Fiona forced onto webcam…….at work!!

Fiona forced onto webcam…….at work!!

Fucking Fiona was great, fucking Fiona with my mate daz was even better. Watching Fiona, my mother in law 39yrs of age bucking around on my mates cock whilst trying to cram as much of my thick shaft down her throat was a truly awesome sight. I’d been fucking Fiona with daz for about 8 weeks now and we’d had some great shags, but it was a fantasy of mine to see Fiona take on many more cocks. She meant nothing to me other than my sex toy of a mother in law so it wasn’t as if i’d be jealous seeing her getting fucked by others. I had a lot of sexual fantasies i wanted to explore and Fiona was my whore to explore them with.

Over the months of our secret wild affair I’d been making Fiona attend work on a daily basis wearing come soaked knickers and bras, that I filled full of fresh spunk minutes before she left. Fiona gradually got used to this and would often tell me when we were alone later at night that she’d have to use the ladies at work, and frig her wet pussy off. She explained that it made her cunt tingle as she sat in important meetings with her come filled knickers on. Fiona was adamant that the males in the office could smell the drying sperm and her sweet juice that leaked from her gorgeous pink folds.

This got me thinking about how I could look at Fiona at work, and maybe get her to do more risky things which I hoped would lead to her being caught and hopefully fucked by the male staff. I decided to get Fiona a webcam and told her to rig it up at her office, somewhere that gave me a good view of her, and of the room. At first she seemed a bit bemused at my request but soon twigged when I implied that i wanted to watch her at work.

Tuesday morning was here and as usual, my missus faith left for work shortly followed by her sister Alice. And as usual I went to Fiona’s room and selected her underwear for the day. Getting my cock hard by masturbating with her red lacy thong i stood wanking waiting for Fiona to come from the shower. Entering the bedroom she dropped her towel as usual and let me suck her massive titties.

Wank me slut”.

Fiona did just that as she always did until I was about to come, then Fiona would lay on the bed and lay her underwear for the day across her pussy. Wanking furiously I’d finish myself off coating her knickers, bra and parts of her stomach and thighs. Fiona would then dress in the sodden sticky underwear and head to work. Just as she was about to leave I shouted,

“Don’t forget to switch the cam on, and you’re expecting a parcel today”.
“What parcel”?
“You’ll see”.

I sat watching Fiona on and off throughout the morning, nothing really happening a few blokes popping in to ask for help on certain things. I noticed a few times that whilst leaning over the desk near Fiona the male staff members were sneaking glances at their bosses ample chest. This only made my mind race and cock stir. The guys that I saw in her office were a mixture of ages, the youngest maybe slightly younger than me, maybe 19 and the oldest probably in his sixties . All of them ogled their managers breasts and I’m sure all would like to fuck her too. I was also pretty sure that Fiona the whore would relish getting dicked by the male staff, because she was turning into a cock slut after all.

The clock ticked round to 11:45am and i called her office phone,
“Hi slut, your parcel will be here soon and the show can begin”. Then I just hung up the phone.

I’d arranged for daz to act as a delivery guy so that the parcel was guaranteed to arrive. Bang on 12:00pm there was a knock on Fiona’s door and daz walked in holding the parcel out and placing it on Fiona’s desk. Watching the cam Fiona had gone a bright red and didn’t catch daz’s eye, she hadn’t even noticed that the fake delivery guy was my mate who had fucked all her wanton holes on numerous occasions.

Daz left and Fiona looked at the camera holding up the parcel. I dialled her up,

“Open your present slut”. The parcel I’d expertly wrapped was an 8” thick black dildo, I’d wrapped it up in a see through paper. The words “8”MONSTER” were clearly visible down each side of the inner box. The embarrassment on Fiona’s face grew into a horrified look when i told her down the phone that the delivery guy was daz and he’d just walked through the office block with the parcel on full display.

“Right Fiona now we’ll start the show, open your blouse and take out your magnificent tits”
She was very very reluctant but eventually saw sense when I reminded her of the little words I whispered to her the first time I penetrated her unused holes. “Your now mine Fiona your holes are mine to use and abuse anyway and time I like, not your pathetic husbands who cannot even get a hard cock”.

“Now there’s a good slut, right hitch up your skirt and take off your knickers”. Fiona soon got the idea and followed my instructions.

“Now throw your knickers over by the door, if someone comes in we want them to know your panty less don’t we”.

“No no I’ll be caught and fired”

“Fiona I’ve been watching these dirty bastards on the cam ogle your tits, they’ll want to fuck you Fiona. Imagine all the men in the office getting to know what a slut their manager is, imagine them all fucking their dicks into Fiona, fucking you like a whore. You’d like that wouldn’t you? , Your silly husband hadn’t made you come for 8 yrs now your fucking me and my friend like a wanton slut, I’m sure after all that lost time a slut like you wants more cock, don’t you slut”?

Watching on the cam I could see the lust on her face, her legs were now spread and her fingers were tracing a path towards her juicy pussy.

“Get out the dildo Fiona and shove it in your pussy for me, everyone will have seen it and will all know that their manager has just taken delivery of a big black monster”.

Fiona tore at the dildo, discarding the packaging on the floor. As i continued talking filth to her about her colleagues she plunged the black cock into her eager twat. Fiona moaned quite loudly as she pushed it up into her Hungary hole. For ten minutes she fucked herself her pussy stretching and gripping the fake cock like a real tool.

“Arrrrgggghhhhhh fuck oh fuck yeeeessss aarrrgggghhhhh”

Fiona came noisily, probably louder than she wanted, not loud enough for my liking, the thought of her getting caught had my cock raging. I then told Fiona to put the dildo on the desk and climb up, once she’d squatted over the dildo she sunk down on to it. Facing the door with her legs spread she rode the dildo moaning and groaning before cumming over the black monster. As she heaved herself up of the desk i could see on the cam that her juices had made a pool on her desk.

With the phone on speaker phone i continued to order Fiona telling her to next get it up her arse, i wanted her to ride the big dick with her arse facing the office door . The sight over the cam of the big black dildo sliding into my mother in laws bum was so sexy and i filled a pair of alices French knickers as i watched and wanked. Fiona humped the dildo in and out of her arse for 12 to 15 minutes and her moans were getting very loud, i think the slut had totally forgotten she was at work.

But still nobody came to the office. My guess was that all the blokes were probably gathered round the tea machine, pulling straws to see who would get to go. I hoped they’d bloody hurry up Fiona was ripe for fucking now her holes leaked more sweet juice that i’d tasted so often all over her desk again. I then instructed Fiona to go and lay on the floor in front of the door. I wanted her like this so if anybody did enter they’d be greeted by their managers legs spread wide dripping juice and full of black rubber cock.
Fiona didn’t even need asking twice now she just did as she was told. Deep down, she wanted to get caught, Fiona wants to be fucked by the whole bloody office and used everyday as the whore manager. I hoping she gets her wish as i sit watching and wanking into her other daughters French knickers.

To be continued very soon…………………….

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