Holiday Encounter

Holiday Encounter

Steve & I were on our summer break, we had been really looking forward to it, a great beach holiday in the Caribbean… Long hot sunny days, white beaches with the gentle lapping of the waves making just enough noise to keep you awake.

My husband is the head coach for an English soccer team that had earned promotion at the end of season. Steve had worked really hard through the year and the use of the Chairman’s villa for a couple of weeks was a great bonus.

The down side was with promotion comes added pressure of trying to sign new players who are also on holiday and the continual phone calls from other clubs, players agents and the Chairman, bless him.

Steve was thriving on the challenge and seemed totally engrossed in his work, well more his love than work.

Steve was an ex International player who quit playing right at the top of his game, having seen so many pro’s go though the spiral of playing for lower league teams and dragging wife and family across England never really putting down roots.

He had a plan to earn his coaching badges and be fully qualified for team management all before he stopped playing

His plan was successful and through contacts and reputation he was appointed to lead a medium City team from the North of England.

They had been poorly run and underfinanced for a few years but with the new Chairman’s money and Steve’s absolute enthusiasm the club had turned around its fortunes.

He is older than me by 10 years we married later than some; he was 36 on that spring day 4 years ago.

Kids were never really part of our plan and not something we had really missed.

Me well I’m Sophie, I guess you could say I’m attractive, no kids helped there, I work out 2 or 3 times a week a good diet has been part of being a pro soccer players wife, I couldn’t put on weight more than my 8 stone 4pounds now even if I tried.

My shape is good I have a waist and hips and bust is OK, well more than OK, enough to get the odd glance from some of the younger single players, best bit? Long legs good calves and a firm round backside oh and natural blonde hair that falls into shaggy curls.

A footballer’s wife? Yes, glamour model? No, actress? No wannabe singer? no I worked in a solicitors office a small solicitors office at that engaged in the menial tasks like answering the phone, filing, letter writing and general administration duties and stuff like that, boring sometimes exciting hardly ever.

How did a solicitor’s clerk meet and marry an England midfielder? Well my younger brother was a junior apprentice pro at the same club and he introduced us at a Christmas party, we clicked and things moved on from there and we actually fell in love.

Sex with Steve and I was good we enjoyed a comfortable relationship where we pleased each other, he’d never complained, well apart from teasing about not being able to come in my mouth and when a couple of lagers too many at the Christmas do he wanted to stick his thing in my bum, I rolled him over and he went to sleep.

Normal sex is mutual masturbation, oral sex (no ejaculating!) intercourse in about 4 or 5 positions, a small buzzing sex toy kept in a draw used a couple of times, why do they make so much noise?

My experience before Steve was limited, I thought I was pretty normal, a couple of boyfriends groping around snogging like crazy, one semi serious attempt at a proper relationship with a guy younger than me called Dave, he was my first, he was sexually dynamic he could have sex, cum and be ready to go again within 10 minutes.

His prime motive in life was to have as much sex as many times as possible, I remember one time I was heavy with my period and just didn’t want him anywhere near me, he nipped upstairs to the bathroom, I went to my bedroom to change into my comfy pajamas, as I walked past the slightly open bathroom door he was wanking himself whilst looking at a magazine of my Mum’s which had a sexy picture of some young thing, I ditched him pretty soon after that.

So that brings me to my Caribbean beach, Steve was trying to find somewhere to make a conference call to the latest superstar striker his agent and the two Chairman involved.
I was laying on a low rise lounger a couple of inches from the white sand under a parasol, just the right amount of breeze and just the right amount of sun and shade my book just getting to the interesting part, my D&G sunglasses perched on top of my head and my white bikini showing off my body to its best albeit the man I wanted to see it was trawling around the island looking for state of the art communications equipment.

A shadow fell over me I looked up from my book slightly heavy eyed and was looking up at a young black boy, he was stopped down towards me offering in a language I could hardly understand some bits of jewelry, no more than brightly colored beads on thin leather strips, he shook them they jangled together, he said something like “you like missy very cheap to you” I said “no thanks perhaps another time”

I looked at his bare chest as close to black skin as I have ever seen, lean with slight muscle definition that comes with youth, 17, maybe 19 at most, a pair of heavy cotton drill shorts, the blue colour faded by the beach life, they were long just below his knee, he said something else I looked back to his bright eyes and his brilliant white teeth, his smile pleading with me to buy something from him, I put the palm of my hand up as a more final gesture and looked away, down, it was then that I noticed it……. a long bulge in his shorts that started where the buttons ended and continued down his leg stopping a few inches before the hem, I started to stare, to convince myself it wasn’t what I thought it was, well it couldn’t be? How long did I stare? Long enough for him to realize what I was looking at.

My emotions went crazy, embarrassed, surprised, astonished, I also felt a little buzz, an itch that I wanted to scratch the sort of feeling I have when I’m feeling horny.

I wanted him to go so I could collect myself, he knelt down on the sand in front of me and sat back on his haunches, my eyes were drawn to the lump in the heavy cotton even though I willed myself to stop.

Now I’m not a prude I’m a married woman I know people are blessed with things more than others big arses, big breasts I’ve seen athletes on TV in lycra shorts with stuff bouncing around, I’ve heard the jokes on TV, even Steve had said something rather course about a senior Nigerian center back once, but this was real and right in front of me and it was huge not just length but in girth was well.

When I eventually managed to look up my face was in full glow, my eyes wide open and I’m shocked to say a certain damp sensation in the crutch of my Prada bikini.
He stared back with a wicked glint in his eye and looked down, his hand just stroked the inside of his thigh and went down and down taking for what seemed an age to reach the bulbous bit at the end he gave it two or three little tugs behind his what must have been his knob . It moved……… I swear it, the whole thing moved away from his leg like it wanted to stand proud only the blue cotton shorts stopping it.

My heart was bumping, I was short of breath, I couldn’t cope, I reached in my beach bag, grabbed my purse and handed over the first note I came too, I thrust the note into his hand conscious not to touch his skin……

I grabbed at my belongings and literally started to run back towards the villa dampness starting to seep down the inside of my thigh, “missy missy” he called from behind me Christ what had I done?…. Shit! Had I left something? I slowed and turned he was alongside me handing me cards of some description I grabbed them and stupidly said “thank you” as I picked up the pace.

Looking up I saw Steve heading to the villa from the other side of the beach, I rushed in and rushed into the bathroom, “hello” he shouted “what’s the rush” “Christ I’m so hot I needed to freshen up” I shouted back, not sounding one bit sincere

I wiped away at my thighs with some tissue and was stunned by the wetness, I was calmer my breath returning to normal the flush of my face easing, I eased my bikini bottoms down and looked at the swelling in the outer lips of my pussy the recent waxing making sure I could see it. It was really swollen and dark in colour my clit was really prominent, my right hand brushed against it and a sensation like I’d never experienced washed over me, I wanted to cum and cum big.

Steve shouted “you ok in there?” just at the right time, I staggered to my senses and pulled on a silk wrap pulling it tight round me.

I rinsed my hands and splashed some cold water on my face, dragged a brush trough my hair and went back into the master bedroom.

Steve looked at me and said “you OK?” I said “yeah just needed to freshen up, bit too much sun, it’s so hot out there”

“How did you get on?” “Ahhh” he said “you wont like this, I need to meet up with the Chairman and this player he wants to sign and we need to sort out the deal, trouble is he’s on the mainland” a deep breath and Steve said “I fly over tonight, I’m being picked up by a car at about midnight should be there in time for the morning”

“When will you be back” I asked “day after tomorrow” he replied, there is another club bigger than us after him, so if we get him to agree in principle we might have a chance.

“I promise I will make it up to you. I’ll tell you what we’ll go out to dinner and then on to this party thing by the time you’ve been to bed got up late been on the beach for a couple of hours I’ll be back you won’t have missed me”

“What party thing?” I asked. “This rum & toga party you got tickets for”

My mind was a blank, “what tickets, rum & toga?” I looked up at him he was waving two tickets at me, then the penny dropped, the cards the boy had given me, oh shit………..

“Oh those, the boys on the beach were handing them out, I’m not bothered, a nice meal will be fine….” “Are you sure” he interrupted “I don’t think they were handing these out, these are for that really smart place at the other end of the beach these are by invitation only, come on it’ll be fun a few rum & cokes and I’ll be back before you know it ”

I stumbled nothing coming to mind I shrugged “OK if you like” my mind now working over time, where did the boy get the tickets from? Maybe he stolen them from some other women whose head had been turned by what she’d seen?

Steve, went out for swim in the pool, I always prefer the beach, I seem to tan better, he was into his routine of 20 or 30 lengths or something, I stood on the cool tiles around the pool and watched him, God he was fit, not an ounce of fat on him, real muscle, his thighs and his calves had real contour, maybe not as big as when he was playing pro soccer twice a week at the highest level but still enough to make a women notice.

I looked in his shorts, the normal bulge, not massive, not small, it worked fine, never let me down, got hard when I wanted it to, kept hard long enough for me to be satisfied.
Was able to do it a couple of times when we were feeling randy.

Until this point, I’d never really thought what it would be like to have bigger one, but I found myself thinking about it more & more in the last few hours.

I thought back to Dave, he was hard all the time and never seemed to get soft, but as far as size went it was well about the same as Steve’s.

As girls at High school we’d taken a peek at the boys at sports day but nothing I’ seen had looked anything out of the ordinary.

A group of girls went on a hen night to Amsterdam and took a tour round the sex shops well some of the dildos there were pretty scary but they weren’t real and despite the claim that they were molded from some porn star they were pretty inanimate. But the black boy Jesus that made me horny what would that be like…………. bloody hell Sophie get a grip, forget it and move on, you’ll never see him again anyway.

We got ready for the party. I found some single crisp white cotton sheets in one of the guest rooms, I put on a white Rigby & Pellor bra that made the most of my boobs and a matching string looked good against my tan and drove Steve mad when he saw me from the back.

Then after some wrestling with the sheet and a couple of pins, I was all but ready, showing a nice bit of tanned leg quite a lot of back and a hint of cleavage.
Steve came and said “bloody hell Sophie you look damned sexy, I wish I wasn’t going now” no nor me I thought.

“Give us a hand with this blasted thing will you?” I grabbed the other sheet and threw it over his shoulder and wrapped the rest round his waist coming up between his legs, “feels like a badly fitting nappy” he said. I pinned him into it, stood back and thought to myself, he is a hunk, his upper body was hairless, and the scar from some shoulder operation added to the appeal, need to keep my eye on you tonight I thought.

He packed his bag for the trip grabbed the tickets and we headed for the bar, bar? More like a club, Christ this place was lavish. Fronted on the beach right down to the sea with hot tubs lined up facing out to the sunset.

Apart from the 4×4’s people were arriving from all directions some from the beach some from sea and a couple of times I heard helicopters come over. There were a couple of large yachts out to sea looking very expensive.

We showed our tickets at the door, I was apprehensive I thought we would be refused but they were fine, I checked for numbers on the back but no they were generic.

We walked trough to the bar area where a huge ice sculpture of a swan took pride of place, then my heart nearly stopped! There he was, the black boy, standing with a tray of rum & cokes in tall glasses with fruit and ice, no blue shorts a pristine white jacket buttoned right up to the neck and black pants a green and gold name badge introduced him as Sol.

No choice we had to walk past him, he leaned forward and offered the tray I avoided all eye contact but I could sense him staring right at me, Steve grabbed two drinks and we walked on into a pretty crowded bar area.

It came pretty clear it was a launch evening of a new expanded part of the club and the invite list was aimed at the high rollers. We found a couple of seats on the outside looking out to sea where I could indulge in one of my favorite pastimes of people watching.

I saw a jockey, I recognized him off TV he was tiny; he was sucking an ice cube or something and was never still, bobbing between groups of people.

A weather girl off a morning TV shows she was stunning and had the toga thing off to a tee.
I couldn’t work it out it must have been in more than one piece you could see all of her apart from the bits she didn’t want you to see, but even then I thought you might just be able too if you looked hard enough, Steve was certainly trying.
Long auburn hair, falling over her tan very expensive shoes she was very sexy.

Steve noticed a couple of people, a pro golfer overweight and looking merry for turning up so early he was with a very young women who was trying too hard, false tits up under her chin and the thinnest toga you could imagine, she did have a string on but was see through at the front, you could see her neatly trimmed pubes, I was almost sure they were cut into a heart shape.

From the back you could see her tattoo, it was a snake disappearing into the cheeks of her bum, and one or two people noticed that.

The music was getting louder and voices increased to be heard, I heard a voice I recognised, I looked round and couldn’t tell where it was coming from, I couldn’t bring who it was to mind, then there it was again, I got up and started to walk inside, Steve was busy talking to an ex athlete he knew, they had been on a TV quiz show back home.

Then there she was…….. Tracy, partner of Ian from one Steve’s first clubs when he was starting out, Ian had never made the grade and played lower league his entire career.

Tracy was a handful, very wealthy Dad, lawyer and was major shareholder in the club Ian played for, she loved life and was up for most things, Steve had kept in touch with Ian, he was working as a pundit on one of the satellite channels, funny to see his face most weekends.

Tracy was absolutely gorgeous everything that a girl could want, huge natural tits, an ass men lusted over, a tiny waist, legs that went on for miles, she also had a filthy mind and I’m not sure what she got up to but she had a tale to tell over most things.

We had a few nights out usually when the lads were away, Tracy once snogged me in front of a group of lads at a club, now I’ve never been with a woman but I did wonder if she was just enjoying a bit more than just winding these poor lads up, especially when she grabbed a handful of my tits and rubbed herself up and down my thigh.

It wasn’t long after that Steve was made up to coach and we moved away, we spoke on the phone a few times and met up once at a boring dinner.

What the hell was she doing here? She looked up and caught my eye and screamed at the top of her voice “Soooophie” she rushed over threw her arms around me and kissed me on the side of the neck.

Turns out that Ian was on a boys trip to Ayanpa lots of the players go close season, cheap booze and girls a plenty, some wanting to get roasted by a group of football ‘stars’

Tracy was over at her Dad’s villa, she just couldn’t stand being home alone especially as the lads would be up to all sorts, I explained how we came to be there.

I told her Steve was away that night, then it came out, “stay with me” “Oh Sophie that would be great, we can get pissed and have some fun” Pissed was something Tracy could do far better than me. I was already ‘happy’ after 2 rum & cokes.

She necked a couple of drinks and was flirting like crazy with some poor guy, Steve came over and said his car was due in a few minutes, I looked at my watch, I couldn’t believe it was 11.55 p.m..

Steve asked “Are you staying?” I told him I had asked Tracy to stay the night, I was ready to go now once she had finished her drink, Steve said “I’ve asked one of the lads to walk you back up the beach make sure you’re safe” “Oh thanks you are great” I said, he kissed me and gave me a big hug, told me he loved me and said he would call as soon as he could, with that he was gone.

I looked around for Tracy she drained the last drop from her glass and looked over nodding, she started to move towards me, as she did Sol appeared, and said “missy the man asked me to walk you”
My heart skipped a beat I flushed red as the blood rushed to my face. Tracy said “you OK love?” “Yeah fine Steve has asked this boy to walk us back” “Aren’t we the lucky ones” she teased.

We set of across the sand hand in hand what a great night, Sol walked behind us without saying a word, Tracy had enough to say for all three of us.

After to long walk up the beach the outside lights on the villa shone brightly, I turned to Sol and said “were fine from here”

“The man paid me to see you inside” and he carried on behind us, I looked back and he had taken off the stiff collared shirt, the moonlight just catching his black skin almost glinting. I looked down at his black pants it was just too dark to see any shape.

Tracy as quick as ever said “You OK girl?” “Yeah I’m fine” but I stumbled over my words and she sensed it right away, “Go on you can tell me” I felt I had to, I know I wanted to…

“He was on the beach selling some baubles, Tracy I’m so embarrassed, he caught me looking at his cock” “so what they stare at us all the time?” “So what?” well I’ve never seen anything like it, I didn’t have anything to measure it with but it would been easier to use feet rather than inches.” “Your kidding me” “No I wish I was, I got really flustered and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, I’ve become a bulge watcher looking at men’s lumps just to satisfy myself that I wasn’t dreaming.”

“Sophie it’s so unlike you” she said “Oh don’t make me feel any worse, I’m blissfully happy with Steve I’ve never thought about anything like this before”

We neared the gates around the villa, I reached under the plant pot for the keys, toga parties are great but there is nowhere to put anything, through the gate up to the porch and in, I keyed in the number on the alarm pad and lights came on automatically around the house outside by the pool and on the terrace.

Boy I needed the girls room all that coke was lying heavy in my bladder, “help yourself to a drink and give the boy a tip” I took a couple minutes to check myself out in the mirror, not bad I thought despite the long walk up the beach, Oh how I wished Steve was here, I was feeling quite mellow and could do with a nice cuddle.

I looked round for Tracy there was no sign I walked trough the living area and up to the glass doors that overlook the pool and there she was chatting away to Sol both holding a drink.

I hesitated and asked myself just how she did that quite so quickly she must have run into the kitchen while I was freshening up.

Tracy looked up and saw me she turned and waved for me to come out, I shook my head and gestured that I was going up to bed, I didn’t give her chance to persuade me with that I turned grabbed a glass of water and headed up to the master suite.

I slid back the glass doors that opened onto the terrace and stepped onto the balcony, I looked down and there was Tracy and Sol lingering over their drink, what happened next well was the surprise of my life.

Tracy walked over to Sol and kissed him hard on the mouth looping her arms around his neck, the kiss went on for an age she moved her hands over the black skin of his back dragging her nails lightly to the waistband of his pants than back up to his neck.
His arms came around her back and started to ease the toga out of it’s knot, Tracy stood back and pointed to the shoulder where Sol picked carefully at the pin, once it was undone the whole thing just sort of slipped down into a heap on the floor.

She stood there naked except for the smallest white string, she has magnificent breasts they stood proud her nipples perky and hard, he moved forward and dropped to his knees,
His face directly in line with those tits, his hands moved around the back to Tracy’s firm ass, he pulled her gently to him and placed his mouth over her right nipple and began a gentle motion his head going back and for as he pulled firmly into his mouth, I flushed red and deep as I thought my god I shouldn’t be watching this.

My hand moved inside my toga and just touched the front of my pants I could feel a moist sensation almost a glow coming from there.

Sol’s head moved from right to left and back and he seemed in no rush, Tracy’s hands went behind her head in a sort of provocative way sort of submissive she ran her hands through her hair, I moved closer to the edge just behind the balcony where carefully potted plants provided cover.

Looking down I could see Sol’s hand had moved down between Tracy’s legs and had eased under the thin string, he had really long fingers and they moved slowly between her legs, she was groaning deeply a guttural sound, he moved his head putting his hands on the side of her string and easily moved it down, Tracy stepped out of it still in her gold heeled shoes, every inch a tart came to mind. Her legs were opening stood with her hips pointing forward pushing her pelvic area out towards him, his head dipped down he moved so he was sideways to her and then he put his mouth over her she was trembling her hands went to her breasts and she pinched the nipples and pulled them and turned them, his head moved up and down in a sideways motion following her lips, his left arm was behind her I could see two long bony fingers pushing into her. She squealed a little, I looked closer his thumb was pushing into her asshole, Christ I wish I could get closer.

I was hot wet and horny my own hand was stroking my clit which stood out like never before waves of pleasure were washing over me my other hand was on my left nipple pulling it twisting flicking it with my thumb

Tracy groaned and shudder she put her hands on his head and pulled it to her and just held it for a moment.

She reached behind her and pulled his fingers from her then pulled him to his feet, she pointed to the door of the villa and they started to move inside.

I turned off the light and listened carefully; they headed upstairs and paused for a moment outside the main door to the main suite, the door opened on a small room off maybe a servant’s room. I headed back into room and listened intently, in the master suite was the main bedroom area two bathrooms a dressing room and a small sitting area that left another door, where did that go I opened it shit it was a cupboard.

I opened the door and moved mouse like onto the landing and looked to my right there was a light and a door a door just open I crept toward it a peered through the gap.

Tracy was on her knees Sol was stood in front of her hands on his hips she tugged the belt back to the left to release the pin, second time the belt opened she reached for the buttons to the waistband of the pants and undid the buttons a second button held the pants up she reached and undid it, then the zip slid down she reached in side and lifted out his cock,
It was enormous I could see the back of Tracy’s head it was shaking a negative shake she looked up at Sol and said “what the fuck is that?” He smiled and reached down he lifted his cock I’ve never seen a cock with that much weight in it, it was hard, but not sticky up hard full of blood but so heavy gravity kept it curving down.

He pointed his knob to her face his hand was halfway down there were a good few inches at the top and the same at the back, he jigged it, waggled it in her face, Tracy’s hand went out and held it her fingers not closing round it she pushed her head forward, I couldn’t see if it went in but I heard slurping and her head moving forward and then back her hand wanking the shaft.

I was so wet my fingers rubbing my clit, the most times I’ve come in a session is twice even when I was a teenager experimenting I’d had enough with the second, here I was up to three and still going I needed something in me my best cums were when my clit was rubbed and some thing inside me.

Tracy wanked him and did what she could with her mouth she stopped at one stage and I saw his cock in all it’s glory it hung with veins and a big pair if balls that looked very full.

She was rummaging in her small hand bag she pulled out a condom and ripped the foil open she licked the head of his cock once more then moved the condom over it and started to roll it down, now I know the joke about the code number on a condom that you only see when it’s fully unrolled, I know that Steve and I never get that far, but my eyes saw it unrolled and about two thirds of the way down and it was tight the rubber was biting into his skin.

Tracy lay back on the bed and pulled her legs back her cunt displayed, now most guys move toward the girl and put it in but I swear Sol put it in then moved up to her, he had his cock in his hand and moved it around her lips still with it in his hand he pushed gently at her he then eased it forward and the knob slid in. I looked at Tracy’s face she grimaced.

He was in by a couple of inches but was still no where near her body, a little flick of his ass and another inch slipped in and then another inch, the cock was getting wider each time, Tracy grimaced and groaned her hands held out against Sols chest almost trying to stop him pushing, a rhythmic movement of his hips sort of side to side with an in and out sway, caused Tracey to groan like I’ve never heard before, not as I’ve ever watched anyone else do it before.

Apart from when Dave and I were together he was always trying to get me to watch dodgy porn videos.
He made watch some porn starlet getting a face full from some stud who wanked himself for what seemed rather too long and then squirted his load all over her face whilst she groaned as if she enjoyed it, I seem to remember her getting some in the eye and squinting like crazy.

Tracy slid off and pushed Sol onto his back she stepped over him with no shame, her swollen lips on full show, she squatted and reached down lifting the weight of the cock up, she underestimated the size and had to raise herself up a bit, the she pushed the knob up to her pussy lips and then started to lower down onto him.

I was now behind them, the view, took me over the top Tracy looked like a jockey on a racehorse her hips lower than her knees the round moons of her arse split by a cock that was well, up there, I gasped panted and came again, my arm and hand ached my lips sore I was sticky wet all down my inner thigh my legs trembled my breath short, Christ I had to stop.

Just then Tracy put her left hand onto the bed took her weight and started to mover her right leg across Sol while he was still inside, I caught a glimpse of his face, now I don’t know how experienced he was but the look said he had not been out of control like this before.

One more turn and Tracy had turned right round she had her back to him then leaned her back toward him, my view was clear I could his cock pushed up into her swollen pussy, there was still a good handful before his balls which had tightened up to his body.

My head throbbed, my cumming had made me want to lie down and recover but I couldn’t drag my self away from the sight in front of me, Tracey pushed and rocked her self against his cock grabbing and squeezing it as her hips flicked back and fro.

There was creamy white all round the cock Tracey’s cum was leaving it’s mark, she started to scream low and earthy then a huge push and she froze she fell forward her arms taking her weight in front of her, a couple of slight twitches of her hips, then she started to leaver herself off him you had to be there to see this thing sliding out must have been a bit like giving birth as it slipped and then slapped against his stomach.

Tracy was gong to lie by him and curl up but Sol was not ready for that, he knelt up by her reached down peeled off the condom then lowered his knob to her lips and gently started to work himself, Tracy’s mouth stretched and covered his knob he took her hand and pressed it onto his shaft and encouraged her to wank him his hips giving a gentle flick up to meet her mouth Tracy moved her other hand until they were one above each other as she pumped him into her mouth, after a couple of moments there was the tensing, the change in the breathing, the little extra throb, his balls started to tighten, his arse squeezed together, he knew and she knew, she lifted her head away but continued to pump his eyes were rolled up into his head, he was trembling all of a shake Tracy looked up at him and he shot his load toward her face, the first, a long silver stream most of which went over her head and landed on her naked back , then a couple of strokes with nothing then a huge stream hit her right on the nose mouth & chin her hands started to slow, Sol uttered something which I didn’t catch but he grabbed his cock and jerked it, he pulled it franticly as though he was missing something then a funny smirk beamed over his face as he continued to push and pull his hand up behind his knob without going over it, his left hand reached out and pulled Tracy’s head right towards him and pressed his cock against her mouth he had her hair he pressed and her mouth opened in it went and he grunted as his hips rammed forward Tracy recoiled but his hand held steady she gagged and his spunk started to force its way back out of her mouth dripping in globs onto her breasts,
He let go of the back of her head but to my surprise she continued to jerk him into her mouth, she looked up at him with his stuff running down her chin and onto her chest as she wanked every last drop from him, his cock as big but not as heavy now and with a curve in the middle.

She lowered him down where he hung against his leg a few inches above the fold in his knee.

Tracy collapsed onto the bed, Sol smiled a broad grin and reached for his clothes, I panicked and ran back towards the room, I stepped inside and quickly locked the door, breathing returning to normal, I moved into the bathroom to shower, then I heard the handle of the bedroom door turn, my heart skipped a beat, was it Tracy? Did she want to talk? Then I heard Sol’s voice, “Missy are you there?”

Christ was he like he’d just been through a sex marathon most guys would only do once in a lifetime and here he was trying to get into my room.

I froze hardly breathing, the door handle turned and I’m sure he leant his shoulder against the door, then silence, a moment passed and I heard him padding down the stairs, I moved to the balcony and waited in the shadow hoping to see Sol make his way down the beach.

Just then a small pebble bounced on the floor in front of me, hell! He is a trier I thought, just then my mind started to play tricks, what would it be like? How would it feel? Would anybody find out? Could I trust Tracy?

NOoooo keep still! He will go, another pebble hit the deck my heart leapt but I managed to stay in the shadow ducking down behind the pots to see Sol turn and start to make his way down the beach…..

I needed sleep and a chance to dream…….

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