Helping Big Brother 2

Helping Big Brother 2

True story…….continued

When Jimmy woke the next morning he was terrified of how his 13 year old sister Cindy would react to the things they'd done the night before. After all, as much as he'd enjoyed their "play", what if she started feeling guilty and told Mom.

He worried as he stepped into the bathroom that separated his room from his sister's. Just remembering the night before when Cindy had helped him get some "relief" from a bad case of blue balls with first a handjob, and then the most outstanding blowjob he'd had in his 17 years of life., had his dick standing at attention and made it very hard to piss.

Maybe it was his worry or the throbbing hard on that made him careless this morning, because he failed to lock the door leading into Cindy's room. While he stood in front of the toilet trying to decide if he needed to jerk off……the door opened and a grinning Cindy stood in the doorway.

"Looks like somebody needs some more "relief" this morning," said Cindy staring at Jimmy's 7 inch boner.

Jimmy just stood with his dick in his hand and stared. He couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Your OK with what we did last night?" he asked.

"Of course I'm OK with it, silly " she said, "I told you I wanted to help you out when you were in need……and it pretty fun for me too."

Cindy stepped across the room and took his swollen hard on in her tiny hand and stroked it slowly. Pre-cum leaked out to coat her fingers and made a wet, sqishing sound.

"Hmmmm, looks like you're ready to go this morning too," she cooed , "But we'll have to hurry cause mom is going to be calling us down for breakfast real soon."

She pulled her baby doll nightgown up to her neck and showed off her perfectly formed, puffy nipples that were standing out begging for attention. They sat atop he smallish breasts like miniture breasts themselves, looking like huge Hershey's Kisses……the raised areolas topped by nipples that were huge and red.

"We'll hurry, but you've got play with my boobys first…….it feels so good when you touch and kiss them," she said as she sqeezed and stroked his twitching cock. She was still amazed at how her little fingers could barely reach halfway around Jimmy's thick dick.

Jimmy reached up to twist her nipples between his thumb and fingers, which produced a moan from Cindy and sent a quiver through her body. She felt her cunt begin to grow wetter.

Jimmy leaned forward and took one of the engorged nipples into his mouth. He sucked hard as he pulled away with his lips, his tongue flicking and swirling around the swollen bud. Cindy brought her free hand up behind his head and held his mouth against her breast as she trembled and felt her hot little cunt gush fluid that slowly began to trickle down her thighs.

As Jimmy continued to suck, lick and nip at her tender nipples with his teeth, Cindy kept one hand wrapped in his hair, while the other one worked on his throbbing dick in full length strokes, from his cum filled balls to the red, swollen head that leaked more and more cum out with every pass of her tiny hand.

As she stroked faster and faster, Jimmy could feel the tension building in his balls and knew it wouldn't be long before he exploded and sent a flood of hot sticky cum flying across the room. He sucked harder on he nipples, moving from one to the other as he got closer and closer to cumming.

Suddenly he slid a hand down across her belly to plunge into her now soaking wet panties. Without slowing, he sank two fingers deep into Cindy's flooding pussy and began pounding them in and out with the same speed she was using on his trembling dick. With each stroke into her quivering and clasping hole, Jimmy pressed hard against her swollen clit, rolling his hand to put extra pressure on that throbbing little knot.

Suddenly Cindy pulled her hand from the back of his head and clamped it over Jimmy's plunging fingers, driving his digits deep into her pussy. Jimmy felt her entire body jerk as her cunt began to spasm and clasp his now trapped hand. Cindy's tiny pussy was already a tight fit for the two fingers inside her, but now, as she began to cum hard, the walls seemed to be trying to swallow and bite off his deep thrust fingers.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh……..ahhhhhh", Cindy went off like a rocket.

That was all it took to push Jimmy over the edge and his balls pulled tight to his body and began to push a huge load of hot cum up the shaft of his cock. Jimmy's mouth dropped open as he took in a tremendous deep breath. His dick swelled in Cindy's hand as the first shot of overheated sperm sped up toward freedom.

Cindy felt the swelling and knew imediately what was about to happen. She squeezed hard on Jimmy's throbbing dick and stopped the blast of cum that was rushing upward before it could reach the now purple, swollen head of his cock. With a swift move, Cindy dropped downward, the move pulling Jimmy's fingers from her clasping cunt with a wet, popping sound.

The pressure in Jimmy's balls felt like it was going to explode when Cindy clamped down on his pulsing dick. He let out a groan, but just as suddenly she released her hold and let the roaring torrent of pent-up sperms fly from the end of his jerking cock as she dropped to her knees and aimed the spraying wand toward her open mouth.

The first blast of hot cum shot across her decending tongue and splashed her lips and cheeks with a white, sticky spray……then she had his twitching dick trapped deep inside her hot little mouth. As Jimmy continued to fire stream after stream of hot cum from his cock, Cindy trapped every blast with tightly closed lips that she worked up and down his throbbing shaft, bobbing her head as fast as she could manage and still not lose control.

When Jimmy felt his baby sister's hot, tight, wet mouth close over the head of his exploding dick……he lost control. Screaming out a half-moan, half-cry, he grabbed his sister's bobbing head with both hands and began to drive his hips forward……sinking the entire length of his 7 inch dick into her mouth and throat. With each new rope-like stream of hot cum, Jimmy jerked his hips forward to send it deep into his sister's clasping throat.

Cindy had learned a lot about how to take a dick deep into her throat the night before and was, she thought, relaxed and prepared for it. However, she hadn't figured on the violent way Jimmy drove his spurting shaft into her throat, and she certainly wasn't prepared for the huge amount of sperm her brother delivered.. She tried valiently to contain and swallow each huge load of cum, but in the end it was just too much to handle. She gagged….and just like a sneeze when you've started to swallow a drink of water…..something had to give. Streamers of sticky, hot cum shot from her nose as she coughed and pulled away. Jimmy's last shot of sperm caught her on the chin and neck.

As Cindy gasped and tried to catch her breath, she looked up at her dazed brother and grinned. She was quite a sight with cum leaking from the corners of her mouth and streaking her cheeks. Tiny white bubbles of cum were dribbling out her nose…….but she couldn't have been happier.

"Damn, Cindy, why did you do that. You almost choked to death?" asked Jimmy.

"In the first place dear brother, I happen to like the taste of your cum and didn't want to miss a chance to swallow all I could", she told him, "And I also learned last night that if you are allowed to spray your loads everywhere, you make a hell of a mess……..although," she added as she wiped a smear of sperm from her mouth, "you managed to make a pretty good mess even when I tried to contain it."

Cindy grabbed a towell off the rack and started cleaning up her face when the voice of their mother floated up the stairs calling them down to breakfast.

Cindy bounce up and turned toward her room. Then, looking back over her shoulder, she smiled and said, " Better hurry before Mom comes up to see what's taking you so long. We'll have to do a better job of taking care of you tonight when we have more time……I don't want my big brother die for lack of relief……but that should hold you 'till then" She then half skipped and halk-walked out of the door.

Jimmy stood and watched as her tight, tiny little butt wiggled out of the room. The 13 year old was not quite a woman, but definitely not quite a child any longer and he wondered what he'd gotten himself into. He grinned……..whatever it was, it was going to be a hell of a ride.

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