We my new boss called me into his office I was worried. He ask me to take a seat and then closed the door. He told me that he had just gotten off the phone with Doctor Fleming and the Doctor had told him that he was switching all his patients to our product as long as I was his pharmacy representative. My boss told me great job and that he wished all his reps were as good as I was. I stood and he gave me a big hug and just held me. I am 25 year old blond and recently divorced. I told him thanks but didn't break the embrace. I have always been very sensitive and a hug is all it takes to get my nipples hard and he was getting me going. I was wearing a silk shirt underneath a suit jacket but no bra and I was certain he knew what he was doing.

He placed my hands around his neck and told me not to let go and pulled me very close to him. I could feel the hem of my skirt pull up and his hands grab my ass and all I could do is roll my eyes and moan. We were kissing passionately and his hands felt like they were everywhere. I closed my eyes and he laid me back on his desk and pushed my legs up. He grabbed the waist band of my panties and pull them off in one motion. He knelt down and started licking my clit and lips and I knew was over the edge. He licked and sucked until I was in ecstasy. I heard him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants and felt him put the head of his dick on my lips and I knew he would get me again as soon as he pushed his way in. He slowly worked his dick all the way in and I was squeezing it as hard as I could. Then his phone rang and he told me to be quite. I realized it was his wife as he talked to her, but he didn't stop poking me the whole time and I could not be quite. He held the phone up to my ear and I could hear her telling him that she needed to bring me home with him. Then he told her he needed to have her cook dinner for one of his best employees and that he would be on the way home in 15 minutes.

He just kept pounding me for 15 minutes until I felt him swell up and unload in me. That was enough for me to get me again and I felt him pull out. He still had my panties in his hand and he told me to get up and straighten up so that we could go to his house for dinner. It took me a couple of minutes in his private bath and we left out the back door of his office. His car was parked right outside and we were headed to his home. After we were in the car he kept his right hand on my leg and I stayed pretty worked up. The conversation changed to what I had done to get Doctor Flemings support and I explained.

The doctor had a 60 year old patient with erectile dysfunction who was taking a different product than ours and had no success. The doctor told me to give the patient a sample of our product and I waited in the room for the drug to take effect while the doctor saw other patients. The patient was sitting on an examination table and was talking to me the whole time. After about 10 minutes I ask the patient if he thought the drug had worked and he said no. I moved next to him and unbuttoned my jacket and blouse and put his hands on my breasts. I put my hand on his leg and in no more that 10 seconds his dick was making a tent out of his exam gown. I buttoned up my clothes and called for the doctor. He came in and said to the patient that it looked like it did the trick and the patient winked at me. The doctor told me we would call me when he had other patients that needed help with my product. I stopped at 3 other clinics and then came back to the office.

My boss said as long as I kept getting results to keep up the good work as we pulled into his garage. His wife opened the door and he introduced me to Helen. She was about 45 years old and in good shape and my boss just kept telling her how well I had done with Dr. Fleming. She made me a drink and lead me outside to a table set for dinner by the pool. We talked for about hour and we had finished a bottle of wine and I was feeling very comfortable. Then my boss came out with a pitcher of margaritas and sat down with us. I helped Helen bring out the food and by the time dinner was over I was feeling no pain and talking endlessly to them. Helen suggested we go swimming and told me to follow her upstairs to find a suit to wear. She lead me in the bed room and started kissing me and pulling off my cloths. I then felt myself fall back on the bed and she was right on top of me. I just gave into her and was enjoying her attention. She had undressed as well and straddled my face and I started kissing her. I felt hands on my bottom again and soon my boss was pounding my pussy again. It didn't take Helen long to come and she started sucking and rubbing my breasts. I started up again and was screaming for more. I woke up in the middle of the night and Helen was facing me and my boss was behind me. She had been playing with my nipples again. She pushed her top leg between my legs and I raised my left leg. She showed me a dildo and started working it into me. My boss was ready to go again too and he waited for her to pull out and then he pushed in from behind. When he was in she pushed in again with him and I thought I was going to rip apart. She got a motion going opposite of his so when he was going in he was going out and I was in a constant state of orgasm. I think they kept it up for a half an hour and I was totally wasted. The next thing I knew it was morning and I was alone in bed. I looked for my clothes but couldn't find them. I walked down stairs and found them on the patio having breakfast and they both enjoyed me sitting down with out a stitch of clothing on. I told them I had totally enjoyed myself and told them to invite me back anytime they wanted.

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