fuck buddies chapter 1

fuck buddies chapter 1

Gripped with tense excitement, she stood to answer the knocking at the door. Kiya knew who was behind the knocking, her ex-boyfriend,. She had been expecting him.

Kiya and Alex had always had a good relationship, her being 17 and him 18 ment they shared opinions on many things, and neither of them were lacking in know-how in the bedroom department. However, their relationship had grown stale, they’d lost the fun. So now he was coming to her house to return the things she had left at his during their 8 months together.

Alex didn’t plan on staying long, Kiya however, had other ideas. She had selected her clothing very carefully this morning. White linen, low wasted trousers covered her long slender legs. Hinting at the roundness of her bum cheeks and accentuating the curves of her hips, that she knew he loved so much. She had also chosen her favourite bra, one that pushed her 34 C tits together into an amazing cleavage. While a simple, blue v-neck t-shirt made the best of this effect.. Her make-up was immaculately applied, intensifying the blueness of her eyes, and her long brown hair hung loose, shimmering down her back.

As she opened the door to him she searched for his reaction, and got just what she was looking for. His dark brown eyes opened wide in surprise, and she watched him look her slowly up and down, knowing that he was remembering the times they had spent together in one another’s bedrooms.
She too took this moment to take in his appearance. He was dressed casually in low slung jeans, and a plain white t-shirt, that clung to his much worked on muscles. His blonde streaked brown hair was tousled carefully, and his simple gold jewellery complemented the look perfectly.

Kiya stepped back slightly, allowing him accesses to the hallway, and was the first to speak,
“ Hi babes, how are you?” Alex finished removing his trainers before giving his reply,
“ I’m fine cheers, you?” Kiya wanted to tell him that she was excited, her tummy twisting in knots with nervous anticipation of what she had planned for them this afternoon. Instead she played it as calm and cool as he himself was doing
“ Yer I’m good thanks, do you want a coffee?”

Kiya took the chance to disappear into the kitchen, out of his view, to do a little dance to let some of excitement out. She had been waiting for this moment for over a week, she needed to see him. He was the only one who could really satisfy her, he knew just how she liked it.

However she also had a little trick up her sleeve. When the two had been together, Kiya had expressed the interest of having another girl join them in the bedroom. She had a little fantasy of watching him do to someone else what he so expertly did to her. Alex, of course, had been very into the idea, but they had not been able to find a willing girl as yet.
In the past week Kiya had managed to get in touch with one of her old girlfriends, one she knew was bisexual. And at this very moment shelly was upstairs in her bedroom, laying on her bed dressed in white lace underwear, long blonde hair flowing around her shoulders. Just the way Kiya had left her a few moments before.

Kiya finished making the drinks and went back to the living room to rejoin Alex. In the time she had taken to make the drinks he had made himself comfortable on the sofa upon which he had sat so many times.

As his ex-girlfriend re-entered the room, he took another look at her. He watched the way her hips swayed as she walked, and her over flowing breasts jiggled just a little.
“Stop it you fool” he thought to himself. He had not come over to sleep with her, just return her stuff. No matter how much he tried to push the images of her sexy body from his mind, they kept coming back.
“You cant sleep with her,” he told himself “You’re the one that broke it off.”

Kiya sat down gently beside Alex and switched on the TV. Although she had today well planned, she still wasn’t sure if he was going to go for it, so she decided to watch his reaction as they talked.

Kiya and Alex sat and watched TV for about an hour, chatting and reminiscing about old times. Alex couldn’t control himself for much longer around her and he knew it. She kept casually stroking the tops of her breasts, and licking her lips as they talked. He was bulging against his jeans and needed to shift it, but he couldn’t do that without her realising what was going on in there, and that was the last thing he wanted. Instead he decided that he’d have to get them into a position where, if it was going to go further then it could, he couldn’t handle the suspense anymore.

Kiya had been sat, waiting for some sign that Alex was aroused for nearly an hour now. She could see that he looked a little uncomfortable, but she couldn’t tell weather it was a reaction to her licking and stroking or weather he was just plain uncomfortable. She was about to give up and jump on him, when he started tickling her.
“No stop!” she screamed.
Alex used to tickle her when they were together, and she’d always hated it, but she also knew it was his way of saying “Come on, I want to play now.”

The two ended up rolling on the floor in fits of laughter, until Alex turned to Kiya and looked her in the eyes.
“Can I ask a favour babe?” he said
“Yer sure, what is it?”
“Well I was wondering if you’d give me a massage, I’ve really overworked it at the gym this week, and you’re the only person I know that does it properly.”
Alex watched for some sign in Kiya’s face that she really did want to do this, but found none.

When Alex asked Kiya for a massage she knew she’d hit the jackpot. They had shared many a massage together, and it always led somewhere else, Alex got so turned on by them. However, she decided to play it cool, and showed no sign of the glee she was feeling.
“O.k. sure.” she told him. “I’ll go and grab some lotion.”

When Kiya reached her bedroom she found Shelly asleep on the bed
“Hey lazy bones, wake up.” She whispered to the girl, “He’s just asked for a massage, we’ll be up soon!”
Shelly moved into an upright position.
“O.k. I’ll be waiting.” she told Kiya, that sexy look in her eyes. Kiya planted a kiss on her lips before grabbing the lotion and making her way back downstairs to where Alex was waiting, laid out on his front on her living room floor. Top already off.

Kiya straddled Alex’s body, gently lowering her herself into a sitting position upon his butt cheeks. She opened the lotion and slowly let the cold liquid dribble onto his back. She could feel him tense under her, a reaction to the coldness. She softly started rubbing the lotion into his back, sensuously letting her hands glide over him. Kiya could feel him start to respond to her rubbing, could feel him moving beneath her. She massaged the tops of his shoulders slowly, moving her hands over the tops of his arms, feeling his large muscles. She moved to his lower back, running her fingers teasingly just below the line of his jeans. She kneaded the flesh on his back, feeling his muscles loosen, feeling him relax. She massaged the sensitive area of his neck, the soft skin of his sides, hitting all the places she knew he loved.

After awhile Alex asked her if she would do his front for him.
“Sure Hun,” she told him “Turn over.” Kiya got up from her sitting position, allowing Alex to roll onto his back. Alex was expecting her to sit beside him whilst massaging his chest, but to his surprise her resumed her sitting position on top of him, now pressing his already burning cock into his stomach.

Kiya once again opened the bottle of lotion and let it drip onto his chest, watching his muscles ripple in reaction. As she moved her hands slowly over his chest, teasing his nipples, he watched her the whole time, but not once did she look at him. She didn’t want him to see the lust in her eyes, didn’t want him to see how much she wanted him. Although Kiya did have sexual adventures planned for them this afternoon, she wanted it to happen because he wanted it to, not because she initiated it.

Alex was going crazy. Kiya had already worked him up by massaging his back, and was now softly rubbing his nipples, and teasing one finger just beneath his jeans, rubbing him slowly, invitingly. He didn’t know how much more he could take. Cautiously he moved his hand to her stomach, started to run his fingers over her exposed flesh. He watched carefully as she responded to this, shutting her eyes, but never stopping her teasing on him. He slowly moved his hand up to her neck, pulled her forward gently until her face was level with his, he looked into her eyes, and drew her in for a long, deep kiss. Alex tickled Kiya’s lips with his tongue, explored her mouth all over again, and she kissed him back with such a passion. It was like the first time they’d kissed.

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