Emily Goes To Dinner

Emily Goes To Dinner

My girlfriend and I were celebrating our 1 year anniversary of living together. A lot of things had change in that year; we fell totally in love with each other for one. We were going out for a simple dinner at a very nice and expensive restaurant, maybe some dancing later and then in bed early, because it was a week night and Ashley needed to get up early the next day.
Ashley is my female lover, she is: 22, with long blonde hair, green eyes, 5’ 6”, 110 pounds, 36B, athletically built, toned and sexy as hell. Whereas I'm 23, long blonde hair, green eyes, 5’ 4”, 105 pounds, 34C, run and swim just about every day.

We put on our white button-up blouses that we always seem to wear to feel sexy. We didn't wear bras; Ashley's 36Bs and my 34Cs didn't really need them, as they are very firm, and it was just one more piece of clothing we don't really like. We put on our mini-skirts, no panties of course. No one would really see anything unless we want to show, it was more for us and knowing that the other was easily accessible more than anything else. I love getting dress up and looking good for her; I want her to be proud to have me for a girlfriend!!

We arrived at the restaurant, and the hostess showed us to a table. The place wasn’t very busy so I pointed to a horseshoe shape booth that could probably sit 6 and asked if we could sit at that table instead. The hostess nodded and lead us to that booth, we both slid in and set side by side, thighs and shoulders touching in the center of the booth. From that spot we could see just about the entire dinning area of the restaurant, and they could see us. The table cloth was long so no one could see under the table or up our skirts. The hostess handed us our menus, and shortly the server came to get our drink order.

While looking over the menu, something about Ashley’s perfume, just made me want to bury my head in her neck and start licking and sucking it. That girl always has me turned on, and my pussy was getting wetter by the second, I was looking at the menu, but the word weren’t processing. My hand moved to her soft bare thigh, moments later, her hand was on my thigh. Both of us staring at our menus like blind people, and trying to act like nothing was going on under the table. Her hand slid up under the end of my short skirt; touch the sensitively ticklish part of my inner thigh. My hand moved up a little higher touching her bald pubic area. With that she broke her stare at the menu, and gave me the tight lip look that said “What the fuck are you doing?”

I just smiled still starring at the menu, I had just found what I wanted to order, and not a moment to late as I felt her hand go higher her fingers delicately touching the moist petals of my bald pussy. I closed my menu and looked around the restaurant like everything was normal, and that my girlfriend fingers weren’t about to enter my soaked pussy. My hand slid deeper between her legs, my outer finger spread her folds as my middle one slid up and down her slit. Just as my finger grazed her clit, her fingers spread me and she plunged two deep in my wet pussy. I hope no one noticed as a let out what sounded like a loud open mouth moan, I want to cum right there. Not to be out done I rammed two of my fingers deep in her wet pussy, causing her to look at me and moan loud. It was loud enough that the couple at the table across turned their heads and looked at both of us.

Just about then our server came back to our table and asked if we were ready to order yet. I looked at Ashley; she was a little speechless at that moment.
So I said to the server, “Could you give us just a little more time?” with a smile.
She walked a way and I slowly started to finger fuck Ashley’s drenched pussy.
Ash looked at me and asked what I was getting, I told her, and she tossed her menu and said, “Fine, I’m getting the same!” and begin finger fucking my pussy.

It didn’t seem very long and I was close to cumming when the server returned.

“You ladies ready to order now?” she asked as she looked directly in Ashley’s eyes.

Ashley started her order, both women making eye contact as they talked. I starred at the server, slowly removed my fingers from Ash’s wet pussy, making sure she knew that at the very least my hand was in her lap. I pulled my hand from under the table, I don’t know if she could see it but my fingers were covered in Ash’s juices. I brought my hand to my mouth, and slowly sucked each finger clean, while still starring at the server. I knew she could see what I was doing, but she was still trying to make eye contact with Ash. As I was sucking the second finger, she glanced at me, then went back to Ash, then did a double take back to me. The look on her face was one of disbelief, and suddenly she couldn’t take her eye off me, watching me suck my fingers clean!

Once she was done with Ashley’s order she asked what I would be having. Just as I removed my fingers from my mouth and started to speak, Ash’s thumb hit my clit. Pressing it hard into my pelvic bone, I took a deep breath, turned my head and bit my bottom lip. I nearly came right at that moment. The server looked at me, and then looked at Ash, trying to figure out what had happened. Ash had a Cheshire cat grin on her face, and firm pressure on my clit!!!

I just spit out to the server, “I’ll have the same!!!”

The server collected our menus, and went on her way. My hand went right back to Ash’s lap and I quickly had two fingers back in her pussy. It didn’t take long and Ash had me to my first orgasm of the night. I just had to quietly sit there, grin and take it! Before our appetizer came, so had Ashley. We finish our dinner, and paid the bill. There was one clean linen napkin on our table. My pussy was still wet, so I grabbed it and wiped. We got up and I left the napkin with my juices on it in the center of the table.

Every time we drive past that restaurant Ash and I look at each other and smile!!

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