her best friend Carolyn 4

her best friend Carolyn 4

Her best friend Carolyn 4

My wife and I had just had some wild sex earlier in the day with her best friend from high school, before she had to leave and go to a brewfest in town and meet some other friends for a few hours. We had not been able to finish what was shaping up to be the hottest, wildest sex of our lives because we were worried about waking up our kids, and Carolyn had promised to meet some friends while she was in town. She did promise to come back to our house that night, and finish what she started as soon as she got done at the brewfest.

My wife and I were so turned on after getting it on with her friend that we had gone out and bought a bunch of sex toys, lube, and sexy outfits for the girls to wear when Carolyn got back that night. It helped that both of them are built pretty similar. They are both about 5’5”, curvy, with big tits, and wonderful round asses. My wife has the bigger tits by far, though, 40DDD. I found out later that Carolyn has to get by with “only” 38DD, but I will not ever complain, as long as she lets me suck them and slide my cock between them when she is in town.

While we were waiting for Carolyn to come back, we sent the kids over to my in-laws, so that we would not have any chance of a distraction later that night. We were so horny, we could not keep our hands off of each other. I kept pulling down my wife’s pants wherever we were in the house, and sucking and licking her pussy and asshole while I told her what I was going to do to her and Carolyn when she came back.

I had Michele bent over the back of one of our couches, eating her pussy and ass like my life depended on it when we heard a car pull up in the driveway, and car doors close. It was right about when we were expecting Carolyn to come back, so I kept on working on my wife, although she tried to disengage.

“Quit it! Carolyn is coming!”

“I think we are way past worrying about getting caught by Carolyn, Baby. I just can’t stop eating out this beautiful pussy, and tasty ass. Maybe she will want to dive in too.”

“You dirty fuck, you are going to turn me into a total slut aren’t you?”

“No, I am just going to let your natural sluttiness come out, and I know you are going to love it!”

Just then, there was a knock on the door. “Come on in, Carolyn, we had to get started without you!”

The door opened behind us, and Carolyn said “Nice show guys, I was hoping you wouldn’t change your minds! “

And then, we almost jumped out of our skin when we heard another voice say “I never had any idea you guys were so kinky! If I had, I would have been fucking you both since I was in high school!”

We spun around, and saw that it was Carolyn’s younger sister Marie that was watching everything we were doing. Marie is 28, about 5 years younger than Carolyn and my wife. She had her sisters’ big boobs, but she was much taller, about 5’9”, and much thinner. It was a joke in her family that they thought she was someone else’s kid, because she was so much taller than the rest of her family. She was gorgeous, with curly, black hair, and an olive complexion, but I had always thought of her as extremely conservative. She had been a concert violinist before she had gone back to school to get a degree in fashion merchandising, and started making the big bucks as a fashion exec like her big sister.

I thought, “Fuck, I guess our night of fun, uninhibited sex is not going to happen now. There is probably no way Marie is going to be into all of that”

Marie took care of those thoughts of mine by saying, “I have to get a taste of that pussy! Carolyn has been telling me all afternoon how delicious it is.”

Marie got down on her knees, and crawled over to my wife. Michele was looking at me, Carolyn, and back to Marie with a look of disbelief, but she turned around and bent over the arm of the couch, and exposed her pussy to Marie. Marie just jammed her face into my wife’s pussy and started licking up her juices. They both started moaning right away, and my cock got so hard, it was hurting while I watched my wife getting attacked by her friend’s little sister.

Michele was really getting into it saying all kinds of dirty things to Marie “Lick up all that pussy juice, you little cunt. I know you were frigging your self out in the hall in San Francisco when Carolyn and I were getting it on. You have been wanting this for a long time, haven’t you? I am going to be really rough with your pussy when I get to it, just like Carolyn says you like it!”

“Holy shit! I keep learning things about you girls I had no idea about. I always thought Marie was the conservative classical violinist. I cant believe you are eating my wife’s pussy in front of me and your own sister! You are a dirty little slut, aren’t you?”

Marie pulled her face out of my wife’s pussy, and started rubbing it up and down with the palm of her hand. “I am probably the wildest one of all of my sisters. A lot of people assume you are conservative if you are a classical musician, but they really are the wildest bunch of freaks you will ever find. Most of them have been pushed extremely hard by their parents from a very young age, and the most common way for them to rebel is by getting fucked by all of the other musicians. There are a lot of orgies, and perversions, especially when we travel. I will have to show you some of my videos.”

“Hell Yes. Just email them to me when you get a chance. That reminds me, Do you guys mind if I film this tonight, so that we can all enjoy it again whenever we want?”

Carolyn chuckled and said “I was going to ask the same thing, because I want to be able to relive this night whenever I want. I know that Michele is fine with it, since she has been sending me hot videos of you two fucking and sucking. You really have to see some of Marie’s videos. We watch them all the time at home, and we almost always end up fucking each other afterward.”

”You’re kidding, you fuck your own sister!?”

“Of course! Our whole family is very open about that sort of thing. We do whatever we want, whenever we want, and don’t have any hang-ups about it. I hope you and Michele can start joining in.”

”You got it! Why don’t we start right now. Let me help you get out of that dress, and you can go over next to Michele and bend over the back of the couch while I eat your pussy and ass.”

I helped Carolyn pull her dress over her head, undid her bra, and let her fabulous tits swing free. I am a huge tit man, and I cannot pass up sucking on them whenever they are in front of me, so I started sucking and kneading them as I pushed her toward the couch. Carolyn was pulling my head hard into her tits, while she was rubbing her pussy. We were so into what we were doing on our way to the couch, that we ran into Marie, and ended up pushing her face pretty hard into Michele’s pussy. I thought that we might have hurt one of them, but they both just got more turned on, and started getting more rough with each other. Michele was reaching around and holding on to Marie’s head, and just grinding her pussy into her face.

While I was watching the show next to me, I flipped Carolyn around next to Michele, and pushed her over so that I had unrestricted access to her pussy and her beautiful brown asshole. I proceeded to lick up and down her slit, enjoying the taste of the first pussy other than my wife’s in the last ten years. It was great, with a different taste, smaller pussy lips, and nicely trimmed black pussy hair. I really enjoyed licking all over her ass and pussy because it was all totally smooth except for a little patch of hair on top of her pussy.

Carolyn started moaning pretty loud, and she began to tell me exactly what she wanted me to do to her. “That’s it, you really know how to eat a girl out, you fucking stud! Stick your tongue as far as you can in my asshole, I know you like that tight little shitter! Oh fuck, that’s the way! Rub my clit while you eat my asshole! Oh god, you are going to make me come all over you!”

I was so turned on, I could have come right then, and no one had even touched my cock yet. I looked over at Marie still going to town on my wife. Her whole face was shiny from Michele’s juices, and she was sucking on her clit while she was jamming two fingers in Michele’s pussy, and two in her asshole. Michele was grunting and moaning from the attention she was getting from Marie, and so was Carolyn from the attention I was giving her.

“Why don’t you two make out and play with each other’s tits while Marie and I are eating these delicious pussies? “

The girls did not need any more encouragement, and they immediately started kissing and sucking on each other’s mouths while they were still moaning from the tongue and finger fucking Marie and I were giving them. They began tugging and squeezing on each others huge tits, and when I looked over the back of the couch, I could see Michele’s tits spraying huge streams of milk all over the couch and on Carolyn.

I reached over and began rubbing Marie’s big tits through her dress, and she stood up and pulled off her dress as fast as she could while she tried to keep a hand in my wife’s pussy. She was quite a sight to see. She was in great shape, with a nice tan, no tan-lines, a tight round ass, and a totally shaved pussy. The best thing about her, just like her sister, were those huge titties. They almost looked out of place on such a thin girl, and she had similar small, dark nipples that stood out when they were hard. I kept twisting two of my fingers in Carolyn’s asshole, and I began kissing Marie, and licking all of my wife’s juices off of her face. I began to kiss my way down her neck towards those beautiful tits. I had to suck on them right away. I had been ogling those tits since she was a sophomore in high school, dreaming of sucking on them and sliding my cock between them, and now I finally was making it a reality.

Marie and I were paying attention to each other, so Michele and Carolyn stood up and started kissing, and rubbing their huge tits together. They both reached around and started rubbing and kneading each other’s asses as well. I could see Michele’s asshole from where I was kneeling, and could see it gape open a little bit when Carolyn would pull her asscheeks apart. All I could think about when I saw that was fucking her ass mercilessly, and then doing the same to Carolyn and Marie. I knew I would have the chance to do just that if I could last long enough with these three sex fiends. I could not wait to see my wife finally eat some pussy and ass, and I did not have to wait long.

I pushed Marie around over the back of the couch and bent her over so I could get at her beautiful shaved pussy, and tight pink asshole. I said to Michele, “Why don’t you bend Carolyn over the couch next to Marie, and we can eat pussy together?”

“Hell yes! That will be totally incredible to be able to see each other eating out someone else’s pussy for the first time. I hope you have plenty of energy, because you’re going to need it all to satisfy us three fuck sluts tonight! I can’t wait to see you fucking the Carolyn and Marie’s asses while I am eating their pussies!”

“Watch me, and do what I do. We can satisfy both sisters while we watch each other do it. I will probably have to reach over and fondle you at the same time too. Feel free to stroke my cock while you have your face in Carolyn’s pussy and asshole. I will have to kiss you a lot too, so that we can taste each sisters juices on our tongues.”

The sisters both yelled, “Enough talking, eat some pussy already you fuckers!”

I started by licking and biting up the back of Marie’s leg, paying special attention to the sensitive area around the back of her knee. Michele was a good student, and was doing everything I was, while she kept her eyes glued on me. She looked a little nervous as we worked our way further up the sister’s legs. Both of the girls were extremely wet, and some of their juices were running down their legs. As soon as Michele tasted a little of Carolyn’s pussy juice, her trepidation melted away, and she licked her way up the trail of juice right to Carolyn’s sopping wet pussy. She just dove right in, and ran her tongue all up and down Carolyn’s slit, looking like she was trying to suck her dry. There was no hope of that, since Carolyn just got wetter, and started moaning right away and pushing her pussy onto Michele’s face with abandon. I was doing the same with Marie’s bald pussy, trying to stick my tongue as far as I could into her while I rubbed her swollen clit with my thumb. Marie seemed like she was cumming almost immediately, and I could feel her pussy spasming on my tongue. I just loved tasting a new pussy, the slightly different taste, the smaller lips, and that perfect dark brown asshole, right there for me to enjoy.

I looked over at my wife, and saw that she did not need any more pointers from me about eating pussy. She was fingering Carolyn, licking her clit, and smacking her ass with her other hand. Carolyn was on cloud 9, saying all kinds of dirty things to my wife, while she grinded her pussy on my wife’s face. She and her sister were definitely the wildest girls I had ever met, and I did not even know it until this night. They were kissing, and being really rough with each others tits on the other side of the couch.

“Now don’t forget to pay attention to Carolyn’s asshole too, you know how much she enjoys it.” I started to lick Marie’s asshole in a circular pattern, tasting her delicious ass, and working my way inwards toward her hole. She was really digging it, her little hole was spasming, and she was pushing back onto my tongue. I noticed that Michele had stopped eating out her best friend, and was watching me while rubbing her own pussy.

“That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen, I keep thinking about when you do that to me, and I can’t believe you are doing it to my best friend’s little sister!”

“I know! I am about to cum right now, and no one has even touched my cock yet. I am really getting off tasting these two new pussies and asses. I can’t believe we didn’t do this years ago.”

“You better not come without one of our mouths on your cock! We are going to suck you dry tonight, and if you need a break, you can run the camera while all of us girls fuck each other.”

“I don’t see any problem with that. I will get the camera out right now and set it on the tripod, so none of us are out of the action. Marie, I will be right back.” I rammed a couple fingers into her pussy, and then licked them off while I walked around the other side of the couch to get the camera and tripod out of the closet. As I walked by Marie and Carolyn, I slapped each of them in the face with my cock and said “You girls are going to need to pay some attention to this big cock as soon as I get the camera set up!”

“Yes, master!” said Carolyn jokingly, and she went right back to pushing herself back onto my wife’s face and fingers.

Marie was watching my bobbing hard-on with a look of lust and said “I promise I will suck your big cock all the way down to your balls. I want you to fuck my face and make me gag on that big dick! Carolyn is a master cocksucker, and she taught me everything I know. You won’t believe the things she can do to you, and the things she can teach Michele tonight!”

“I look forward to it, why don’t you help Michele pleasure your sister while I set up the camera?”

Marie stood up, and began kissing Michele, and squeezing her tits, making milk shoot out all over the place. She began sucking on her tits, tasting that sweet milk, and really enjoying it. Michele went back to eating out her best friends pussy like she had been doing it since they were in high-school, certainly not like it was her first time tasting another woman’s juices. All three of these women were on fire, and I knew that I would be able to do anything I wanted to with them, and probably some things that I would not have even thought of doing before tonight.

I set up the camera, and walked over to the couch where Carolyn was still bent over getting serviced by my wife, while my wife was getting her tits sucked dry by her best friend’s little sister, and I told them, “how about you two suck my cock before I ram it into Carolyn’s pussy and asshole? And I don’t want Carolyn to feel left out of the fun for even a moment, so I will lay down on my back, and she can sit on my face while you two suck my cock.”

I lay down on a big comforter that I had set out in the middle of the room, and the girls all crawled over to me, with their big tits hanging down and swinging back and forth. They looked like lionesses closing in on their kill, and for a moment, I thought I might have bitten off more than I could chew. Those thoughts quickly faded as Michele and Marie began to suck on my cock while they still continued to fondle each other’s tits and pussies. Carolyn never took her eyes off of them as she straddled my head, and slowly lowered her dripping wet pussy and asshole onto my face. She was facing the other two girls so that she could get a good view of the job they were doing on my cock. And what a job it was! Marie would deep throat my cock all the way down to my balls like she promised, while Michele would suck on my balls, and lick around my asshole a little, which she had never done before. I don’t have a huge cock, only about 7 and a half inched when hard, but the head of my cock is really wide. It definitely gave me some pride to see that the experienced cocksucker was struggling to get it all the way down her throat without gagging.

It didn’t take long for Carolyn to get in on the cock sucking action happening right in front of her face. She began licking the top side of my dick while her sister was licking the underside, and they would kiss each other when they got to the top. I was looking through Carolyn’s legs at three girls sucking on my cock, and I could not believe that this was actually happening! This was better than any porn I had ever seen, and it was happening to me! I watched as Carolyn grabbed my cock from her sister and sucked it all the way down to the base without a hesitation, and proceeded to deepthroat my cock like the pro she was. It was the most incredible feeling to have my cock repeatedly slide all the way down her throat, and then all the way out until her tongue licked a circle around my cockhead.

I could not take it any more without cumming, so I slid out from under Carolyn, and got up on my knees behind her and slammed my cock into her pussy in one hard stroke. “I am going to be just as rough with the two of you. Michele, why don’t you get the strap-on, and you and Marie can fuck each other with that while I take care of Carolyn here. And Carolyn, we got a huge, wide black dildo to use with the strap-on that Michele says looks just like the one that black firefighter you two both fucked had.”

“Oh, God, you’re kidding! That guy is still the biggest dick I have ever had. He was about six-four, huge muscles, and his cock was a freak of nature. It hurt every time we fucked him, but we kept coming back for more. He always had good weed, and we kind of felt like we owed him some pussy for getting us that high for free. Luckily he was a gentle lover, or he would have ripped us in two!”

“Michele has told me about him recently, and I have said that I would love to see her taking a huge black cock again. It is going to be so hot to see Michele’s pale white ass taking that huge, wide, black cock in her. I think we may have to look him up again and do it for real! Maybe the next time you come in town.”

“I am in! I may need to move back to town so you guys can satisfy my needs whenever I want!”

Marie said, “I have heard about him from Carolyn, and it is a little scary, but I would love to try it too”

While Michele went up to our room to get the toys we had bought earlier, I proceeded to fuck Carolyn really deep, giving her pussy all of my cock on each stroke. Marie stood up and straddled her sister facing me, and put both of her tits in my face for me to suck while I fucked Carolyn doggy-style. I was really going to town on the sisters when Michele came back downstairs holding the strap-on harness, and the biggest black dildo I had ever seen. I could not believe it when she told me earlier that she had taken a cock just like it when she and Carolyn were 21. I almost could not believe my wife could take something like that in her tight pussy, but I was incredibly turned-on just to see her try.
I said “Let Marie put on the strap-on and fuck the shit out of your little pussy with that huge cock, I still cant believe you can fit that in you without crying. Make sure you are in a good position for the camera to get a shot of your pussy getting stretched out. I will fuck Carolyn right next to you so that you two can kiss and reminisce about your big black fuck buddy.”

Michele began rubbing her pussy with an evil grin on her face while Marie put on the strap-on harness, and inserted the giant dildo into the hole. It was a bizarre sight to see a gorgeous, big-titted girl with a huge black cock hanging almost down to her knees. Michele grabbed a huge gob of lube and began to rub it all over her pussy and her ass. She was really getting off just playing with herself and watching that giant dick come bobbing towards her. She was trying to stick as many fingers in her pussy as she could to try and stretch it out a little before she got violated by the monster cock getting closer and closer to her.

I saw that Michele was putting fingers in her asshole as well, getting it all wet and lubed as well. “You aren’t planning on jamming that thing in your ass, are you?.” I said.

“The firefighter and I tried it once, but I could not do it. We did not have any good lube though. Carolyn took his cock in her ass, though she was sore for a week afterward. It was kind of funny to make fun of the way she was walking. She did it by lowering herself down onto it at her own pace, and she eventually got it in all the way to the balls. I have only done anal before when we were fucking doggy-style, but I would love to try some different positions today. Marie, come over here and stretch my little pussy with that monster cock!”

Michele got down on all fours right next to where Carolyn and I were fucking away doggy-style, and stuck her ass up in the air for Marie to fuck her with the strap-on. She was looking at Carolyn and me with a look of lust and trepidation while Marie lubed up the dildo and began rubbing it up and down her slit. It looked so huge when Marie slid it all the way up along the crack of Michele’s ass, that it looked like it would be in her stomach when she put it in her. When Marie got it good and lubed, she positioned it at the entrance to my wife’s beautiful pussy, and started to slowly push it into her. I looked down at Michele while I was still pounding away at her best friend, and saw her trying to relax, and then her mouth made a big O as she started to feel the full size of the dildo begin to enter her pussy. It was an incredible sight to see my wife’s pussy getting stretched to the limit as that huge, black dildo was forced into it. Michele was grimacing as her pussy was being stretched, but she did not say to stop. Marie was going very slowly, advancing that monster into my wife inch by inch until all 12 inches were buried in her abused pussy.

“Just leave it in there for a minute and let me get used to it. It hurts, but it is a really good feeling too, kind of like a full satisfying feeling. All right, Marie, pump that cock into me slowly, be real gentle. This is almost how the firefighter had to do it to me the first time ten years ago, but we were fucking like animals after a few minutes. Honey, make sure you are watching as I get fucked by this monster! It’s just what you wanted to see! Why don’t you slide your big headed cock into my best friend’s asshole now, and fuck her with the same rhythm Marie is fucking me?”

I had already been putting more and more fingers into Carolyn’s asshole to get her ready for me, so slid my cock out of her pussy and lined it up with her little brown bud, and slowly pushed it into her until the head popped all the way in. Carolyn gasped, “Fuck, the head of your cock is huge! I get fucked in the ass pretty regularly, but you are going to have to start slowly so you don’t hurt me, ok?”

“Whatever you need, I don’t want to hurt you, I just want to experience that tight, hot, wet ass of yours as long and much as possible.” I slowly pushed a little more of my cock into Carolyn’s asshole, and waited for her to adjust, and then a little more. Pretty soon, I had the whole thing in her ass, and she started wiggling her ass around in a circle, using my cock to stir her insides. She got used to my cock pretty fast, and then she started pushing back onto me, slamming my dick into her asshole. It was making a cool wet sound as my cock would come almost all the way out of her ass before she would slam it right back in by pushing back on me really fast.

We were both getting close to cumming after a few minutes of this, and I looked over at Marie and my wife. Marie was slamming that huge cock into Michele, and Michele was pushing back onto it just as hard. I could see that they were both sweating from the workout, and Michele’s huge tits were swinging back and forth underneath her while she was grunting and moaning with pleasure.

“This feels just like the first time we fucked that guy, Carolyn. This is fucking awesome, I just keep cumming and cumming on this monster. I may have to try to get it in my ass! It is not fair that you could do it when we were younger, and I couldn’t.”

“You better let me get into that little asshole before you put that thing in there, you little whore! I can’t wait to see you take it, but it is mine first! I am about to cum! Oh fuck, who wants this giant load, I have been saving it all day!”

All of the girls scrambled over to my cock, and opened their mouths waiting for me to cum. They were also licking and kissing each other, and tugging on each other’s nipples really roughly. I started to shoot the biggest load I ever have all over the three of them, hitting their faces, tits, and hair. They proceeded to lick all off of each other, kissing and fondling their tits and pussies. “You girls aren’t done yet, you have to clean off my cock before you get into each others pussies again”

Michele surprised me again by grabbing my cock and sucking as much of it into her mouth as she could. She got almost three quarters of it in before she started to gag, but she kept trying to get more of it in her throat. I was getting rock hard again thinking about my wife trying to deep-throat me with the taste of her best friend’s asshole on my dick. I grabbed the back of her head, and started face fucking her mercilessly. I did not care at that point that she was the love of my life, and the mother of my children, I only cared that she was my little whore that I could do anything with I wanted to.
Carolyn told Marie, “This is fucking hot, grab the camera off of the tripod, and bring it over here. I want to be able to get a good shot of this. Michele, you sucked plenty of cock when we were younger, but you never learned to deepthroat. I am going to remedy that tonight. I remember you telling me that if you were too good at cocksucking, then all the guys you picked up would want to come in your mouth, and never take care of your pussy and asshole. I am going to show you that cocksucking, and especially deep-throat, will give you total control of a man. If you do that for them, they will eat out your asshole until their tongue goes numb, even if they don’t want to.”

Carolyn got on her knees in front of me, and grabbed my cock from Michele. She swatted Michele hard on the ass and said, “You have to relax your throat so that you don’t gag when Mark’s, or anyone else’s, cock hits the back of your throat. Think of swallowing it, and it going all the way to your stomach. You don’t want to think of the back of your throat as the end goal.”

Carolyn proceeded to take my entire cock, all the way to my balls in one motion. I could not resist grabbing her head by the hair and start face-fucking her while my wife was six inches away watching with wide eyes. Carolyn let my cock slide out of her Mouth and said, “Marie, some on over and show Michele how you can do it too.”

Marie crawled over and licked up the underside to my cock before taking my cock all the way down her throat just like her older sister just had. “I am so proud of you Marie, I only taught you how to do that about a year ago at that birthday party. Now you are almost as good at it as I am. Marie really is an A student in whore class.”

I almost can’t describe the incredible feeling of having my cock sliding all the way down a girls throat while I am face-fucking her. It was all that much better that these three gorgeous women were the ones doing it to me. I was getting close to cumming pretty quickly, and this time, I wanted to shoot my load all the way down someone’s throat. “Michele, get over here and suck my cock as far as you can down your throat. I am going to fill you up with my cum!”

My wife had never swallowed my load before because she said that she did not like the texture, and it stings if you get it in your eyes. This night, though, she was all of a sudden the dirtiest cum slut in the world. She took my cock in her mouth, and with only a momentary hesitation at the back of her mouth, she swallowed it all the way into her mouth. I just left it all the way in her throat for a moment while I looked down at her with my pubes in her face, and my balls resting on her chin before taking it out for her to breathe. Carolyn was running the camera, and made sure that she got a great shot of my wife deep-throating a cock for the first time.

I only lasted for about a minute of face-fucking my wife before I grabbed the back of her head and held my cock all the way in her and shot my load down her throat. It was amazing, and I came as hard as the first time I did earlier.

“I need to take a break for a few minutes so my cock can recover, why don’t you guys satisfy each other with that giant dick Marie is still swinging between her legs while I run the Camera? I still want to see you all take that monster. It is incredible that those tight little pussies can take it at all!”

“And don’t forget about our tight little asses too.” Said Carolyn as she smacked the other two girl’s asses.

“Don’t hurt yourselves, but I cant wait to see that! I will make sure to get good video so that you can prove it if someone does not believe you could take it in your ass. I think that we will all watch the video of tonight again and again anyway.”

I went to get everyone some ice water, and when I got back, the girls were already in a circle with their heads between each other’s legs, licking and sucking on each others pussies. Michele had her head between Marie’s legs eating her out and stroking up and down that huge dildo. It was still covered in her own juices, and she would lick her fingers and taste them every once in a while. Marie had her head between her own sister’s legs, and it was obviously not the first time. She was flicking her tongue back and forth on Carolyn’s clit while she was rubbing her fingers around Carolyn’s asshole in a circular motion, occasionally dipping a finger in and tasting it. Carolyn was doing pretty much the same to Michele, but every few moments, she would spread Michele’s pussy as far as she could and dive her face into it, getting as much of her juices as she could.

I was slowly walking around the circle of girls, making sure that I got every good angle of this incredibly hot sight. My cock was rock-hard again, but it was still too sensitive to get back into the action. I could eat pussy and ass though. I found a good elevated angle to get most of the action, and got between my wife’s legs with Carolyn. While Carolyn ate her pussy, I started eating out her ass. I licked around her rosebud in a circular motion while I kneaded her asscheeks with my hands. I pulled her asshole apart with my hands so that it gaped open a little and dove my tongue into it as far as I could. I was still pretty new to ass-play, but I think I was doing pretty well judging by Michele’s reaction. She would alternate between pushing her pussy into Carolyn’s face, and her asshole onto my tongue. Carolyn would and I took a break form tasting my wife and kissed. I could taste that delicious sweet pussy on her tongue, and Carolyn was getting a taste of tangy asshole. Michele’s asshole was loosening up nicely, but I needed to taste two more new assholes. I moved up to where Michele’s head was between Marie’s legs, gave her a big, deep, messy kiss. I let her taste her own ass and pussy on my tongue before I began eating out Marie’s asshole like I had just done to her a moment ago. It was wonderful to notice all of the little differences. Marie’s hole had a different, more sweet taste, darker color, and it would twitch a little bit whenever I licked it. It seemed even tighter than Michele’s, but it loosened up just the same with some attention. I was looking at Michele while I was driving my tongue all the way into her best friend’s little sister’s asshole. Michele had a look of total lust on her face as she watched me, and I gave her another long kiss before moving up to Marie’s head between her sister Carolyn’s legs. When I got there, Marie and I kissed passionately, and sucked on each others mouths. We were enjoying tasting the mix of all of those pussies and asses on our tongues as we dove into Carolyn’s ass and pussy, never taking our eyes off of each other. I could not believe that Marie was eating out her sister, and that they had done for more together in the past. I can’t even imagine what it is like when all four sisters get together if the other two are as sexual as these two are.

“I need to fuck someone right now. Marie are you ready for some cock?”

“I thought you would never ask. Let me take off the strap-on harness and give it to Michele and Carolyn to use. I want to ride your big cock. I cant wait to lower myself down onto you and have you fill my pussy and ass too.”

Marie stepped out of the strap-on and handed it to Michele. “Carolyn, are you ready for me to fuck the shit out of you with this nigger cock? I know you want it in all your holes, just like you used to.”

“I love it when you dominate me. Make me your little fuck whore. I will do anything you want! Just go slow at first with that thing, the last time I fucked Chapelle, I could barely walk for a week. My asshole barely recovered, but I don’t think we used enough lube. Fuck my pussy first while you lube up my asshole and loosen it up with your fingers”

Michele grabbed a tube of lube and proceeded to rub it all up and down the big black dick like she was jerking off. She and I walked over to the couch and sat down next to each other with our cocks standing straight up in the air waiting for some pussy to come and lower themselves onto us. Marie and Carolyn walked over to us as we jerked off our big dicks, and grabbed them. Then Marie turned away from me, and Carolyn faced Michele and they started to lower their pussies onto these two big dicks. I had a great view of both girls as they slowly made the dicks disappear into their pusses. It was an incredible sight to see Carolyn start to swallow that huge dick into her pussy, just like my wife had a little while ago. She was being stretched to the limit just like Michele, and she had a grimace on her face as it slowly disappeared into her. She was a real trooper, though, and she never stopped the progress until it was fully buried in her pussy, and she and Michele were tit to tit. She started slowly riding up and down on that pole, always making sure to ram it all the way back in on the bottom of every stroke. She and Michele were making out, and Carolyn started grunting into my wife’s mouth as they picked up the pace of their fucking.

I was totally over stimulated with a beautiful, bald pussy ramming itself up and down on my cock, while I was watching my wife and her best friend make-outright next to me as they fucked a giant black dildo. Marie bent over and put her hands on the floor as she lifted her pussy up and down on my cock. She was tighter then the other girls, and it was neat to watch that totally bald pussy riding me. I started fantasizing about fucking her 16 year-old sister, and it was really getting me off. I started to rub her asshole while she was riding me, and then stuck a finger in and began twisting it. She loved it, just like the other two, and she told me to put more fingers in her. I grabbed a little bit of lube, and started by shoving two fingers into her asshole while she continued to ride me. I soon was able to fit three fingers in, and she started screaming like a banshee as she began to cum all over my cock and fingers. I was drenched in pussy juice when she came, and she fell in a heap on the floor in front of me. I had not cum yet, so I got off the couch and positioned myself behind Carolyn. I rubbed my cock up and down the crack of her ass as she pistoned up and down on the dildo, and then roughly slammed it into her already abused asshole. She made a yelp, and stopped pumping for a second, and then she started wiggling her ass around in a circle, letting those two huge dicks stir her insides. She was laying on top of Michele, licking and biting her neck as I pumped her ass with my cock. I could feel that monster in her pussy while I was ass-fucking her, and she was totally filled. I cant imagine she could have fit anything else in her holes, unless she had an extra cock or two in her mouth, but that would have to wait for our next party. I was rapidly working my way to yet another orgasm, and I kept on slamming my dick into Carolyn’s asshole.

I came deep into her bowels as she just kept screaming, “Fuck me! Harder! Faster! Abuse me like the whore I am!”

I rolled off of Carolyn, and she decided that it was finally time to try and put that monster cock up her ass. She lifted herself off of it, and positioned it at the entrance to her well stretched and lubricated asshole. If I thought it was amazing to see the girl’s pussies stretched to the limit by this giant black dick, it was almost beyond belief to see Carolyn start to inch it into her asshole. She was so turned on that it did not seem to cause her that much pain. She lowered herself down faster than she did when she put it in her pussy. Of course, she was an anal queen. Michele held onto Carolyn’s ass-cheeks, and held them apart as she thrust that fucker deep into her friend’s asshole. Their tits were slapping together as they writhed in pleasure, and I started pulling on their nipples, kneading their tits, and spraying Michele’s milk on all of us. I then reached between Michele’s legs and started rubbing her pussy and ass with the palm of my hand as she continued to slam her borrowed cock into her friend’s asshole. Both Carolyn and Michele worked quickly to screaming orgasm, and they slumped together on the couch.

Marie was still lying on the floor watching the action while she was lying in her side with a look of complete satisfaction. Carolyn and Michele were now laying on the couch lightly rubbing each other’s arms and backs with a glazed look in their eyes. I was standing in the middle of all of them, my cock tingling from all of the action I had over the last two hours, and I was feeling the best I think I ever had in my life.

“I don’t know about you girls, but I am ready for bed. Why don’t we all go up and get some sleep on our big bed upstairs? I don’t think that anyone is safe to drive after that workout.”

The girls did not even have the energy to answer, they each just held up an arm for me to help them get up. I helped each on of them stand, and got them started for the stairs. I could see that each of them had pussy juice and cum running down their legs as they shuffled up the stairs and got into bed. No one even had the energy to get cleaned up, we just fell into bed in a tangle and quickly passed out. I realized that I hadn’t fucked my wife in the ass tonight, and I still wanted to see her try to get that giant black dildo into her ass as well. Oh well, there is always tomorrow, and with these girls, I think that there will be a lot of tomorrows to come.

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