Donna's Wish – Part One

Donna's Wish – Part One

Donna’s Wish

Donna came over one day and she sat down on the couch and I sat down in a chair across from her and she put her feet in my lap. She had on a tee shirt, blue jeans and a pair of white OTC socks and a pair of gray Nike Cortez with maroon swooshes and said, “Please rub my feet, ankles and legs”. So I untied her Nikes and took her shoes off and sat them in the chair beside me. I took her sexy right foot into my hands and started rubbing her toes. She smiled and said, “That feels so good.” “It has been awhile since my feet have been rubbed like that.” I said, “I am glad to be of service.” Her feet were very sexy and a perfect size six and her ankles were like little apples. She leaned back in pure pleasure as I worked my way up her foot to her arch. I leaned over and nibbled on her socked toes and she giggled and said, “That is awesome.” I was enjoying it too. I messaged her foot for a few minutes then I began biting her arch. Donna said, “I love it, give me more.” So I started rubbing her ankle and she started to moan.

Donna took her right hand and started rubbing between her legs. I began biting her ankle and she said, “Give me my right sneaker.” I reached her right sneaker to her and she unzipped her jeans and stuck the toe of her shoe into her pussy and began thrusting it deep inside her. Her sneaker went halfway in and this made me hard as hell. She was working her sneaker hard and I was flexing her foot and I grabbed her toes and her heel and flexed it like I was trying to fold it half and she said, “Do it harder.” I got a good grip and pressed her toes toward her heel and she screamed in delight as she came on her sneaker. I let off the pressure and she sighed. She said, “I am really pleased that you broke Jake’s right foot, ankle and leg for him last week.” “He is really enjoying his long leg cast and crutches.” I replied, “I had fun doing it for him and he looks hot in that blue cast too.” Donna said, “He is a good son and I am glad that he has grown into a man that likes to break his feet, ankles and legs so that they can be put in casts.” “Lord knows I love to break mine.”

I asked Donna, “How many times have you twisted and/or broken your feet, ankles and legs?” She replied, “I have twisted my right ankle about 500 times, my left ankle about 300 times and I have broken my right foot and/or ankle 110 times and my left foot and/or ankle 35 times and I have broken my right leg 17 times and my left leg 8 times.” I said, “Wow!” “That is a lot of pain and casts.” She said, “It sure has been fun though.” I picked up her right foot and stuffed half of her sexy sockfoot in my mouth and bit down and she screamed in ecstasy. I pulled her foot out and she said, “I fucking love that.” I smiled at her and adjusted my huge erection in my pants. I worshipped her sockfeet for awhile and I began licking them and she just couldn’t get enough. Neither could I.

She said, ”You done such a great job breaking Jake’s foot and leg that I want you to break both of my feet, ankles and legs up to my hips anyway you want and as damage them as badly as you want.” I was blown away by what she said. I had twisted and broken her feet, ankles and legs before, but it had been very limited so that she wouldn’t be in a cast for no more than about three months. I asked, “Are you sure about this?” She said, “I have enjoyed breaking my sexy feet, ankles and legs, especially my ankles, all my life and I want to have a big blowout and be in casts for a longtime.”

TwoAfter I finished drenching Donna’s sockfeet and ankles with my hot cum, I asked her again, “Are you sure you want to go that far?” She replied, “Yes, I want you to break my feet, ankles and legs in any manner you see fit to cause me to be in leg casts for a year or more and then cum on them just like you did.” She was making me hard all over again and I began licking her right sockfoot. She got in on the act and started to lick her left sockfoot.

After we finished licking my cum off her sexy sockfeet, I washed her sockfeet for a few minutes, then took her wet socks off and dried her feet and put a new pair of Nike OTC socks on her sexy feet and legs. She almost always has a duffle bag full of socks and sneakers with her so she could change socks and/or sneakers when she messed them up. I began rubbing her sockfeet again and asked her, “When do you want to do it?” She replied,”I will be ready to do it in two weeks.” “I want to go for several walks in my socks and/or sneakers with my boyfriend and girlfriends and get a few pairs of sneakers wet, muddy and cut a few pair up before you break my feet and legs.” I said, “That sounds like fun.” She smiled and said, “It will be, but the best part will be the sock and sneaker orgy I am going to throw.” “I want to have 20+ guys fuck and/or jerk-off on my sockfeet and ankles after the same number of girls hump and soak my sockfeet with their sweet pussy juices. She was making me that much harder as she told me what she wanted to do before I broke and mangled her feet, ankles and legs.

She has had many of these sock and sneaker orgies over the years. It usually includes a lot of regular sex, bare foot sex, sockfeet sex, sneaker sex, some twisted ankles and even a broken ankle or two, depending on how wild the sex is and a lot of cummed socks and sneaks. There is normally a female guest of honor that has her sockfeet rubbed and licked by everyone at the party then all the women take turns, two at time, and rub their pussies with her sockfeet and hopefully soak her sockfeet with their juices. After that, people can lick her feet, then the guys take turns either jerking off on her sockfeet or in and/or on her sneakers. The guests can then lick her cummed sockfeet or sneakers if they want. The last two guests in line to lick her sockfeet get to put her sneakers on her sock feet and twist her sneakers off as hard as they can, hopefully twisting her ankles and maybe even breaking them if they are lucky.

After the guest of honor has had her feet, ankles and legs treated to all of this fun they usually submit an adult child, usually between the ages of 19-21 years old, to have their sneakers twisted off their sock feet. It is usually a daughter, but a son can be substituted if she has no female offspring. This is done to initiate the child to having severely twisted or even broken ankle(s) and hopefully the child will have to have their feet and ankles set in casts and learn of the awesome experience a cast(s) has to offer and continue the tradition of the orgy for future generations.

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