Her First Time 2

Her First Time 2

Rebecca and I were to far gone to stop, so we just continued until I filled her warm pussy with my cum.
“That the fuck do you think you are doing Rebecca” Jessica asked heatedly
“Well I am fucking him Jessica because unlike all of my other boyfriends he actually cares about how I like the sex” Rebecca replied
“He does, does he?” Jessica asked “well maybe I will have to try him out, if that is ok with you Rebecca?”
“We can share him” Rebecca replied

At this point Rebecca was still straddling my now limp cock and we were both completely naked. But I couldn’t help but admire Jessica. Where Rebecca had fair porcelain skin, Jessica had beautifully tanned skin. Jessica also had long beautiful legs and a very firm looking tight ass from what I could tell in her bikini, her waist was also slim and her stomach was flat. The only thing they really shared was their breasts which appeared to be about the same size. It was definitely hard to tell who was the hotter one, Rebecca with her porcelain skin and nice large but firm ass or Jessica with her tanned skin and nice tight ass.

“Why don’t you and Matt continue?” Jessica asked “while I get comfortable”

Now I wasn’t going to argue with this so I rolled Rebecca off me and started to kiss her passionately. We both started feeling each other and my hands wondered down to her beautiful ass. I suddenly had an idea and my cock sprang to life. I got Rebecca into the doggy position and I started to fondle her breasts from behind while my cock was standing up between her ass cheeks. I backed up and slowly slid it into her hot and wet pussy. I started to slide slowly in and out while grabbing her beautiful ass. I suddenly had a wicked idea. I wound up and slapped her right ass cheek hard. She groaned form both pleasure and pain, so I slapped her a couple more times until her ass was beat red. I than slid my wet cock out and covered her red ass cheek with our cum. than I leaned down and licked it all up and she moaned from pleasure. Than I stuck my dick back in her pussy to get it lubricated and pulled it out and started to slowly slide it into her tight virgin asshole.
“Ohhhh fuck my asshole baby, fill it with your cum” Rebecca moaned
Up until this point Jessica had stayed in the doorway naked with one hand massaging her breast and another hand inside her pussy. Now she got up and crawled underneath Rebecca and started to suck her sister’s breasts and this brought even more moans from Rebecca. Seeing those two goddesses playing with each other drove me over the edge and I started to pump in and out of her harder until I filled Rebecca’s asshole with my cum. It was so full it started to leak out so Jessica crawled over and started to lick it all off my balls and her sister’s ass. Jessica kept some of it in her moth and kissed me and pushed the cum into my mouth and it tasted surprisingly good. Rebecca and I were pretty tired but Jessica hadn’t cummed once so she had a lustful look in her eye. Jessica walked up to her sister and kissed her full on the mouth, at first Rebecca seemed surprised but than she warmed up to the kiss. They were both standing there making out with each other, there breasts pushed together and they were using there hands to explore each other bodies. Than Rebecca pushed Jessica back onto her bed and started to kiss her sister’s long slender neck. She continued her way down until she got to her perfect boobs. She cupped the right one in her hand and started to role the nipples through her fingers. She took her right breast and licked just around the nipple bringing a very sexy moan from Jessica’s lips. She than closed her whole mouth around Jessica’s nipple and was only doing god knows what in order to bring those sounds from Jessica’s mouth. She than switched breasts and continued on the right breast. After 5 minutes with Jessica’s breasts she continued kissing her way down Jessica’s tanned and flat stomach. She got to her pussy and hesitated for a second, but continued kissing her way downwards. When she got to her pussy she put her whole mouth on Jessica’s pussy and started to suck and flick her tongue up and down and left and right. While she was doing this I was standing there stroking my now rock hard cock because not only were these breathtaking but they were also sisters making it even hotter.

“Oh fuck me with your tongue” Jessica yelled in ecstasy “I’m gonna CUUUMMMMMM”
“Cum in your sisters mouth babe, I want to taste your cum soooo bad” Rebecca moaned into Jessica’s pussy.
And cum she did, she cummed for about 2 minute’s straight.
“I have never cummed that much” Jessica panted “but maybe you can make me come some more” and she said this last part while looking at me lustfully.
She than walked up to me and stood on her tip toes and stepped closer to me and stood back down so that my cock was in between her pussy lips but not in her pussy yet. She than kissed me while sliding back and forth and my cock was quickly becoming soaked and I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. Than just as suddenly as it started she turned around, grabbed, my cock and led me to the bed. She turned me around an pushed me onto her bed. She got on the bed and lifted one leg and slid over top of me so she was sitting there squatting over my dick. Than she quickly dropped so all of a sudden my dick was enveloped in a very hot and wet pussy. Not wanting to feel left out Rebecca sat atop my face so I started licking her pussy. From the little glimpses I could see they also seemed to be making out and playing with each others breasts. Jessica was moving up and down faster and faster and I was licking Rebecca at a very good pace as well. Rebecca came in my mouth and I managed to swallow all of it with great difficulty. When she had finished cumming crawled off my face and bent down to start licking her sister’s pussy and my cock at the same time. It felt amazing and I was on the verge of cumming when Jessica started to moan and buck with her pussy juices flowing down my dick and Rebecca licking it up. This proved to be too much for me and I pumped her vagina full of my semen.
“You girls are amazing together” I said breathlessly
“That was the first time we have ever done anything together” Rebecca replied
“I think we are going to do more stuff together in the future though because that was amazing” Jessica said
Rebecca responded by crawling on top of her sister and sticking her tongue in her mouth. Jessica responded well to this and they melted into the kiss. Now I didn’t want to ruin this incredibly hot moment so I just started to stroke my dick and watch while these two sisters made out and fondled each other. Apparently Jessica noticed me because she gently rolled Rebecca onto her back. And started to kiss her way down her body, she got to her pussy and started to lick and suck with her ass in the air pointed right up at me. So I stood behind her and started to slide my cock into her pussy. I got it in and was starting to fuck her smoothly when she said “ I want you in my ass right now” and the way she said it was very sexy and hot and I was only to happy to oblige. So I pulled my dick out of her pussy and stuck my fingers inside her to get hem wet, than I slowly slid them in her asshole to lubricate it. When it was well lubricated I started to slide my dick into her ass. I didn’t think it would be possible but she was even tighter than Rebecca and it felt amazing when I was inside her as far as I could go. I started to slide rhythmically in and out of her, and she moaned into her sister’s pussy and this took Rebecca over the edge. After Rebecca had caught her breath she went over to her drawer and grabbed a big purple dildo. She came back to the bed and inserted it into her sister’s pussy. I could feel the dildo against my cock form her asshole and it felt sweet. Apparently Jessica liked this to because she started to yell.
“Fuck me hard ohhhhhh this is fucking amazing” she yelled
“Shhh I said u are going to alert he neighbours and for being so loud I will have to punish you” I whispered so I slapped her ass cheeks this brought a groan of pleasure and pain. In order to help it feel better Rebecca’s started to rub them and lick her sisters’ tight ass. I just couldn’t take it anymore and I could feel it in my balls.
“Im gonna fill you up” I yelled
“Fuck me, I want your cum inside my asshole” Jessica screamed
So I did I filled her up so much it started to leak out so Rebecca was quick to lap it all up. We all collapsed on the bed because even Rebecca was tired from fucking herself with the dildo. I was covered in cum and I was tired so I suggested we all go down to the hot tub for awhile. We got up still naked and waltzed down to the hot tub and slid into it. The water felt so good and I had to hot babes on either side of me so I drifted off.

When I woke up they were both still there beside me and they had also just woken up.
“I really enjoyed this weekend” I whispered
“Mhmm” Rebecca replied
“We will have to fuck as much as we can” Jessica whispered and I agreed with her and that is what we did. We fucked all the time until we they moved to a different city.

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