hard school

hard school

Hard School
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Hard School

Heather was a young teacher in her late twenties. She was a short young woman
with long blond hair. She had been a housewife before this year. Her husband
was laid off from work and she had to get a job to support them. When she
started many of the other teachers said the she looked younger than some of the
students. Indeed many of the high school's students were bigger than her. She
didn't take the job seriously at first, thinking that her husband would be
working again in a few months. However, he could not get another job, and the
family had become very dependent on her income. She was hopelessly behind in
her duties and her classroom was out of control. She didn't even know where to
begin. She dreaded going into work each day.

It was time to start her first class. Heather was frazzled. She could tell
that she barely had things together in the classroom. Several of the children
were out of their seats talking. She asked them to sit down but they did not
seem to pay her any attention. Not one was the slightest bit interested in the
work she planned for the class that day. She kept glancing at the door to see
if anyone was looking in. The school principal had been keeping a close eye on
her after it became apparent that she could not control her class. He came in
several times to observer her lessons and criticized her for not being able to
control her class better. None of the children were doing any work at all. He
said that if she did not improve that she would lose her job.

She didn't know what to do. None of the other teachers had any problems with
their students. If Heather sent one to the office, they were sent by and she
was told that if she had better control of her class then she wouldn't have
problems. She tried rewarding good behavior and punishing bad. But she could
not do anything to improve her situation. As a matter of fact things were
getting worse. The students could see they were getting to her, and many had
heard that if things did not improve she would be fired. They showed her no
regard at all. She got more and more upset. She was scared that she would not
be able to find another job if she was released from this one without a
recommendation. Her husband had been out of work for almost a year and they had
a child before he was laid off. She needed the job more than anything. She
couldn't let these disrespectful teenagers cause her to lose it. The thought of
it made her angry. She had always been a nice, quiet teacher up until this
point. The students showed her no regard at all. She would have to make a
stand. She reached over and cut out the lights.

"Shut up!" she screamed. "You will all sit down and do your work right now!"
"I have tried being nice." World History does not have to be this hard." "Your
the ones who are making to difficult." "Now, I expect your respect, If I plan a
lesson, I want it done."

The class was silent. They were all looking up at her. Many sat down in their
desks and began to do the worksheet in front of them. Some were giggling a
little and rolling their eyes at each other, but for the first time in five
months she felt like she was in control. Most responded to her and were
working. She felt that if she addressed the others more personally, then she
would be able to finally get everyone under control. She calmed down and got a
stern look in her eye. She marched right up to one of the few students who were
still standing. "Donnie Walker, maybe you didn't hear me. You will sit down in
your seat right now and get started on your work or I will walk you into the
office myself."

"You already have Mrs. Wiseman, three times. They said that you needed to learn
how to manage me and sent me right back. Do you really want to send me again?"
he smiled. Heather hadn't realized how tall he was before now and looking up at
him she wondered what to do. She decided that if she had made the threat she
must follow through with it, otherwise they wouldn't take her seriously and she
would lose whatever she just gained. The rest of the class was looking up at
her to see what her reaction would be. Many were already starting to giggle

"Mr. Walker, I don't care what they said before. I will take you again. I will
not allow you back into this room either until your father comes to speak with
me. Now come along." He just looked down at her and smiled. She felt a
spitball hit her from behind. "Who threw that?" She yelled, spinning around
quickly. Turning her back on Donnie. She glared at the class for a second
before she felt Donnie's thumbs slip into the elastic of her pants. Before she
knew what was happening, her pants and panties where jerked down to her ankles.
Heather screamed in terror, bringing her hands down to cover her crotch. Donnie
grabbed her ankles and pulled them out from under her. Unable to bring her
hands up in time to catch herself, she went face first into the floor. A bit
dazed, she realized that she was still naked from the waist down. She shifted
to cover herself but to no avail. Students leaped out of their seats and began
to grab her arms and legs. Pinning her down with her legs spread wide open;
exposing to all of her students something she had only ever shared with her
husband. She felt hands all over her body, pulling her shirt open, grabbing at
her breasts. Squeezing them hard. Heather was still screaming as they tied her
hands behind her back with a piece of her shirt. They blindfolded her with
another piece. She had no way of covering herself and was humiliated. No one
had ever seen her naked but her husband. Now she stood naked, in front of all
of her students, completely helpless. Heather was sobbing hysterically. They
helped her to her feet and let her go. She could not cover herself because of
her binding and could not see because of the blindfold. She didn't know what to
do. She began to run all around the room, trying to free herself. Hands
grabbed at her breasts and slapped her bottom painfully. She squeezed her legs
together, trying to keep poking fingers from slipping inside of her. She
thought of the girls in her class who were standing by, watching her mistreated
like this, not doing anything. No one was trying to stop them. "Please God,
don't let them rape me," she sobbed.

She blindly crawled and ran about the room until someone pushed her hard through
the doorway. She was out in the hall. She could hear them laughing still. She
screamed for help. She heard doors of other classes open and heard other
students out in the hall. More hands. No way to even tell who they were. More
laughing, more poking. How could she ever face anyone in this school, or even
this town again? She heard teachers. An adult voice grabbed her and pulled her
away from the children. She felt herself being lead down the hall. She was in
shock from the whole situation, trembling all over. They didn't untie her or
take off the blindfold until she was in the principal's office. She would later
wonder just how many people she had been paraded in front of. She was shaking
as they sat her down and began to untie her. When the blindfold came off she
met the disapproving faces of the head teacher and the assistant principal.
"What the hell happened Mrs. Wiseman? I have never seen anything like this
before," said Chuck Gooding the assistant principal. You will have to talk to
Mr. Allen right away. She was lead, still naked into the principal office.

Mr. Allen was sitting behind his desk. He had already been told what happened
by the assistant principal. "Mrs. Wiseman, I have never see such a thing as
this. What the hell where you doing naked in front of the whole school?"

My class overtook me; I've been having trouble all year. I've begged you to do
something. Even when I send my students here they are sent right back to me.
How can I make them behave? Look what happened. How can I face them? Heather
sobbed, modestly trying to cover her body from Mr. Allen.

Mrs. Wiseman, You have shown today that you cannot manage a classroom. I have
never seen such incompetence. You are lucky to still have a job. If anything
like this ever happens again you will not. I have never seen a teacher lose
control to this point. I have been looking into options to help you because of
you previous trouble. I was going to suggest this but now I'm requiring it.
You will enroll in a classroom management class out at the University three
nights a week. You will also have your lesson plans and grade book on my desk
by the end of the week for inspection. I want to see if anything you are doing
is up to par. Heather's heart sank. Her grade book and lesson plans were way
behind. She had trouble managing her family and classroom.

"But what about the students that assaulted me." "MY whole class has humiliated
me." I am naked. . ."

"That is your own fault for losing control. I have never seen a classroom like
yours. What do you want me to do? Suspend an entire class?"

"They touched me. I couldn't stop them. Please, you have to do something."

"I'm afraid that it's you Mrs. Wiseman, that has to do something. If your
situation does not improve you will be out of a job."

He offered Heather his coat to cover herself. She wondered why he hadn't done
it before talking with her. She was sent home the rest of the day with a
warning that her paycheck would be docked to pay for a substitute teacher for
the afternoon.

Heather arrived home, glad that the house was empty. Humiliated, she sat down
on her couch and began to cry. She had never felt so helpless and out of
control. And she was filled with terror that she would have to face the same
class tomorrow.


Heather slept little that night. She was too embarrassed to share with her
husband what had happened. She held it all inside, waiting for a new day. She
feared going back, but needed her job. She kept telling herself that she was a
professional and she would deal with the situation in a professional manner.
The few times she drifted off to sleep she was haunted by nightmares about being
tied up, naked and helpless. She woke quickly. She got an early start that
morning. She dressed herself very modestly in a long dress, hoping to avoid
attention. She arrived at school early that day so that she would not have to
face anyone else. She went straight to her classroom and waited.

Her first class came in at about 7:30. Several of the boys whistled and made
catcalls at her. Some of the students even made ruder comments. Heather was
afraid to address them at all, not wanting to lose control again. She began her
lesson, but it was obvious that no one was going to listen to her. The students
had no regard at all for her now. To make things worse ten minutes after the
lesson started Mr. Allen walked in. He sat down at the back of the room and
began making notes on her performance. It was obvious that she had lost control
of her classroom and she was sure he was noting that. He stayed for the rest of
the day, watching her fail again and again. Her voice was trembling and her
hands shook. She knew that she was doing worse now than ever, but she didn't
know what else to do, so she kept trying. At the end of the day Mr. Allen came
up to her.

"That was the most horrible display of teaching I have ever seen Mrs. Wiseman.
You will start going to your classroom management classes next week. In the
meantime, I would really like to review your grades and plans so that I can
offer you suggestions on what to do. Please don't forget to have your lesson
plan and grade book on my desk by the end of the day tomorrow."

Heather's heart sank. With everything else yesterday and today she had
forgotten. She was hopelessly behind with both book and it would take her the
rest of the afternoon to get something ready to show him. She quickly saw Mr.
Allen out and rushed back to her desk to begin. To her dismay her grade book
was gone. She began to frantically search for it, pulling out papers and files.
Throwing aside documents on her desk. She didn't notice her classroom door open

"Is this what you are looking for Mrs. Wiseman?" She looked up to see Donnie,
her main tormenter from yesterday standing in front of her, holding her grade
book in his hands. "Give that to me right now!" she screamed. "I was looking
though this and I noticed that you have not written down any grades since

"Donnie," she said, "I really need that back." "You don't need to cause any
more trouble."

"I really think that I should show this to the office. You should be keeping
better records. I heard Mr. Allen ask you to turn it in tomorrow. Maybe we
need to go over and show him now."

Heather's bottom lip began to tremble. "Please Donnie, I've got the tests from
your class in the file cabinet. I just need to transfer the scores into the
grade book. It's probably going to take all night. Give it back so that I can
get started."

"If you want the book, you're going to have to earn it," he said. "I'll give it
back to you, but we'll have some fun first." He then told her to meet him in an
abandon farmhouse two blocks away from the school. She was to walk from the
school to the farmhouse. She must not take her car. If she didn't come or she
drove her car then the book would be burned and she would not have anything to
show Mr. Allen. Donnie walked out of the room laughing. Heather put her head
on her desk and began to cry.


Heather left the school right at three, as soon as the teachers were allowed to.
She began to walk down the street on foot. How could I have let this happen?
What are they going to do to me? Is my job really worth this? Then she thought
about how much trouble her husband was having finding work and how if she lost
her job she would not be able to provide for her beloved child. She also
thought about how horrible and sickening it had been being blindfolded and tied
up, naked in front of the whole school. And how much worse this would be.

As she arrived at the barn she saw that there were at least ten cars parked in
front of it. She recognized them as being student cars. She walked up into the
barn and saw it was dark inside. "Come in and close the door behind you!" a
voice boomed. She did as she was told. It was completely dark. A bright
spotlight came on, blinding her. She could see people sitting behind it but she
could only make out silhouette. There were at least fifteen people. Some boy
and some girls. "Take off your clothes!" the voice boomed again. Heather's
hands began to tremble, a tear slide down her cheek. "No please!" she said. In
the darkness she saw a lighter ignite and she could see Donnie, holding her
grade book very close to the flame. She reached up and began to unbutton her
shirt. All of a sudden cameras began to flash from behind the spotlight. "No
pictures" she pleaded. "Shut up Bitch!" Donnie's voice boomed. She pulled her
shirt off, exposing a silky white bra underneath. "Keep going!" She untied the
waistband of her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood before the
crowd, in her bra and matching panties. Placing her hands over her most private
areas. Trying to maintain some privacy from the group. Cameras continued to
flash despite her earlier plea. "Now, slowly remove your bra." She unfastened
it, letting her two white supple breast fall out. She was humiliated. "Now
your panties!" She hooked her two fingers into her elastic waistband and pulled
them down. Heather had always been very attractive. Her body was tiny, but
very well shaped. Her skin was white and soft. The hair between her legs was
as blond as the hair on her head. Tiny goose pimples covered her body. She was
cold and her tiny nipples hardened. "Crawl over here!" Heather got down on her
hands and knees and crawled into the light. The floor was dirty and the whole
place smelled. As she got closer she could make out some of the others. They
were all in her class. Donnie was sitting in a chair. His pants were down
around his knees and his penis was sticking straight in the air. Its size was
quite impressive. "Suck this Bitch!" he yelled. Heather paused. She had never
done anything like that before. The idea was revolting. Her husband had begged
her to before but she had refused. She couldn't even imagine. Now she was
going to kneel and do for this teenage boy what she had refused to do even for
her husband. Donnie saw her look of disgust and motioned toward her grade book
on the floor. "As soon as you make me cum, you can go. You have a lot of work
to do tonight." Heather crawled up close to him rubbing his legs. His dick was
so hard it was turning purple. She could get it over with quickly she thought.
She rubbed her hands up and down his legs to tease him. She got really close so
her breasts pressed into his legs. Cameras flashed more. At least five of the
others watching had brought cameras with them. One guy was taping her with a
video recorder also. She worried about when these pictures might come up again.
There was nothing she could do about it though. She ran her hands up his legs
and grasp his cock firmly. She rolled her tongue over the head of it. She
thought if she got him really excited he would cum quickly and she could go
home. She slowly put the tip in her mouth and sucked. I little drop of semen
trickled out. She moved her lips up and down harder and faster. Moaning a
little. She tickled his testicals with her long fingernails. She moved her
tongue and her lips, sucking and licking until finally a hot jet of semen shot
down her throat. She swallowed hard, not wanting to displease him. She looked
up at him, hoping to be dismissed. Someone from behind place a cloth bag over
her head. She tried to pull it off but her hands were grabbed. She was forced
to the floor and her legs were spread apart. Hand held her down while others
explored her body. This time it was even more intament. Fingers entered her
vagina and brushed over her clit. She had no way of knowing where they would
touch her next. A penis entered her mouth and a few seconds later one entered
her cunt. Despite everything else she had been through, this was her first time
being raped. She felt like her last bit of dignity was being stripped from her.
She choked on a jet of sperm in her mouth and the penis left it only to be
replaced by another. Soon the guy fucking her cam and another guy took his
place. The bag covered her face. She didn't even know who was fucking her. It
seemed to go on for hours. One guy after another. Things grew darker and she
began to feel light headed. She fainted.


When Heather awoke she did not know where she was. It took her several minutes
to remember the viscous assault on her body. She was sore all over and her
insides felt like they were on fire. The boys were gone and so were her clothes
and her grade book. Had all of this been for nothing? Her car was still parked
at the school and to get to it she would have to walk back naked. She had an
extra key taped underneath the bumper for when she locked herself out. She
would be able to drive home. But then what? Surly her husband would notice if
she walked in naked and covered in cum. What could she tell him? That she was
raped. Should she call the police? What about the pictures they took? She
could imagine pictures of herself sucking a teenagers dick being posted on the
web, sent in to adult magazines or god knows what else. If they got out she
would never work again. All of the boys were under age also. She could be
tried for raping them. What if she was pregnant? What if she had AIDS?

She walked out and saw that it was dark. It was later than she thought. Her
husband would be worried. She decided to walk through the woods to avoid being
seen by cars on the road. It was tough walking through woods and night with no
clothes or shoes. Branches and thorns tore at her flesh. When she got to the
school she could no longer move under the cover of trees. She moved out into
the open and walked towards her car. To her relief her clothes were neatly
folded and sitting on the hood, along with her grade book. "Thank God," she
whispered. As she dressed she noticed that her bra and panties were still
missing. It felt good to be wearing something though.

When Heather got home her husband was waiting by the door. "Where the hell were
you? I was about the call the police!" ""They are watching me really closely
now. I've had a lot of trouble in my class lately. I really need some time to
get everything together or I'll lose my job." Her husband knew that she had
been really busy with the baby being born and all. He wasn't surprised to hear
about her performance at work dropping. He fixed her supper while she got
started on her lesson plans and grade book. To her surprise several of the
grades had already been filled out in ink. All of the boys who had raped her
earlier and also given themselves very high marks in her grade book. She was
almost relieved that she would not have to fill out those columns of scores with
all the other stuff that she had to do. She left in their scores, making them
look like top students.


Heather was tired the next morning. She had been up almost all night recording
lessons and writing grades. She had time for two hours of sleep; most of it was
haunted by nightmares of the day's events. It was hard to get in her car and go
to work. She wanted to run away. She wanted to die. She felt dirty.

When she got to the school she went into Mr. Allen's office. He said that her
grade book and lesson plans looked great and he was really impressed. She felt
joy for the first time in days. Her heart leaped with excitement. "I'm sure
everything will work out for you," He said "We just have to help you get your
class under control." She agreed and took off to start the day. When she sat
down to check her email on her classroom computer she was in for a shock. One
of her students had email her the pictures that he and taken from yesterday.
They were all pictures of her sucking Donnie's dick. She had tried to look like
she was enjoying herself at the time to make him cum faster. These pictures
made it look like she was consenting.

"I see you got Harry's email" came a voice from behind. She turned quickly and
saw Donnie standing behind her. "We thought you would like to see how good you
look. We have copies of all the pictures and a video tape of your little show
yesterday. If you don't do what we say then we'll show them to Mr. Allen, your
husband and anyone else you ever ask for a job. You'll never work again. We'll
also show the police how you molested a minor. I'm sure five years in jail will
do you good."

"Donnie, I've done everything you ask up until now. I don't plan on stopping.
Just don't mess up my job or my marriage. I'll do anything you ask."

He smiled. "Drink this" He pulled a bottle of Milk of Magnesia out of his bag.
"We're going to clean you out."

"Donnie", she said, "Class is about to start. I've got three classes back to
back and I won't have a chance to take a restroom break for almost two and a
half hours. I'll drink it, just not now."

"OK, he said, "I'll just go ahead and show Mr. Allen your pictures then."

Heather took the bottle and drunk. "Empty the bottle now, don't leave a drop."
As she finished some other students came into the room. A few minutes later
class began. For the first fifteen minutes or so everything was fine. Then she
felt a cramp in her stomach, then another. Her bowels began to stir. She gave
the rest of her lecture in pain. Trying not to move for fear of soiling herself
in front of the whole class. Because she had another class coming in after that
one she had to say in her room. If something happened and she was not there she
would still be responsible. If a fight started or something she could lose her
job. She had to teach two more classes before she could go to the restroom.
She didn't think she would make it. She tried sitting down standing up changing
portions, none of it seemed to help. She could barely walk when the last class
left. She limped to the restroom and relieved herself. It was her planning
period now. She had 45 minutes until her next class. When she went back to her
room there was a note on her desk along with a picture of her begin fucked by
one of her other students. The note said to walk back to the barn again after


Heather took off for the barn as soon as she was able to leave the school.
Teachers had to stay later than students, so Donnie and his friends had plenty
of time to set up whatever they were going to do next. Her hands shook as she
opened the door. There were almost thirty guys inside. She slowly edged into
the door holding her head down low, unable to face the young boys. She wanted
to run, go back to the school and tell Mr. Allen everything. Surly the boys
would show him the pictures though and she would lose any chance of ever working
anywhere again. If her husband found out she might also lose her marriage and
even her son. Overhead lights this time lighted the barn and there was no
spotlight. Several of the boys where drinking beer. They all began to cheer
when Heather came in. "You're going to get it today, Bitch!" one yelled.
Another spit in her face. "Strip her!" The next thing Heather knew she was on
the ground again. Clothes begin ripped off, naked. Her arms were pinned down
and her legs spread apart she was sure that she was going to be raped again.
Her whole body was still sore from the other day. Her insides hurt and she
didn't think that she could stand it. One of the boys took off his belt. We're
going to make you scream, Bitch!" He yelled. The belt went whistling through
the air toward her unprotected vagina. The one-second lasted an eternity. Her
body twisted and contorted, trying to avoid the blow. SMACK! A hot flash of
pain surged through her body. She didn't even notice the second blow coming,
SMACK! "Did you like that Bitch?" SMACK! "Want some more Bitch!" SMACK! They
let her go and she grabbed her crotch, trying to sooth the pain. "Stand up!"
Heather slowly started to rise, but was jerked to her feet by another boy. "You
are our slut now, Mrs. Wiseman. You will do whatever we say to do whenever we
say to do it. If someone says to show your tits you make sure it's a good show.
If someone needs his dick sucked or a quick fuck you better be ready. If you
get out of line we will tell the school and your family that you've been fucking
all of us. We'll show pictures and everything. Everyone will know you're a
slut when we're done."

Heather had already gotten the idea. "You're going to make us some money
tonight." Donnie said. "We're going to use the money you make to by drinks for
the party this weekend." "Change into these." He said, producing a small bag.
The clothes that she wore in were ripped to shreds. She was glad to be able to
cover up. She grabbed the bag; only to find a short leather dress, see through
panties, a tube top and spike heals. Surly she couldn't wear this. She looked
up questioningly at the boys.

"Put the damn clothes on now Bitch!" Donnie said. She dressed. She was then
blindfolded and tied. It scared her the most when they wouldn't let her see.
She worried they might all pounce on her and rape her violently like they did
the other day. Instead they lead her out to one of their trucks. She was
placed inside and someone got into the cab and began to drive. No one spoke.
The ride lasted a long time. When the truck stopped she was taken out. They
were downtown. She didn't know how long it had been because they had taken her
watch. She knew that it was late though, because it was dark. She had to get
home soon, her husband would be worried. He must never find out about any of

"We are leaving you here Bitch!" Donnie yelled in her face. "We'll be back in
two hours. You have until then to make $500 or we'll show the pictures that we
made yesterday to your husband and the school. If you try and leave before
then, or you don't make enough money you'll be very sorry." She stared at him
and saw that he was smiling.

"How can I make any money here?" she said, honestly not having any idea what to

"You'll have to whore yourself out, slut." He smiled.

Heather's heart sank. After all that she had been though, she just wanted to go
home. She was tired and sore. She was really hungry also. She had no way of
knowing how to go about trying to sell her body. The idea of another person
having sex with her made her tremble.

The boys got in their trucks and drove off. She didn't have a watch. She had
no idea when her time would be up. The parking lot she was in was deserted, so
she could probably bring someone here. Would anyone even want to pay for her?
Her makeup was messed up from crying. She felt dirty from crawling on the barn
floor and her clothes made her look really cheap. What if she ran into someone
she knew? She could visualize herself running into Mr. Allen leaving a
restaurant with his wife. What would he say if he found out? Time was running
out. She walked out into the street.

She moved into the crowded downtown area. One guy whistled at her. Several
ladies looked at her in disgusted. She could feel eyes peering at her. She
didn't know what to do. She walked into a bar and sat down. She didn't have
any money at all, but maybe she could find someone in here who she could
proposition. It wasn't too long before someone found her.

The guy at the end of the bar sent a drink over to her. She'd never really
drunk before, but she downed it quickly, hoping to take some of the edge off.
Ten minutes later she found herself down on her knees in the men's room.
Sucking his cock. She tried to make herself as appealing as possible, hoping he
would finish quickly. After getting a hot jet of semen in her mouth she was
awarded $20. This would be a long night.

She did about four more blowjobs in the restroom of the bar before she was asked
to leave. The manager told her that they didn't want trash like her in the bar.
This really hurt her.

She decided that she could make better money if she could get someone to fuck
her. She'd spent almost an hour just making $100. The idea was revolting, but
so was everything else that she'd been forced to do.

She went into several bars before she found someone who said he would give her
$400 to fuck. He was a large black guy with a lazy eye. He was probably 500
lbs and he was very scary looking. She took him to the deserted parking lot
that she had been left in early. She was running out of time, and would
hopefully finish up just as the boys got there. She would be very glad to see

She undressed fully in the parking lot. Rubbing her breasts for the black guy.
She could tell by the bulge in his pants that he was very excited. She undid
his zipper and took his cock into her mouth. She rubbed and sucked until his
dick was so hard it was turning purple. She laid him down on the ground and
took him inside of her.

She thought back to the first time that she was ever with a man. Her college
boyfriend. How it had been so innocent and pure. How she thought about him
every day. How she made him wait so long. She thought about her first time
with her husband. How she loved him so much. How this would hurt him so much.

The black guy rolled over so he was on top. He ejaculated inside of her. Just
as she thought it was over his fist came down on her face. Everything went
dark. When she awoke Donnie was shaking her.

"Where is my money Bitch."

She thought about the $100 in her pocket, but when she felt for it, it was gone.

"I was robbed! I had it, really I did"

"Tough shit bitch! That's not going to pay for our party tomorrow."

"Please, leave me out here longer, I can get the money." She cried.

"If I were you bitch, I'd leave town. We're going to ruin you."

The boys left her there. They said they weren't coming back for her. She
should leave because the pictures would be all over town in two hours. At first
she didn't know what to do. She decided to take a taxi home. She figured they
would give her another chance if she paid them. She had some money saved.

When she got home the cab driver told her it was 2:00 in the morning. All the
lights in the house were on. She didn't know where she could tell her husband
she had been. She didn't know how she could explain to him how she was dressed.

When she walked in the door there was nothing to explain. He was sitting in his
chair, watching a video of her sucking Donnie's dick. I was a close up of her,
she looked consenting.

"Some boys dropped this tape by for me earlier. They said that I should watch
it. I didn't know that it was a picture of my wife slutting herself out. What
the fuck!" He screamed.

Heather didn't know what to do. It was like her whole world was really falling
apart. She fled the house to escape her husband's rage. She ran out into the
street only to find police cars. She was being arrested for having sex with a

During the hearing the pictures where all shown. She tried to tell her story,
but no one would believe her. Her husband left her during the trial. She
served for five years in a correctional facility. After her parole hearing she
was unable to find work. No school would hire her. She went for months without
work until one day she got a call for an interview. She spent days getting
ready for the interview. This could be her one chance. She went to the school
in her best dress. She had to wait almost thirty minuets before going back to
the principal's office.

When she finally walked in her smile faded away. Her hands began to shake.

She looked at the man behind the desk.

"Hello Donnie" she said.

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