Events On A Cruise Ship Changes A Marriage Forever

Events On A Cruise Ship Changes A Marriage Forever

Chris and I were so happy together for a few years after getting married. His company grew fast, taking him out of the country for a few weeks at a time. Chris worked so hard, never complained about paying for everything as I finished my PHD; and through it all we had this great way of always making the distance and time spent away from each other work.

Our sex life was mostly fun then. For a day or two after being apart for so long, we would have sex for hours, and he would make me feel sexy and wanted…always bringing home pretty outfits from fancy boutiques sought out during his travels…black, pink and blue lingerie ensembles…a Chinese geisha gown…and even a St. Pauli Girl get up from Europe that I wore on Halloween one year.

Only occasionally back then would he bring up someone different during our bedroom time, and when he did he would encourage me to make up a naughty housewife story, or some kind of sex fantasy involving a man I seduced because “I was so lonely and horny without him”. I didn’t mind when he wanted me to talk like a bad girl in the bedroom though, back then, it just added something different and helped him get erect a second or third time.

Things went on for a few years like that. I graduated with my PHD in Nutritional Chemistry…and Chris insisted that I stay home instead of using my degrees. I was fine with the stay at home concept and enjoyed the responsibility of working with engineers and architects to build our first big beautiful home, a project that seemed to go on forever.

Between Christopher’s work-related travel and the stresses of updating and building onto an old farm house, we began struggling in the bedroom a lot of the time. I started blaming his interest and arousal issues on myself; he blamed them on the tension he was experiencing taking his company public, and the financial risks of everything he was involved in.

Chris and I were good friends though, as well as lovers, and did our best to grind through our issues. It wasn’t like we were fighting or anything, we just knew something was different and lacking in our personal life, and we both wanted to do something about it We began conjuring up new things to try during sex in hopes of building a closer and more intimate connection.

Five years almost to the day after Chris and I were married, Chris came home from a long trip one night and suggested that we go on an 12 night Golf cruise to “play all the great Caribbean courses, get some sun, and reconnect with each other”. I had admitted to him a few weeks before he left on the business trip that I was willing to do anything to revitalize our personal life, and our experimentation resulted in a new more energized effort on Chris’s part where he started asking me to talk dirty in the bedroom almost every time we had sex. He would encourage me to make up fantasies with tons more detail than before, always swaying the scene to include a well endowed lover, or a sexual affair with a more controlling man. Chris would always tell me, “I get so turned on when I think about you pleasing another man”. The thought of being with someone new began to appeal to me for the first time since being married…and it fueled our sex together as well as my time alone when I would pleasure myself to some sort of sexual situation in his absence.

The cruise was scheduled almost a month and a half out from that point, and it being summer and all, I spent as much time as practical slimming down, toning up, and tanning for our trip. I took golf lessons again, which made Chris happy, and he and I talked about the cruise details almost every night as the dates grew closer. In our bedroom, Chris almost always had me making up elaborate sex stories that included other gorgeous men, and for many reasons I went right along with it. Occasionally it took so much verbal detail during our lovemaking to make Chris hard and excited enough to cum that I wouldn’t get a chance to climax at all. Disappointed that his climax often occurred before I could finish my hot stories of being with other guys, I’d frequently touch myself to orgasm alone in the bathroom or later once he fell asleep. The cycle grew so repetitive and frustrating.

A week or so before the cruise Chris and I went out to dinner with some friends. On our drive back, with tons of drinks in us both, the subject of “meeting someone else on the cruise” came up. It was really weird, but you could tell that we were both turned on by the possibility; neither of us let too much time go by without adding some sort of personal spin to the myriad of “what ifs” we kept injecting. Chris and I didn’t even make it home, he pulled off the road when I told him how I hoped a sexy guy would make out and grope me on the cruise ship dance floor…and he fucked me in my seat…making me tell him my fantasy version of what happened once the three of us got back to the cabin.

At breakfast the next morning, Chris and I brought up the hot sex in the car and the idea of meeting someone on the cruise popped up once again. We both were so into it that we elaborated on the what ifs like it was some sort of script or play acting exercise, even outlining secret words we would use to tell one another that we were comfortable with a certain person…comfortable enough to invite him back to the cabin for sex. I wasn’t sure if Chris was half serious, completely serious, or we were just fantasizing again….all I knew was that we were both outwardly turned on.

We flew to Miami a few days before the cruise in hopes of spending some time there, on South Beach so Chris could catch up with his tan, and to party at the top notch restaurants and dance clubs. Chris’s company was leasing a private aircraft by then and while it was slightly out of the norm, I totally enjoyed dressing up for the flight and being treated like royalty from airport to airport. Chris and I were getting along really great, and we completely enjoyed our 3 days in the Miami area before making our way to the port terminal. Our nights were fun to, always ending with hot sex scenes depicting Chris and I as swinger’s who occasionally brought someone home for ‘us’ to enjoy.

Nobody ever called me fat or even chubby in my life, and even though I’m 5-6 I had managed to slim down to 105 pounds for the cruise. Chris noticed the weight loss and loved it, always commenting on how I even lost weight up top shrinking my breasts to a toned and firm a-cup. In hopes of turning him on, I went braless under a tight red halter top and wore pretty matching red panties under a sexy summer skirt to board the ship on Saturday morning. I would be lying if I didn’t think I looked my best, I felt so good, sexy, and outgoing as a result. Chris’s hands were all over me in the cab ride to the terminal, in the cruise ship check in line, and in the VIP welcoming area where ship rules and free cocktails were given to us in a private lounge.

Right before we were escorted to our cabin, 2 really nice men sparked up a conversation with us. We all talked about certain golf courses that we’d soon play on our trip, and we became friendly enough with each other that Paul and Rich suggested we pull our two groups together to play as a golf foursome. Chris loved the idea, telling both guys that he was a little out of practice so they had to be patient. I thought it was sexy…to see 3 guys talking golf…hearing Chris downplay a sport that in reality he is exceptional at and plays a great deal. Even better, Paul and Rich, both in their mid 50’s, invited us to have dinner with them that evening. They had both been on the identical cruise three years running, and offered to share all sorts of do’s and don’ts about the islands, courses, and even certain golf holes. Chris and I gladly accepted the invitation, and our engaging conversation lifted our spirits even more.

We had champagne chilled and waiting for us in the cabin, and Chris and I sipped it while leaning over our balcony staring at all the different action going on in the port before setting sail. Chris wrapped his arms around me from behind, and I felt him pull me close and kiss my neck passionately. We were so close that first day, and he lifted my skirt up and rubbed his strong hands all over my bare ass under my panties…inching down just enough to scoop a little of my wetness that had puddle between my legs. He whispered in my ear, “why is my beautiful wife already wet”. I reached back and kissed him hard on the lips, and told him that I liked watching him talk golf with 3 attractive men…I was excited to have dinner with everyone that night…and that he was so handsome and fun around other people. He kissed me back, definitely into me and everything that was happening. We stayed in the cabin, made love and unpacked, unpacked a little more and made love again…right on up to cocktail hour.

At cocktail hour we mingled and talked to other couples our age mostly. Couples in their mid and upper 20’s, all excited that we finally left port, laughing and drinking before dinner. I had worn an open backed handkerchief top that tied around my neck, with nothing under it. I could tell people were noticing me and I felt pretty, all tan and thin in my short summery skirt. When Paul and Rich finally tracked us down, they had both changed and looked completely relaxed and comfortable. Paul shook Chris’s hand with a big smile on both of their faces, and then came over and gave me a hug with a kiss on my cheek telling me I looked beautiful. I couldn’t help noticed the way Paul looked at me, built like retired football player, Paul looked so great in a linen blazer over a crisp white crew neck t shirt. Chris at almost 5-11 was a head shorter than Paul, and I guessed at least 75 pounds lighter. I remember feeling my pulse go up around both Paul and Rich.

Christopher’s obvious comfort in social situations made dinner fun and interesting. Paul kept asking me personal questions about what I do with my afternoons since I stay home, was interested in the house building process Chris said “I was in complete control of”, and made so many comments about my outfit, looks, and curly hair; I just felt so wonderful about the first night on the ship. I knew Chris did as well, and we ended our dinner by joining Paul and Rich for drinks on the top deck bar. We had an amazing time all night long, and we ended our night agreeing to play golf at 2:30 the next afternoon together.

Chris and I didn’t make it to the room without bringing up Paul. We also didn’t make it to the room before practically having sex in the elevator, and the hallways. Chris didn’t have to say anything at all, I knew he felt the vibe from Paul and I knew we were closer than ever to taking years of fantasy talk in our bedroom and making it real…something we would experience together. Chris had been watching Paul talk to me all night, he watched me engage with Paul, and afterwards he seemed so into me, so revitalized, and I thought our sexual connection that night was the best we’ve had in years.

The next day Chris and I didn’t see Paul or Rich until we met them at the transfer boat that would take us to our first of 5Island golf courses. We spent the day lounging around and swimming in the pool mostly. I enjoyed watching most of my body turn brown in the warm sun, felt so at ease socializing with other couples, and we met new friends from all over the place. Chris is so well traveled and entertaining, and he seemed to carry so many conversations with his interesting perspective on things. I had a spa appointment for a massage after an early lunch, and didn’t return to the cabin until it was time to get ready for golf. In the cabin Chris livened things up asking me if I wished the female masseuse would have given me an orgasm, and I had to admit that I was feeling very turned on about our cruise and feeling so close to him. When I was looking down in the drawer to pull out my golf skort, I felt his hand reach down the crack of my bottom and his fingers dip into my wet pussy. This time he rubbed the wetness up and down between my legs and butt, and asked me again to tell him what was making me so wet. When I didn’t answer him, he pushed his body against my back and whispered in my ear, “You want to fuck Paul don’t you”? I turned and kissed him hard to tell him yes…I pushed my tongue excitedly into his throat and moaned…he knew that I did. He was rock hard…and I was in a frustrated incredibly turned on haze as we ran to meet everyone at the shuttle boat. Paul and Rich were waiting for us, had our passes and everything when we arrived…things were just so exciting.

Golf was hot! I don’t mean hot in a sexy way either…just hot and humid and long. For 5 hours in the baking sun we played, and I was so glad to get off the Mahogany Run golf course in St. Thomas. I stopped playing golf after 11 or 12 holes and just sat in the cart and tried to entertain the three handsome guys who seemed to be in 7th heaven out there despite the heat. The best part was interacting with our new friends, drinking cold tropical drinks afterwards, and feeling Paul’s constant gaze throughout the day. I caught him looking at Rich with suggestive expressions on his face directed towards me, and later Chris told me that he would stare at my legs and ass every time I walked near him. We had so much fun sitting at the beautiful bar afterwards; that we almost missed the transfer boat back to the cruise ship…and we all agreed to go clean up and finish our evening together in the top deck lounge in an hour and half after returning.

Back at the cabin, Chris and I didn’t even shower before finding the bed. He knew I was attracted to Paul, he saw how I sat with him on the return shuttle boat, and how Paul zeroed in on me when he asked us to meet them later that night. Chris and I had great sex in the cabin, both of us were so turned on by the events of the day, and he held me close and talked to me once he climaxed. While he held me, I looked into his eyes and told him that I loved him, and he took the opportunity to ask me if I was seriously thinking about Paul… about taking things further. I kissed him softly and stared at him, lay my head down on his shoulder and told him the truth, “I think we should do this Chris. I want to. I’m so attracted to him”. Chris didn’t say anything…just pulled me closer…and I rested there not believing that I told him the truth…told him that I wanted to be with someone besides him.

When we got up to the bar, Paul and Rich were already there and had sat at a beautiful table near the edge looking down over the ocean and the rear pool. People were still swimming and socializing below, music was playing from a live reggae band, and there were great vibes. Paul caught my eyes and we picked up where we left off earlier, and I smiled acknowledging our growing fondness for each other. In the room just prior to meeting them, Chris was a little apprehensive about letting me wear what may have been the most revealing short summery nighttime dress in my suitcase. I didn’t give in though and pushed him a little explaining that I thought Paul would really like me in it. Chris backed off telling me that he could see the white thong under the white and green flowery material…and that Paul would be having a difficult time all night if he had tight pants on. After the dress discussion, I didn’t feel comfortable telling Chris, but I had shaved nearly half my pubic hair off so the hair down between my legs wouldn’t show in the brand new shaped thong. In the privacy of the bathroom, I had thought I should spend a little more time making myself look sexy just in case, and I looked at myself in the mirror knowing that I wanted to look my best if Paul wanted me that night. The reality of it all sunk in…and I felt so nervous…but determined to see it through.

Paul, Rich, Chris and I talked for hours on the bar deck as the sun set and the music played on. We had a light delicious dinner, and we all drank and shared our thoughts on every topic from politics, sports, marriage, to children, divorce, and sex. The alcohol made us all less inhibited, and as it got later and later I didn’t even realize that Paul and I were almost in our own little world, sitting close to each other, tuning out everyone else as much as possible. When eleven o clock came and went, Rich stood up and announced that he was too old for late night partying after 18 holes of golf in the scorching sun, and after making us all laugh he left our foursome saying he was heading to his cabin. I wasn’t sure if he planned it that way with Paul, but I knew that Rich leaving would charge the atmosphere even more and our conversations together became more flirtatious, suggestive, and personal soon after. Occasionally Paul and I would struggle to include Chris in the conversations, but I watched Paul reel Chris back in repeatedly making sure that things didn’t get too awkward. Chris always seemed more relaxed when Paul and I weren’t being too overt in our attraction to each other. As the night grew late, the bar closed down, and we were just 3 of 5 people up on the top deck talking as the cruise ship quieted down and dimmed its running lights. When the couple eventually left it became obvious that we were all staying up there by choice…Paul circled around different topics getting my obviously buzzing husband to open up about our sex life.

Paul added his own experiences, good and bad from his marriage that had ended just 3 years before, and I sat there wishing Chris would admit that we had been fantasizing and talking about exploring sexually with someone outside for years and years. I wanted him to admit to Paul that his name just came up while we were getting dressed a few hours earlier. I looked at Chris at one point and did my best to urge him with my facial expression to just be honest and let it all happen. I felt like Chris needed to make the decision, if it was something that was going to work for us. All I could do was sit on one side of the table with Paul and hope that both men discovered a way to approach what all three of us knew we wanted to happen.

Unknown to Chris, Paul was rubbing my bare leg under the table with his left hand…circling my knee and inner thigh…making me shiver and tingle as he would occasionally move up closer to my pussy. My mind was spinning with combinations of thoughts and sensations I was experiencing.

Paul, more than double our age, was so much more comfortable than Chris appeared to be. I knew that Chris understood what was happening and at times he would look at me as if he wanted to acknowledge Paul’s obvious pass at me, and I did everything I could to make him feel like I was only doing what we had talked about doing in the cabin…fantasized doing in bed. I stood up several times to stretch and stood behind Chris as both guys were talking, hugging him from behind. I was so tingly for Paul, who would look up into my eyes slowly taking control of the situation, and I whispered sensuously into Chris’s ear that I loved him.

The atmosphere at that point was awkward but electric, and I literally almost passed out when all of the sudden Chris courageously blurted out an invitation to Paul, and me in a way, asking if anyone would like to return to our cabin for a night cap. I will never ever forget the tension. I was instantly scared, excited, turned on, and completely proud of my husband as he composed his emotions and broke the ice…extending the invitation to go somewhere private. Paul, so at ease and tuned in, looked up at me…at Chris…back at me….and accepted the invitation in such a classy way saying “I always wanted to see what those VIP luxury cabins were like”. Both men slowed things down and changed the subject long enough to finish their drinks, seemingly composed, while I was coming out of my skin.

In the elevator, Paul asked Chris for the floor and operated the buttons while Chris and stood together near the back. I could see that Chris was nervous. His boyish tanned face looked down as if he was trying to cope with the moment. I put my hands on his bicep and leaned my head against his shoulder, but he was lost in his thoughts and not responding. A little drunk, I looked at Paul who was making small talk to lower the tension. He smiled warmly and confidently as the doors separated and said, “Lead the way Jennifer”. I grabbed Christopher’s hand and pulled him out in the direction of our room, and all three of us laughed harder than we might have when Chris said, “Jennifer, I’m glad the nice old Italian couple next door isn’t up to watch this”. I was so proud of him, amazed he was again acknowledging the situation with Paul in a humorous and classy way. Paul chuckled remembering Chris’s story earlier in the night about how the cute Italian couple caught us making out in the hallway.

I opened the door filled with disbelief that Chris and I were inviting Paul into our cabin. My heart was beating hard and I tried to recall the talks Chris and I had depicting similar moments in our made up stories. I remembered how Chris had said many times that if we ever made it to our bedroom…it would be up to me to flirt and make things happen. When I looked at Chris, he was obviously nervous, aware of how awkward it was to be the husband of a woman who might be having sex with another man right in front of him. I personally couldn’t imagine switching places with him and as I watched Paul roam the suite and then gaze into the separate bedroom through the open pocket doors, he turned and told Chris that his cabin wasn’t half the size and tried to calm everything by evaluating the price differences with my husband. I wanted to kiss Paul for being so classy during what could have been an even more difficult moment for my husband, but as Chris made us all drinks at the mini bar, Paul opened up the balcony behind the small sitting area and motioned for me to come out with him.

When I stood next to him, looked up into the sureness in his eyes, I didn’t want anything to stop what was about to happen. I felt tingly all over, between my legs I felt my pussy preparing to be filled, and goose bumps formed from head to toe sending a shiver down my spine in the cooler humid breeze. Paul reached out and grabbed my waist and pulled me against his body, and used the other hand to move my curly hair from my face and then ran his hand back to my neck and flattened it against my back. I opened my mouth as he lowered his lips to mine and felt his strong hand slide down and explore the roundness of my bottom. As if he knew I would be looking for my husband, he turned me away from the sliding door and pushed his tongue into my mouth.

I don’t think I had ever been more turned on by a kiss in my life, or ached to be with a man like I was for Paul. I didn’t know if Chris was watching, or what he was doing, all I could do is kiss Paul back, matching his aggressiveness with a passion and knowledge of kissing that I have learned long before I met Chris. I opened my mouth wide and chewed on Paul’s full wet lips, sucked in his tongue, felt his warm saliva slide seductively into my mouth. I felt Paul’s left hand slide under the fabric of my skirt and he firmly made it glide over the small of my back…lifting the fabric exposing my ass to the inside of the cabin. If Chris was watching, he knew things had gone past the point of no return. I knew that is what Paul had intended, had no control over the situation and hoped Chris was okay. Paul slid down the strap of my dress exposing my bare shoulder and then my breast…and squeezed my small breast in his huge hand tugging on the hard nipple. His touch a million times more firm than my husbands ever was, his larger stronger body exploring parts of me that begged to be touched. I stood on my tip toes and kissed Paul back, ran my hands over his chest and back, down over his buttocks and pulled him to me wanting to feel his hardness pressing against me. He moaned at my aggressive advance and made sure I felt him pressing against my stomach.

At the perfect moment, Paul stopped kissing me and pushed my back against the shut side of the sliding glass door with his torso and said, “I wanted you from the moment I saw you in the check in line”. I smiled up at him, “well you have me now”. I was lusting for Paul, completely blinded by his sensual style, his tall husky body contrasting my husband’s slender athletic frame. I wasn’t going to let anything stop Paul and I from spending the night together.

Paul used the intense moment as a transition point, taking me by the waist and turning me into the cabin from the balcony where Chris sat nervous and uncharacteristically withdrawn on a swiveling lounger just inside the cabin. Paul picked up our two drinks and thanked Chris and humbly said, “I’m sorry for that Chris, I just couldn’t take it any longer, your wife is so sexy and beautiful”. Chris, drunk and drinking more looked confused and full of doubt. He looked almost sad and said, “we’ve been talking about something like this for so long”…he paused and looked at me as if he was hoping I would back us out of the situation that he seemed unprepared for. With my shoulder strap hanging off my dress, my thong sticky between my legs, I had no intention of turning back. I recalled earlier talks with Chris and I did what I promised him I would…I turned to face Paul and I put my arms around his shoulders and smiled up into his eyes, conquering the anxiety of the situation I blurted, “How did she say it in Top Gun…Paul, take me to bed or lose me forever”. Paul kissed me as Chris forced a nervous laugh, and grabbed my hand and led me through the opening to the queen size bed where he sat and turned my back towards my husband again. I stood there in front of Paul noticing he was almost as tall as I even sitting on the bed, and he looked at me wondering what I was going to do with the moment. The sexual tension combined with the heightened, odd eroticism of having my husband behind me took my breath away.

I was so needy, so lustful, and pushed the right strap of my dress down over my shoulder, pulled in my tummy, and wiggled just enough to feel the dress begin to slide down off my body towards the floor. Later in the trip, Paul told me that he thought I was going to back away at that moment when I stood in front of him, but actually never considered that for a second. Paul, sitting back on his hands, legs apart taking in the site of me undressing in front of him, was emboldened by my shameless act and sat up on the edge of the bed, “Thata’ girl…let me see you” he said aggressively. He used the heels of his feet to kick the opposite topsider shoe off to the side, and began unbuckling the blue cloth belt around his waist.

I felt so beautiful and wanted in front of him, now nude except for my thong. I stared down at my hard nipples and flat tummy, was so turned on as I saw how sexy my pussy looked restrained in the fabric…my labia swollen and the smooth skin slightly visible along my thighs. Paul reached out and ran two of his fingers between my legs, pressing the fabric up inside the lips of my pussy and spoke again, “Look at that hot married pussy, it needs to be fucked doesn’t it Jenny”? I couldn’t believe the boldness of his words, and his touched burned inside, made me want Paul more than I had wanted any man in my life.

“Yes” I murmured lustfully, nodding my head as I closed my eyes to the sensation of his fingers sliding over my wetness under the fabric of my thong. His long thick fingers aggressively massaged my clitoris and then slid under and back up into the crack of my ass and pressed against my anus, “Oh fuck you’re hot”. Paul pulled me closer, licked and kissed my breasts and nipples, bent to the side and kissed my stomach. Using both hands he pulled my thong off my hips and tugged the material out of my wet pussy, guiding the thong down my legs and kissing my swollen pussy lips at the same time helping me step out of the thong. I had never felt so sexy in my life as he rubbed the material of my thong up my leg, over my ass, between my legs from the back, up over stomach and breasts and my mouth. I kissed the thong wrapped tightly in his hand as he palmed my mouth. He used his other hand to push his fat middle finger deeper into my pussy.

Part of me wanted to look back at my husband, but I didn’t. I don’t know if I could have truthfully. I had already done more than I thought I would ever do with another man, and Christopher’s silence and earlier expression was so difficult to read. As Paul slowly fucked my pussy with at first one middle finger, then two, and I rocked my weight down over his assault….I knew Chris was watching it all. I knew my husband, always so classy and kind would never interfere at that point…even if he wanted to…even if his heart was breaking. Years of talking with my husband about doing this with another man…him fantasizing about me pleasing someone in front of him…all combined with the sexual frustration of the last year propelled me further towards Paul. I whimpered as he fucked my pussy with his fingers, and bent down kissing him harder and more passionately than I had ever kissed someone…exposing my ass and pussy to my husband behind.

Paul stood up, spun us around, and pushed my naked body down onto the bed aggressively. He pulled his polo shirt off his tall wide shoulders and stared down at me as I unfastened his kaki’s and pressed my hands flat down behind him over his buttocks…forcing his boxers and trousers off his bare ass. A second later his hard, long, thick cock flicked upwards towards my face…startling me the…the way it sprung so different than my husband’s…the veins…thickness…shape…bobbed in front of my lips. I gazed up into Paul’s eyes with a look of lustful approval…and grabbed the base of his cock and held it tightly…pulled on it’s length…marveling at the thickness…feeling the veins swell in my hand as I slid to the tip and cupped the fat round head. I’m pretty sure I said, “Yum” right before I opened my mouth wide and guided half of it to the back of my throat….looking up at him the whole time.

“Jenny needs cock, doesn’t she”, he said loud enough for Chris to hear, and grabbed the back of my head with both hands and leaned into my mouth, simultaneously pulling my face towards his pelvis inching himself into me. His huge cock was more than I was used to, and I adjusted to accommodate the thickness. I closed my eyes and concentrated on giving Paul head, roamed his body with my hands, and bared down on him…aching to make him cum for me…wanting to deliver on all of the flirting and seduction that had happened over the two previous days.

At one point…I turned my head to the side as Paul rotated his hips…and with Paul filling my mouth with his cock I caught Chris’s gaze. He looked into my eyes, the same torn expression on his face; an odd combination of sexual excitement, confusion and alarm. Chris’s eyes darted away when Paul began thrusting his hips harder into my mouth, and I saw my husband watching Paul’s body fucking my mouth. Paul knew I could see Chris and turned to towards him briefly. The strange dynamic seemed to make Paul even more aggressive, and as he had done twice already he pulled me off the bed and turned my back to Chris again…he laid back on the bed and scooted himself up to the headboard…spread his legs and motioned for me to come to him. I put my knees up on the mattress and crawled between Paul’s open legs, grabbed his hard cock in both hands, pumped it and began sucking on him once more….my ass and pussy spread wide sticking up in the air. I sucked harder, spit huge amounts of saliva on his shaft to help my hands slide, and I tongued and licked his balls and cock. I alternated…sucking Paul deep into my throat…pumping his hard cock in my hands….sucking his balls…until I was in perfect sync with his thrusts and motion. I felt Paul’s cock grow thicker, his hands gripped my hair, he moaned out in pleasure, and I tasted the first drops of fluid that oozed from his beautiful cock. I stared up into his eyes, working his hardness constantly until I saw Paul’s face begin to glaze over. His cock swelled in my mouth…he buried my mouth over him…making me gag…until suddenly his body stiffened and I felt the first huge spurt of cum spray out hard against the back of my throat. I kept the head of his penis in my mouth and pumped again…letting another thick spurt of his cum blast out….then another…then another…cum pumping from my lover’s cock for 30 seconds. He moaned….watched me dealing with the wads of cum in my mouth…and our eyes met as I swallowed what was in my mouth…showing him it was gone as I sucked hard on the tip of his cock as if I wanted more…and licked around it searching.

Paul gasped, “God damn Jenny….you just outdid yourself…who taught you to give head like that. Holy shit….I couldn’t take it”. I was perspiring, my entire body glazed over with sweat, and I sat my ass cheeks back onto the heels of my feet and finished pumping Paul’s huge cock that slowly relaxed in my hands. I smiled at him….knowing that he wasn’t finished…realizing how different he was than Chris in so many ways….exhausted I laid down on him and kissed his lips….feeling tiny and light and thin in his arms as we kissed deeply exchanging saliva again. I could tell he was so into me…so into tasting his cum on my lips.

A minute went by and I turned to find my husband…to try and connect with him…include him somehow…thank him somehow. But Chris was gone, he had left at some point, and I wasn’t even aware he had. I called out around the corner for him hoping he was in the bathroom, hoping he had been masturbating…something…but he didn’t answer. Paul didn’t let go of me…he didn’t want to give me space…I understood why but the fact that Chris was gone rattled me. Paul tugged my naked body back onto the bed and pinned me back with his weight….and caught my attention.

“Jenny…he left right after we got on the bed…I saw him get up and heard the door shut…he either wanted to leave us alone…or he was upset and couldn’t watch anymore”, Paul said trying to settle me down. Paul had an amazing way about him, sensitive, passionate, aggressive. He rolled onto his side next to me and ran his hands down between my legs, finding my wet pussy again and explored inside me. “He wanted this to happen, he wouldn’t have invited me down here, he knew that you and I…we wanted this”. I stared into Paul’s eyes…wanting to believe him…needing to believe him as I surrendered my pussy to him; letting him finger it. He kissed my lips, sucked on my neck, nipples, and tongued my navel. The man was such a hot lover, so experienced and firm, so sure of every move he made. When I felt his warm breath at my pussy goose bumps spread all over me…he pushed my legs open wide and positioned himself so he could explore my pussy with his mouth. Just then he stared up at me…connected with my eyes as his lips found my clit. That’s when I forgot about Chris…forgot about everything but Paul…and opened for him this time…knowing he wouldn’t stop until he fucked me hard.

Paul and I fucked and sucked each other for over 2 hours. He was hands down the most overwhelming and sexy lover I had ever fucked. We didn’t end up falling asleep in bed together until close to 3:45 in the morning. I felt totally wanted, completely satisfied in his arms as we collapsed on the bed. He had convinced me that Chris “was a man, had played a key role in creating the entire situation, and had left because he wanted us to be alone”. I wasn’t sure he was right, but I didn’t want the night with Paul to end. I made the decision to not go and look for him, and fell asleep knowing by the way Paul was touching me that he would want more before the trip was over as well.

We woke up early in the morning to the sensation of the cruise ship docking into Georgetown, Grand Cayman Island. Horns were blaring and we could hear the skuttle in the hallways. Paul and I woke up slowly…smiling at each other…now apart curled up in the sheets….our heads on separate pillows. Paul shook his head and told me I looked so beautiful…so fuckable…and I couldn’t believe that he was still in our bed…naked.

I sat up naked and looked for my husband and there was no sign of him. The married woman in me wanted to know where he was, what he was doing, and why he left…and I started feeling like I made a huge mistake. Paul sat up and pushed the sheet off my pussy and legs, wanting to see all of me. I was so torn, so unsure of myself, so confused…until he started kissing my neck and rubbing my body aggressively. He made sure I knew he was hard, pressing his hardness into my back, and turned me over and spread my legs with his powerful thighs and knees. A second later, I felt his huge cock entering my sticky pussy. He wedged himself in, making me gasp, making me close my eyes in disbelief that we were fucking again. Paul wanted me…and made sure nothing stopped him. I wouldn’t and couldn’t.

The intensity of our sex was even more powerful in the daylight…after rest. He attacked me, twisting my body around, pushing my ankles up over my head, pounding his cock into me. I matched his intensity and pulled him into me, opened up wide giving him access to every inch of my sex. For 5 minutes we stared into each other’s eyes as he fucked me harder than Chris had ever fucked me.

Before Paul left about an hour later, he had cum twice; once inside my pussy, and the other time inside my ass. We took a shower together in the tiny cruise ship bathroom, and he said the most kind and sexy things any man had ever said to me as we lathered each other’s body and made out under the warm water. He told me that he would talk to Chris just as soon as he could, and promised everything would be okay. He assured me that Chris would be okay, and that he’d come back soon. Paul had left because he needed to make a business call, as it was a Monday morning, and gave me his room number and made me promise to call him so we could see each other that day. I wondered if I would actually be with him again after he pulled the door shut, wondered what was going to happen with my marriage, my long relationship with Chris.

I dressed myself and went to look for Chris just after Paul left. So many different emotions were circling through my head…I lusted for Paul and thought of our night of sex together…but I was missing my best friend, my husband, and the man that made so many parts of my life fulfilling and meaningful. By the time 4 pm came, I had been crying in our cabin for at least 2 hours. I had walked every inch of the ship, every floor, looking for Chris and he was nowhere to be found. Every lustful sexual thought I had was gone, and the threatening feelings of losing him began to enter my heart. I was completely unnerved….upset…and scared.

When I heard the cabin door open near 5 pm I sat up and said, “Chris”? I said it in the most excited, scared, sad, needy tone I have ever used in my life. When a second later he stood there at the opening of the bedroom door I moved onto my knees and waited for him to say something to me, so relieved he had returned. He looked tired and sun burned, always so handsome, put together, and slim I thought.

“Chris…were did you go…are you okay”, I asked desperately wanting to hear his voice.

Chris collected himself enough to say, “I’m sorry Jenny, I just…I don’t know…I freaked out. I couldn’t stay here and watch him with you. I know I said I could, but…I don’t know…I know it’s all weird. I met Paul’s friend Rich, like we had talked about. We played Safe Haven at 8:30 just like we agreed. I need space…some time I guess”.

I moved fast when I saw how hard it was for him to say what he did, and I wrapped my arms around him and held him as tight as I ever have. “You have nothing to be sorry for…nothing…do you hear me. You did nothing wrong…I love you so much…that will never change…I’m just so glad you came back to me. We’re going to be okay, I promise, we are. I love you so much”.

The way he held me told me we could get through everything that happened…

So much more has since.

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