His Angel part 3

His Angel part 3

The time is 11 p m. Amanda is talking to Douglas by phone. His calls to her were beginning to be a regular occurrence. At the same time every night, he would call and they would talk for hours. She needed to hear his voice, not because it was sexy, but because it calmed her tattered spirit. No matter how bad things were, Douglas always made her feel special.

"I love you Douglas!" The words made her body tingle from head to toe. She wished he was kissing her and his fingers were probing all the right places. She could continue the conversation and add some more hot sexual words to it. Nevertheless, she wanted to have the real thing. Why, did he have to been somewhere between there and New York City? He needed to be between her legs, making love to her.

"Douglas, how am I going to handle you being on the road a lot? I need you to hold me and fuck me, more than one or two days, every two or three weeks. I love you dearly.”

“When I stop to think about things, I realize we both have too much emotional baggage in our lives to think straight. It would not be fair for us to make a commitment right now.

"You're right, doll. It is just too soon. But baby I love you. I do not know why….but I love you! I also get jealous of the thought of another man touching you. You are "My Angel.” I would love to hold you and make love to you every night. But we both know that is not possible with the type of job I have. We have plenty of time to decide if this is love and where we are going. For now Angel, I need to get some shuteye. I have to drive that long road to New York City, tomorrow. It also looks like there is a storm coming my way. Oh marvelous, looked like I am going to see a free lightning show. I had better say good-bye. Sweet dreams baby. I love you my sexy green-eyed Angel!"

She blew a kiss into the phone. “Good night, my sexy blue-eyed devil.
Spoiled by the blue-eyed devil again, hum, wonder how he will make a fuss over me next!" What a visual it made, the devil hugging an angel.

Talking to him always left her horny as hell. Wishing he was there to satisfy her hunger. She leaned back and ran her finger down her T-shirt. She pulled and squeezed each nipple and rolled them moaning in delight, feeling them harden in her fingers.

Then she lay back on the bed and slid her other hand under the waistband of her shorts, into her soaked panties. She quivered when she ran her fingers the length of her slit. Then glided them inside her vaginal orifice, "Oh Douglas, I wish these were your fingers touching me!”

Sliding the rest of her clothing off, she spread her legs wide. Then she whispered his name as she teased and rolled her swelling clit. Then shoved three fingers inside her hole and squealed, “Fuck me baby. “ Closing her eyes and moving her hips in a fucking motion. She envisioned his cock sliding in and out of her. Damn! She wished he was there fucking her. She wanted him so bad she could taste him on her lips. She felt his hands grasping her hip as he thrust in and out of her. She arched her back, quivered hard and climaxed.

She was lazily playing with her pussy again when the phone rang. She jumped and nearly fell off the bed, reaching for the phone. "Hello."

"Hello Angel. I have a silly question for you. How long will it take you to pack a bag? Honey, they changed my location. I will be making a delivery near you the day after tomorrow. If it is okay with you, I can come by there and pick you up around two am tonight. I have been thinking about you all day! Oh god, I want to fuck you all night long until we are both speechless. By the way, my cock has been screaming, "Cum and get it for the last hour!"

She was so excited she almost dropped the phone. "Hello darling! What do you have in mind big-boy? My pussy has been screaming all night, Hey I need some hard cock inside me, NOW! "She bade him goodbye then rushed around the room packing a small overnight bag.

Since her sister was at work, so she left her a note on the refrigerator. She told her she would be gone overnight. Then put down her cell phone number.

She then went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. Dressed casually, applying just enough makeup to be alluring. Then dabbed some soft musk in all the right places, and then stood in front of the mirror inspecting her, winked, and smirked. “Hot-Damn, girl you are about to get laid tonight!"

She grabbed her bag, went into the living room, and waited for him to drive up. She felt like a teenager again. One who just discovered the joys of fucking? She began daydreaming of how she would throw her arms around his neck and kiss him hello. It would be the type of kiss guaranteed to make any male go weak in the knees.

The doorbell jolted her back to reality and she got up to answer it. She opened the door and gave him a big sexy smile. Before she could move, he pulled her off the floor and into his arms. Kissing her so hard she saw stars.

She paused. "Hi baby!" Then put her arms around his neck pulled him closer and gave him one of her knock out kisses! She felt him quiver. He sat her back down on her feet when they finished greeting each other hello. "Oh-my-god, honey, did you miss me that much? Wow, that was one hell of a kiss baby! Now, grab your things doll. I am going to show you how much I missed you. Are you prepared for a night in paradise?"

She gave him a wink and nodded yes. He helped her into the truck then told her to buckle up. He got behind the wheel of that big rig. Then he drove off into the sunset. Then winked at her and told her that heaven was just around the corner.

She watched him drive. For the first time, she realized that no matter what happened she would have him in her life.

Douglas pulled the truck up to a local hotel. "Shhh, get out of the truck carefully. Then I want you to close your eyes doll. You are about to enter the gates of paradise."

She got out of the truck and closed her eyes. Then felt his hands go around her and his voice guiding her footsteps. A million thoughts went through her mind. With each step, her panties got wetter. Then she noticed he had stopped walking and it sounded like he was unlocking a door.
"Now keep those pretty eyes shut doll. I’ll tell you when to open them."

She kept her eyes closed and heard the door open. She then gasped as he picked her up and carried her into the room. Her first sense was the smell of roses, not overpowering but alluring. The second was the sound of romantic music serenading them. She then felt his lips on hers, as he gently sat her on the bed. He then told her to open her eyes.

The soft clan descent light illuminated the room. As she looked around the room, it resembled a rustic cabin hidden deep in the mountains of a ski resort. It even had a white bearskin rug on the floor, next to a fireplace. Although, it was too hot for a fire, she knew they would be on the rug, making heat of their own. One side of the room had swinging doors that she assumed was the bathroom.

"Hey doll, how about doing something relaxing to start off the evening?”

"What do you have in mind?"

"Well follow me and I will show you." He took her arm, escorted her through the doors. There was a heart shaped Jacuzzi, surrounded by candles.

"Give me a second to get something and I will be back to join you. Now, don't start without me!"

"You do not need anything doll. All I want is you!"

She watched him strip. Then she started to remove her clothes. He stopped her and told her he wanted to do that. She felt her knees go weak when he stood naked before her. Oh-my-god, he was gorgeous.

He came over to her and as he helped her out of her clothing. Kissing, licking, and nibbling every bit of her exposed flesh as he uncovered it. "Oh fuck! She is so beautiful! How can she love a lonesome ole trucker like me? He did not care. Here they were together at last, in paradise!"

He pulled her naked body close to his and felt her tremble as he kissed her lips again. He then helped her into the warm water and followed. "Oh my sweet sexy Amanda…the fun has just begun!"

He leaned over, sucked her nipple into his mouth, and felt it swell and get hard. His fingers slid under the water between the folds of her pussy. He could tell by her swollen clit that she was ready for him.

She knew he loved it when she talked dirty. "Oh baby, suck and bite my nipples hard. Then I want you to eat my hot cunt!"

"Your wish is my command! Now sit on the edge of the tub and spread those beautiful legs. Daddy is hungry!"

She did as instructed. She gasped for air when he blew across her clit. He then ran his tongue the length of her slit. When he zeroed in on her clit and ran circles around it, she almost lost her balance. He sure knew how to push all the right buttons. She would not mind him eating her pussy all day.

He moved a bit and continued lapping at her pussy. Then he shoved two fingers deep inside her in a fucking motion. He then added another finger, while has was sucking her clit. She was so fucking wet and it was not from the water.

"Oh-my-god, this woman is wired for sound!" He then took her clit in his teeth and bit it. She shook so hard, he thought she was going to pass out from climaxing.

He then rose up and kissed her hard letting her taste her own juices on his lips. He then slid her off the tub right onto his throbbing cock. It felt so good, to make love to a real woman again! He grabbed her hips, slammed her pussy down hard, and fucked her into ecstasy.

"Oh yes! Fuck me hard baby. Ram your cock deep into my hot cunt!"

"Suck your nipples for me honey, you know that makes daddy cum!"

She reached for her tit. Sucked in her nipple and bit it hard, feeling his cock pulsating harder inside her. Oh god, it has been so long since a real man has fucked her!

He could not help it. The sensation of her pussy milking his cock and the awesome sight of her sucking her own nipples was more then he could stand. "Oh shit baby here it comes. I thought a Jacuzzi was supposed to relax you.
Hell that did not relax me one-bit baby do you have any suggestions? Do you have any suggestions?”

"We have only had one hour in paradise, and here you are complaining already. Now, shut up and kiss me, the fun had just started!”

The next day he took her home. The drive was only two miles long, but it seemed like 100. He pulled up in front of the house, helped her out of the truck and back into the house. Then he held her for as long as he could. He felt the tears on his cheek and her body tremble. He knew this was the hardest thing for them both to do. However, he had a job to do. He kissed her softly. "Don't cry baby. I will be back to hold you and make love to you. I love you Amanda. "

Walking to the truck seemed like the longest walk he had ever made. Never before, had it been so hard to say goodbye to a woman. God, he wished there was a way she could travel right beside him. He blew his horn as he pulled away from the house he wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

She unpacked her things and sat down on the bed. How can she find the man of her dreams then have thing go berserk all in one weekend? She knew that if their love were to grow she would have to be comfortable with his job to. Now, that seemed impossible. She held her face in her hands, crying. What was she going to do now?”

She must have fallen asleep crying, because when she awoke her pillow was wet. Nevertheless, she had the words of a poem running through her mind. Sometime words came to her just like that.

She has learned that if she did not write then down, that very minute, she would not remember them in the morning. She went over to the computer and typed out the following poem.

She then emailed it to Douglas. She knew he too was troubled and maybe this would calm some of his fears.

“Douglas. Sweetheart, the following words came to me in the middle of the night and I just could not wait to sit down and email them too you. I hope you like it.

"The Wings of an Eagle”

How can I tell you that all I want and need in my life right now is you!

I can still taste you on my lips, feel your touch, and caress you with my heart.

I am right there beside wherever you are on the road my arms tightly holding you.

I Listen I can hear the loneliness in the rhythmic beating of your heart.

I can see you wiping the tears from your eyes as you whisper, "Amanda,
I love you."

Time keeps moving, life goes on, and I ask you, "Why must we be apart?"

In the stillness of the night, I feel your love beckoning me to come to you.

I pull my covers close to me and tenderly cry, "Douglas, I love you with all my heart!"

I lay back on my pillow close my eyes and let my heart on the wings of an eagle fly to you.

I lie down beside you and feel my pulse begin to beat in unison with your heart.

You sense my presence and kiss me passionately as you pull me close to you.

Your love surges through me and I tremble as my love entwines with your heart.

Our soul is touched and soars in endless flight through the night as I make love to you.

We are lost in each others embrace suspended in time body, soul, and heart.

For your eyes only,
Your sexy green-eyed Angel

She sealed the email with a kiss. The she went to bed and fell into a peaceful sleep, dreaming of Douglas and their next rendezvous.

When Amanda awoke the next morning, she did as she always does, and checked her email. She was elated to read that Douglas loved the poem. He added the following stanza to it.

"As I travel down the highways in this lonely truck of mine I can see your wanting, lovely face Just beyond the headlight's shine.

I know you are waiting for me somewhere just around the bend I see your arms are open. I hear you whisper, "Come on in"

From the bunk of this lonely sleeper I hold you in my arms I feel your body pressing close, I give in to your charms.

When our lips touch, it ignites a fire somewhere deep within my soul I can tell the fire has you too. Your eyes burn like bright green coals.

I hold you close the whole night through until the dawn of another day. That is when I whisper "Amanda, I Love You Too" With a love that's here to stay.

For your eyes only,
Your sexy blue-eyed devil,

She felt the tears flow down her check. She touched the computer screen. "I love you my sexy blue-eyed devil, I don't know why……but I do.

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