Have Hands– Will Travel Chapter 3

Have Hands– Will Travel Chapter 3

I came in the gym at 10:45am .. Sandra was already there.

“ Well Dano– how was your evening ? You don't look like you've had much sleep. Smiling , I pulled up a stool and accepted the coffee she had brought me from Hardee's.
“ I slept some – [I lied]– but not as much as I would have liked.”
The truth was Connie had worn me down, screwed me in every known position imaginable , some that you needed a knowledge of yoga to perform. I don't know yoga. She had given me little choice in the matter.
We began around 9pm last night,except for the occasional bathroom break, stopping long enough to devour the rest of the pizza, have a double jack , Connie was like a little girl that had been given a brand new Barbie doll—-just couldn't put it down.

We watched the sun come up together from the balcony, denied ourselves breakfast and even done the wild thang standing in the balcony doorway. With only an hour before the maids came around, I was showering when she snuck in and sucked my cock empty. I had it coming too– all that shit she laid down about her 'fantasy ' … But I look back on it now as a learning experience…Be careful what you wish for..
Sandra asked were we staying or leaving.
“I've spoke at length with Connie about training her to work the table here, and she will accept if she can keep her night job at the Inn. I'll get her started on our next trip in two weeks–with your approval. I didn't talk money with her–that's on your plate. ” Her voice dropped as she said above a whisper–
“ Is she any good ?” Sandra's eyebrows rose and fell a few times—her eyes wide.

“ Sandra– she's good as Donna and Debra , but is somewhat of a 'control freak' if you get my drift. She turned me every way but loose last night.”
“There's a cold front coming in , and we need to get into the air if you hadn't anything else planned here . I have to swing back to Beech to pick up some paperwork I'll need in Naples, Florida …our next biggest place. We can stay and go south tomorrow morning. Maybe you can get some decent sleep in your bed tonight.”
“ I suppose to put Cathy on the table this morning.. If you can get me outta that, I'm ready to leave now.”
“ I'll take care of that” she said.. Sandra walked out of the bar area and found Cathy, telling her we had to leave now, or bad weather would mess up our plans. She bought that line, saying she could wait, and would start spreading the word about me. We took a cab to the airport and was in the air at 12:30pm.

“ I'm going to the gyms in reverse order, from the largest, to the smallest. After thinking about what you said, I have gyms that probably couldn't grow much without expanding..I don't own the Knoxville place.. I have a five year lease with an option to buy.. Whatcha think?”
“Well, I don't know how you're affording what you already have. It's none of my business.”
“My husband backed me with the cash , and I bought the place at Beech and the one in Naples, Fla. They are paid for and the rest are leased with options to buy. All are good money makers.. On paper I'm worth about 2.5 million. When my divorce is final, that number will double ..he's already agreed to it.”

Damn, I thought.. I've been screwing a multi-millionaire!!

“With the Knoxville gym, it's plenty large enough and if I were you, I'd buy it if the price is acceptable. You have room there for all the little extras you have at Beech without expanding, and it's a large enough city to have co-ed memberships.”
“ I'm listing you on my taxes as a 'consultant' – Sandra said , so the cash I pay you appears on paper in my 'deductible' column. That's about all I can pay for in cash without raising any flags with the IRS.. I can only can estimate what you'll clear after we get this off the ground, but I'm thinking it will approach about $100 K the first year, and climb steadily thereafter.. How bout calling ahead and have one of the girls meet us with the Hummer at the airport.. we're ten minutes till touchdown..”
Donna picked up and was surprised we were coming back so soon. She said Sandra would come in about once a month, stay a couple of days, and take off again..she had no idea how big this ladies plate was.. Sandra came down through thick fog, trusting her instruments to put us on the proper approach… it was scary as hell to me, but she laughed it off saying the plane had GPS and some other ' thingee ' that insured we would pop out under the fog three miles from the runway.
I finally saw the runway lights through the fog as we came in at 100mph.. Shit!! Sandra touched the wheels down, backed off the engines , taxied to her hangar and shut everything down.. telling the guys there to top off the tanks and prep the plane for an early flight out tomorrow. Donna had the Hummer nearby and we loaded up.. Sandra wanted to go to her place, so she dropped us off at the gym and returned to town. I barely made it through the door and Debra was all over me, hugging and smothering me with kisses.

“I'm so glad you're back !” she squealed.
“Don't get all happy yet– we leave for Florida in the morning.” I carried my Jethro bag upstairs and looked at my bed , wishing I could grab a few Z's on it. I unpacked a few items , then repacked more and set it near the steps..I put on my trunks and grabbed a towel, heading to the sauna. That would help me work those kinks out that Connie had put in with the yoga sex. I sat awhile then lay back on a bench and made a pillow with my towel.

Donna came in a few minutes later, to check on members–she said. Seeing me alone in there, she straddled my waist and rubbed her camel toe on the bulge in my trunks. I could feel the heat and dampness of her pussy through her jogging shorts and my trunks.
“Don't think I don't appreciate the gesture Donna , but I'm bushed from all this traveling.. how bout a rain check ?
“ I just wanted you to know Debra and I have kept your bed warm for you. We put on fresh sheets this morning..”
“You think you could keep her busy today and let me grab a few hours sleep?” She assured me Deb had plenty to do.
“Stanley called down here yesterday and left a message for her, said she had one more check there to pick up. I cut her loose to go get it.. Today is one of our slow days…We'll be doing some moving around downstairs. I hope you won't be disturbed.”
“ Thanks– I'll remember the favor.” I stood and kissed her , touched her damp 'camel toe' with my fingers, and reminded her to change her shorts.. The horny Cherokee couldn't help herself.. We made our way to her office and she entered to change . I took the direct route to the stairs and my bed.

Closing all the drapes , I made the place as dark as possible and fell out on top of the bed, not even taking time to get between the sheets. I don't remember even dreaming, just blacked out , waking at 5:30pm feeling like a new man. There was activity downstairs, and it now made sense why Sandra had a place in town..

I shaved and had a quick shower before feeling 100% , and dressed in casual attire. I didn't anticipate doing any massage work there till the following week. I made coffee , and took a large cup downstairs with me to the juice bar. Checking my clipboard I saw that all the times had been penciled in. I spoke with a few members before making my way back to my massage room / office..

A pair of 22yr old twins— Josey and Jan came up in their sexy identical bikini's . Hooking my arms on each side we walked arm in arm towards my office– and the pool—where they were headed.. I absolutely could not tell them apart, but they were beautiful..
“Dano , did you see our names on your clipboard ?” Jan asked–or was it Josey…..
“No—I didn't pay attention to the names, only that my first week is booked solid.”
“ Can we get ours together ?” Josey said as she smiled .
“ I'm sorry ladies but my table can take only one at a time.” Jan spoke next–
“That's O K – You can do me first while Josey watches.” I shook my head– the image forming in my mind's eye. My cock gave a twitch..
“ Getting a massage is a private and personal experience that's best when it's done one on one..”
“But we always do everything together! Please ?” they said this almost together..
“I'll think on it and let you know girls.” I begged off, before my cock started thinking for me.. They each gave me pecks on the cheeks and turned to the pool area, waving bye—their two asses swinging in time with each other.. I went inside and sat down, my stupid cock already swelling…..

I booted my computer and downloaded my info on the clients I'd done so far.. I made little red hearts beside the Erotic ones, for future reference. I had an extensive database of information I'd kept in journals over the years. I had given up paper in favor of the 3 gig Hewlett Packard at my home. Transferring my files to this one in the mountains was like taking money from one pocket and placing it in the other. I had just finished when Donna called back looking for me.
“ You're not with anyone are you?”
“You'll see , sit tight….”
It wasn't a minute till Donna stuck her head inside the door, checking for herself that I was alone.. She stepped in and Debra followed , wearing sunglasses. Walking up to the desk, she pulled them off to show me a welt under and to the side of her left eye. Red and puffy, it would be a nice shiner in a couple of hours.. I stood and went around to her as she started to cry..

“ Stanley done it ! He hit me Dano– he got me up there just so he could have the last laugh! There wasn't another check waiting for me. He had me follow him to the back of the kitchen, saying he left it with the cook. He back-handed me so hard it knocked me down and if the cook hadn't been there , he'd probably have raped me also.” I looked and saw prints of a shoe high on her left hip also..

“ Yeah – he kicked or stomped me too– I couldn't tell which cause I couldn't see for a moment.I know it's sore there.. I raised her top to see a large bruise.. The cook pulled him off and I ran out the back and got away before he could catch me. He says he's gonna ' fuck you up too' if you come up there.”
I had to sit back down. I was so mad I got a hard on…My legs trembled –my heart was racing.

“ I warned him to leave you alone didn't I ? All he had to do was bug someone else– or grow the fuck up.. Now it looks like I'm going to jail cause there's no damn way I gonna let this slide !!”
“No Dano—It's O K – He's expecting you and will have people watching for you—maybe even his uncle, the sheriff.” Debra was at my side , trying to get me calm. I fixed a double and knocked it back, then another.. I had to get my temper down and not go up there without a plan..
Donna was another problem. She owned a .38 two shot derringer that she could hide in her crotch..
“I'll blow his cock off– then pick it up and shove it down his throat!”
“No Donna– It's my fault for 'taking' her away from him, and I'll handle this in my own way. I won't kill him– but his health is going to slide downhill very suddenly. I only need you to get him outside for me.”

“ Debra I need you to call Sandra to come pick you up and take you to the hospital to fix that up. Make sure they make a report of it. Tell em you won't be pressing charges just yet. Stay the night with her.. Donna and I will take care of Stanley.” I was already forming a plan that Stanley would fall for. Sandra arrived and seen Deb's eye..
“ It don't surprise me one bit. He knew we flew out of here yesterday cause I fly right over the top of the resort on my way to Knoxville.. Where he's stupid is when we flew back in– I took a wide approach to the runway , avoiding Beech Mountain and the fog hid the plane well. He don't know we're back.”

“Take Deb with you. I don't want her in any more danger should my plan fail.. Like I said, Donna and I will take care of this asshole tomorrow.”
Debra hugged me and Donna and they left. Donna locked up behind them and done her thing with the days receipts. She took it to the night deposit at the bank and brought us a few hot dogs to munch on. I was drawing out a makeshift floor plan of the resort , for Donna …

As we ate, I laid out my plan, putting little x marks on the paper to show her how she could steer Stanley out the back door. She would have to remain calm to pull off her end of this. He had never seen Donna, so we planned for her to enter the resort as a magazine reporter, wanting a tour of the place.

“Avoid the upper floors and get him to show you the bar, dining room, etc..Flirt with him.. Eventually ask to see the kitchen.. We'll time this for the afternoon, when it's nearly empty. I need you to 'come on to him' , and offer to screw him in your van outside. With his ego—and your body—there's no way he'll refuse.”
“ When he comes out, and gets to the van, I'm gonna tune him up.”
“Whatcha gonna do to him Dano?”
“I won't kill him, but I will put his ass in the hospital ! With my knowledge of anatomy, I plan to break a few bones. He can't say later I didn't warn him. Half the guests in the dining room heard me threaten him the other day.”

“What about the law– you know Stanley's uncle will come looking for you.”
“ Sandra will have Deb with her at the airport. You will drive me there from the resort , drop me off,we'll take off and you go back to the gym. Get a couple of members– the twins will be perfect cause their always in there. Tell Jan and Josey I'll do what they want when I get back.”
“Huh?” I smiled and explained the twins request.. Donna laughed ..
“ I can call them now, cause they've helped me out before when I needed someone to clean up the sauna or pool area. My perfect alibi – right?” Donna said.
“That's the plan sweetheart, and I can't see a flaw in it at all. Call Sandra and tell her to take a few pics of Debra's face after her eye turns darker. If Stanley presses charges on me, she can use the pics and have his ass arrested for assault on a female. She also has a witness—the cook..”

While Donna made the call, I changed to my trunks and went to the sauna to relax some . I stripped and lay naked on a bench right over a vent of steam. I stayed about 15 minutes before she found me. Donna came into the sauna wearing a terrycloth white robe.
“ I just knew you would be here. I have all the wheels in motion, the twins agreed to help. Sandra has Deb at her home now, and told me to watch your back till this is over.”
Opening her robe and straddling me as she had earlier, her bare cunt rubbed my crotch as my cock awoke quickly. She leaned forward and kissed me softly, letting her lips and tongue caress mine. Her labia was wet in anticipation, sliding along the thickening shaft on the underside.
Using her hand she placed the head of my cock inside her , sliding down onto me as she moaned lustily into my lips.
“ Mmmm—Yess! I've missed that cock..Unnghh!”
Donna pumped and squirmed around until she was firmly impaled , squeezing my shaft with her tight cunt. I lay motionless, having learned a lesson from Connie. It made Donna shift around to find the right angle that worked for her. I flexed my prostate , making the shaft and head expand inside her.
“ Ohh – You thick dicked bastard! That cock feels so fucking good !!” She pulled her robe off , casting it aside as she sat upright to get maximum penetration, my cock buried in her to my balls. Her hands were in my chest hair, her nails scratching at my nipples. Donna rode my shaft hard, taking long strokes as her ass cut little circles on the up and down strokes. I rode this one out, figuring she needed a good orgasm to take the edge off.

She began to chant again in her native tongue as she came hard, grinding her pubic bone into mine.

“ AiIEEeeee” she screamed as she fell forward , her cunt muscles in spasms as the thick fluids bathed my cock and balls. Kissing me deeply with tongue, her hips and ass cheeks jerked from the intense aftershocks as they coursed through her body.
Finally she grew quiet, a small jerk here and there as she milked my still hard cock. We were both soaked in sweat and other bodily fluids so I suggested a swim in the heated pool.. Donna stood shakily from me, her cunt dripping a few more strings of cum onto my groin.
Going through a couple of doors, we stepped into the shallow end and walked out till the warm water was at her breasts, the nipples rock hard.. I pulled her to me -she wrapped her thighs around my waist as I held her ass cheeks, guiding my cock home again. The water and her cum made entry easy, sliding to bump her pubic mound into my groin. I walked slightly deeper, till it was up to our chins.

“Don't you dare go deeper cause I'm loving this too much to swim.” Donna said while stroking, the water making her thrusts seem like slow motion.
“Hold your breath as we kiss” I said .. Our lips met and I pulled her close, letting my body fall back..
We fucked our way downward and I began to kick and backstroke us to the surface, swimming for both of us. Breaking the surface—and our kiss I whispered — “ Don't pump me , just squeeze my cock over and over till you cum.”
I hoped I could half– tread water / backstroke to keep us afloat….. If not , we'd just drown—I wasn't backing off now.

We floated just enough to keep our heads above the surface, and while Donna gripped and worked her hot pussy on my shaft, I flexed my prostate muscles to expand my entire cock inside her. Slipping my middle finger up her ass, she was impaled firmly in both holes. Her chants started again as her cunt gushed thick fluids around my cock, setting off a massive orgasm in me..
“AiIi-eeiiee aw a en!!” She sat up to grind her cunt deeper on my spurting cock, which drove me underwater.. I let her wring our orgasms out, holding my breath while she pulled the hot ropes of cum from my balls with her spasming cunt muscles. My head bumped the corner of the pool and I placed my arms along both edges to support us. She pinched my finger with her gripping anal muscle and continued to cum – her long black hair wet and tangled all in our faces.

Donna finally lay her head into my neck and said– “Fuck-I've never done it like that before.. so fuckin hot!!” I said nothing , but stood and let my numb dick slip out of her. I was weak in my knees also, as we pulled ourselves up to rest along the side of the pool on our backs.
“What were you saying the moment you cum?” I asked.. Donna's hands encircled mine..
“ The Cherokee language doesn't have words for ' fuck-cum-cock and other slang words your people use. A rough translation is ' I am yours forever my lover, and will always love you– our spirits are one.”
I pulled her to me, kissing her deeply. No woman had ever put it quite that way, and it touched my heart. Knowing the kind of life I lived– she asked nothing of me, wasn't jealous or demanding of my time, and had chanted that every time we had come together.

We made our way back upstairs to the huge bed. After the last couple of hours, we were both ready for some sleep. Donna curled into my side, with her head on my chest and was asleep in minutes. My next thoughts came at 6:30 am when Donna woke. She bounced out of bed and into the shower. Her beautiful voice was singing something in her native tongue.. I rolled over to her side to smell her scent…Hmmm.. After dressing, she fixed my coffeemaker and went down to the gym. I finally dragged myself to the shower. As I dressed Donna came back up to start my coffeemaker..

“ How you doing this fine morning,” she asked . I hugged her tightly and replied,
“Considering all the 'fringe benefits' you've done lately I feel damn good!” She had already called on Josey and Jan to help out in the gym today. I spoke about them helping on a permanent basis..
“ I'll more than likely keep Debra with me for the present, so make the twins this offer..Tell em they get free memberships plus they will split Deb's salary between them, plus tips.. You get them trained to do her job and we'll see how it turns out. You'll get two for the price of one.”
“Whatcha gonna do with Debra” Donna asked.
“ Well – I'm probably put her in at another fitness center, far away from Stanley. You done showed her enough to run one, and the way Sandra moves around, she needs some managers she can trust and count on in her absence. This lady is big time Donna, and worth a lot more than you can imagine.” Our day progressed smoothly until about 3pm.. Sandra called and Donna had me do the talking. “I was waiting for you to call and say you was ready. Stay by your phone..”

Donna and I drove up to the resort. She went inside while I stayed in the van, but in the back so I could use the element of surprise. It wasn't ten minuets till I saw them headed for the van. I could barely make out a little bulge in Stanley's trousers..stupid cocksucker,,,,,,,,,, Donna slid the door sideways and he stepped inside—sort of..
As soon as his shoulders were past the door, I pulled him hard while Donna pushed his narrow ass inside and slid the door closed…It took all of five seconds.
She walked around and got into the drivers seat. I hit him exactly were he had hit Debra, but with considerable more force. Then I hit him square in the nose. I felt it crunch as it broke. Staley swung at my nose, making it bleed, but it wasn't broken..
“Owww –Wh—What the fuck! You b-broke my nose!” was all he had to say at the moment. I was standing, although hunched over in the cramped confines…
I let my next blow hit him between the shoulder socket and collarbone, separating the two and crunching. My next blow caught him between the armpit and his right nipple, breaking the two thin ribs there . He howled in agony..
“Pl-Please don't hit me again Dano—I-I'm sorry for what I did to Deb.”
“You should be , cocksucker.. You outweigh her a hundred pounds.. If she takes out a warrant on you, even your Uncle can't cover this up.”
I pulled my money out and stuffed $500 in his shirt pocket..
“That's to help your sorry ass with the doctor bills… It's gonna be a pleasure knowing you will hurt every breath you take for the next six weeks. I better never hear of you bothering her again . Next time I'll do worse, trust me..”
I slid the door back and actually helped him out, in case someone were watching.. I called Sandra and we all met at the airport. Donna kissed me long and sensuous, with plenty of tongue.. We taxied out to the runway and lifted off, waving bye to her.. I'd just about made up my mind that when I settled down , it would be with Donna…

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