Coquette and her cuckold (Part 3)

Coquette and her cuckold (Part 3)

Julie handed Dave and me a plastic cup each and filled them with vodka. Then she leaned back against the edge of the pool and took a drink straight from the bottle. What little glow there was from the string of coloured lights that surrounded the pool, was just enough to highlight the silhouette of my wife’s breasts. The surface of the warm water lapped against her dark, puckered nipples, still stiff from her orgasms of a few moments before.

Standing there with her elbows leaning on the pool-edge, her firm breasts jutting out, with such an aura of commanding sexuality about her, Julie could have got me to do anything for her at that moment, just with a look.
She had not the slightest sense of embarrassment about her – a bit late for that I suppose.
She seemed so totally at ease with the situation, standing naked and obviously aroused, next to two men who were ready to do anything with her body.

After a second or two of contemplation, Julie quickly took another mouthful of vodka, put the bottle down on the pool edge and moved between us.
“Come on, you two,” she ordered and grabbed both of us, a penis in each hand, “follow me.”

What else would we do? My wife pulled us both along behind her as she moved us towards the wide steps that were moulded into the end of the pool.
“Sit down there.” she commanded, leading me to the place she wanted me by my cock.

I sat down on one of the steps, my legs still in the water. Julie stood facing me, then bent forwards at the hips, leaning her arms on my shoulders and hooked her hands around my neck.

It was obvious that Dave was already eager to go at my wife again, I could see his penis beginning to thicken again, just below the surface of the pool. I wondered if she had seen it too.
He was standing at her side and immediately had her right breast cupped in his hand, pressing and kneading the flesh and tugging at the nipple like it was the most natural thing for him to do.

Knowing how horny my wife was at that moment, in fact, how hot she had been all night, it surprised me when she pushed Dave away from her … and was that disappointment I felt?
But I quickly realised I had mistaken her movement – she wasn’t pushing him away, she was moving him behind her.

Again, she had both hands behind my neck, and then leaned close to my ear, “Are you comfortable there? I may need to lean against you for a while.”
She had that lustful smile on her lips again and I felt a burst of adrenaline shoot through me, instantly tugging at my stomach.
A wild mix of emotions swept through me as I could see the desire in her eyes, how the anticipation was taking over her again.

I began to feel resentful of the pleasure she had felt from having this other man use her body.
Julie’s face was only a couple of inches in front of mine now and I could feel the heavy breathing of her heightened excitement on my lips. Her eyes were looking to the side, as if trying to see his movements, anticipate his touch.

I realised then, that I hadn’t even been inside my wife that night.
I started to think about the unusual level of arousal Julie had felt, being with this other man, the intensity of her passion.
What was it I’d heard her saying to him – she’d had five orgasms?
She’d never had that many with me, I was sure of it.

Yes, I was starting to feel jealous, I wanted to get my wife away from this stud. I’d now seen his penis outside of her and even only semi-hard, it looked like it could grow into something that would only make me feel inadequate.
I didn’t want to be compared unfavourably, either in size or technique or in just plain, masculine appeal.

I was just about to get up and drag Julie away from there, when her mouth began to gape open and she let out the strangest kind of gasp – like she was trying to force out the very last mouthful of air from her lungs.
Her eyes opened wide, the whites showing all around her pupils for a second, before the eyelids drooped and half-closed. And I knew he had started touching her.

“Oh my, this is going to feel so good.”

Then to me, as though she had read my thoughts and could sense my growing reticence, “Let me do this, please. Just this once, so I can remember it forever.”

Maybe I still looked unconvinced, I don’t know, but Julie obviously decided to take a different approach at that point.
She leaned her cheek against mine and whispered, “Should I tell you what he’s doing to me?”

“Ah, you like that idea then?” and I realised she was looking down between my legs. My cock had suddenly grown harder and had risen out of the water until it was pointing directly at my wife’s breasts.
Now she was back in control, the sexual predator once more, just how she liked it. Her mouth was against my ear, breathing her lust into me.

“He’s moving his fingers between my pussy lips, three of them. One on each lip and one in the centre.
Oh, you wouldn’t believe how wet I feel, he just slides between them so easily. He’s rubbing them all around now… mmm … so slowly, from up near my ass, now lower – oh God, I want him inside me – now he’s moving down toward my clit.”

Louder now, half to him and half to me, “I want those fingers inside me so much … got to have something in my pussy soon.”

But it seemed like Dave wasn’t quite ready to oblige her. From the dreamy look on Julie’s face and her half-smile, I could tell that he hadn’t entered her yet.
She was leaning heavily on me with her arms, her face moving away from mine, and then coming up close again as her hips rotated in unison with his hand movements.

“Oh my, look how hard you’ve got.”
It was true, I’d never felt my cock stiffer than it was right now and Julie didn’t miss the opportunity to take advantage.

“This is for you too baby, I want you to feel hot and excited and crazy for me.”
Julie rubbed the back of my neck as she gazed at me with her half-closed eyes.
“You like to watch me do this don’t you, like to watch me being a slut and letting some hard stud use my body? You love to see me cum with another man’s cock inside my cunt?”

I think I opened my mouth but what could I say? My cock did all the talking for me.

“No, don’t stop!” she suddenly looked so desperate but sounded so in control at the same time “Keep rubbing me … please!”
The whimpering noise that had started to escape from Julie when Dave removed his hand from my wife’s pussy, soon turned to sighs of lust as his head lowered out of sight behind her.

“Oh. Oh yes, that feels so good.”
Julie’s tone changed, became more animalistic, more aggressive.

“God, yes … right there, keep licking me there.”
Her body swayed backwards and forwards in response to the sweep of his tongue around her rapidly juicing vulva.
I could tell it was getting difficult for her to speak to me now as her level of excitement rose again.
“He’s … running … his tongue up and down my … cunt lips. Ahhh, now he’s … using his fingers to … spread me wide open. Mmmm … love that feeling. Yes, that’s it … putting his tongue inside me.”

“Oh Jesus, my clit is so sensitive now. Oh … ungh … he’s putting his fingers inside me again … and licking my clit. Oh my God, he knows just how to get me hot!”

Julie’s head was thrown back now and her long, dark hair lay wet along her deeply arched spine. Her ass was raised out of the water, presenting Dave’s mouth with the soft, welcoming core of her sex.
Hard, protruding nipples rubbed against my chest as my wife writhed and squirmed her body in response to this onslaught of tongue and fingers.

I reached down between my legs to grab my cock and start rubbing it vigorously, I couldn’t stand it any longer. It looked like Julie was going to be cumming again soon and I wanted to join her in her passion.
But she had other ideas of course … as soon as she saw my movement, she slapped my hand away from my cock.
“Not just yet, I have other plans for you.”

She pulled her rear end away from Dave’s mouth without any apparent regret or sense of loss, turned around and lay on her back on top of me.
Now my erect penis was jammed between Julie’s back and my own stomach as she settled her ass in my lap. She placed her long, tanned legs along the tops of mine and gripped the backs of my wrists with her hands.

I felt like my body was a mirror of hers (or hers of mine) as I realised that she would be copying every move I made.

Now Dave stood facing us, standing between our legs, his insanely erect cock standing straight up and almost touching his muscled torso.
I could understand then, why some women became overwhelmed in the presence of a well-toned masculine body and such an obvious and aggressive sign of arousal.

I can’t say for sure if it was a conscious move or not but my drawn-up knees (and, of course, Julie’s) moved ever-so-slightly apart.
It wasn’t much but it was enough.

Julie raised our arms in invitation to him and our knees spread further apart.

“Come here and fuck me, lover.”
Julie’s voice was lower than usual and seemed to be trembling in her urgency and need.

Dave took a step closer and grabbed his erect member, holding it down so that it pointed directly at my wife’s pussy.
As he leaned his body towards us, I could feel his muscular thighs pressing against the inside of mine and pushing them apart.

I tried to look over Julie’s shoulder to see just where his cock was but I was too far behind her.
There was no need though, to see when he was entering her. That long, breathy moan that escaped her shuddering lips left me in no doubt. I knew the exact moment when his cock was forcing apart her hot, welcoming lips.

I felt her legs rise in response to his invasion of her, and mine followed. I wanted to be with her in the passion she was experiencing, like another part of the same body.
I wanted to feel her arousal and follow wherever she went in this wild, erotic journey she was on.

As Dave leaned forwards and pressed his chest against my wife’s breasts, we both lifted our knees further so that they were eventually up by his shoulders.
I knew from experience that when Julie felt especially aroused, she loved to be in this position of openness and submission, it seemed to take her to another level of sexual excitement.

Dave had set up a steady rhythm of fucking my wife now and was unhurriedly, almost casually, raising and lowering his ass, easily driving his rod deeply into her with each thrust.

Julie seemed unusually quiet, like she was in a trance or something, or (here was a thought) maybe not even enjoying it very much.
I wondered for a moment if she’d had too much sex that night – even for her but that thought didn’t last long.

Gradually, I felt my hands being moved down her lover’s back as my wife slid them under the water, to rest on his undulating ass. She wanted me to feel every penetration of her as his hips moved rhythmically forwards and backwards.
With Julie pressing against the backs of my hands, she pulled him in towards us again and again. Each forward movement of his pelvis was now accentuated by our combined efforts in getting him deeper inside her.

I felt the beginnings of responsive movements in Julie’s hips as Dave’s penetrations became longer and deeper. I tried to supplement her gyrations by lifting my own body in unison, helping her to meet his thrusts with movements of her own.

It took a little while to time the rocking of our bodies against each other but soon, all three of us were rising and falling in perfect unison.
I started to feel closer to Julie then, like I was almost inside her skin and knowing exactly what she was experiencing and what she desired most.

I could sense the euphoria she was feeling as she wilfully, joyfully allowed the invasion of her being. I knew she was loving the abandonment to this aggressive male domination.

I was jerking my hips up now, faster to keep up with his increasing tempo. I gripped his ass cheeks and tugged him in towards us, pushing up with my back to ram Julie’s mound against him.

She wasn’t silent any more as her lust began to pour out of her mouth again.

“Mmm, yes, that’s it baby, ram that hard meat of yours into me. Oh, God I love the feel of your cock inside me. Not too fast, I want to feel it all sliding in, all the way, right up to your balls.”

Our fucking motions were creating waves between our bodies and I could hear the water splashing against Julie’s breasts that were pressed hard against Dave’s chest. The sound reminded me of when she gets really wet.

“That’s right … oh Jesus, you know how to fuck me. I love your thick cock stretching my cunt lips apart … oh, oh God you’re the best fuck, the best. Oh yes, it feels incredible, just keep fucking me for ever.”

I was starting to get lost in a maelstrom of emotions and passion. I lost the sense of where I was, of who I was.
One moment I was making love to my wife as she urged me on to arouse her further, the next, I was listening to her talking like a slut to a stranger who was slamming his cock into her.

I had my eyes closed as I responded to the hard, male jerking of his pelvis. I felt the strong, muscular thrusting between my thighs and moved my legs around behind his back.
I started to use my legs to force him into us, pulling him closer to her cunt until I could feel his balls bouncing against mine.

I wanted him all the way in, I locked my legs behind his ass and pulled tighter as I pushed Julie up against him as hard as I could.

“Oh fuck yes, oh my cunt’s so full … oh Jesus … oh … yes just keep fucking me … harder … harder, fuck you”

Julie moved her hands under his arms and gripped his shoulders, the fingers digging deeply into his skin, her knuckles turning white.

I pumped my hips up more urgently against Julie’s ass, trying to keep pace with Dave’s thrusting. Her legs were wrapped completely around him now, almost trying to get his whole body inside her.
Her breathing was turning to uneven panting and gasps as Dave’s cock slammed into her faster.

“Come on baby, give me that big, hard cock. Yes, yes … fuck me hard, I want you to cum inside me now … give me all your cum … unnngh … make me cum …that’s it … harder … oh Christ … oh baby I’m cumming … ohhh, oh yesss.”

I could feel the weight of Dave’s body on mine as he continued fucking us at a furious pace. Julie’s almost incoherent shouts, pleading to have her cunt filled by his gigantic cock filled my ears.
I was part of Julie’s body, thrusting and writhing against him, spreading my legs wide, pleading to be filled up by him.

My legs pressed against his ass, pulling him deeply inside us again and again until I heard myself scream as if in the distance. A never-ending release of lust that seemed to emanate from some other reality and broke into my consciousness like a remembered dream.

But I didn’t recognise my voice.

No, it wasn’t me who was screaming, it was Julie. Her mouth moved like she was trying to form words but couldn’t, almost as if she was in some kind of religious rapture.
She released her pent up lust in a series of diminishing whines and yelps as Dave finally jerked himself to completion and forced his body deeper into my wife as cum spurted from his erect cock into Julie’s gaping pussy.

My face was next to hers as she sunk her teeth into his shoulder, muffling her screams as she continued to react to the reverberations that shook her lover’s body.
Each grunt between clenched teeth signalled another spurt of his cum entering my wife’s cunt and she slid her hips backwards and forwards like she was sucking it out of him.

My head was buzzing, my limbs shook, I could hardly think as I felt my muscles locked in place, pressing my wife and her lover against each other.

The next few moments were a blur. I remember getting out of the pool and helping Julie out (she was on the point of collapse) but not much else.
We somehow stumbled back to our cabin and then I remember suggesting that Julie take a soak in the bath.

As the water noisily plunged into the bath and gradually filled the room with steam, my head began to clear and I remembered two things.

One: The fact that I (amazingly) hadn’t cum at any time during that night.

Two: The real reason why I was filling that bath…

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