His Angel part 4

His Angel part 4

Part four:

The following months would test Amanda's love for Douglas to the limits. She would soon find out how hard it would be to handle the long weeks of separation.

It was July and he was on the phone telling her he was on his way to California. He most likely will be gone four weeks this time. He knew it would upset her, because so far they have not been apart for more than three weeks at a time.

He chose his words carefully, when he talked to her. "Amanda, I know this is hard on you. I told you it is hard to have a relationship with a trucker. Honey, I do not want you to cry over this. I have a job to do and you know that. "

Amanda held back the tears and tried not to let him hear her voice quivering. "I know darling. Who said, I have to like it? Why does your company not understand a man needs time for his own love life? Don't they understand at all?"

In the back of her mind she was screaming, "Why in the hell, did I have to fall in love with a trucker?"

He knew she was crying. "My sweet Amanda, I wish I wish I was holding you. I hate being apart from you just as much. Damn-it, I want I want you! I want to be kissing your lips and caressing that beautiful body of yours. I need to stop talking this way, or I will have one hell of a hard on I still have 400 miles to drive before I can relax and call this a day.”

"She felt that ole tingle of desire. "Well, we both know that your sexy voice has my body already tingling with desire. I am not going to tell you what its doing to me neither or you will have to stop just to relieve yourself. Now, tell me goodbye big guy. I will talk to you later tonight. Drive carefully my sexy blue-eyed devil. Feel my arms around you all along the way. I love you! "

That night, he called her as he has done, for the past four months. He told her about the beautiful country he has seen on this trip. The laughed, as he told her about a few idiotic drivers he encountered. "Oh Amanda, my Angel, I wish I wish you were with me right now. I cannot stand to be laying here in my lonely bunk without you in my arms. I want to kiss your lips and let my tongue tickle yours. Then I will move down to those tits of yours and squeeze them with my hands. Then suck and bite each nipple. Oh baby do you feel that?”

"Oh honey, I love you! I am laying here in just my lavender nightie. I'm pulling it up, sucking my nipples wishing they were your lips. I want to kiss you and work my way downward until my sweet lips engulf your throbbing cock! I know you love that and you know me, I love sucking cock! "

She knew her enticing words had him as hard as steel. They had a way of making each other hotter then firecrackers even over the phone. She ran her fingers down through her wet pussy. "I am there baby. I am lying with my head next to your cock. My pussy is within reach of your fingers. I lightly run my teeth down your shaft! I feel your fingers go inside me as your thumb encircles my clit."

If this conversation were not on his headset, he would have dropped the phone. He loved her sexy voice. He could not talk to her for more than 25 minutes without getting a rise in his Levi's. "Woman, what are you doing to me? You know I love your mouth on my cock! Suck my cock honey, make your daddy cum!"

She threw back her head and fingered her clit hard. "Do you know what I am using on my pussy? Its ten inches long and something you gave me."

“Oh my God, you’re using that vibrator, I bought you. Aren't you? Hot damn, pretend, it’s me fucking you deep and hard. Doll, let me hear you cum! "

"Yes! I gave my toy the nickname, "Douglas Junior." I am shoving it hard inside me now. Fuck me baby! Oh, yes, just like that! Ah yes, harder baby, oooh daddy, I‘m cumming! Now, feel my tongue, lips, and teeth going all the way down to the base of your cock. I am sucking you harder. I can feel your cock pulsating about to explode, cum for me!”

“Holy shit, I'm cumming!" Oh you sexy thing, I love what you do for me, even when I am a long distance away. Now, I need to get some shuteye.” However, before I do, I need to tell you something. Guess what?"


"I love you! Now listen carefully. I am going to be out of cell phone range for maybe a day or two. I am not sure why, but every time I go through these mountains, it messes up my cell phone. If I can get online, I will talk to you. In the meantime, I will be thinking of you until we talk again. Try and get some sleep and meet me later in dreamland, goodnight my sweet angel.”

"Good-night love, may the angels watch over you until we meet again? See you in dreamland. I love you, sweet dreams."

She cried after she hung up the phone. She wanted to be lying in his arms. He was not even gone a day and she already missed him terribly. How in the hell was she going to handle four weeks? She laid her head down and drifted off to sleep.

When she awoke, at first she did not know what time it was. As her eyes focused, she looked at the clock, and saw that it was only three am. She lay back down, but did nothing but toss and turn.

She got out of bed and went to her computer, logged on to check emails, and maybe chat. She did not find anything exciting at all. She opened her writing program and looked into some of her stories she was working on. After about thirty minutes, she just could not get into gear for that either. All the erotic words only made her horny for Douglas.

She then puttered back to bed. Removing her nightie lay down naked on the bed and began fantasizing. She wanted her fingers to be his as she tantalized her hot pussy. Soon she came hard, saying his name aloud. The she hugged her pillow and slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next day everything seemed to go slower then a snails pace. Every time she did something, she'd feel his sexy blue eyes staring at her and a shiver would go up her spine.

She knew his spirit was with her and many times turned around and spoke as if he was there. "Douglas quit tickling me, I am trying to concentrate!” Although like him, she knew his spirit did not listen either.

Around 10:30pm, she finished sending some emails, and logged off the computer. She then took the phone into the bedroom so she would not miss his nightly phone call. As she lay there, she could hear the beating of her own heart. She needed to hear his voice. It made the ending of every day a place of sensual tranquility.

Awhile later, she glanced at the clock and it read midnight. She wondered if he was still driving or had stopped for a bite to eat. She knew he pushed himself too hard. He often fell asleep too exhausted to call her. She felt the tears forming in her eyes again. "Oh darling, I can’t stand this! I want you, I miss you!"

She picked up the phone and dialed his number. All she got was his answering machine. She knew then that his phone was out of range. She went to the computer hoping that maybe he was online. When she did not find him, online her heart sank and she began to cry again. So she returned to bed and started reading her book, hoping that it would relax her enough to sleep.

The next thing she knew the sun was shining through the window awakening her. She looked at the clock, it read 7am. She picked up her cell phone, placed it on the charger. She then went about fixing herself some breakfast. She hoped he would be able to call her today, but decided not to get too upset. After all, he said he might not be able to talk to her for few days,
Time came and went. Three days later, she finally heard from Douglas. When the phone rang, she nearly jumped out of her skin, and then picked it up. "Hello."

"Hello Doll! Sorry, I could not call before now, but this is the first chance I have had, to use my cell phone!"

"Hi baby! I am so glad to hear your voice. I am fine, now that I hear your voice. Are you ok? Is everything fine? "

"Yes and no. Now, do not get upset, until I tell you what happened. I just spent the last three days, inside my truck waiting out a nasty humdinger of a storm. I thought it was going to blow my truck away. I could not wait to call you and let you know I am fine. So, how's my baby doing?"

"I am okay. Where are you?"

Oh, I am somewhere in the middle of New Mexico. On my way to Arizona, this should take about three more days. I will call when I can. I love you. "

"I love you too! I miss you something fierce! When will you be coming this way again?"

Now, you know I have no idea when that will be. I should be there in about a week or two if I am lucky. We will be together as soon as I can get a run down your way. I gotta get rolling honey. I love you, bye."

She uttered a goodbye in the phone and once again fought back the tears. "You knew this would happen, he is a trucker.” Now, all she needed was a way to come to terms with things.

One Friday evening, the phone rang around 8pm. When she learned, it was him, she was elated. She just knew he was going to tell her, he would be seeing her by the middle of next week. It was four weeks from the day he left. "Hi baby. I bet you’re glad, this run is almost done, and I cannot wait to see you next week! "

"Whoa baby, hold the phone! Something has come up, and I won't be there next week. That's why I am calling you, at this odd hour of the day. I am headed back up north and I am not sure, when they will have me come down your way again. You know, I cannot always be where I want to be. Please understand that. I hate it, as much as you do. I wanted to see you again, so bad I can taste your kiss on my lips. I wanted to make love to you all night long! Now, don't start crying I cannot handle it when you cry. "

"Damn-it Douglas, why do I always have to wait to hold you in my arms? Why can't you tell them to let you come this way first?"

"Honey, I have to go where they say. They almost never listen to me I told you that. I'm sorry. I don't like it either. Sometimes, I cannot help it. I have a job to do. Maybe you should think about seeing other men, that way you will not feel so lonely. Think it over doll. I will call you again late tonight, when I know we are alone. I love you my sexy green-eyed angel."

“I do not want to go out with other men. I want only you! I will think about it, ok? I love you my sexy blue-eyed devil. Talk to you later tonight, bye baby!"

She knew she was not handling things at all. The more she thought about it, the more she asked herself this question; "Was she really cut out to be a trucker's girlfriend?" She needed to be touched and to make love more then once every three weeks. She pandered asking him to change for her, but knew that if she did it would drive them apart.

She then thought about calling the guy who has been bugging her to go out. He wanted a casual relationship with maybe a little sex, with no strings attached. She decided not too and once again cried herself to sleep.

The next thing she heard was the phone ringing. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "Hello."

"Hello honey. I'm sorry that I did not call you at 11pm. I fell asleep. I am so tired I can't see straight."

She sat up in bed, rubbed her eyes again, and asked, "What time is it, anyway?"

"Two am doll. I just wanted to hear your sweet voice. You were quite upset earlier and I wanted to make sure you are okay."

"I am alright, just tired. Let's go back to sleep and talk tomorrow, alright? I love you good-bye."

"Ok. God, I wish you were here in my arms. I love you, talk to you tomorrow, good-night baby."

She then laid her head back down, wanting to drift off to sleep again. The more she tried the further awake she became. She sat upright in bed and shouted, “Douglas, why can't you be with me like I want you to be. Oh baby—WHY?"

She then walked to her computer and opened her writing program. She was not sure, what she would write. Sometimes, when she was troubled, she could put her thoughts down in poetry. Writing always calmed her tattered spirit.

"Teardrops of an Angel"

His Angel spoke softly as a lonely tear trickled down her cheek.
"Oh my darling, I miss you, my arms ache wanting to hold you!"

His Angel wiped away another tear then blew him a lover's kiss
"My lips beg to kiss you and light then fire of love I have for you."

His Angel bowed her head she wanted him lying next to her.
"My heart yearns for you it rhythmic beating saying I love you.’

His Angel desperately wanted resolution to her many questions.
"I know I love you and you love me, but will our love survive?"

His Angel enjoys life and all the things that bring her happiness.
"My motto, take each day one step at a time and try not to worry.”

His Angel smiled and chucked because tomorrow was here now.
"Oh-my-god, I just remembered things I forgot to do yesterday."

His Angel wanted her life to return to normal and be at peace.
"When is my life going to make me feel loved, secure, and happy?"

His Angel looked for a man who would love despite her flaws.
"I will never be second in his life behind his family or his job!"

His Angel awoke in the night and her loneliness overtook her.
"Why can't I do anything, but sit here and cry out your name."

His Angel felt her desires rise and wanted to feel cock inside her.
"Honey, I can't go three weeks without you making love to me!"

His Angel was hurt when she heard him speak these words.
"I do not own you go and find a man to fill the void in your life."

His Angel told him that she has done that and even fucked them.
"I cried when he left because I have betrayed my love for you.”

His Angel told him she loved him regardless of the circumstances.
"But to be truthful I cannot say that I will love you in the future.”

His Angel added that she also had a fear falling for someone else.
"A guy who was their all the time and it would hurt you my love!”

His Angel reached out into the darkness of her room and uttered.
"Hold me tight, be my friend, love me, and don't ever let me go!"

His Angel knew she had to come to terms with all of this and said.
"Destiny will decide if our love is meant to be it will be!"

She edited the poem then emailed to Douglas. Their future was uncertain, but her love for him would always be there.

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