i love camping

i love camping

it happened 2 years ago when i was 16… i went camping with my brother brent and his girlfriend jessica, and her friend samantha. they were all two years older than me. I was short with blonde hair skinny, nice bum small perky tits and bright blue eyes, i had never had sex with a girl but was always attracted to them.

i woke early that day so i could get a head start on packing while my brother was at work. BY the time he got home i had the car ready and packed.. he took a quick shower and we left. "Where are your friends" i asked "they are meeting us out there" he responded.. as it was a long trip i went to sleep. When i woke up it was dark outside and we were pulling into the campsite. I got out and saw 2 pretty girls sitting around a camp fire.. one blonde and one brunette. The blonde i knew was jessica as i had met her several times before, And i assumed that the brunette was sam.. my first immpression of her was that she was gorgeous.. average height, shoulder length black hair, b cup tits, a tight little ass and tanned skin.

i walked over and said hi and introduced myself to sam "hi im katie, brents sister" i said as i reachd out to shake her hand, she looked me up and down then stood up took my hand smiled and said "im sam, its very nice to meet you, u want a beer" "of course" i replied. so while jessica and my brother were playing kissy face most of the night, me and sam were left to chat. I wasnt sure but i thought she was flirting with me.. after about an hour jessica and my brother went to their tent. i stood up to grab some marshmallows and asked sam if she wanted me to roast her one. Once we had talked for another fifteen minutes and eaten a few smores. sam said "shhh" as she put her finger to her mouth, i listened and heard a "oohhh aahh oh god fuck my pussyyy" coming from my brothers tent me and sam both laughed, but her next question caught me off guard "so when was your first time" i smiled and said "havent had one, how bout yourself?" she replied "well i havent had a first time with a guy, but my first time with a girl was wen i was fourteen" "oh so your a lesbian?" i asked "yup, didnt josh tell you" nope i replied "do you know if your gay or not yet?" "well i dunno cuz ive never had sex but ive always been more attracted to girls" she smiled and asked "oh.. do you find me attractive?" "i think your gorgeous" when i said this she blused, leaned over and lissed me on the cheek, makin me blush. "So do u want to have a first time with a girl?" "i cant wait till it happens ive been so horny latley" once i said this she got a a devilish look i her eye then said "follow me" she got up and walked into her tent and waved me over, i got up and followed.

she opend up the tent door and pushed me in then shut the door, "what are we-" i tryed to say but before i could finish she was on top of me kissing me, shoving her toungue down my throat, i immidiatley grew wet and reached around to feel her ass, it felt amazing. she bit my lip and started kissing her way down my neck "take off your shirt" she said, i did, i wasnt wearing a bra. she continued to kiss her way down and when she got to my erect nipple she started to suck on it, i let out a quiet moan, she reached her hand down my stomach and undid the buttons on my daisy duke jean shorts.. i lifted my hips and slid them off, all i had on now was a small black g string with the words "bite me" on the front, she slipped her hand underneath my g string and starte to massage my clit, i stopped her and said "i want you to be naked to" so she ripped off her shirt and skirt.. she wasnt waering any underwear at all. then she continued to rub my clit while sucking on my tit i reached over to massage her boobs, they were perfect, she hadlittle brown nipples(i think she was a lantina) and with my other hand i continued to massage her ass while occasionally running my hand down to her pussy and rubbing it.. untill she said "lift your hips" i did and she pulled off my g string revealing my tight pink shaven pussy. she immidiatley burried her head in it, i could feel her toungue lapping up my juices, she used a free hand to massage my clit. i was growing hot and wet, i was ready to climax, i screamed "oh fuck im going to cum" at this she wet harder. i clamped her head with my legs and lifted my hips and i orgasmed and squirted my juices into her mouth.. it was the best orgasm i had ever had it seemed to have lasted for ever.. we layed in her sleepin bag for a few minutes catching our breaths.. holding each other occaisonley kissing until she whispered.. "my turn" i told her to lay on the doggiestyle position and went around to the back of her, i started by just lickin and fingerin her pussy, until she cried "finger my ass as u eat me out pleasee" so i plunged onefinger into her ussy to lube int u and licked her asshole to lube it. i then asked "u ready" "do it" i pushed my finger deep into her asshole as i continued to lick her cunt. i could feel her moving her hips back and forth against my mouth and finger she started to go faster and moan louder until she exploded in my mout i went up and lissed her so she could taste herself then we both layed down exahusted kissed one last time and went to sleep in eachothers arms

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