Field Trip

Field Trip

Field Trip Day 1

It was the day of the field trip to Washington DC. Our school was going there for 2 nights and 3 days. I got to school and was assigned roomies. My Roommates were Dom (12), Matt (13), Eric (12), Atillio (14), and Grant (13) and I (14). We walked down the pathway and got on the bus. We drove to the airport and we almost missed our plane. We landed at about 7 at night. It took about 2 hours to get to the hotel. We arrived and went up to our rooms. It was only 9:30 and we had and Hour to do whatever we want.

We decided to go to the sauna. We all got our swimsuits on and ran to the pool area. We got into the sauna and saw that there was already two kids in there they were both 12 year old. Their names were Joe and Nick. We all sat in there and talked about Girls, Guys, Sex and other shit. Then Everyone besides Dom, Joe, Nick and I. We had 15 minutes to get back to our rooms. We sat around and talked for a while then Joe and Nick did something unexpected they began rubbing each other’s crotch and Making Out. This was making Dom and me very horny. We left them in there and ran back up to our rooms. We got our suits off fully naked and walked out to the dresser. Than Eric says “hey Ryan nice ass” then they all began commenting each other’s body. I put on a pair of boxers and joined Dom and Matt in Bed.

Yes we had to sleep 3 too a bed. So it was about midnight everyone was asleep except me. So I walked over to the computer and checked my myspace. Then I felt myself become very horny and since everyone was asleep I decided to look at some porn. I watched porn for like an hour then I heard someone get up. It was Matt. He walked over to the bridge and grabbed a soda. He walked over to the computer and I immediately shut it off. He asked what were you doing? Well I was on myspace. He said okay so myspace gives you a boner huh. Okay I was watching porn. He said well you should have just said that. He walked away and went to the shower. I saw him call me into the bathroom. I walked over to the door opened it and saw him completely naked.

He asked, “hey want to shower together,” I said, “ I thought you were straight” well I think your really sexy. I dropped my clothes and joined him. The shower was huge 2. I mean you could fit maybe 6 people inside of it. He turned on the water and grabbed the soap. He began lathering men up in soap. He got to my crotch than stopped. He turned me around and he kissed my lips. Then he grabbed my ass and pulled me against him. He began kissing my neck. Oh I couldn’t believe that this straight kid was kissing me. I turned his head and began making out with him. We just made out for like 23 minutes than we watered ourselves down and dried off. It was now 4:00 in the morning. Went out into the room and got our clothes back on. We got back into bed and went to sleep.


We awoke to the sound of someone banging on the door. I woke up with Matt and Dom snuggled up under each arm. We took showers got dressed and got on the bus. Our first stop on the tour of Washington DC was The National Archives. We spent two hpurs here then walked across the street to the Smithsonian Museums. We spent 4 hours here then we got lunch. After Lunch we went on a tour of all the monuments, we got back on the bus and went back to the hotel. We took showers then went to get dinner. We ate then went back to ouir room. We stripped out of our clothes and we just sat around in our briefs, Thongs, and My jockstrap. Then we got bored of watching Tv and decided to fool around abit. I felt Eric come up behind me and he began to kiss my neck. Everyone found a partner and we just all made out for 5 mnutes. The room got so hot that we had to open the landing door. Then I moved down erics body until I reached his Black briefs oh how sexy they looked on him. I moved my face over to it and began sucking and licking his crotch. I felt his dick jump and become fully erect.

I ripped of his underwear. And wrapped my lips around It. I Moved my hand up and down his body. He let out moan after moan as I licked his dick head. I began to quicken I took my finger and shoved it up his ass. Then he said he couldn’t take it anymore and he came in my mouth. I grabbed him and we swapped cum and made out. Then it was my turn to be pleasured. He ripped off my jock strap and wrapped his lips around my 6 inch rock hard dick. The feeling was amazing it was like he was a master at the blow job. I let out moan after moan then. Dom walked over to eric and shoved his dick into Eric’s ass. Then matt walked over and I grabbed his dick and began to give him a hand job. I began very sweaty and felt my climax coming I told eric that I was about to cum and he said while screaming Go ahead . He mved up and down five more times then I came in his mouth.

I pulled out and took Matts cock into my mouth. Matt told me to stop he asked me to fuck him. I said sure. Before I shoved my dick into matts ass I heard Dom climax in Eric and this made me hornier then before. I shoved my wet dick in and he let out a light scream. I was all the way in and then I pulled out just leaving the head in. Oh it felt amazing His ass was so tight.

I began to quicken my pace. I moved in and out while matt screamed “Oh yeah fuck my ass oh fuck yeah” I was like oh I’m going to cum” I shoved in 1 more time then pulled out flipped him over and shot rope after rope of cum onto his face and chest. I licked up all his cum then began to make out with him. It was about 7 pm and we were very tired from all the sex. So we got our suits on and went to the pool. We just swam till about 8:30 then went back to the room.

We got off our suits and sat around in the nude. Then I felt Dom begin to play with my dick. I rolled over on top of him and began to make out with him. Our dicks rubbed up against each other and we got very horny. I kissed down his face then down his stomach then reached his dick.

I gripped it with my hands and began stroking his 7 inch cock. I pulled him to the edge of the bed and put his dick into my mouth. I boobed my head up and dwn up and down while dom moaned and moaned. Then I felt both Atillio and Grant Grab my Ass. Then Grant shoved his 6.5” dick into my ass and I let out a light scream. Then I felt attilio also shove his dick into my ass. I began to scream so loud that I couldn’t suck dom anymore. T and Grant moved very fast. I was screaming oh yeah fuck my ass you whore oh fuck yeah. Then Dom Moved under my stomach and took my dick into his Mouth. I was being fucking gangbanged. But that wasn’t everything I felt matt shove his dick into my mouth. I gave him a bj as best as I could.

Then I heard Grant and Attillio begin to scream. Matt had left and Him and Eric shoved their dicks into grant’s Ass. He scrteamed and screamed then I felt him and Atillio cum in my ass they pulled out and licked whatever was left that was coming out my ass. Then I felt My climax coming so I moaned moaned louder and louder than came in dom’s mouth hard. I pulkled out and we swapped my cum. We all got our underwear on and packed. We fell asleep at around 10 pm. I woke up at about 4 am and went into the shower. I removed my boxers revealing a limp 4 inch dick.

Then I heard the door open and Atillio walked in he said hey want to shower together. I said well sure. I stepped in and he stepped in aswell. I grabbed the bar of soap and began to lather him up. I reched His private area and began washing it. I fet his dick Spring up. Then I was like hey. Want to get it on again he washed off and said yea lets do it. I grabbed him and pulled him over to me. I took his mout into my mouth and we locked tongues and made out. I then turned him around and latehered my dick up with soap. Then I slowly shoved my dick into his ass.

He let out a scream then I felt his ass loosen up. I pulled out then pushed in. Then I began to move faster and faster. He Moaned louder and louder than he screamed oh Ryan oh yeah fuck me oh fuck me yeah My ass is on lockdown oh fuck my ass you sexy beast. I began to say you like that. He said yeah. Then I felt my climax coming and I pushed in one more hard thrust and then I shot one of the largest loads of cum I had ever produced.
We got clean dried off and got our boxers back on We sat on the couch and made out till we both fell asleep ontop of each other.

We left for the airport at 7am. I never had sex with them again until the end of the 9th Grade.

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