Haircut Appointment

Haircut Appointment

I have to tell you what happened today.

I went to get my hair trimmed today during my lunch break. I really enjoy getting a haircut because it is very relaxing. For a change someone pampers me, even if for a short while and I am paying them. I like the salon I go to because it is all young women working there and the environment is very open and well lit. They also do spa-type services there like massages and tanning.

The woman that always cuts my hair is named Joan and she is really pretty and very friendly. I supposed they have to be friendly to make good tips but all these women are really attractive: thin with perfect breasts and beautiful hips and behinds. Of course they all have perfect hair, each different than the next to suit their own body type and personal style. In a salon they all have to be dressed nicely as this is not just some chain shop where the workers dress however they like. These girls are all dressed really well. Not all suits and jewelry, you know, but tight slacks or skirts and tops that really show off their assets. And they all wear nice shoes, not sneakers or flip-flops. All the nice stuff really gives the place a classy feeling.

I look forward to the visit because I like the way Joan touches me. I have never made any sexual advances toward her nor her to me but I love her fingers and the way she makes me feel. The beginning of the session starts with her washing my hair in one of those salon sinks, with the neck cut out and the reclining chair. I sat down in the chair and we started to make small talk. She asked me how I was feeling and if I was enjoying the warm weather. Today it was really nice out with low humidity and clear skies.

Joan wrapped me in one of the smocks they use to keep the hair and soap off the customers’ clothes. I always put my arms under the cover so I do not get hair all over me. Today I was feeling a little extra horny (probably from thinking about this guy from the UK that I have been emailing sexual letters) and placed my hands at the bottom of my black mini-skirt. It goes down just past the bottom of my ass and whenever I sit I need to pull it down a little or show everyone my thong. I was under the cover so I did not bother to pull it down. In fact I started to stroke my thighs right there in the salon. Nobody could see me, though, because I was covered up.

I leaned back and Joan started to wet my hair. It is about shoulder length and all I needed today was a trim at the bottom. As she applied the warm water she ran her slender fingers through my hair and on the back of my neck. This always drives me crazy as I feel her touch. She stopped the water and gathered a handful of coconut-smelling shampoo, which I like. She started to rub the shampoo into my hair and my scalp also working her fingers down the back of my neck and over my ears.

All the fingering on my head was making my pussy very wet so I reached up and started to stroke the length of my slit through the thong. Joan started to rub harder and was soon using her fingernails on my scalp and the back of my neck. My cotton thong was now drenched with my juice and I was having trouble holding my hips still as I really wanted to finger myself deeply. Joan took the water spray and rinsed the soap from my hair using the same finger method as before, making me want to stick her water nozzle in my pussy.

She then applied some conditioner and worked it in the same way. I really wanted her to get on her knees in front of me and let me hold her head while she ate my pussy. Instead she started to rinse the conditioner out. Joan then reached for a towel and gently padded my hair to slightly dry it off. She wants it a little wet to get a good cut.

Joan placed one of her hands on the back of my shoulder and coaxed me up from my comfortable position and to my feet. Then she took me by the hand and led the way over to her cutting station with all her tools and the large mirror for me to face. I took a seat in the large swivel chair and Joan adjusted the height so my head was level with her chest, which is the proper height for the stylist. She then held the chair and slowly spun me around to face the mirror so she could take her position behind me.

She placed a hand on either side of my face and gently pulled my hair away from my cheeks while looking directly at me in the mirror. She asked what I would like today and I had to restrain myself from telling her exactly what I really wanted. I told her to just take a bit off to clean up the ends. Joan started with the comb and carefully worked down the length of my hair to straighten everything for the cut. Her hands on my cheeks and my neck were driving me crazy again and I started to stroke myself while feeling her touch.

Joan began to trim my hair and I noticed that she was leaning against the seat and my shoulder when she braced herself to get a straight cut with the scissors. Her breasts were poking at the thin top she was wearing and I could actually feel them pushing against my body. While looking in the mirror I could see the tops of both of her perfect tits and the extra cleavage that was created when she pushed into me. Joan was concentrating on her work and I do not believe she noticed me watching, actually staring, at her.

At this point I now had my middle finger pushed completely into my soaking pussy and I was fucking myself with it while I watched and felt her body against mine. I wish we were in bed together. Right now I am writing this wishing I were in bed with my London lover. I would love to feel both of them on me together!

When Joan was done with the cut she took out the blow dryer and started to blow the cut hair off of me and brush out the cut. While the dryer was running I fingered myself faster finally cumming on the chair. I do not think anyone noticed but I wish Joan had. When we were done I paid the cashier and handed Joan a generous tip, at which she smiled. When I started to go I leaned over and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek, telling her I would see her next month. I cannot wait!

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