extract from my sis's diary

extract from my sis's diary

For those of you that don't know my big sis her name is Jess. She is about 5'4", has long blonde hair, blue eyes, she is 22, a very tight hott ass, long graceful legs, and very perky 22 C cup breasts. She also (unfortunatly) is straight. But in this story that changes.

One night Jess was sitting in her room on her laptop. She was on myspace and was just finishing up sending a message. A pop up came up and it was for a sex site. She got very aroused at the sight of people getting it on. Jess tried to ignore the burning feeling between her legs and tried to finish her message but she just couldn't take it any more!!

She jumped up from the chair and nearly knocked it over. She jumped onto her bed and (since no one was home) imedditly took off her shirt and short shorts. That morning she was in a hurry to get to class and had forgot to put on her thong and bra she had layed out. Jess pushed two of her fingers into her drenched pussy and began to rub them back in forth. She tried to get erect by thinking of her boyfriend, Kyle, but it just would work. So she went through what all happened that day and remembered just for a second that her little sis (that's me) had told her that she too had forgotten to wear a bra and panties. Her clit imedditly came out of its hood. What the hell, she thought, why am i getting so wet thinking about my little sis? But she couldn't stop the juices coming out and put three fingers in. It felt so good that she tired to do somthing she had never done before, put all four fingers in her pussy. She tried it and when she got them all in it felt so GOOD!!!!! She said to herself, "Well if thinking about my little sister helps me feel good then I might as well keep doing it." She remembered that day when she got home from school her sister was taking a shower and she didn't know and accidently walked in the bathroom when her sis was stepping out all wet and naked. Her pussy was so tight and hott and her breasts were just soooooo beautiful that she had wanted to touch them but she couldn't. That got her soooo aroused that four fingers in her wern't enough!!!

She took her fingers out and tried somthing she hadn't ever even thought about. She put her whole fist in her pussy!!! This felt soooo good that she put it deeper in and sooo deep until she finally cummed. It felt sooo good to cum after all that and she had cummed sooo hard that she passed out with her fist still in her pussy.

She slept for almost two hours. Then her sister came home. She didn't hear her sis so she went up to her sis's room. She opened the door and saw her sister there with her whole fist in her pussy. It was just then that Jess woke up. She quickly pulled her hand out and started mumbling things. Then her little sis said, "Jess were you masturbating?"
"Ummmm", Jess mumbled, "Sorta."
"Don't worry I do it all the time."
"Do you really?"
"Yeah, I somtimes do it to my boyfriend but when that doesn't work…."
"What then?"
"I think about you."
"Do you really?"
"Well I was just getting it off to you earlier. You got me sooo hott i had to put my whole fist in my pussy."
"Well… ummm, do you wanna make both of our fanisties come true?"
"Ummmmmm… if you want to."
"Lets get at it!!!"

They went at it with a will. First I took off my clothes very slowly almost teasing her. Then when i finally get them off we started feeling eachother all over. Her hand went all over my face and down my neck. Then her fingers made it to my breasts. They carrised my nipples and she began sucking them. It felt soooo good. While she was still licking my nipple her hand went down between my legs.Her finger barely touched my pussy. Then all of a sudden she jammed two fingers into my pussy, she moved then back and forth. Then her mouth went down my stomach and to my pussy. She sucked and tounged it. Her tounge quickly found my clit and she began sucking it. I almost cummed right there. When she stopped I almost asked her to start again. But then she said, "Now you do me".

I began with frenching her. Then kissed her neck and chest. I made my way down to her nipples where i bagan to suck and lick them just like she had done to me. My fingers found her pussy and three of them began to go in and out of her. After i was done with her nipples my mouth went down to her pussy. My tounge went in and out of her pussy quickly. I then found her clit. I licked it and suck it so much that she really cummed right there and and I sowled it all. It tasted sooo good. Her cum was sooo much sweeter then mine. After I was done with her we got into the 69 postion. We began licking and fingering eachother's pussys soo much that we both cummed and we both sowled it all.

It was when we were changing to where i was on my knees on the bed and she was laying beneath me and licking my pussy that my 17 year old friend walked in, "Oh shit!!!!!" I said. I had forgotten that I had invited her over.
"What are you guys doing?!?!" she asked, "And can I join?"


Still copying from my sis's diary for #2. It will take a while because she writes not types. By the way this all is completely true, in case none of you believed me. By the way in the next story there is a lot more description and detail.

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