Craving My Husband

Craving My Husband

i got out of my car, shivering because the october weather had set in. i wrapped my arms around myself, rubbing my arms as i went inside. the sound of absolutely nothing was welcoming. i heard the tick of the clock as i passed by the living room, and heard the dog's paws scurry across the tile in the kitchen to greet me. i sat my keys down on the table in the kitchen and dialed Matt's number on our house phone.

i was getting ready to leave a voice mail when he answered.

"hey baby," his soft, deep voice answered.

i felt a throbbing in my pussy, and needed him home. "mmmm, i miss you. i dropped the kids off at my mom's."

"good, i've been craving you all day, and i want my wife to myself tonight."

"you have me alllll to yourself, mr. carter. what time do you get out?" i asked, wanting to reach down and start massaging my pussy through my jeans. my husband turned me on in ways i never imagined possible.

"5, do you want to go out for dinner?"

i smirked, "no, i want to eat at home. i have an idea of what we can do for dinner."

"i like the sound of that mrs. carter, mmmm i want you so bad."

"so drive fast.."

after we hung up, i glanced up at the clock. 4:30pm. i had about half an hour before he was even leaving work. i put food in the dog's bowl then headed upstairs, still loving the sound of an empty house. it made me think of all the naughty, dirty things i wanted to do, but i wanted to do them with matt. i grinned then bit my lower lip, thinking of him as i entered our bedroom. i pulled my sweater over my head, and slid my jeans down my legs. i stepped out of them and left them in a pile infront of the bed. i was about to turn on the water in the master bathtub, when i decided i wanted wine. i went back downstairs, in my black lace bra and matching panties, and back into the kitchen. there was a bottle of Merlot in the fridge, so i grabbed a glass and took the whole bottle back upstairs with me.

i turned the water on, leaving the massaging jets off, so i could fill the tub with bubbles. i couldn't wait to drink this wine and relax. no one screaming in my ear, no one asking for me for anything. i had nothing but a bubble bath and wine. i poured myself a glass, slid my panties down my long, slender, tanned legs, and unhooked my bra, letting that too fall to the floor. i took a hair clip and pinned my long blonde hair up. once the tub was filled, i stepped inside, wincing slightly at how hot the water was. oh well, i thought to myself, it would get cold fast if it was just warm. i laid down in the tub, the water and bubbles reached my shoulders, my body almost completely submurged.

as i sipped my wine, i began to think of my husband, and my right hand slowly trailed down my stomach to my pussy. i moaned as i touched my clit, and began rubbing slowly. i shut my eyes, enjoying my hand, my mind thinking dirty thoughts of my husband. his hands…rubbing my clit, his fingers in my pussy, rubbing my g-spot, his lips everywhere….

the clock downstairs chimed and i knew it was 5 oclock. a smile spread across my face, the wine beginning to take effect, and the thought of my husband coming home very, very soon. i wanted his long, thick cock buried deep in my pussy, i wanted his lips on mine, i wanted to feel his hands gripping me, holding me while he took what was his.

i was fingering myself really hard by now, needing my husbands cock, i had sat the wine down, and used my left hand to rub my clit. my eyes were closed and i was so close to cumming. my back arched, and i was really moaning. "oh matt………" i moaned, half a whisper, wishing my hand was his.

"mmmm." i heard. i opened my eyes and saw matt standing infront of our large bathtub, naked, watching me. how long he had been standing there i didn't know, and didn't care.

i breathed heavily, my hands stopped, wanting him to finish for me, and just looked up at him. "come here," i said, my head feeling light from the wine and from nearly cumming.

he stepped into the tub, his body between my legs, and grabbed the back of my neck to pull me against him. my lips touched his, hard, needy, and his hands pulled the clip from my hair. my hair fell onto my shoulders, part in the water, and he gripped a lock of it, pulling my head gently back. i moaned as he kissed my neck and shoulder blade, his cock against my pussy.

"i need you in me now," i moaned into his ear, my hands roaming his back. my legs were wrapped around his waist, his cock teasing me. it was so close to my pussy, i wanted it inside me.

he continued to kiss my neck, letting his lips linger on my skin, his left hand in my hair. his right hand cupped my breast, his thumb rolling arcoss my nipple. i shivered, and pushed my pussy against him more. my pussy throbbed, i needed to orgasm. "matt, fuck me," i said, breathlessly as he kissed my lips again. i parted my lips and his tongue eagerly massaged mine, and my fingers gripped at his back.

he ignored my pleas to be fucked again, as his hand moved from my breast to my pussy. i arched my back as he thrust his finger inside of me, his thumb began working my clit. i moaned into his mouth, knowing i was going to cum fast and hard. he suddenly slowed his pace.

"no matt…don't stop…" i begged, kissing his neck. he loved to tease me, and i loved to be teased. but i needed to cum so badly… i reached down and he moaned as i grabbed his cock. i slid my hand up and down his shaft, playing with my cock, as he worked his hands on my pussy again.

"god, i needed you so bad today," he said, moaning as i continued to stroke his cock. he grunted and suddenly gripped my hair tightly, with both hands, and kissed me hard, really eager. "tell me what you want," he asked, breathless, his cock against my throbbing pussy, almost inside of me, my legs still wrapped around his waist.

"i want your cock buried in my pussy, i need you so bad, i want to cum," i answered, my chest rising and falling, my heart pounding, needing him so badly.

without another word, he thrust his cock in me, and i cried out, burying my face against his shoulder. he fucked me, his cock sliding easily in and out of my pussy. his lips were on my neck, my cheek, then he grabbed my jaw to bring my lips back against his. he was so eager, so rough, it made me want him even more. my hips moved against his, pushing his cock into my pussy as deep as it would go each thrust. he fucked me hard, not fast, i wanted this to last with him, but hard enough to have my fingers gripping his back tighter. i felt that sensation that i had stopped earlier in the pit of my stomach, and knew i was about to finally cum.

"i'm going to cum, don't stop," i said breathless in his ear.

he moaned, in pleasure, and reached down to massage my clit. that was all i needed. i cried out, my body spasming against his, my pussy gripping his cock as he continued to thrust. "oh god…" i cried out, moaning, my orgasm not letting up as he continued to rub my clit.

i slowly came down, still thrusting my hips against him as he continued to fuck me til he got what he needed. he kissed my lips again, my ears ringing, my heart pounding.

he pulled out, grabbed my hips and lifted me up. he stood up, with me in his arms, and walked from the bathroom. water dripped off of us and onto the plush, cream colored carpet that covered the floor of our bedroom. he laid me down on the bed, dripping wet, and pulled my hips up so my ass was in the air, facing him. i gripped the sheets as i felt his fingers spread my pussy lips, then his tongue lick my slit up and down, not missing a drop of my cum, that was mixed with water. i moaned as he worked on my clit, then he sat back up, needing to get what he wanted. he grabbed my hair, and twisted it around his fist, bringing me up and back against him. he kissed my neck as his other hand roughly cupped my breasts.

"mine.." he claimed, then gently pushed me back towards the bed, his fist still in my hair. he pushed my knees further apart with his own, our bodies still wet and now covered with sweat. he entered me from behind, hard, fast and eager, ready to get what he wanted. he let go of my hair, and it tumbled across my face, touching the bed as i gripped the sheets. his hands held my hips, holding me against his cock, that was about to cum really hard into my pussy, or where ever he wanted it. i was his wife, and wanted nothing but to please him, and i let him cum where he wanted. i felt myself about to orgasm again, his cock rubbing against my g-spot with each thrust.

i moaned loadly, not wanting him to ever stop, as another orgasm hit me hard. my body convulsed again, my pussy gripping his cock, his hands holding me still against him. he grunted then moaned, his hands tighter on my skin, as he came into my pussy. he stopped for a second when he was done, then slowly pulled out as i collapsed on our bed. he laid down next to me, his cock drenched in my cum, his chest rising and falling.

i smirked, loving the site of my cum all over his cock, and gently grabbed his cock, really lightly. he moaned as my tongue touched it, sliding up and down his shaft, licking every inch of my cum mixed with his off his cock.

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