Helping Big Brother

Helping Big Brother

Helping Big Brother (part 1)

This is a true story…..and this is just the beginning. Let me know if you want to hear more of this adventure as this is my first attempt at erotic writing.

Jimmy parked his car in the drive and sat for minute before going into the dark house. His date with his girlfriend, Rita, had not gone exactly like he'd hoped it would. At 17, Jimmy was constantly in a state of near terminal hornyness. Unfortunately, as much as he liked Rita……and the fact that she was the best looking girl in the school…..she was also a "good girl". That meant no matter how much he pleaded… sex. It was a real problem for Jimmy. At 6 foot and 180 pounds Jimmy was the best looking guy in school as well as captain of the football team. Rita was the perfect match. She was the head cheerleader and the entire school just assumed they would be a couple. They really did look good together and he really, really did like her too……but that didn't help much when his hormones were raging.

After spending the last three hours parked out by the lake, all he'd managed to accomplish was deep kisses, touching her breasts and rubbing against her clothed body. Hell, just getting to feel her up had taken more than an hour of persuasion. soon as his touches started to move lower, she'd immediately stopped him. Getting her to actually touch his swollen dick had been out of the question…..much less any chance of a handjob or more.

He got out of the car and slowly, painfully walked to the back door and let himself in. Damn, his balls felt like they were the size of baseballs after three hours of constant hard-on with no relief. He had to do something about that right away, even though he knew from past experience that what he really needed was a woman's help to cure his "blue balls"……however his trusty right hand would have to do.

He sat down in the family room and turned on the TV. His mother and sister were sound asleep upstairs and both were very sound sleepers. As long as he kept the sound turned low, he had the house to himself. He slipped in a Video disk from his porn collection and settled down and leaned back on the couch. His dick was still so swollen that it was a struggle to get it out of his jeans……that, plus the fact that his balls were so tender.

His raging prick sprang upright and Jimmy massaged his painful balls. As always, he was leaking a constant flow of pre-cum that he spread over the shaft and around the plum-sized head of his dick. That habit of "oozing" was sometimes embarassing as when it created a wet spot on hin jeans, but it sure did make for great feeling when he was jerking off.

On the screen a big-titted blonde was sliding her mouth up and down a guy's hard dick. Jimmy noted that his own equiptment compared quite favorably with the actor's. At just over 7 inches, he wasn't as "huge" as some porn stars, but he was very thick…..better than most he'd seen.

As he began sliding his hand up and down his shaft, he let out a groan. Damn it was going to feel great to finally release the built-up sperm in his balls. He'd probably have to jerk off two or three times to get any real relief. If only he could convince Rita to help out with his problems. Her hand would be so much better than his own……and just the thought of a blowjob was almost enough to make him shoot his load right then and there. He closed his eyes and moved his hand in a steady rythum as he imagined her full, pouty lips sliding up and down the shaft of his swollen prick.

As his hand began to move faster, his cum-swollen balls swung back and forth against his hand. He reached down and cupped his balls in his other hand and sqeezed. This first time wasn't going to take long at all, he thought. He'd go slower next time but right now he badly needed to get off. As his hand flew up and down, he felt the tension build up in his nuts. That tingle started in his groin and he could feel the first load of hot cum start to move upward.

Just as he was about to blast off……he heard a sharp gasp and his eyes flew open. Standing at the foot of the couch, mouth open and eyes wide was his 13 year old sister, Cindy. He scrambled to stuff himself back into his jeans and screamed,

"What the goddamn hell are you doing in here! You sneaky ass little spy, get the hell out of here!"

The effect was imediate. Cindy burst into tears and ran from the room sobbing. Jimmy reacted just as fast and jumped up to chase after her. He was partly afraid she would wake their mother…..but mostly he just felt like a jerk. Cindy had always idolized him and his harsh words hit her hard.

"Wait Cindy, wait", he said as he caught up to her at the foot of the stairs. "I didn't mean to yell at you. I know you weren't spying on me, but It caught me by surprize."

He held the sobbing young girl to his chest and stroked her long blonde hair.

"It's OK baby, I didn't mean to upset you. Come on, let's go back in the TV room before you wake up mom"

As he led her back into the room, he noticed for the first time that the porn show was still running. Cindy stopped and stared as the boy on the screen hammered it to the blonde on the screen from behind. Jimmy grabbed the remote and switched off the TV.

"Sorry about that sis…..I didn't mean for you to see that. Hell, I didn't mean for you to see what I was doing either."

"That's OK Jimmy. I really wasn't spying on you. I just came downstairs to get a drink from the fridge and heard you in here. I was going to ask if you wanted something too."

I know baby, I was kind of busy at the time and didn't hear you. It wasn't your fault."

Jimmy sat down on the couch and held her for a minute until she had calmed down. Cindy looked up at him and blushed, then asked,

"Jimmy, what exactly were you doing when I came in anyway?"

Now it was Jimmy's turn to blush.

"Ugh…..I was, you know, jerking off"

"That's what I thought. Why were you doing that in here instead of in your room. You have a TV upstairs too so you could have watched your movie in your room."

"I know Cindy, and that's probably what I should have done, but I didn't know anyone was awake and I just had to get some relief. My nuts felt like they were going to explode after Rita teased me all night and gave me a world class case of blue balls"

Cindy looked confused and then stammered….."Jimmy, what's blue balls?"

Jimmy was really embarassed now, but he'd always tried to be honest with his younger sister. They actually were very close despite the age difference.

"Ugh….well blue balls is what happens when a guy gets turned on, but doesn't get off. After a while the …ugh….cum in his balls sort of builds up and everything gets real swollen and hurts like hell. When that happens, guys have to have some relief from the pressure. It's better if a woman helps him out but if that isn't possible, he just has to jerk off……ugh…..that's what I was doing when you came in"

"Does it really hurt a lot?", she asked.

"Yeah it does", he told her.

Cindy looked down, then up into his eyes and said, "Jimmy, could I help you get relief? I'm sort of nearly a woman"….as her eyes dropped down again to his crotch she added "And it does look like it's real bad swollen"

Jimmy's mouth dropped open for a minute, then he mumbled, "No way Cindy, your my sister!"

Even as he said it, his mind was going wild. He couldn't believe she'd even suggested such a thing, but his imagination pictured it even as he said no. Cindy was young, but not so young that she wasn't obviously a female. In just the past year she'd developed quite nicely. Jimmy's eyes couldn't help but take in her body that was covered only by a thin babydoll nightgown……and he also noted as she turned to face him on the couch…..a tiny pair of pink panties.

Cindy was just over 5 feet tall and small…..maybe 95 pounds… that made her budding breasts seem bigger than they might otherwise. Jimmy noted that although they might be small (probably a generous A-cup, maybe a small B) they stood up proudly and almost begged to be touched. As he stared, he saw her nipples begin to grow and was shocked. For such small breasts……she apparently had exceptionally thick nipples. They looked like the size of his little finger through the thin nightgown. Her legs were quite long considering her height and ended in a tight, round little bottom that made his still partially swollen dick throb as he thought about running his hands over it.

Jimmy quickly turned his eyes away from her. What the hell was he thinking……this is his sister.

Cindy place a tiny hand on his thigh and said, "Jimmy, I really want to help you. I don't like you to hurt. It's not like we are having sex or anything…..I just want to help you get some relief"

Jimmy turned to stare at her and she slowly slid her hand up to rub his now rageing hard-on…"Besides, I've never seen one before…….well only just for a minute earlier tonight. I want to see it and help you at the same time"

Jimmy sat frozen, not knowing what to say or do. He knew it wasn't right but her hand felt so damn good rubbing his dick through his jeans and he knew how much better he could get off with her help. He really did need some relief, particularly now that she'd got him excited again.

Cindy didn't wait for him to think too much…..she reached and unbuttoned his jeans. As she slid the zipper carefully down she looked into his eyes….."You'll have to tell me what to do Jimmy. Tell me how you want me to help you get off"

Jimmy sat frozen as Cindy opened his jeans and his hugely swollen dick popped into veiw. Cindy gasped as it stood straight up above his crotch, wet with pre-cum that ran in a trail down the shaft. Her eyes were wide as she reached and ran her tiny hands up the sides of his hard on.

She licked her lips, a move that caused Jimmy to groan and his dick to throb demandingly. He saw that her nipples were so swollen they threatened to tear a hole in her nightgown……begging to be touched and toyed with. Jimmy finnaly gave up all resistance and took her little hand in his. He place her fingers around his swollen shaft…..well almost around it….they couldn't reach nearly all the way around.

With his hand covering hers he began to move her fist slowly up until just the head of his dick was exposed, then back down to the base. The tremendous amount of pre-cum leaking from the swollen head made a wet squishing sound as her tiny fist move back and forth. Cindy caught on fast and was soon stroking him in a steady pace……up, down, up, down. Jimmy groaned and closed his eyes as the sensation swept through his body.

He looked down and watched as she stroked him and stopped every so often to spread the leaking wetness over the sensative head of his dick……causing another load groan and a throbbing in his balls. He reached out and ran his hands over the front of her nightgown……making small circles over her proud nipples. She trimbled as he pinched the nipples between his thumb and fingers and slowly rolled then back and forth.

Her hands moved faster on his throbbing shaft as he pulled the nightgown up to reveal her perfectly shaped breasts, each one topped by a puffy areola nearly and inch and a half across with a thick, stiff nipple at the very top. He pinched each nipple and watched as the puffy ends of her breasts seemed to swell even more. Cindy was moaning and breathing faster and faster as her hands on his dick matched the rythum of his hands on her breasts.

Suddenly her body began to shake and grow tense……then her entire crotch seemed to convulse as she came hard. She let out a long drawn-out moan as juice began to flow out of her tiny pussy, wetting her pretty pink pnties. As her body jerked, her hands began to fly faster and faster on Jimmy's swelling cock. Jimmy felt the explosion coming as his balls drew tight against his body and his dick began to jerk and swell more and more.

Suddenly his body jerked upward raising his hips off the couch…..and a long, thick stream of hot cum blasted out of the end of his dick to fly high in the air and strike Cindy's cheek. Shocked she pulled away as a second blast of cum exploded from Jimmy's jerking dick to land against the side of her neck.

Jimmy quickly grabbed her hand and wrapped it back around his spurting cock. His hand over hers, he jerked on the shaft as he continued to cum like he'd never cum in his life. Without meaning to do so, his hand over hers aimed a third, forth, fifth and sixth ropelike streams of thick sticky cum straight at Cindy's chest. Cum splashed across her breasts and stomach, dripping from the upturned thick nipples and running down to coat her already wet panties.

Finnally his dick began to slow it's spurting……as Cindy's tiny hand continued to milk him, cum came out in thick gobs to cover her hands and his throbbing balls. Cindy's little pussy jerked and contracted as her own orgasm began to level off.

Jimmy let his head fall back against the back of the couch and took in huge breaths of air. Cindy leaned against him, breathing just as hard…….finally she looked up,

"Wow!! That was unbelievable" she said softly. "I've never cum before without touching my pussy, and I would have never have imagined that a guy's cumming was anything like that. Did that help get you some relief?"

"Cindy, baby, you have no idea how much relief that did. I've never in my life cum that hard or long. Hell, I thought it would never stop and was shooting like a firehose."

"I know" she said as she wiped a streamer of cum from her cheek and looked down at her soaked nightgown. "I'll have to change before I go to bed now…..and find someplace to hide this until it dries. I had no idea it was going to be that messy"

Cindy tried to clean up the cum as best she could but finally gave up and pulled the soaked nightgown over her head. She began to wipe the thick, hot cum from her stomach and breasts with the discarded nighty. Jimmy watched for moment and then leaned over and began to lick the cum from her nipples. Cindy gasped and the moaned as Jimmy took a thick, stiff nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. His lips grasped the quivering nipple as his tougue flicked back and forth over the super-sensative end.

Cindy shuddered and her pussy began to clasp and contract as Jimmy continued to suck and bite her nipples. He slipped his hand down to her soaked panties and rubbed up and down her swollen pussy lips through the thin material. He slid a finger under the leg of her panties and flicked her throbbing clit as she began to cum hard again. Jimmy sat up and grasped her panties at her hips…..and with one motion pulled them down over her hips and off her legs.

He pulled in his breath as her tiny, wet, pussy was revealed. Just a thin, almost white-blonde fuzz covered her gleaming lips. The tiny slit looked almost childlike, yet at the same time every inch a woman too. Jimmy leaned down and slowly ran his tongue over the outside of her pussy lips……then he lapped up the juices that ran from her quivering hole. Her baby pussy jerked and contracted…..her tiny asshole drawing tight as her body convulsed. Jimmy moved upward and trapped her surprizingly big clit between his lips. He began to suck on it like a tiny little dick…..moving his lips up and down while his tongue flicked across that swollen bud over and over again.

Cindy screamed as her entire body began to jerk and twitch. Jimmy kept her clit trapped and his tongue went into overdrive as her juices flowed into his mouth and ran down his face and her quivering legs. His hands gripped her ass and he slid first one, then two fingers into her overheated pussy. Her pussy contracted and it seemed to Jimmy as if she were trying to squeeze his fingers off as she drove her body up off the couch to sink his fingers deeper and deeper.

When Cindy finally began to come down from her cumming, Jimmy held her close. She looked up at him and smiled…."Wow again!"

"My turn now……but you'll have to show me how. I've never done it before" whispered Cindy.

"Done what?" said a puzzled Jimmy……until little Cindy reached to grasp his still swollen dick, shifted position, and began to lick the sensative head.

Jimmy jerked and the moaned as his tiny baby sister held his leaking cock in her baby soft hand and started to suck the flowing juices from the end of his dick. She slowly opened her tiny mouth and slid her lips down over the throbbing head until they snapped shut just under the thick, jerking end of his shaft.

"Uhhhhhh….Yes Cindy, yes! Oh yeah, suck it baby"

Cindy was just going on instinct as she began to swirl her tongue around, over and just under the throbbing head of Jimmy's dick……all the while keeping up a suction with her mouth.

Jimmy's hips jerked upward as his cock swelled…..driving an inch or so of hard dick into little Cindy's sucking mouth. Cindy almost paniced as she gagged slightly and pulled away.

"No, don't stop Cindy. I didn't mean to force you…….but try to take as much in your mouth as you can. Go slow and the move your mouth up and down like you did when you were jerking me off."

Cindy moved her mouth back over his dick and slowly sucked the throbbing head back inside. Jimmy let out a drawn-out moan and closed his eyes. Cindy began a slight rocking motion letting just a little more of his cock into her mouth with each stroke. Soon she got the rythum right and relaxed. Her jaws felt like they would stretch and tear but she now had 3 or 4 inched of his jerking dick inside her mouth and throat. She still had to be careful to not gag but it was getting easier with each stoke.

Cindy's movements speeded up and as she drew his swelling dick in and out of her mouth, Jimmy started to moan loudly and rock his hips upward to meet her mouth. His hands wrapped in her long hair and he began to guide her mouth up and down the shaft. After a few near gags, Cindy learned to relax her throat and breathe through her nose on the upstrokes. She still was a long way from being able to swallow the entire length of Jimmy's rod, but now at least 5 inches of swelling shaft was disappearing with each downstroke. Jimmy began to thrust his hips up while his hands gripped Cindy's head. Faster….and faster.

JImmy started groaning and driving his hips harder into her sucking mouth. Suddenly he pushed his body upward as he held her head down. Cindy actually felt the head of his dick push into her throat and swell. She knew what was about to happen, but still it caught her off guard when Jimmy roared and blasted a thick, hot load of cum deep into her stuffed throat. It was all Cindy could do to not gag as 6 inches of hard dick was forced into her mouth as well as what felt like a quart of liquid fire.

Cindy began to swallow out of self defense. It was either that or drown. As a second wad of thick sperm blasted into her throat she gulped it down. This had an unexpected result. As her tortured throat contracted to swallow, the sensation on Jimmy's spurting cock was unbelievable. The entire head of his dick was squeezed causing him to drive his exploding dick even deeper into Cindy's tiny throat. Cindy felt her lips press against Jimmy's crotch…..more than 7 inches of raging cock now pressed into her mouth and throat. She struggled to swallow as fast as he was spraying cum into her throat……three, four, five hard thick shots…..and still he kept shooting.

When finally she was sure she would pass out from lack of air, Cindy felt Jimmy begin to slow and shudder. Slowly he let go of her head and she pulled back until his thick cock came clear of her mouth. She gasped great gulps of air as streams of thick cum ran from the corners of her mouth and dripped off her chin.

Cindy and Jimmy lay holding each other for several minutes. As hard as it had been to take all of his thick dick, it had also caused Cindy's body to react in a most unexpected way. As Jimmy's thick load blasted it's way down her throat, Cindy had felt her body begin to cum and as she now lay against her brother she continued to jerk and twitch as her pussy contracted over and over again. "I could get to really like this" she thought to herself.

Jimmy finally stirred and whispered…"We'd better both get to bed before Mom wakes up and comes downstairs"

"Did I do good Jimmy? Are you feeling releaved?" giggled Cindy.

"Oh yeah……that's just what I needed baby….thank you so much" whispered Jimmy as he sat up.

"Jimmy, I like to help you get relief. You can come to me for help anytime you want to….even if you don't have blue balls" Cindy cooed.

"You can bet on it baby……" said Jimmy as he patted her tight little bottom and shooed her up the stairs.

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