Friends on holiday

Friends on holiday

The setting is Spain, on a british holiday resort in the mediterranean.
I was off on holiday with a group of my friends, we had just finished school and we wanted to get away.
All of us were 16, and couldn't wait for the best week of our lives. There were no couples either, well, none at the start of the week.

I was the funny one of the lot, quite tall, athletic, but loved to joke around. I spent most of the week with two of my best friends, Jon and Chloe, even though there were 12 of us altogether.
We would go out to the bars every night, have some drinks, and generally have a good time.

However, it was this first night that i really noticed Jon and Chloe hitting it off together. Jon was always in with the girls, he'd had two long term girlfriends, who he raved about having sex with ALL the time to me. I wasn't so lucky. Many girls found me attractive, but it just hadn't happened for me as yet. I wasn't worried or depressed about it though.

Anyway, Jon's way with women was such that he could get away with being a right prick to them, teasng them constantly, and even though they hated it, the girls still went back to him. This was particularly noticable, when Jon kept calling Chloe "fat, ugly, stupid" etc – she was none of those things, but it was just to annoy her.

Chloe was our age but was very short, even for a girl. She had a petite body frame, but very noticable breasts, and a very pretty smile.

This first night ended up with just the three of us out until the early hours of the next morning, drinking cocktails as if they were going out of fashion. I would flirt constantly with Chloe, and she would flrt back, even if it was just drunken sillyness.

We trapsed back to our hotel room – the three of us ended up sharing as we were last back to the hotel – Jon had to carry me up and plonk me down on the end of the 3 single beds pushed together. I was a wreck, extremely drunk, and supposedly unaware of my surroundings.

I awoke from my daze, however, to her distince kissing sounds. Jon and Chloe had gotten together, and it was right next to me! I knew exactly what was going on, but they thought i was still out of it. I opened my eyes just enough to see, and Chloe was definitely up for something, stripped down to her underwear, Jon topless, but with shorts and boxers on.

I shut my eyes again, but i knew my cock was growing somewhat. I was definitely findng the thought of two of my friends shagging very arousing, and soon my manhood was standing to attention, making a noticable bulge in my boxers (for some drunken reason, i had taken off my shorts).

I knew i had to hold it in and resist the urge, but Jon was getting ready for action. He slipped of his shorts and boxers, and flung them across the room. His boxers didnt fly past me, however, but landed on my face. I could hear sniggers, and Chloe said "do you reckon he'll realise whats going on?" to which jon replied "no way, he's out cold".

I managed to slowly adjust so my cock was pressed against the best, Jon and Chloe would not be able to see the lump in my underwear. I was getting more and more horny by the scent of Jon's underwear on my face. I loved the smell, i almost came there and then!

But that was nothing with what followed.

I managed to move the boxers ever so slightly, so i could peer through a gap and watch what was happening.

Both of my friends where now completely naked, Chloe laid on her back, legs apart, waiting for Jon. His cock was large, about 7 1/2 inches, about the same as mine, and I watched carefully as he slid it into Chloe. She let out a tiny squeal, followed by panting from both of them. They continued to fuck for the next 15 minutes, headboards creaking with every move.

I was mesmerised by this, watching my best friends in action. My member was solid at this point, but i couldn't move now or they would realise i had been watching them.

They swapped positions, Jon now flat on his back, his cock almost vertical. Chloe took a deep breath, and whilst knelt over him, took his cock in her mouth. She licked the shaft from top to bottom, gave his furry balls a squeeze, and Jon moaned with pleasure. He was close to cumming, and at that point Chloe straddled him, entering her as she gyrated and moved, forcing them both to orgasm.

They both let out loud moans and screams, enough to have woken me up if i hadnt been watching intently. I was so close to cumming as well, and this was without wanking myself. I had to save it, i was so gutted.

A few hours passed, the new couple were fast asleep, but i was still wide awake, hornier than ever. i decided i needed to release some pressure. I crept to the bathroom, bulge still in boxers, and had to crack one off. I stroked my member, it was just glad of being released from the boxer shorts. I could still see the sticky mess all over my naked friends, and i risked embarrassment by moving back into the room to wank. I was close to orgasm, when i let off a stifled moan.


Stay tuned for part 2!

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