I smoothed the blanket out over my bed, the material soft against my hands. I'd been waiting for this day all week. I could feel the silky fabric of my thin robe brushing against my legs as I moved, straightening the corners.

I wanted everything to be perfect.

I moved away from the bed to light the candles, focusing my senses around the room, judging the mood I created. The mirrors reflected the light, casting a warm glow onto the bed.

I mussed my hair a bit before settling myself onto the mattress. He was almost here. I savored the anticipation.

I slid my legs against each other, enjoying their smoothness. I watched myself in the mirror. Looking for the best position. Brushing my robe from one shoulder I trailed my hand down my neck and over my collarbone, running my fingers across the skin as I watched my eyes in the mirror. I moved my other hand up my thigh and between my legs, imagining him with me, watching me. I sighed as my fingers touched my damp panties.

My eyes drooped half closed as I parted my legs, the hand at my neck moving down, into my bra to cup the firmness of my breast in my hand. The robe slid open, revealing the matching black underwear beneath. God I couldn't wait for him to see me.

The phone rang then and I withdrew my hand from my bra and answered. He was here. I pushed my panties far enough aside for me to insert a finger as I stroked with my thumb. I could hear him coming through the gate. I would see him soon.

I suppressed the urge to jump up and throw myself at him as he entered. I wanted it just like this.

The door creaked loudly as it opened and I forced myself to relax back against the pillows, to look natural. I deliberately turned my head away from the mirror to face him. Locking my gaze with his I smiled seductively at him, slowly withdrawing my hand from between my legs and bringing it to my lips. I trailed my tongue from the center of my palm to the end of my finger, circling the tip before sucking it into my mouth, enjoying my flavor.

He watched me as he came to me across the room, his eyes moving over me. He stopped at the end of the bed to remove his shoes. I rolled up onto my knees, kneeling before him as I reached my hands under his shirt. Pulling it up to expose the hair on his belly. I pressed my lips just below his bellybutton and kissed my way up his chest, pulling the shirt over his head as I rose.

His hands rested on the back of my head as I tossed his shirt to the floor, brushing my hair back away from my face as he bent to kiss me. His tongue tracing my lips before dipping into my mouth. I rubbed my tongue against his, letting the swell of my breasts brush against him. The robe slipped from my shoulder and to my elbows as I swayed into him, the silk pooling behind my knees. I felt lightheaded as I looked at him, gazing into his eyes as our tongues twined.

His hands moved through my hair and down my back, his calloused palms a pleasurable abrasion against my skin. He cupped my ass in both hands and squeezed, pulling me up and pressing me hard against him. I could feel his erection through his jeans and my insides turned to liquid. Moaning, I gently bit his lip and trailed my hands down to his waist. Undoing the button and pushing his pants down his hips.

I pulled away from him and nibbled along his neck as he continued to squeeze my ass, his finger probing against me. I took a firm grip of him with my hands, loving the way he pulsed, hot and hard, in my palm. With one hand I reached lower and gently massaged his balls.

Nibbling my way down his stomach, I hesitated at his belly, loving the feeling of the crisp hair there, scattering kisses before continuing.

With his hard cock firmly in hand, I touched the tip of my tongue to the head, slowly tracing small circles, tasting the pre cum pooling there. Loving the flavor of him. I took him deep into my hot, wet mouth and sucked, stroking him with my tongue, feeling his body tense and tighten.

He moved one hand up my back and into my hair, a slight groan escaping from his mouth as he gently pulled my head away from his body. He smiled and pushed me backward onto the bed, following me down and bracing himself above me.

"It's my turn."

The candlelight flickered and glowed as he kissed his way down my stomach, nibbling my hip, and moving oh so slowly down the inside of my thigh. I spread my legs wider and hooked an ankle over his shoulder as he teased me. Getting just close enough. I could feel his hot breath on my pussy and I arched into him, begging him.

The first touch of his tongue was so sweet I couldn't help the whimpers.

I hooked my other ankle over the first and forced his face against my pussy, rocking my hips against him. He inserted his fingers inside me and I felt the hot juices spill onto him as he stroked. His fingers in rhythm with his tongue.

I clawed at the blankets, bunching them in my hands as I writhed. Such wonderful torture.

I bucked against him and cried out, moaning his name as I came fast and hard. My hands went to his hair as the pleasure overtook me and I tangled them there.

His rhythm slowed and softened as I relaxed, my body sinking bonelessly onto the rumple blankets. He raised his head and smiled at me, his lips shining, the candlelight reflecting off the moisture in his beard. He placed a damp kiss on the inside of my thigh and gently withdrew his fingers. Shrugging my legs off his shoulders he slid upward to settle his weight down upon me. His erection probing my wet pussy.

He pushed against me. I felt the head of his cock slide easily in and I tightened around him. Desire already rekindling. His eyes locked with mine as he withdrew and reached a hand to my nightstand. I knew what he was going for and I smiled.

He dangled the handcuffs over me before laying the cool metal across my breasts. I gasped as they touched my heated skin. Watching me, he pinned my hands and thrust into me again. Harder. But still not deep enough, only teasing me. I moved my hips to take him deeper and he retreated, withdrawing himself again.

He laughed at my frustrated glare.

"Hmm, not yet."

He moved my hands above my head and held them there with one of his as he grabbed the cuffs with the other. My pulse throbbed as I felt the cool metal close around my wrists.

He gazed at me, smiling. His hands moving down, cupping my breasts. I arched into him, running my tongue across my lips, wetting them in anticipation. He pushed my bra down, rolling one nipple between his fingers, and I whimpered . The pleasure enhanced by the handcuffs. My helplessness as I moved beneath him made everything more intense.

I watched as he bent his head and flicked his tongue across my other nipple, eliciting a moan. God that was hot. He sucked my nipple into his mouth, rubbing his tongue across it. I moaned and whimpered, thrusting against him. I wanted him inside me so badly I ached.

He raised up on his elbows, his hair falling into his eyes as he looked down at me. He hooked a finger in my bra and pulled it down a little farther. "I think it's about time these came off." He said.

I smiled in agreement.

He rolled me onto my stomach and unsnapped my bra, pushing it up until it tangled with the handcuffs. He smoothed his hands down my sides and to my ass cheeks. I was surprised that I was still wearing my panties bunched over to the side. He pushed them down to the back of my thighs.

His lips pressed gently against my shoulder blades, kissing his way down my back, nibbling my tailbone. He spread my ass with his hands, his tongue probing. I moaned and pushed back against him. He inserted one finger, and then two before moving his body back up to settling over me.

He bit the side of my neck as he guided his cock into my pussy. Finally! I cried out and bucked back against him as he buried himself completely inside me. I pulsed around him, clenching and savoring each sensation, loving it.

He pumped his hips slowly, moving in and out. I could feel my body tingling, energy radiating outward from my core as his cock stroked deep inside me. My juices spilled down and onto my rumpled bedding.

He withdrew himself and paused. I cried out, begging him to keep going. How could he just stop?!

I pushed back against him and felt the head of his cock probing my ass. I paused as well, afraid he'd go to fast without my hands to guide him.

Lubed from my pussy, he slide easily in, going slow….too slow. I relaxed and moved against him, taking him all the way in.

He began pumping his hips again. Gently at first, then harder.

My pussy ached and throbbed, pulsing with each thrust. I quivered and moaned, matching his rhythm.

He withdrew again and with no hesitation plunged himself fast and hard into my pussy. I cried out, louder and louder as he jack hammered into me. His violent thrusts forcing me to orgasm.

I groaned his name into the mattress, the blanket clenched between my teeth as I pounded myself back against him. Tensing and shattering as we both strained to get as deep as possible.

We collapsed together onto the bed, panting, sweat pooling between our bodies. my wrists were sore and I shifted position to ease the pressure from the handcuffs.

He moved off of me and unlocked them, rubbing my hands and commenting on how raw they looked. Apologizing.

I rolled onto my back and stretched, wiggling my fingers. I smiled at him in the guttering candle light. He looked so perfect sweaty and mussed, his eyes dropping closed.

I snuggled closer and sighed his name as his arms came around me.

"I want to do this forever."

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