Helping Big Brother 3

Helping Big Brother 3

True story (as told to me)….continued

Jimmy spent the day at school with his mind in a blr. Thinking about his baby sister and her eagerness to "help" him with his hornyness had him just sort of drifting through the day with his mind somewhere else.

One very good result was that he wasn't quite so uptight when dealing with his girlfriend, Rita. His original problem had been due to the fact that both he and she, although a great match, had "reputations" as "good kids" that never engaged in …..(shudder) sex. Actually Jimmy was quite willing to not be so good (in private) but Rita, although great looking and fun, REALLY was a "good girl". She wouldn't even consider and form of sex….including touching Jimmy below the waist.

Now that he knew he could "get some relief" from his 13 year old sister when he got home from a date…….Jimmy wasn't so stressed when he was with Rita and actually looked forward to their date this weekend.

After school he had football practice and so wasn't able to get home until after 5 pm. He'd actually considered skipping practice to go home early and see if his sister, Cindy, was up for more "playtime", but as captain of the team, he just couldn't bring himself to do it.

He pulled into the driveway at home and wondered if there was a chance of a "quicky" before his mother, Carla, got home from work. That question was answered when his mom's car pulled in behind him as he walked up to the house.

Jimmy started back down the drive to help with the groceries his mother was unloading from her car. For the first time he noticed how much his sister looked like their mom. Why he'd never seen it before was mystery. Maybe it was the fact that Cindy had only in the past year started to develop as a woman…..and the fact that his Mom was very young.

Carla had gotten pregnant while still in high school and at 33, was considerably younger than most of Jimmy's friends mothers. She had always kept herself in great shape and could have almost passed for a high school student, or at the least a college girl.

Jimmy's father had been killed in an industrial accident nearly 10 years ago, but fortunately he had good life insurance and a settlement with the company he had worked for had left the family with a paid-for home and a tidy "nest egg"….as well as two young kids to raise alone. Carla wanted more for her children than the monthly income from her set-aside money, and was detirmined that they not suffer due to the lack of a father, so she had always worked to supplement their income.

Her brother, Jimmy and Cindy's Uncle Bob, had been there as long as Jimmy could remember as a substitute father figure. He lived in another town nearly 100 miles away, but came over at least once a month for a weekend visit. It wasn't like having a full-time father, but it was Uncle Bob who had been there on camping trips, fishing trips and it was he that had first taught Jimmy the basics of football. When it came time for the traditional "father-son", birds-and-the-bee's talk…..Uncle Bob was there to help Jimmy get his facts straight. Jimmy loved his uncle, but he did wonder why his mother had never found another man for herself. Surely she'd had plenty of offers, the way she looked, but she'd always said that her job was to raise her kids. When that was finished maybe she'd find time to take care of herself.

As Jimmy approached, his mom leaned into the car for a bag of groceries, he short skirt riding up nearly to the swell of her tight bottom. Jimmy noted that just like his baby sister, Carla had longish legs for her 5'2" height. She couldn't have weighed more than 105 pounds and looked as slim and tight as any girl his own age. Her shoulder-length hair fell in waves and was light, just like Cindy's…..although Carla's hair was actually more like a really light brown as opposed to Cindy's honey-blond locks, but Jimmy was sure his sister's hair would darken as she got older and someday look just as his mother's did now. She turned around and Jimmy noted that her breasts were not large, a generous B-cup or maybe a smallish C, but were perfectly formed and stood up hard and proud as any teenager's even though she was not wearing a bra. He found himself looking at what appeared to be finger-sized nipples pressing against her sundress and wondered if she too had the "puffy" nipples that his baby sister did.

Carla looked at her son and said, "What's wrong, Jimmy, you look like your mind's in another world."

jimmy quickly looked away from his mother's breasts and thought to himself, "What the hell is wrong with me? That's my mother damn-it. First my baby sister and now I'm thinking like that about mom…..I must be some kind of pervert."

But still……he had to wonder.

The evening went pretty much as normal….with the exception that Jimmy couldn't get his mind off what might be in store when the family finnaly retired for the night. His sister didn't miss a chance to let him know that she was ready for bedtime as well. She took every opportunity to casually touch or rub against her older brother and show Jimmy just a glimpse of her tits or ass…..particularly when she changed for the night into her skimpy nightgown.

His mother also, totally unaware of the effect she was having on her son, kept Jimmy fired up when she too got dressed for bedtime in a thin nightgown. He just couldn't help himself and sneaked looks at his sexy mother's barely covered legs, ass and tits. He really tried to stop himself, but his mind just kept comparing her looks to his young sister's body (which he only too well) and wondering what the older woman would look like if naked. he felt like a total freak, but just couldn't stop looking….and imagining.

Soon the movie they were watching ended and it was time to go upstairs to bed. However, Jimmy had a not-so-small problem. Cindy had taken the opportunity, when their mother had left the room to get dressed for bed, to slide against her brother on the couch and pull a blanket across their laps. For the past hour, under the cover of the blanket, his young sister had been rubbing Jimmy's crotch and sqeezing his hardened dick through his jeans. With his mother sitting only a few feet away, he'd been helpless to stop Cindy's ations…..and wasn't really sure he'd wanted to. However, now he was sporting a raging hard-on and a huge wet spot on his jeans that he knew he couldn't hide if he stood up to go up stairs.

"Bedtime kids," said Carla, "I've got to go to work and you've got school tomorrow."

Jimmy thought fast and replied, "I won't stay too late mom, but I really want to watch the sports to see how my teams did tonight."

"OK, but you come to bed as soon as the news is over," said Carla, "Lets go Cindy….to bed we go."

As his sister and mother left the room and went upstairs, Jimmy held the blanket over himself and pretended to be interested in the news on TV. He waited for 20 minutes until he was sure that his mother had gone to bed and then unzipped his jeans and adjusted the hard dick inside so he could walk. he slipped upstairs and into his room.

Jimmy quickly stripped off his clothes and lay on his bed. His 7 inch erection stood straight up from his groin and pulsed. Jimmy wrapped his hand around the swollen rod and slowly stroked up and down….his cock leaking pre-cum steadily over his hand and making a wet, sucking sound.

Jimmy was terrified. He wanted to rush into Cindy's room and feel her sweet lips on his throbbing dick, but the thought of his mother just down the hall made him skake with fear. What if she "just happened" to check on his sister and caught him there. It wouldn't be a pretty picture. He waited for another 45 minutes and could stand it no longer…..surely his mother was asleep by now.

Jimmy got up and slipped into the bathroom that separated his sister's room from his own. When he opened the door to Cindy's room, he stopped and stared.

Cindy lay on her bed facing away from the door…..the light from her computer was just enough for Jimmy to see her body, and it made him gasp and his hard dick to jump at the sight. Cindy was sound asleep. Her thin and very short nightgown had ridden up to reveal her shapely ass. As Jimmy moved closer, he could hardly breath…..even though she was just 13 and barely a woman, Cindy was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen.

Jimmy reached out and ran his hand over his sister's tight ass. Cindy, like her mother, was a very sound sleeper. Sometimes Jimmy thought that a bomb could go off in the house and they'd both sleep through it.

He cupped her ass cheeks and squeezed. Cindy moved slightly and pushed her ass against his probing hands but still did not awaken. Jimmy slipped his hand downward and slowly ran his fingers across the raised, panty-covered mound between his sister's legs. She moved slightly and opened her legs just a bit to give Jimmy full access to her treasures.

Jimmy felt the moisture on the panties and as he rubbed harder, could feel it increase. Soon the thin crotch of Cindy's panties was slick and wet and Jimmy's fingers moved forward and back, tracing the outline of her swelling pussy lips. Cindy, still asleep, moaned and rocked in rythum to his touch.

Jimmy slowly pushed his fingers under the leg of his sister's panties and cupped her pussy in his hand. Damn it felt so hot….and wet….and firm. He pushed, first one, then two fingers into his sleeping sister's hot pussy and began moving them in and out. Cindy pulled her leg up toward her chest giving her brother full access to her tight, leaking cunt.

Jimmy pushed his fingers deep inside Cindy's pussy and stroked in and out as Cindy wriggled and pushed back toward him. He reached across her sleeping body and with his free hand, reached under her nightgown to cup her upright and perfect breast. The swollen, puffy nipple was fully erect and Jimmy began to roll the hard nub between his finger and thumb. Cindy began to moan softly in her sleep and push her cunt to him in time to his thrusting, probing fingers in her overheated pussy.

Jimmy moved his hand so that as he pushed his fingers deep inside his baby sister's pussy…..his thumb rubbed directly against her stiff, throbbing clit. Cindy sucked in her breath and thrust her pussy backward, driving Jimmy's fingers fully into her jerking cunt. Jimmy felt the walls of Cindy's pussy clasp and sqeeze his invading fingers until he thought she was going to actually pinch them from his hand. His hard dick was pressed against his gasping sister's body, rubbing and leaking a steady stream of pre-cum and wetting Cindy's back and leg.

Cidy stirred, then turned onto her back. Jimmy's fingers pulled out of her tight, clasping pussy with a wet, slurping sound. She opened her eyes and grinned at her older brother.

"Damn, what a wonderful way to wake up," she cooed, "Too bad you can't wake me this way every morning."

Cindy looked down her body and then reached out to grasp Jimmy's slowly bobbing, cum-covered dick in her tiny hand. She slid her fingers upward until just the head of her horny brother's cock was showing and rubbed her thumb in circles over the slick, purple tip. Jimmy trembled as his throbbing dick sent a gob of thick pre-cum out the end and watched as it waterfalled down his baby sister's fingers.

"Oh yeah, that's what I want," said Cindy as she shifted her body and brought her lips down to engulf the leaking head of Jimmy's dick in her hot little mouth.

Jimmy leaned his knees against the side of the bed and threw his head back. He wrapped his fingers in his tiny sister's long blonde hair as his eyes rolled back and a thin streamer of drool ran down from the corner of his mouth. His hips began to rock slightly, back and forth, as Cindy moved her tightly filled mouth and gripping fingers up and down his shaft.

Cindy moved one hand down to cup her excited brother's cum-filled, swinging balls while she controlled his thrusting with her other hand. She took in 4 or 5 inches of Jimmy's jerking dick with each downward movement of her tiny, wet, sucking mouth and then slid her lips upward until just the throbbing head was captured. Her tounge licked and circled the sensative head of her brother's dripping cock…..slurping up every drop of the flowing pre-cum that ran steadily out the tip of his wonderful wand.

Jimmy had been too turned-on for too long that evening and just couldn't hold back any longer. His body stiffened and he tried to bury his swelling dick in his baby sister's sucking throat. Cindy held tight to the base of his cock and moved her mouth up and down as fast as she could manage. She felt the blast of pent-up cum push in a wave under her fingers and rush upwards toward her waiting mouth.

Jimmy pulled hard against Cindy's hair and jerked as he shot stream after stream of thick, hot, sticky cum into his baby sister's sucking lips. Cindy swallowed as fast as she could, but still couldn't quite contain the volume of spraying sperm that shot from her brother's exploding shaft.

Finally as Jimmy slumped against the side of the bed, his body trembling and jerking slightly in convulsive movements, Cindy pulled her tight lips away from the head of his dick which continued to leak a steady stream of thick, rope-lick cum from the end. She smiled up at her brother and Jimmy felt his cock jerk again at the sight of this tiny girl with his sperm smeared across her cheeks, lips and dripping off her upturned chin.

Cindy moved back, making room for Jimmy to collapse beside her on the bed…..his legs having lost the ability to hold his weight as the aftermath of his cumming hit home. The two siblings wrapped their arms around each other and Jimmy kissed his sisters cheeks and lips…..tasting his own cum as he did.

Jimmy recovered slightly and moved his body downward. He pulled Cindy's nightgown up….she raising her arms to allow him to pull it from her body. Big brother opened his lips and captured one of Cindy's turgid nipples…..he sucked hard as his baby sister trembled and press the thick, upthrust nub into his tightly pulling mouth. He moved from one nipple to the other….not wanting to show preference for either, as his tiny little girl-sister quivered and moaned softly.

Cindy had both hands clasped behind her brother's head….holding his mouth on her swelling, hugely swollen, puffy nipples. As he sucked and licked, Jimmy reached down to grasp his sister's panties and pull the down and off her riolling hips. Cindy pulled her legs up to allow her brother-lover to remove the final piece of clothing from her hot, wet young body.

Jimmy began to kiss his way down….across his trembling sisters tight stomach… and then to the upthrust, leaking mound between her tender 13-year-old thighs. He ran his tounge slowly across the top of the mound and then traced the tiny lips of Cindy's virginal young pussy. Jimmy nipped and licked the inside of each of his overheated sister's thighs….moving upward to touch each inch and finally running his wet, probing tounge along the crease where her long, tight legs met her wet, slick crotch.

Jimmy didn't hurry, but probed and softly nibbled his sister's pussy….inside and out. His mouth explored the outer lips of her leaking cunt, then his tounge went up one side and down the other between her inner and outer pussy lips….then reversed and tried the other side. Jimmy laid his tounge flat against the puffed up mound of his baby sister, just over the hidden, but hard-swollen clit at the top. he sucked Cindy's inner cunt lips into his mouth and licked as he tugged and worried the wet hot bits of flesh. Cindy felt the covering over her hard little clit slide back and forth….driving her crazy with desire….as her big broither pulled with his sucking lips on her tender, wet pussy.

Jimmy laid his flattened tounge across the leaking opening of Cindy's cunt and slowly licked from top to bottom…..caressing her swollen clit for just a moment and then moving downward, separating her throbbing lips to circle and tease at the opening to her sweet pussy. Cindy could feel the tension building as Jimmy pushed the tip of his stiff tounge just inside her body….then move on.

She gasped and jerked as her brother totally caught her off guard and thrust his probing tounge past her pussy to stab at the tight, crinkled rosebud of her ass. She actually thought it was going to push inside her little ass for a moment. Though she'd never thought of this as something sexual….the effect was immediate. Cindy's entire body convulsed as she began to cum hard and fast. Jimmy felt the convulsions start and quickly raised his mouth to capture his baby sister's swollen little clit between his lips. He sucked the stiff little nub into his mouth and moved his head just enough to pull his lips up and down as if her clit was a tiny little penis…..his tounge flicking rapidly back and forth across the tip.

Cindy exploded. She sucked in and then held her breath as her entire body jerked and she pulled her brother's head tight to her convulsing cunt. Her eyes shut as her vision turned red and she came near to passing out as the sensations rolled over her. After what seemed to be forever, her body just collapsed as little Cindy gasped for air.

Jimmy slid up between Cindy's splayed legs and pressed his body fully aginst hers. He paused to suck each of her swollen, puffy nipples (which caused a new wave of twitching convulsions in his sister's body) and then lay breast-to-chest, cheek-to-cheek and…..crotch-to-crotch against his baby-lover's body. He shifted his body just enough so that his thick, throbbing, stiff cock parted her tender cunt lips and pressed against her leaking, wet, hot pussy's opening.

Cindy's addled mind finally grasped what was happening and she rolled her hips to get away from the hard, pulsing dick that was about to enter her vigin body.

"Jimmy…..No!," she hissed, "You can't. I'm your sister."

Damn Cindy, I don't care," Jimmy almost shouted, "I'm so hot, I've got to do it. It'll be alright….just trust me."

Cindy started to cry as she rolled and tried to keep her amorous brother from sinking his cum-slick dick home.

"Jimmy, I'm scared. We learned in school that's how a woman get's pregnant. I want you too… badly, but we can't take that much chance," she sobbed, "Please don't."

Jimmy froze…..he'd not been thinking that far ahead. Then he grinned and pulled off his sister's hot little body.

As he moved towards the bedroom door and towards his own room he whispered, "Just hold on a minute baby, I can fix things."

He disappeared and then almost ran back into the room and to his softly crying sister's bed. He sat down beside the sobbing young girl, rubbed her shoulders and the held up the solution to their problem…….a foil-wrapped problem solver…..a condom.

Cindy's eyes went wide as she said in a trembling voice, "Oh Jimmy, that's perfect. Now we can do what we both want so bad."

Jimmy's hands were shaking so much that he almost couldn't get the wrapper off the condom in his hands. He came very, very close to tearing the damn thing with his teeth as he tore the package open…..and that would have been a disaster. It was the only one he had.

Finnally he managed to get the rubber out and positioned over the head of his purple, swollen, cum smeared dick. He was leaking so much cum from the end of his cock that the rubber slid and he came so close to dropping it before he got control and rolled the latex shield down to the base of his thick, 7-inch shaft. He shuddered as the thin rubber pulled tight around his dick and almost lost it… close to cumming inside his only condom before he's even gotten to push it inside his tiny sisters hot little cunt.

He pulled himself together and once again moved into position between Cindy's wide-spread, now willing, thighs.

"Cindy……this might hurt a little the first time," he told her, "but it'll be alright. It will feel really good after a little while."

His innocent young baby sister looked embarassed and whispered, "Maybe not so much Jimmy. I sort of……ugh….broke things a while back. I was interested after those classes at school and ….sort of…..pushed a hair brush inside to see what it felt like. Something broke. It hurt that time, but it hasn't hurt since. That was little though. Jimmy, I'm scared cause you are so much bigger, I don't know if it will fit."

Jimmy caressed his "virgin" sister and began to slide his latex-covered cock up and down between her wet pussy lips.

"It'll fit Cindy……we'll just have to go slow and let you adjust to things," he said, "Damn, it's just got to fit. I can't wait any more."

Jimmy moved his thick cock head until he felt it push against the slight depression that marked the opening to his baby lover's virgin pussy. He took in a deep breath and pushed ever so slightly. The head of his swollen dick pressed inward and he felt the tight ring of muscle at the opening to his sister's leaking cunt give just a little.

Cindy caught her breath as her older brother adjusted his position and pushed a tiny bit harder. At first she thought nothing was going to happen, but then…..slowly and steadily….the tight opening began to push inward and slide around the huge throbbing knob at the end of Jimmy's hard shaft. In slow motion….like the flow of a thick liquid….the tiny opening accepted the seemingly impossible size of her big brother's jerking, thick cock-head and snapped tight just below the swelling end of Jimmy's hot, wonderful dick.

Jimmy bit his lower lip and closed his eyes……he was so damned close to blowing his load before he could even get started. He'd never felt anything so tight and hot as his baby sister's inexperienced, but willing young cunt. When he'd gained control of himself, he began to push with tiny movements of his hips. His thick, throbbing cock entered….a half-inch at a time….until after a while he felt his cum-swollen balls press against the upraised curve of Cindy's tight, quivering ass cheeks.

He was in….all the way inside this tiny, hot, wet, virgin young pussy. He paused for just a moment and then slowly withdrew until he felt Cindy's tight cunt opening cling to the head of his twitching dick. Jimmy pushed back inside in one smooth, steady stroke and began pushing in and out of that grasping sheath.

Cindy had been holding her breath as Jimmy slowly sank his huge shaft into her body. She couldn't believe that something as big as her brother's swollen dick was really going to fit inside her tiny, baby pussy. Then she felt the head of his cock touch something inside her and at the same time felt his crotch press against her own…..he was totally inside. As Jimmy started moving in and out of her tightly stretched young cunt, the sensation was unlike any she'd felt in her life. She rolled her hips and pushed up to meet her brother's steady strokes as a heat began to build rapidly inside her clasping, quivering pussy. Her clit seemed to swell to a size she'd never though possible as the blood rushed to the tiny organ and a throbbing tingle spead throughout her lower body.

Jimmy wanted this to last as long as possible, but the feelings were just too intense. He began to drive his hard dick faster and faster…..spearing his throbbing, jerking shaft deep into his tiny baby sister's hot cunt. He knew he couldn't hold out any longer as his swollen balls pulled tight to his body and then contracted. A thick rope of hot sperm raced up the driving shaft as his cock-head swelled inside the heated tunnel of Cindy's clutching pussy.

Cindy gasped as her brother's dick swelled to a tremendous volume and then, like a wave, she felt the pent-up cum fly to the head of his plunging dick and fill the latex condom in shot after shot. Her body slammed upward as Jimmy drove deep into her and her cunt tightened and jerked. Cindy's eyes closed and for a moment she felt herself go over the top in an orgasm unlike anything she'd ever felt or even imagined.

Jimmy collapsed over his sister as thick streams of cum blasted out of his dick and filled the rubber on his shaft almost to overflowing. He could't breath or move for several moments as the power of his cumming rolled through his body.

Jimmy realized that he was resting way too much of his weight on his tiny sister and he reluctantly pulled himself out of her clutching, tight, young….no longer virgin….pussy. He was careful to hold the cum-filled condom at it's base as he pulled back. Cindy's tight little cunt was so tight that it stretched his slightly softened cock as he withdrew and if he'd not held the rubber, might well have squeezed sperm from the overfilled condom……ruining the protection they's worked so hard for.

The two young lovers lay side by side for a while breathing hard and stroking each other's bodys as the afterglow washed over them.

"I've got to go back to my room," Jimmy finally said, reluctantly. He pulled the cum-filled rubber from his still hard cock and tied the end to keep the almost-too-much-to-contain load of sperm inside.

"I know," answered his baby sister, "I wish you didn't. I wish you could stay here and hold me while I sleep and I wish I could have felt you shoot inside of me too…..but We can't do either. I love you jimmy. We'll be able to do this more on another night, won't we?"

"Baby, I promiss we'll do this as often as we possibly can," said Jimmy as he got up and kissed his tiny lover before moving toward his own room.

"Oh Jimmy, I hate to have to use that thing on you…..but we've got to. Promise me you won't take a chance of getting me pregnant"

"I will Cindy, but I won't ever like it."

Jimmy hid the filled, used rubber in the bottom of the trash can in his room. He'd promised Cindy and he intended to fulfill that promise, but now he had a really big problem to solve. He wasn't sure how to do it…….

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