Down and Dirty pt 1

Down and Dirty pt 1

For the sake of privacy, some of the names were changed in this story.
This story is in fact true.

My name is Rebecca. I am 14 years old and have long brown hair, green eyes, and have an athletic body at 5'6. I developed very early, so I have a full body figure and wear a 36C bra. My wonderful boyfriend, Dustin, is a wrestler at our local school. He has an amazing body with a flat stomach growing some abs. He is 15 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes, and at 5'6 such as myself.
It was a Friday and I had plans to going to his house. My mother was very comfortable with him and his family so she just dropped me off at his house. I rang the doorbell and there he was, standing very tall and handsome right in front of me. He was wearing a plain white T-shirt and some plain blue jeans. I was wearing a low cut V-neck top with blue jeans. I smiled, then he smiled back. I went into his house and said hello to his mother then went to his room. We just popped in a movie and just cuddled on his couch.
He held my hand and played with my fingers. I laid my head on his chest and heard his heart beat. He looked down at me and smiled and kissed my lips softly. I smiled back and kissed back a little more passionate. Then he laid down on the couch and beckoned me to lay on top. I laid on top and hugged him very tight and put my head back on his chest. He wrapped his arms around my back and held me tight.
We maintained this position for at least 5 minutes then he started to creep his hands down my back. He reached my ass then started to squeeze it a little. I sat up a little and looked at him. Then I noticed that he was staring at my clevage that was being exposed right in front of his face. I got off of him in embarrassment and sat at the farthest edge of the couch.

"I'm sorry babe." said Dustin.
"For what?" I said
"For looking at your um.." he said hesitantly.
"My boobs?" I said
"Yes.. they are very nice I might add" he said.
I looked down at my shirt then looked at him.
"Well they are kind of nice" I said

He turned up the T.V. and then looked at me. He moved closer to me and kissed my cheek. I smiled at him then kissed his nose. He then kissed my lips and kept kissing me. I wrapped my arms around my neck and kissed him very passionately. He put both his hands on my hips and rubbed them very lightly. We kept kissing while he slowly started to lift my shirt up. When he lifted my shirt up to my ribs, I broke the kiss and took off my shirt. He pulled back off of me to gaze at my almost naked upper body and started to stagger his breath. He got really close to me again and reached behind my back and tried to unhook my bra. He had trouble with it so I helped him.
I took off my bra and threw it on the floor. He stared at my boobs astonished.

"Do you wanna.. touch them?" I said

He then cupped his hands around them and squeezed them a little bit. I examined his face. He had a really big, horny smile on his face. He started kissing my neck then worked his way slowly down to my breasts. I was breathing very heavily by now. Then I felt his wet kisses on my breasts and that just made me moan very softly. He still had one of my boobs cupped while he was kissing my breasts. He then started sucking on my very erect nipple. I moaned a little more and that urged him on. He started to rub my nipple with one hand and roll circles around my other nipple with his tongue.
After what seemed like an hour, but actually 5 minutes, he abruptly stopped and stood up.

"We need to get out of here" he said.

"Yes, we do" I said breathlessly.

He stood up off of my and he helped me up off the couch. He handed me my bra while he checked my naked upper body out.

"Nice…" he said.

I smiled and put my bra back on then my shirt.

We walked out of his room hand in hand.

"Mom?" Dustin said.

"Yes?" Dustin's mom said.

"Rebecca and I are going to go 4-wheeling, is that okay?" Dustin said.

"Sure honey, don't go out too far okay?" Dustin's mom said.

"Okay mom" he said.

We went into his shed where he kept his 4-Wheelers. He kissed me very passionately.

"I love you so much Rebecca" he said.

"I love you so much too Dustin" I said smiling.

He grabbed a blanket off of the table and smiled at me.
He got on the 4-wheeler and started it up.
I sat behind him, excited to what I hoped was going to happen to me.

End of part 1.

I know I know, everyone hates the wait but I'll write part 2 asap if I get positive feedback.

Some background on our relationship…
Dustin and I are a very close first love couple. We are still currently dating. I am still 14 and he is still 15 so this story is very recent. Sex was always something to talk about. We were always too shy to do anything until that day. I have never experienced anything sexual, just making out of course. Neither has he actually.

Part 2 is about me losing my virginity, as well as his. So brace yourselfs.

Give me positive feedback and I'll write some more 🙂

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