I Love Hookers – 3

I Love Hookers – 3

I Love Hookers – Story 3

We used to have a lot of Peep Show places around town. They ranged from a small shop with maybe 10 little viewing booths; to few big ones that have up to twenty viewing rooms, sold sex toys, and even some live girl rooms.

I first went to one of the smaller ones for my first adventure. I got a hand full of quarters from the guy behind the booth and made my way to a booth. It was quite dark, because everything was painted black, and only a very few lights. I opened one of the doors to an empty room, and there was a TV monitor with a slot for quarters next to it. I dumped in all my change, sat on the little bench to watch the movie. You could switch between about twenty different movies. I picked one that had big-boobed women on her knees sucking five guys. There was a tissue dispenser on the wall, so I took my dick out and started to masturbate watching the movie. It was sexy, but not a big deal. I shot my wad into my tissue as the last guy was shooting his big load all over the woman’s face.

A few days later I went to the biggest one in town. When you walk in, you are in a big room where the sex toys are. I’ve never seen so many dildos of different sizes, and colors, with some so big you had to wonder if they were just a joke. The fake pussies were something I stopped to look at. They looked like a flashlight with a pussy on top. Anyway, I got a hand full of quarters and headed for the back. This was a much bigger room than the first one I went to, and not as dark. I picked a booth and found it much nicer and cleaner. But the movies just weren’t working for me again. I had a hard time even getting it up. So I decided to move on.

As I was tucking my dick back into my pants, that’s when I noticed the glory hole. I wasn’t sure what to do so I looked thru and saw a man looking back at me. He said that if I put my dick in, he’d suck me dry. I said thanks, but no.

I left the booth and walked the maze of booths to the back of the room. That’s where I found the live girl booths. Some doors were open, and some were closed. I looked into a couple of the open doors to see the girls that where available. I’ll admit they weren’t the best-looking working girls I’d ever seen, but there was something sexy about them sitting behind a floor to ceiling glass wall wearing just bras and panties waving as I looked in. I decide to go into one with a skinny blond girl wearing a bright red bra and panty and see what this was all about. As I locked the door, she pointed to the left side of the booth. There was a sign that said how much to put in for how long you wanted to stay, and a dollar bill accepter below it. I put in a bunch of bills; more lights came on then so I could she her better, and a light outside came on to let guys know the booth was occupied. I picked up the phone on the wall to talk to her. She asked what I wanted, and I told her it was my first time doing this and I didn’t know what to ask for. She told me that she could put on a show for me while I jacked off. She showed me all the toys she had and told me how much it would cost for how many holes I wanted her to fill. She then pointed to a hole, about the size of large softball, waist high in the middle of the window. She said that she could give me a hand job, suck my dick or even fuck me thru it. I looked closer at the window and found that it was made of Plexiglas and the hole was beveled very smooth.

After some thought, I told her that I’d like a show where she would fuck herself with the HUGE double-ended dildo she had next to her chair. I passed the money thru the hole, and she told me to drop my pants and enjoy the show. I did as I was told and she took off what little she had on, and I started to see that she wasn’t as bad looking as I first thought. Her skin was a little pasty, but she had nice round tits, smooth belly, and a nice shaved pussy. She sat on the easy chair she had in her booth, and scooted her ass out to the front of the chair. She reached over and picked up the huge dildo. It was so big she couldn’t get her hands around it. She picked up a tube of lube and started rubbing it all over one end of it. She looked at me and asked if I’d like some of the lube for my dick. I nodded ok, and she stuck her hand thru the hole and rubbed it on my dick. I wasn’t expecting that she would have such a nice touch, and when her fingers touched my half hard dick, it became steel hard in seconds. I was wondering if I’d made a mistake by not getting her to do something to me. She just smiled sat back in the chair.

Then she lay back with her legs on either side of the window, took the dildo and started rubbing the large head of the fake dick up and down her hairless cunt lips. I must admit that I became mesmerized by her act, and I started to jack my dick a little faster. She started easing the big dick into her pussy. Her pussy was stretching more than I thought one could. Within a minute, she had a good nine inches in her loose pussy. I didn’t think I could fuck her with a pussy that loose, but for some reason I was extremely turned on watching her fuck herself with that huge pink dildo. It was so base and nasty. She picked up the pace of fucking herself, and was looking at me in the eyes the whole time. She wasn’t making any pretence that she was having an orgasmic experience, but she was working it hard for me. I could feel my balls start to expand. She saw my eyes get wider and started yelling at me to blow my cum all over the window for her. Then I did just that. I shot stream after stream of sticky cum splashing onto he window separating us. My legs were shaking and I had to put a hand out to hang onto the wall so I wouldn’t fall. My orgasm was much greater that I expected. I think it was because this was so nasty. I looked at my load slowly sliding down the window and was amazed how much there was.

I cleaned my dick off with some tissues and asked about all the cum on the window. She said not to worry; they had a boy that would clean it when I left. I noticed that she hadn’t gotten dressed yet, and she told me that I still had about ten minutes of time left. She asked if I wanted to see a couple more things. I said sure why not. She picked up some ping-pong balls and pushed them in her wet pussy. She was still sitting in her chair with her legs up on either side of the window. Then she looked up at me and grunted like she was taking a shit, and one of the balls shot out of her pussy and bounced off the glass. I was dropped mouth stunned as she shot the other two out. She said she could tell that I thought she was a loose pussy whore. She said that she might be a whore, but her pussy was her money and the most exercised muscle she had, and she was proud of it.

She said that she now wanted to show me the other thing. She then bent over showing me her ass, and took a smaller dildo and inserted it into her pussy. She backed up to the window, stuck it thru hole and told me to try and pull the dildo out of her pussy. I grabbed it with one hand and gave it a pull. I DIDN’T BUDGE. She clamped down on it so hard that I couldn’t pull it out with two hands, and this was a pussy that was still slick from that lube she had used.

She turned around smiling at me, and I had a new respect for this low end Hooker. She sat back down, lifted her legs till the dildo was pointing right at me, grunted, and shot that against the window. WOW was all I could say. I realized that I’d never asked her name, so I did. Her name was Pepper and she told me that if her friend in the next booth wasn’t busy the next time I came in, they offered a two-girl show that was sure would make me shoot even more cum. That sounded like something I might like to see. I put a tip thru the hole and told her I’d be back, soon.

When I got home that evening, I told my wife Susie about my adventure. She asked a lot of questions about the “glory hole” and about Pepper with her big dildo and ping-pong ball shooting pussy. She listened over dinner as I told her everything. I could tell she was getting excited, because her nipples were very hard under her tank top.

After dinner she led me to our bedroom for an early evening sex romp. We were fucking and sucking for about an hour, when Susie looked at me and asked if I was thinking about the show with Pepper and her big dildo while I was fucking her. I told her no, I was thinking about her pussy and how good it felt. I told her that Pepper put on a sexy show, but no one was as sexy as she was. She looked at me shyly and said that she was thinking about Pepper, and wanted to know if women went to these places. She said she thought she might like to go with me and see Pepper put on a show.

When she said that, my dick that was buried all the way in her pussy at the time, EXPLODED!!!!! When I stopped shaking, she said that it seemed that I liked the idea. I told her that it excited me a lot, and if she wanted to go, we’d go.

She asked if I’d let Pepper do more to me while she watched. I asked what she wanted to see. She wanted to see Pepper do what she had done for me, and then maybe fuck me thru the hole. I told her I do it, if she really wants me to.

Then she asked about the glory holes. I told her that they seemed to be in most of the peep booths. She said that after we were finished with Pepper maybe she could suck some dick, if it was ok with me. I told her that it was fine with me, but it might not be a good idea to swallow. She thought it sounded exciting and kinky to suck a stranger’s dick. Not only a stranger, but also one she would never even see. She wondered how many guys she might get to suck. I told her it would depend how many men were there, but I was sure it would be as many as she wanted. She looked at me; her face a little flushed, and said that she could swallow mine right now. She then gave me a blowjob like none I’d ever had from her before. I thought if just thinking about it turned her on this much, I couldn’t wait till after the real thing.

I picked her up from work early that Friday, and we drove over to the adult peep show. We parked in the back and went in thru the side door. Susie was holding my hand and walking very close to me. Her eyes were very wide, as she looked at all the sex toys spread out on the tables we walked by, running her fingers over some of them. There weren’t as many men there as there was the last time, but the ones that were there, were looking at her with hungry eyes.

We made our way back to the girl booths and saw that Peppers door was open. We walked in locked the door, and I started putting bills in the slot, a lot of bills. Pepper picked up the phone, said HI, and wondered who the woman was. I told her she was my wife, and she wanted to see the show she’d done for me, and then she wanted me to fuck her while she watched. Pepper smiled and said that this was a first, but agreed. We settled on a price, and I handed the money thru the hole. She got the lube out first this time and stuck her hand thru the hole to rub it on my dick. My dick was hard as a rock this time and she took a little longer stroking it this time. I was oozing a lot of precum. Susie was leaning against the wall watching everything, and her eyes were wide with amazement. Pepper leaned back in the chair with the lubed the dildo and started rubbing it up and down her pussy lips. Pepper’s eyes where looking into my wife’s this time, and you could see by the look in Susie’s eyes, that was as turned on as she’d ever been. As Pepper was pushing it farther into her cunt, my wife pulled her skirt up and started rubbing her bare wet pussy. I now had a show on both sides of the window.

Susie started using both hands on her pussy. She had three fingers from one hand inside, and the fingers on the other hand were massaging her clit. She started to shudder with an orgasm watching Pepper slide that huge slick dildo in and out of her cunt after about five minutes. She couldn’t take her eyes off Peppers pussy. Susie told me to fuck her now, that she couldn’t wait anymore. I rolled a condom on and stuck my dick thru the hole. Pepper took the dildo out pussy and backed her ass up to the window. She reached her hand between her legs and guided my dick into her pussy. It slid in easily, maybe too easily, and then she clamped down. I’d never felt anything like it. It hurt! She looked back, smiled, and loosened up a little and started fucking my dick, thrusting her as back and forth on my dick. Susie was asking what it felt like and was it good? I told her I’d never felt a pussy that could grip like that, and it felt real good. Susie was leaning against the sidewall finger fucking herself into frenzy, and then she started yelling at me to cum in that whore’s pussy, then she would suck my dick clean. With just a few more backward thrust’s from Pepper’s talented cunt, and I was shooting globs of my cum into the condom. I must have shot five or six loads, and Pepper kept squeezing my dick till it was almost dry. I pulled out of her pussy and turned around so Susie could take the condom off. She put it into her mouth as soon as it was free of the latex and sucked the last of my cum out of my dick. I’d never done anything like this before. I could hardly stand. I was so drained, my legs were shaking with pleasure.

Pepper looked at us with a little amusement on her face as Susie finished cleaning my dick. Susie looked at Pepper and said that she hoped Pepper wasn’t upset about the “whore” remark. Pepper said not in the least. I was putting my now soft dick back in my pants when Susie asked if she would shoot the ping-pong balls for her. Pepper sat back, stuffed four balls into her amazing cunt, and shot them one after another against the glass. Susie was still finger fucking herself, and asked how she learned do that. Pepper took out a glass penis-looking thing with a lot of ridges. She said that she worked with this for a half an hour a day. She said that we could buy one out front, and after working with it for a week or so, Susie would be able to do it to. Susie asked if we came back, would Pepper fuck her with the big double-ended dildo thru the hole. Pepper smiled and said that was why she was here. Susie shuttered with a final orgasm at the thought of sharing that huge dildo with Pepper.

We thanked her, put a nice tip thru the window, and went to find a glory hole for my dick-craving wife. Susie was wide eyed with excitement. She said that so far it was better than she ever had fantasized about, but now she needed a dick in her mouth.

As we left the Pepper’s booth, some of the men standing in the hallway were looking to see which booth we went into next. We went into one in the middle. I locked the door and I started shoving quarters in as Susie sat on the chair. The movie didn’t matter much, we just wanted the booth. Susie pulled her skirt up, and started stroking her pussy. She looked up at me and wanted to know when a dick would appear. She said that loud enough that a second later a nice sized hard dick appeared. Susie didn’t wait; she pushed the whole thing into her mouth. She was deep throating this guy, trying to get him to cum as fast as she could. The poor guy on the other side of the wall was moaning louder than the one on the TV. She could feel him ready to blow and took it out of her mouth and began jacking him as fast as she could. In just seconds she was rewarded with six or seven blasts of cum on her face. The dick was pulled out, Susie looked up at me and said that this was FUN, but wanted more dick a lot more dick.

Well, after she sucked many dicks, white and black, big and small, I finally ran out of quarters, and told her we had to leave. She said that was ok, because she didn’t know if she could suck another one anyway. Susie looked up at me and I could see that she had cum in her hair, on her face, in her ears, and all over her blouse. I started to laugh and remarked that I’d never seen that much cum in my life. I’d been stroking my dick as I was watching, and she told me to add my load on her face. A couple more strokes and I add my spunk to her smiling face. After I shoved my dick back in my pants, she said she wanted to she what she looked like, so I told her that the rest room was near the back. Then we stepped out into a hall full of men clapping and cheering. Some of the guys told her she’d sucked them twice. A lot of them were stuffing bills down the front of her sticky blouse. She bowed and smiled at the guys, and then she went to the ladies room. I went in with her and as she got the first look at her face, she just said “Oh My God”. She looked like one of those kid from TV where they get slimed. Then she tried to wash up; but when she came out she still looked well used. Her hair was matted down and sticky, she still had some cum dripping from her ears, and her white blouse was almost transparent from the gooey cum. Oh, and her shoes were sticking to the floor as she walked. She held her head high as we walked hand in hand into the front room where we purchased the exercise dong that Pepper had shown us, and also THE HUGE DILDO. The guy at the counter gave us a discount and asked Susie if she wanted a job in the back. He said that none of her girls could have sucked as many dicks as she did. Susie just smiled and told him that this had been a one shot thing.

On the way home we tried to figure out how many dicks she had sucked in the hour we had spent in the booth. I told her I quit counting at twenty. She blushed and asked if I still loved her or did I think she was a cum whore. I told her that I still loved he very much. I went on to say that we were just opening new ways to explore our sexuality, and as long as we were honest and respected each other, we were going to have a long and happy marriage. I didn’t think she was a cum whore, or anything else but my hot sexy wife. She put her sticky head on my shoulder, her hand on my cock, and said as soon as we got home she was going to fuck me with every hole she had, after she took a long hot shower.

And she did.

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