Hailey takes a huge load

Hailey takes a huge load

After reading some of the stories posted here I figured that with some of the interesting things that have happened to me why not put it down on paper and share it with everyone.

So let me start with a little background information so you can see where I was coming from. At the age of 24 there were some unique things happening in my life. For one thing my job was a little unusual I was a court stenographer. Not too many people are in the profession and for a young age my business developed quite quickly through the contacts that my father had provided to me. Before this journey starts there were at least ten people that I was farming work to and was making a very good buck.

One of the jobs that I had taken brought me to one of the more prominent law firms in the city and the firms founding great great-grandson. We seemed to have a rather nice business connection and after six months or so of doing work for him we agreed on a partnership that would make my career. I would provide my services and the ten other reporters on my staff exclusively to his firm and we would give a nice discount for our work. As you could imagine this would put me in a mid to high six figure income on a yearly basis.

After discussing this proposal with some of the people that I farmed work out to they had all agreed to come along with me and form a new company. Now, if that were the end of my story there would be no need telling it. As it turned out one of the young cunts who worked for a larger firm made it quite clear that she was going to make more money working for me than her current pain in the ass boss and spilled the beans.

Once the cat was out of the bag this man who owned this firm had 100 reporters and made a deal with the law firm that there was no way I could counter and it ended up costing me more than $150,000 that I shelled out for a new downtown office and computers and office furniture ect…

With this new revelation I was basically broke putting out my own money gambling that this deal could have potentially made me a millionaire in a few short years. When this happened a good buddy of mine Bob suggested that perhaps we move out of the Philly area and perhaps move out west and take our chances there. My cousin Mike was getting married in Denver in a few short weeks and my whole family was making their way out to attend so I figured that this would be a great time to take an extended vacation and perhaps see if there was anything that I could find.

After getting drunk for about a week my buddy Bob came over and we laid out a plan to visit not only Denver but Las Vegas and San Diego too. He was a model who wanted to become a movie star and the only way he could do that is to move out to the left coast and take as many auditions as he could. About this time my father who found out that I was going to San Diego called his friend who he mentored for about six years and told him my story and asked if there was anything in San Diego for me. Over the next few days we talked and he offered me an opportunity to talk to him and his partners of perhaps starting a court reporting firm in San Diego and that I could run it for them.

After a few more days of planning we were on our way out to Denver for my cousins wedding. My cousin’s family was very generous and allowed my buddy Bob to attend the wedding and the reception. Once we got to Denver the pre-wedding craziness was happening and quite frankly I wanted no part of it except for the bachelor party and the reception. I was more looking forward to getting to Las Vegas and gamble a little bit and take in some of the night life that they were known for before going onto San Diego to make this business pitch.

After renting a car Bob and I made our way around the city and even thought that since it was such a nice clean city that this could be a possibility as well for moving out west. We made the rounds as usual and checked out apartments and rents and what the local job situation was like. The apartments and rents were reasonable but there was very little as far as jobs for us. The night before the bachelor party another cousin of mine Hailey and her family arrived for the wedding. Hailey’s family owned a cattle ranch and when I was in high school I would spend my summers working on the ranch helping out. Hailey and I were pretty close in age and we always seemed to get along fairly well.

We were at my Uncles house drinking and playing cards when she arrived. I hadn’t seen Hailey in over three years and the last time we saw each other she was still a little underdeveloped she hadn’t reached her full potential as it were. The first thing that came to my mind was “damn milk did her body good.” She stood only five foot tall and maybe 110 pounds and a nice 34-c cup that I came to find out later and an ass to die for. She still had that fresh teenage baby face with hazel eyes and nice brunette hair that went down to the middle of her back. It was a shame we weren’t kissing cousins earlier on in our teenage lives because there was only one thing going on in my mind and that was fucking her brains out even though it was wrong as hell.

After she said hello to just about everybody Hailey made eye contact with me and immediately made her way over to me and I slid out of my chair and gave her a nice big bear hug. I said, “Hey cuz long time no see. I see you’ve been drinking a lot of milk since the last time I saw ya and have to say you’re looking pretty damn good.”

She said, “ Thanks I guess – her face turned a little red and she smiled at me and said Stop it — you know you’re embarrassing me in front of everybody. When did you guys get in?”

“We got in a few days ago and started looking for some work – there might be a slim possibility that I could move out here. Come on I want you to meet my buddy Bob he is tagging along with me. Bob wants to move to California and take a stab at becoming an actor. I turned and looked at the fine body again and asked – So you still single?”

Hailey pulled on my arm and slowed me down a little and said, “Look I’m not looking to hook up with one of your buddies I’m here for the wedding okay.

I said, “No problem – look relax I just want to introduce you to him alright?”

We made it to the living room where Bob was just relaxing and talking with some of my family. That’s when I knew something bad was going to happen. Hailey once again pulled on my arm and took me back out of the living room. She had this big surprise on her face and said, “Danny you can’t introduce me to him while I’m looking like this let me go and freshen up a little bit.” I said, “So, since he’s pretty handsome you really want to make a good impression.” She just looked at me and made a beeline for the bathroom.

After about an hour Hailey came back and found me and asked me to introduce her to Bob. Off we went and found Bob – this was like watching a spider waiting for a fly to get stuck in its web and Hailey was that little fly and I knew it. I ended up introducing the two of them and I soon became an after thought so I just left the room and made my way back to playing poker. After a half hour or so Bob and Hailey made there way into the kitchen and Bob told me that Hailey was going to show him around the city a little bit and would meet me back at the hotel.

Well, that could only mean one thing – Bob was getting my cuz’s pussy and to be careful before I got back to the hotel room. When Bob and I would go on vacations there was a system that we worked out. Since he was such a good looking guy he tended to get a lot and I mean a lot of pussy. I was just happy to get the girls he kinda threw back in to play but thought if they hung out with me there might be a slight possibility of fucking Bob.

Part of the system that we had in place was if we got separated from each other to go to the front desk and ring up to the room. If there was an answer then you were good to go but if not go to the bar and have a couple of beers and try back later.

It was about one in the morning when I made it back to the hotel and of course I made the call up to the room to find out if Bob was fucking my cousin or not. There was no answer so I figured that Bob was either fucking her in her hotel room or they were still out for the night. When I got to the door there was no do not disturb sign on the door which is the a back up to the phone call just in case you were literally tied up and couldn’t get to the phone.

I opened the door and immediately knew that I was not the only one in the room. Bob and I got a junior suite that had separate bedrooms. This was good because Bob and Hailey were in his room I could hear her giggling like a little schoolgirl when I walked in. I tried to stay quiet as I could and went into my room I didn’t want to disturb them. Now, I was tired and drunk and just wanted to get a little sleep but Hailey started screaming then I knew there was no way I was going to get any sleep.

Now most guys they tend to exaggerate about their sexual prowess and tend to embellish their stories of how they fucked the shit out of dumb bitches for hours and hours. I’m not a bad looking guy and have had my share of pussy for my age but I never made a woman squeal the way Hailey was.

After about three or four minutes of this I wanted to get closer and perhaps pick up some tips that I could use for future reference. I crept out of my bedroom over to Bob’s door –
Now the door wasn’t completely shut. I had a good view from the back crack and felt there was no way that they could see me.

When I peered in I couldn’t see Hailey at all she was buried underneath Bob. Bob is
6’ 4” and Hailey well she is barely five foot she just disappeared underneath him completely but she had a set of lungs on her and man could she scream. She was cursing so badly that she could make a trucker blush. I had no idea she had such a bad mouth or that she was so damn easy. I mean she just met Bob not more than a few hours ago and here she was naked ready to get the pounding of her little life.

To my surprise she wasn’t naked all that screaming was just from Bob sucking on those gorgeous round tits of my cousin. Hailey pushed Bob off of her and made her way to the end of the bed. She was so damn cute she had this little and I mean little white cotton
G-string that was perfect for seeing nothing but her ass cheeks. She also had on a nice little sports bra that was soaked from Bob sucking on her tits and was pushed up giving me a view that was unbelievable.

She started dancing at the end of the bed like a little stripper but without the pole. She was smiling and shaking her ass like a fucking pro. The good news was that she couldn’t see me and this was turning me on my cock sprang up like a hard coiled spring. All kind of thoughts started racing through my head about incest and how damn good looking she was and how I wanted to be the one laying on the bed watching her dance for me.

She slid off her top and put her finger in her mouth and gave a little evil smile that made my cock start to throb so hard that it started hurting. I figured what the hell if they can’t see me – I haven’t had any pussy in a couple of months and since I was a peeping Tom –
I might as well jerk off.

Hailey then put her hands on her hips and put her thumbs underneath the straps of her thong and slowly pulled it down to her ankles exposing the smallest pussy I had ever seen and a small balloon knot that had never been penetrated before. This was turning me on more then ever. She spun around to give Bob a peek at the goods but I was staring at her shaved pussy and than tiny little slit of hers then she bent forward towards me and her tits just dangled there with those tiny nipples hard as a rock. I just wanted to get underneath her and start sucking on them like a baby whom hadn’t breast-fed for about a week.

Bob he couldn’t handle it anymore either and jumped out of the bed and what I hadn’t realized was while she was doing this striptease for Bob he had taken off all his clothes and ran over in front of her and pushed her down on the bed and spread her legs nice and wide exposing this perfect oval of a pussy that was virgin pink on the inside as well as the on the outside.

Bob didn’t hesitate for a second and dove straight in with his tongue and buried it in her pussy. Her legs went straight back and her head started to thrash around on the bed like the chick from the exorcist as Bob ate her pussy. Bob’s tongue was moving from the bottom of her asshole all the way back up to her clit. After a couple of minutes my cousin started to moan and groan and then the dirty trucker mouth reappeared. Bob didn’t care what the hell she was doing he kept digging deeper and deeper into her pussy.

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock as gently as I could so that I didn’t cut it on the zipper on the way out then I heard Hailey screaming. I saw her head pop up and watch Bob eat her special holes. She said “C’mon baby if you want to fuck this cunt you better get it nice and wet so you can slip that cock of yours deep inside my tiny little cunt – Yeah ooooooh yesssssss eat my cunt.” Then she grabbed the back of his head and started grinding her hips in a circular and jamming his face deeper and deeper in between her legs. Bob stood up and grabbed her legs and spun her over in one motion onto her stomach and Hailey’s ass popped up in the air exposing her drenched pussy.

Bob reached up to the top of the bed and got a pillow and put it underneath her stomach and then got back down on his knees and then buried his tongue into her asshole instead of her pussy. Hailey got this real evil grin on her face as she looked back as Bob was eating her little shit hole. Then came this deep demon like voice from my cousin “Don’t you dare stop bury your tongue in my asshole – eat my ass – put your fingers in my cunt while you eat me babbbbbyy – ccccooooommmm onnnnn eeeaaaat mmmmy assss and make me cummmm all ovvvver your tongue.

Bob didn’t hesitate and put the finger inside of her pussy while he attacked her asshole with his tongue. Then he buried his tongue as deep as he could inside of her asshole when Hailey screamed IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’mmmmmmmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmming then squirted a load of her jizz all over Bob’s face. I couldn’t help it, it was so damn funny that I actually stopped jerking off and had to try to compose myself as his whole face was covered in her pussy juice. Hailey fell to the bed and was panting like she just finished running a marathon and Bob got up and ran to the bathroom like a little bitch does after you cum in her mouth to wash up.

A few minutes later Bob came running back in from the bathroom like a little boy excited about staying up for an extra hour and his cock was as hard as rock. Then I realized why all the girls love this guy it was a minimum of 10 inches. I thought for sure he was going to kill my cousin but what the hell she is the one that got her into this mess.

Bob jumped up on the bed and his cock was standing at attention and Hailey looked up and just had only one thing to say “oooooohhhhh my god” then opened her mouth and took as much of it into her mouth as she could. Bob grabbed the back of her head and started forcing her head down on his cock as much as he could but every time he pushed she would gag on it and almost throw up.

Hailey gave him a little smile and sat down on the bed and told him to hold still. She spread her legs and then opened her mouth then looked up at Bob and said in this little sexy voice of hers “Let me take care of your cock and I promise you won’t be disappointed – then I’m going to let you fuck my brains out with your wet juicy cock and put it in my teen tiny little pussy and if you’re a good boy and make me cum while you’re fucking me I just might let you fuck me in the ass – so calm down a little and let me suck your cock like it should be – this isn’t a fucking porno you know this is real so let me do a good job for you like you just did for me and you can cum all over my face too”

She reached back up and grabbed his cock and then proceeded to deep throat him in a slow sensuous way. Bob just leaned back and watched her suck his big cock and after a couple of minutes she actually swallowed the whole thing. She looked up at him and said “Relax and let me slide your cock down my throat for a while because my pussy and asshole are a lot tighter than my throat so you better get used to it.” I couldn’t believe that she was taking that huge thing down her throat but she was a real trooper as her spit as drooling out of the side of her mouth as Bob was probably getting the best blowjob he had ever had. Then Bob’s knees started to buckle a little and she pulled his cock out of her mouth and started to blow on it and was laughing at him and said “No way are you getting off that easy you’re going to fuck me then cum on my face or in my mouth or both but I want you to fuck me.”

Then she got to her knees pulled his head down and French kissed him and his cock started to limp a little and she grabbed it and very gently began to jerk it to keep it nice and hard. When Bob pulled away he said “Look you’ve been promising me pussy all night it’s time you made good on your promise and let me fuck you.” She looked at him with a smile and said “It turns me on when a guy knows exactly what he wants and his tongue tastes like my cum and his face smells like it too – now get that big sopping wet cock inside of me – I want you in me fucking me deep and hard.”

She got off the bed and stood up and said “Come here and fuck me standing up from behind I want to feel the full thrust of that be cock of yours.” Bob got up and stood behind her and bent his knees as best he could but she was so small and he was so tall it didn’t look like it was going to happen but somehow he got his cock inside of her.

Bob said “damn baby you were right you got one tight little hole I can only get the head in baby – look this isn’t going work let me fuck you doggy style I promise you’ll get the full thrust effect.”

Hailey moved back over to the bed and put the pillow underneath her belly and her feet where still on the floor and you could see how muscular she was, as her muscles were popping as Bob slid his huge cock inside of her from behind. Bob grabbed her legs and pulled her ankles up and touched her heels to her ass and started to pound her pussy like a chef pounding a piece of meat to tenderize it. Hailey put her hands out in front of her and was trying to keep from being pushed all over the bed.

Her face became all contorted each time Bob buried his cock balls deep inside of her. After a minute or so Hailey looked back at him and said “You know I love riding horses and like the one who always try to buck you off it’s a challenge to stay on – let me get on top of you then you try to throw me off I bet you can’t.” Bob just shook his head and said “Baby where in the hell have you been all my life?” She said, “Right here waiting for the right moment to give you the fuck of your life now get down on your back and prepare to get the best fuck of your life.” Bob lay down and Hailey went over to the chair and got her cowboy hat and put it on smiled at Bob and said “You ready for the ride of your life?” He smiled and said “Bring it baby but there is no way you’re staying on top of me I give you less than 20 seconds.”

Hailey turned away from Bob showing him her pussy and rubbing it all over his face then put his cock deep inside of her pussy and just sat there for a moment leaned back and kissed him on the lips smiled and said “Here we go don’t be gentle because I’m not getting thrown never have and never will be – oh by the way did I tell you that I can squeeze my pussy around your cock so tight that it won’t come out and you’ll never be able to cum unless I let you – so hold on for the best ride of your sorry ass life.” Bob smacked on the ass and said, “Stop talking shit and let’s see how good you can ride the big Italian Stallion.” I shit you not that was what he said stereo typical of an Italian guy from Jersey.

Bob started moving in all kinds of directions trying to get her off but every time he moved she counter moved and it was hot as hell as they were thrashing around on the bed. The both of them were talking to each other so fast that I couldn’t understand a word they were saying to each other but the way they were fucking each other it really didn’t matter.

I just stood outside the door jerking off at this totally hot scene and thought to myself why in the hell didn’t I make a move on my cousin all those years ago. After about three or four minutes Bob almost got her off of him then you heard “hollllly sssshhhiiiitt let go of my cock your killing me — your killing me unclench your pussy I believe you – you win – you win just let my cock go pleeeeaase.” Hailey let go of his cock and said; “now it’s your turn.” She slid off of his cock and Bob just gave her a little smile.

Bob said, “Okay now it’s my turn to show you what I can do.” Then Bob flipped her over and put her ankles behind her head and pushed her ass up in the air a little and then buried his cock once again into her pussy. Bob started to pound her nice and hard and it only took another minute or so and with Hailey screaming and moaning so loud she just looked up at Bob and gritted her teeth and squirted once again real hard and as he pulled out there was another volcanic eruption from her pussy. Bob wanted to get back inside but Hailey said, “Honey let me go to the bathroom and clean my fuck hole up for you and then you can finish inside my mouth – okay sttttuuuudddd.”

Then under my breath I said “damn it I was so close to cumming can’t these two get it right.” Then Hailey looked over to the door and caught a glimpse of me standing behind it and gave me a little smile. She said “Come on stud you can fuck me on the bathroom counter top after I get cleaned up.” Then she stood there for a couple of seconds staring at the door smiling at me. All I could think was damn how stupid I was and this is going so embarrassing. I figured that this would be it they would go to the bathroom and shut the door and that would be that but she opened the door real wide and sat up on the counter top and spread her legs real wide exposing her pussy to me and took a wash cloth and stared at the bedroom door as she cleaned her pussy smiling at me the whole time.

Bob then moved over to her and slid his cock inside of her and started fucking her right from where he left off. Then after a minute or so I was tugging on my junk thinking I better cum and get it over with since she is never going to let me down over this. Then Bob yelled out and said, “Get down on your knees cowgirl and take my load.” Hailey slipped off the counter and got down on her knees and positioned her head so her mouth was facing the bedroom door and she started jerking Bob’s cock off like a champ.

She smiled at me and then she stuck her tongue out and looked at the door and said “Cum in my mouth give me your hot cum – I want to taste you – don’t spill any cum I want to swallow every last bit of you.” Then I shot a load all over the carpet and then a couple of seconds later Bob unleashed a huge load all over her face and in her mouth. After Bob stopped squirting his cum all over her face he smiled at her and said “How does it feel getting hot cum shot all over your face?” Hailey smiled and said “Probably just as good as when I squirted all my love juice all over your face.”

Hailey stood up with all that cum all over her face and in her mouth and then leaned up and kissed Bob on the cheek and said “C’mon baby let’s take a shower and get cleaned up.” I pulled my pants up in complete disbelief at what I had just done and started formulating some kind of story to explain to Hailey what the hell I was doing outside Bob’s bedroom. I knew she would never tell anyone else but she would always have this over me. I got back to my room got undressed jumped in the shower myself and finished before they did that way we were running water at the same time and Bob would never know I was outside his bedroom door.

I put on my sweats and waited for them to get out of the shower I heard them get into bed together then I slipped out of my room and opened the hotel room door and shouted “Hey Bobby you here?” He said, “Yeah man just got back about half hour ago – your cousin is a pretty cool chick hopefully she will go out with me again after the wedding?” I said, “Yeah whatever just make sure you don’t hurt her.” Bob said, “Never man you know I would never do that – good night and I’ll see you in the morning.” I said, “Yeah man see you in the morning for some breakfast.”

The next morning I woke up and was terrified to see my cousin but to my surprise she slipped out in the middle of the night and that came as a complete load lifted from my shoulders seeing her after what I did the night before.

Here ends part 1

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