Girlfriends Mom

Girlfriends Mom

I had just tucked my girlfriend Kerry into bed and said goodnight. I closed her door and was heading through her living room to put my shoes on and leave. I was passing through and caught a glimpse of her mom sitting on the couch in the corner of my eye. I pretend not to see her but she had no intentions of doing the same. Kerry's mom is an intimidating woman. She is about 5 feet 8 inches, average weight for a single mom, and sexy C cup boobs.

"Hey" she said to me. I replied, "Yes Ms. Burk?" I saw her elevator eyes run up and down my body slowly. "Kerry told me about the other night. She told me about how you approached her about having sex and how she told you no and that she wanted to wait." My face turned flush white and I was quickly embarrassed and in shock. "Do you or do you not have any respect for my daughter?" I did not know what to say and before I could think of anything she told me to move closer. " She looked me in the eyes and told me I needed to be punished for disrespecting Kerry. She told me if I was going to learn my lesson it had to be now and I was not leaving until I did if I wanted to keep dating her daughter.

" I have had a long day" she said. "Take off my socks and rub my feet until I tell you otherwise." "Excuse me", I said. She told me again and I did as she asked. I removed her socks only to reveal her beautiful french pedicure to match her lovely french manicure. I began to rub and after about 5 minutes she told me to kiss them. I had never done anything like this before and had never even heard about feet worshiping but I proceeded to do so and before I knew it I had her big toe from her right foot shoved all the way in my mouth. I nearly gagged it was so far into my mouth when she grabbed me by the hair and refused to allow me to pull away. "Don't even think about it" she said. I can still remember to this day the taste of the sweat and the feel of their warmth. I kept sucking and began to hear her moan slightly. This turned me on quickly and began to like what was happening. I grabbed her other foot and began rubbing it and touching her polished toes with my hands. I was drooling all over her beautiful feet and she was in total control of me. "I want your tongue between my toes" Ms. Burk said. I was soaking her toes in my spit and was almost ready to cum I was so turned on. "Do you like this?" she asked. I nodded my head yes as i kept on sucking. I removed her toes from my mouth and spit on her feet and began licking them afterwards. "Is your prick hard she asked?" I did not reply and she jerked my head back from my hair. "Are you turned on by this?" she asked…I turned beat red and nodded yes. "Your very good at this" she said. I smiled and she took her index finger and her middle finger and moved them to her shorts. I watched as she slowly moved them up and in the corner of her inner thighs and began fingering herself. I nearly passed out as she began to do this. I put my hand in my pants and began jerking off and she took her other hand and slapped my hand away from doing so. "No, she said…This is part of your punishment. Watch me and think about how you upset Kerry. " Do you like the color on my toes?" "I love your pedicure" I replied. "Oohh poor baby" she said to me. " You're drooling all over your shirt from sucking on my toes so long. Have you had enough?" " I nodded my head yes in complete humiliation. She replied, "Well to bad, Don't you dare take them out. This feels excellent and as a matter of fact, I want more of your tongue. I want you to soak them even more! NOW!" She then took my hand and put one or two of my fingers in her mouth and began sucking on them. Her red glossy lipstick began rubbing off onto them. I felt her warm tongue and lips licking and kissing them. "I bet you want to have sex with me dont you?" She said. You didn't want to wait…well now I'm making you wait" she said." If you ever tell Kerry or anyone about this I will deny it and force her to break up with you. Do you understand me you horny little bastard?" I nodded yes in embarrassment. She told me to never forget the night I worshiped her feet and to "Get up and get out of here" she said. If you haven't learned your lesson yet than I guess we will just have to keep the punishments coming.

She swore the next time I would be tied up and gagged while being smothered with her feet. I told her I understood and walked out. It has been slightly over a year and a half and I have yet to misbehave again. Every time I see Ms. Burk now, I look at her feet and think of the punishment she gave me and am look more and more forward to the next one.

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