Friendly Return

Friendly Return

After awaking earlier than expected, I was returning to my apartment when I heard the door behind me open and a cheerful voice say, "So, someone does live in there."
I turned and saw a beautiful woman standing in her doorway hold a box.
"Yes, I've been…out of town for a while."
She laughed. "Yeah, Mrs. Gordon told me you were in Afghanistan." She held the box out for me to take. "This came for you yesterday." Mrs Gordon is our landlady.
"Well, FedEx is too efficient – it beat me here." I then felt at a loss for words.
"I'm Stacey." She held out her hand. She was about 34 yrs old, hispanic, 5'7", and about 130 lbs. She was dressed in a nice pantsuit.
"I'm Andy," I replied taking her hand.
"Well, I have to head off to work." She stepped into her apartment, took her purse and sweater, and shut her door. I was still standing there looking at her. "Hey, how about a welcome home dinner? I'm a decent cook, and I will be home at five o'clock."
", uh, I'm only working until two. I've missed cooking the past few months – how about if I cook?"
She looked surprised. "Well, OK, but I reserve the right to take us out if you serve MREs." She laughed a sweet laugh.
I laughed too. "I promise, no MREs. Do you like fish or lasagna?"
"A choice?" She thought for a second. "Surprise me. But do I need to pick up red or white wine?"
"A sweet red."
"I'm looking forward to this – but I'll have my Visa card ready." She laughed as she walked away.
I'm an officer in the military. I am 6'1" tall, 185 lbs, redish-blond (thinning) hair, and usually a bit shy around women. Two days before deploying my girlfriend of two years broke up with me. I planned to go in at ten o'clock and sign leave requests and other paperwork, and then turn everything over to the senior enlisted men. Most of my troops were heading out on leave.

I heard Stacey's footsteps approaching her apartment and quickly lit the single candle in the middle of my table. I pulled fresh halibut and mixed veggies from the oven and stove, and double checked everything. Then the doorbell rang.

She stood in a bright sundress and nice sandals, with a beautiful bright smile. She held a bottle of wine out to me.
"Oh, this place smells heavenly!" She said as she stepped in and gave me a warm kiss on the cheek. After looking at the table carefully, she turned and said, I"m impressed!"
I held her chair out for her and we ate.

During dinner she told me about herself. She had been the girlfriend of a gang leader. His gang sold drugs and terrorized people. She had not known about this when they first became involved, and once she found out he threatened to kill her – and she knew he was serious. Eventually she made contact with the feds and they used info she provided, and helped her to clean out his safety deposit boxes (eliminating his chance to hire an expensive lawyer) and giving her hundreds of thousands of dollars.
"I don't know why I'm telling you all this, I just met you."
I smiled. "I guess you trust me."
"Tell me about yourself," she requested.
I told her my boring past, leading up to my breakup with my girlfriend, and deployment.
"She dumped you two days before you left?"
"Yep," I replied, astonished at her apparent anger.
"That's so wrong!"
I noticed her breasts heaving under her sundress. I had noted she was braless when she first came in, but now her nipples stood out, and she was emotional.
"I'm getting over it. I couldn't let it affect me while we were over in the mountains. But now that I'm back, well, I just hope I don't have to face her soon."
"Oh, why?"
"I might giver her a piece of my mind." I kept my voice low.
Stacey looked at me intently as if studying me.
We sat silently for a few moments when I asked, "Want to go sit in the spa?"
Stacey looked at her watch, "It's almost nine o'clock. It will be locked up soon."
"Mrs. Gordon gave me a key. She let me go in after cloing it up since I often worked out late.
I sensed hesitancy. "That's OK, Stacey. I know we just met. I just need to relax these muscles that have been abused for months."
She bit her bottom lip nervously then spoke. "Well, I haven't been with a man for months, so I haven't…trimmed…with a razor."
I smiled. "That wouldn't bother me. Do you have any shorts? Or a T shirt?"
"Do you have a T shirt?"

A few minutes later we were relaxing in the hot tub. I leaned way back with my eyes closed – and could sense her looking at me. I opened my left eye and glanced at her. She was a vision of loveliness sitting in my T shirt. "Looking for wounds?"
The question startled her. "You were in combat yet you seem calm. You were dumped but aren't bitter. I had my guard up and yet her I sit nearly naked with you."
I sat up. "You are without a doubt the most beautiful woman I ever met."
She stood up and walked the two steps over to me and sat on my lap. She then bent her face down to give me the most sesous kiss I ever received.
"I have never, ever, been this forward before," she said as she took the T shirt off. Her breasts were perfectly pear shaped, firm, and soft. She took my hands and [placed them on her breasts. She closed her eyes as I massaged her breasts, paying close attention to her hard nipples.
"Stacey, I.."
"Shhh. please don't say anything for a few minutes." She gave me another passionate kiss. "I want to please you."
"You are. You…"
"Shhh. I started my period today. I've never done it while menstruating. I'm trying to decide what to do."
My penis became rock hard – and she could feel it. She looked down, smiled, and said, "We have to take care of that." She stood and hooked her thumbs into her panties. "I am very hairy down there, I hope it doesn't turn you off."
I shook my head. "It won't."
She turned her back to me and lowered her panties slowly. As she raised her foot to take them completely off I could see the little string hanging from her labia. She tossed the panties next to the T shirt, then sat on my knees. She reached into my bathing suit and took my rock-hard cock out and began massaging it., all the while looking into my eyes. She then stood and removed my bathing suit.
She was right – she was quite hairy, but it was sexy. very sexy. She sat on my thighs and scooted right up to my penis.
"I wish I could have this in me, but it would make a huge mess. Let me see what I can do with it next to me." She tilted her pelvis back and placed me between her large labia, placed her right hand on the back of my cock, her left on the spa behind me, and began moving up and down as if I was in her. It actually felt like I was inside her. The bell of my cock was rubbing and hitting her clit and she was soon getting close to climax, as I was. I grabbed her hips and held on tight. We both exploded at the same time, me grunting and Stacey squeeling. Her aerolas stood out 1/4".

We wrapped our arms around each-other. "We have to get out soon – I'm getting very hot," She said. As she leaned back I saw a huge load of jism on her tits. "That's the most I've ever seen."
"I've been saving up for a few months." It was all I could think of to say.

We redressed and walked back to our apartments. Stacey turned to me, kissed me, looked me in the eyes and said, "I'd invite you in for the night, but I have some thinking to do." I simply nodded my head.
The next day (Friday) she knocked on my door after work, and we went shopping. Well, more we walked around the mall and chatted. When we got back to the apartments she turned and faced me, "I don't want you thinking I'm a slut. I don't know what got into me last night. I'm not sure what to say."
"Say nothing," I said holding her cheek. "And I don't think that.
"I enjoy being with you. I don't want to ruin it." She kissed me, put her key in her door, and walked into her apartment.

Saturday I went grocery shopping. I determined when I would be going back home to visit family, and shopped accordingly. When I got home there was a note on my door from Stacey. She wanted to go walk around a lake in a park with me. We sat and threw bread to birds and chatted. We stopped for Chinese food and got home. I watched a chick flick in her apartment, then retunred to mine to sleep.

About 2:00 AM there was a bright flash and a boom. It nearly literally scared the shit out of me, it sounded like a mortar. Two more flashes of lightening and thunder booms went off, and then my doorbell sounded.
I opened the door to see Stacey standing there with a flashlight. "How are you doing?" she asked.
"The thunder got to me at first…." Another flash of lightening and the power went out.
She turned the flashlight on, took my hand, and said, "Come on, let's go to bed. I don't like thunder, and you have to like it less." She led me to my bed, took her robe off, and laid down. She was wearing a thin nightgown. "Come hold me – take my fears away."
I lay down next to her and cuddled her. Soon she was rythimically breathing in sleep.

We awoke at about 7:30. I held her in the spoon position, my penis poking her in the ass. She turned and faced me, and gave me a passionate kiss. "Morning, Tiger." She took my left hand and placed it over her breast. She reached into my shorts and grabbed my cock, rubbing it gently.
She turned and faced me again. "It's day three. It will be messy if we do it."
I kissed her sweet lips. "What do you want to do?" I asked.
The question caught her off guard. She thought for a moment. Stacey then stood up. "I'll be right back. Take your shorts off while I'm gone." I was confused, but complied. I heard her rumaging around in my kitchen. She then returned with a bottle of cooking oil.
She poured a small amount of oil into her hand and then masaged it onto my penis. She poured more oil into her hand and massaged it into her rectum.
"Have you ever had anal sex?" She asked.
"No, I haven't." I replied.
"I haven't either. So, you have to be gentle, very slow and gentle." She crawled back onto the bed, took her nightie off, and we were again in to spoon position. "Shall we try it?' She asked. I pushed my pelvis forward gently. She took my cock and placed it at her anus. Her left leg moved over my legs. I reached around and grabbed her shoulders.
I pushed forwardand met resistance, actually pushing her forward.
Giggling, Stacey said, "Don't push me off the bed, Sweetie."
I back up and put one of my fingers at her anus and pushed. It went in slowly.
"Ahhh, ohhhh, that feels…feels…different."
"Good different, or bad different?" I asked. I moved my finger in and out like a cock.
"I like it." Her voice had a husky tone to it. "Try another finger."
I did as she asked. Two fingers moved into her ass. I moved them slowly in and out. Her pelvis began rocking. I moved my arm she was laying on down and held her right tit. Her breathing became labored. "Do I feel more open?"
"A little."
"Then take your fingers out and come screw me." She sounded almost desperate.
I nudged my purple helmet up to her ass as she hooked her left foot behind my leg and pulled me forward. I grabbed her shoulders again and pulled her down. Soon we felt the tip of my cock pop into her ass. "Oh, it's in!!" she exclaimed. "Go slow, but go!"
I'd pull out a little and push in a bit more. In a short couple minutes I was all the way in, my balls nudging her twat. "I feel so full. Ready to start?"
I replied by pulling half-way out and going all the way back in. Soon we had a good pattern going and Stacey was cooing and squeeling. Soon I felt the rush of semen moving from my balls up my cock. "I' can't hold back much longer, Stacey."
"Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming – cum with me!"
Her head thrached side to side, her hips rammed back on my, and she screamed. I thrust forward, grabbed her hips, and unloaded a huge load into her bowels. She twisted around, with my still plugged in her butt, took my face in her hands, and jammed her tounge into my mouth. Her breathing slowed as we kissed. I rolled her nipples in my fingers. She began rolling her hips and breathing hard briefly – and I realized she had a mini orgasm.
"I've never felt like that before," she said as soon as her breathing calmed.
I just smiled at her and rubbed her breast and tummy. Soon I felt my shriveling penis start to slip out. She cliched her muscles to keep me in, to no avail. As I slipped out she rolled over and sat up. "I better get some tissue or I'll make a mess."
"Let's go ahead and make another mess."
She looked at me as she put a finger to her anus. "You mean…I do have to take my tampon out or I could get sick…."
"Shhhh," I responded.
She looked at me seriously, Held out her other hand, and said, "Let's go take a shower."

As I adjusted the water Stacey sat on the toilet, letting my sperm flow out of her, and she removed her tampon, flushing it.
We soaped each other, she paying particular attention to my penis. I soaped her anus, and vigorously rubbed her clit, bringing her to another orgasm.
Stacey got to her knees and gave me a super head job, warning me she didn't like to have cum in her mouth. When I came she directed it at her tits.
We got out and dried off. As I was drying her she has a little blood running down her right leg. "We better get you down and a towel under you."
She looked down and clenched her legs. "We better…I ought to go get…."
I covered her mouth with mine. I picked her up like a bride and carried her back to my bed. I put a folded towel under her ass. She ook my cock in her hand and almost immediately I was hard.
"Come, get in me quick."
I knelt betwen her legs and put the head of my cock at her opening. I bent and took her nipple into my mouth. She put her hands on my ass and pulled me into her. She was warm, soft, tight, heavenly. I was all the way in in five thrusts. "Give it to me hard, but not
She raised her hips to meet my thrusts. She locked her legs behand mine. Her aerola puffed out. She looked down and watched my moving in and out of her. "Look at us!" she said. I looked down too, then bent and placed my tongue in her mouth. She sucked it vigorously. I felt her muscles gripping my cock as she rocked with a strong orgasm.
As she came down I slowed. She looked into my eyes. "That was the best I ever had!" She exclaimed. "But you haven't cum yet."
"I already came twice – once in your ass, and once from your blow job."
"Do you have one more? I want you to come in me."
I smiled. "I have another if you have another."
Stacey reached down and rubbed her clit for a moment. then she moved her legs up my sides and put her legs over my shoulders. She put her hands on my hips and set me into a strong, fast pace. Not only was I going deep into her vagina, but I was rubbing her clit. Soon I could feel my juice moving up my cock as her cunt muscles gripped me over and over."
"Oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming…." Her ass rose up off the bed.
I exploded into her, going so deep I think I felt her cervix. I emptied into her with several strong spurts. Each one brought a grunt from her.
I looked into her eyes as she opened them. "That was the best I ever had," she said.
"For me too," I replied. I laid down on her, feeling her rock hard nipples poking my chest. I supported my weight on my knees and elbows. Slowly she unwrapped her legs from around me. Her cunt twitched around my shrinking cock.
"How long before you can go again?" Stacey asked me.
"Sometime after lunch – and we need breakfast."
I pulled out of Stacey and looked down at her.
"Oh no – I'm a mess. I have blood, sweat….."
"Shhhh – you are beautiful, so very beautiful."
"…And semen, and untrimmed hair….."
I leaned down to kiss her.

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