully hard yet, his penis curved into her from underneath, exaggerating that protruding vein which ran its length.

“He can’t have much more than the head inside her.” I thought, remembering how difficult it can be to get any penetration in that position. And I realised with a shock, that I wanted to watch as the full length of him slid inside her.

Not knowing if I was going to be able to fulfil her fantasy, I tried to remember the pleading tone in Julie’s voice as I put my hands around the back of her thighs and moved my face forward.

I tried to keep any part of my face from touching his penis as I moved carefully closer to Julie’s pussy.
I warily extended my tongue and lightly brushed one of her outer lips. She immediately pushed her hips forward to press herself against me.
Even from down here, I could detect the urgency in her movement.

Trying to keep my tongue in contact with her pussy, I cautiously moved up toward the spot Julie had indicated.
I kept on the outside of her lips, gingerly licking up and down and occasionally reaching up near her clitoris, then moving away again, not wanting to brush against him.

I could tell Julie was getting frustrated, she was jiggling up and down whenever I neared the top of her cunt but didn’t go that final half-inch.
I was running out of breath too.
I broke the surface and sucked in the tropical night air.
Julie immediately grabbed my hand again. She very deliberately placed my middle finger at the top of her opening.
“Here. Lick me right there … and I want you to push your tongue inside.”
And as she said it, she urgently pushed my finger inside her, between herself and the ridge of Dave’s cock head to demonstrate.

It was something about the tone of her voice, or her look, or her vicelike grip on my wrist that told me it would be useless to argue. She was going to get what she wanted, what she needed.

I took another lungful of air and resumed my previous position.

I tried to keep the thought of Julie’s lusty sexuality in my mind, how much this would arouse her, how horny it would get her for when I would be sliding my own dick into her.
I tried to think of how much I adored and wanted her, of how much this would please her.

Then my tongue was on her cunt lips again, licking, stroking, searching.
The tip of my tongue was moving in tiny circles but ever upward.
I reached the spot she had shown me, I hardened my tongue and pressed it against her.

Julie’s hips were starting to gyrate and I had a hard time keeping my tongue on the right place.
I was concentrating on the new pleasure my wife was feeling now, thinking only of how much she would be enjoying it.

I put my hands behind her and spread them across the tight globes of her ass to pull her toward me. I felt the hard muscles of Dave’s thighs against the backs of my hands as he started to move his hips slowly up and back, up and back.

Julie’s building excitement had captured my full attention. I wanted her to be taken over by the eroticism of the moment. I wanted her to give herself up completely to her sexuality. I wanted to take her to a level of arousal she had never felt before.

I moved myself closer to Julie’s crotch, almost underneath her, so I had to lean my head back to lick her.
I reached out with my tongue and pushed against the spot she had indicated.
I wasn’t cautious any more, I just wanted to excite my wife, I didn’t care about what else happened.

Julie’s hands came down and gripped the hair on the back of my head. She wanted me to go further and pulled me in toward her.
I straightened my tongue and pushed it inside her, exactly where she’d shown me.

I wasn’t prepared for the reaction – Julie bucked her hips violently, thrusting upwards again and again in an uncontrolled, animal response.
But she had a strong grip on my hair and managed to keep my mouth in place.

I could feel the smoothness of the cock head along the underneath of my tongue as I entered her. The hardness of his penis pressed against my chin and bottom lip as I thrust into my wife again but I didn’t care.

Julie’s movements were getting wilder. Her whole pelvis was jerking forwards and backwards as though in some kind of spasm.
She started to move my mouth away from her, then pull it hard into her again, trying to use my tongue like a tiny dildo.

She lifted one of her feet and put it on my shoulder to open herself up more.
She let go of my hair with one hand and reached around behind her to grab Dave’s ass, pulling him forwards to get more of his meat inside her.

My wife had never been a silent lover but now I could even hear her from below the surface. Muffled cries of passion penetrated the water.

I tried to stay there until Julie had been completely satisfied but it was no use. I broke the surface gasping for air.

I could tell by the tortured look on her face that Julie would be making me go down again – and soon.

I stood there, gulping in the oxygen and gazing at the sight in front of me.
Dave was leaning over my wife’s shoulder, biting at her neck, while he gyrated his hips against her ass. He had both hands on her beautiful, firm breasts, squeezing and rolling the hard, dark nipples between his fingers.

Julie still had one leg slightly raised, hoping to get more of him into her. Her left hand still pulling his ass towards her while her other alternated wildly between his cock and her clitoris, rubbing, flicking, squeezing.

And all the time she was moaning and crying out, almost incoherent in her lust.

“Oh yes, oh fuck … I want it … want it inside me. Oh God, I want more, my cunt’s so hot … yes, yes, unngh … yes that’s it, hard, do it hard… put more in … oh God, more… please” she was almost whimpering now.

Then she looked at me as if she was only seeing me for the first time and a smile of pure lust crept over her face.
“Lick me, finish me off. Lick all around my juicy cunt while he fucks me.”

Once again I was mesmerised, I was under her control.
At that moment, I would have done anything she asked – anything.

Then I was between her legs again. Licking her cunt, flicking at her clitoris, forcing my tongue into her, between her pussy lips and his thrusting cock.

Now both of them were jerking and rocking.
My mouth was everywhere, pulling at her puffy lips, sliding across his thick cock as it pushed deeper into her, licking everything it touched.
My lips sucked on whatever they met, skin smooth and soft, hard and ridged. It was all one, it was just sex. I wanted it all.

Once more, I drove my stiff tongue between Dave’s cock and Julie’s clitoris and immediately heard a muffled scream above me.

My face was being buffeted by the combined jerking of both of them. His constant movements, plunging his cock past my open lips and into my wife’s welcoming cunt. And Julie’s thrusting, impaling herself on whatever she could get into her pussy.

God, I’ve never been so aroused in my life, as my wife lost all control and rode herself to multiple orgasms.

Clutching my mouth to her clitoris and wildly rubbing Dave’s member all around her cunt, Julie thrashed herself around and yelled uncontrollably. Wave after wave of sexual release swept over her as climaxes shook her body like electric shocks.

I caught sight of unusual patterns in the water, picked out by the underwater floods and I realised what it was straight away.
It was the warmer fluid spurting from my wife’s cunt – she was ejaculating stream after stream of her juices into the pool with each spine-arching orgasm that coursed through her pleasure-wracked body.

It looked like she could go on forever as each jerk of Dave’s cock against her pussy produced a tremor that shook her legs and torso.
Gradually, the exaggerated thrusting, fucking motions of my wife’s lithe body, diminished into intermittent tremblings and shivers.

He must have said something to her then as Julie gathered herself together, stood more upright and closed her legs together.
Instead of rubbing his member against her pussy, she now had it gripped tightly in her hand as it protruded from between her legs.

It was pressed firmly up against her crotch and as Julie started to move her fist smoothly up and down its length, it began to look like she was wanking on her own cock.

Reluctantly, I had to come up for air again.
Julie was still talking dirty, though with a little less urgency now.
“… that your cock makes me so hot. Do you know you just gave me five outrageous orgasms? That’s never happened to me before … but I want you in deeper next time.”

I took a deep breath, ready to submerge again and Julie turned her head sharply in my direction. She looked startled, like she hadn’t known I was there. Maybe she hadn’t.

I lowered myself into the water, right next to them.
I was side-on to Julie and gazed at the profile of her shapely, feminine body with a rigid cock standing out from it.
There was something oddly attractive about it, now it had no balls attached and with the lips of a vagina folding over the base of it.

I was allowing some weird thoughts of Julie being some kind of third gender to drift through my head, when she lifted me up by the arm.

She pulled me next to her as she purred, “Would you like to watch me jerk myself off? You always like that don’t you?”

Without waiting for an answer, she looked down at the prick between her legs and, slowly stroking it, purred, “Do you like my cock? Do you think it’s nice and thick? It isn’t that long but it gets really hard when I’m pulling myself off.”

I felt so strange at that point – otherworldly. I felt like I’d been dropped into a reality where all the known boundaries had suddenly collapsed and there were no restrictions or limits.

With the glow from the underwater lights bringing Julie’s … no … Dave’s cock into relief against the pool floor, I could see every detail, every movement.

“Hmmm, it feels so good when I rub it. I love the way my prick fills up my hand when it’s hard like this. I like to grip it really hard, as tight as I can and slide my hand all the way up, like this.”

Julie was moving her hand steadily forwards until the skin bunched up at the end, then she drew it back, tantalizingly slowly. The bulbous head looked dark and threatening in the dim light as the skin was gradually pulled back to reveal the raised ridge around it.

“God, I feel so powerful with my thick, stiff cock in my hand. I just want to fuck anything when it feels like this.”

“Let me show you what I like to do when I’m jerking off.” whispered Julie, and she raised the cock to a 45 degree angle out of the water, squeezed as tight as she could and gave it four or five rapid jerks, then slowed her movements. Then once again, an almost violent jerking for a few seconds, quickly slowing to a languorous massage.

Another thrill shot through me as I saw my wife in total control of the sexuality that was happening. She had me enthralled and she knew it.

“Mmm, oh yes, it feels so good, I love to wank myself. I love to rub my big, hard cock. And I like it when you watch me too. I want you to watch me now. I want you to watch me shoot my load.”

Julie continued to slide her hand along the shaft, from base to tip, stretching the skin tightly over the cock head with each backward stroke.

She was gaining some urgency in her voice now, talking quicker as her speech kept pace with the jerking of her arm that was moving between us.

“ Oh God, that feels so good.” Julie growled, “I just want to fuck something now, I feel like ramming my cock into some slut’s juicy cunt. Would you like to see that? Would you like to watch me slam my hard prick into a hot blonde’s pussy? Here, put your hand on mine, help me jerk myself off.”

In a daze, I wrapped my hand around hers and followed her movements along the length of her cock. She was gripping herself so tightly, I could feel the muscles bunched in her hand.

“Yes, that’s it, keep that rhythm going. You know just how to make me cum. Just a little faster, that’s right.”

Julie was leaning against my shoulder now and her legs were starting to shake as she got nearer to another orgasm.
Her voice began to tremble and the urgency rose in her once again as both our hands pumped her.

“Oh, yes, yes, you do it for me baby. You do it just right. I love your hand on my cock. That’s it, just you hold it now, wrap your fingers around my cock, grip it tight. Oh God, oh God, your hand feels so good against my skin. Jerk me hard baby, that’s it.”

Both of Julie’s arms around my neck now, holding herself up as I pump faster and faster on her huge cock.

“My God that feels so good, oh yes, you’re gonna make me cum.
Oh God, I want to ram my prick into some slut’s mouth. I want to shoot all my cum into a woman’s mouth until she swallows it. Can I do that? Will you help me do that?”

An urgent nod of my head as I continued to jerk her in a daze, not knowing what was happening.

“That’s it baby. Now make me cum, make me shoot my load. Oh yes, just like that. Whose mouth should I shoot into? Who’s going to take my hot load of cum and drink it all down? Who do you want it to be – Julie? Do you want your sweet wife to take my big cock into her mouth and swallow it all?”

Confusion … jerking Julie off … yes, want to see her swallow her cum.

“Yes, baby … grip my cock tighter … jerk me faster … oh, oh I’m cumming!”

In one swift move, Julie spun herself off my neck and crouched down in front of me, her head level with my waist.
The moment she was down, I felt the cock jerk and pulsate in my hand.
I continued pumping, transfixed by the sight of my beautiful wife opening her mouth to accept the streams of creamy liquid as they spurted between her lips and across her cheek.
Even in the water, they retained their shape long enough for her to reach out with her tongue and lick the creamy strands into her mouth.

Seeing Julie’s face now under the water somehow brought a vague sense of reality back to me.
I let go of Dave’s rapidly softening prick and stood there watching as he eased the dark end of it into my wife’s mouth, kneading and squeezing it to get the last few drops of his cum into her.

She was looking up through the few inches of water that covered her face and she was smiling as she looked into my eyes.
She rolled her head around the end of his cock, her cheeks concaving as she sucked hungrily on this other man’s meat.

He must have been getting softer all the time as Julie soon had all of him inside her mouth, her face pressed up hard against his dark pubic hairs.
She pulled her head back and stretched out his penis with the suction in her mouth until it sprung out. Then nuzzled around his ball sac with her face until she had to come up for air.

I didn’t know what to do, what to say.
Sure, I’d been to the most erotic place I’d ever been in my life but Julie had scammed me or cheated me in the process – hadn’t she?

Then she was walking between us, her face expressionless.
She reached the edge of the pool and picked up the vodka.
Unscrewing the cap, Julie looked at me and grinned.

“Well I don’t know about you boys but I could do with a drink!”

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