I Never Thought I'd Go Through With It

I Never Thought I'd Go Through With It

For the past year or so, I have been going to sex chatrooms. I don't know why, I like it because it gives you a chance to live out your fantasies even though you think you will never actually live them out. I had begun to always jerk off thinking about a male UPS guy or a couple of construction workers coming to my door to deliver a package or explain something and allow themselves in my house and just start taking advantage of me. I always timed it up with when they were to cum in my mouth or ass, I would always blow my load, sometimes over my chest, but every now and then i'd lay on my back, raise my hips so my dick was over my mouth and cum in it. I just loved the feel of warm, sticky jizz all over my face and in my mouth.

So I'm in a chatroom one day and learn that there is another bi male that lived about 45 minutes from me, and he was 32, i was 18 at the time. And another thing, the thought of being with an older man always got me even hotter! So we talked for a while and he asked me if I wanted to come to his place for some extra fun. I was so extremely horny at this point, so I immediately said yes, and he gave me directions to his apartment.

His name is Brian, he's about 6'2", 250, very strong, cut man, shaved-bald head, blue eyes….. and did I mention he was 9"?!?! He lead me to his apartment door and we walked in. At this moment my stomach was boiling. I had never been with another man before. I began to think if I was making a mistake… Should I tell him I'm not up to it? Should I just walk out and not explain anything? But, then again…. I have always wanted to taste a cock, just to see if I liked it at all, and if I would like it.

All this time I was standing at the front door when he called me into the back, which was the bedroom. He saw me and just blurted out (knowing I have never been with a guy before) "So you ready to suck your first cock Matt?" At that point, my mind left the building as i unzipped my coat and dropped to my knees, making a loud THUD echo throughout the room. Brian unzipped his tight blue jeans and I pulled them down to his ankles. His very erect, 9" cock shot out and poked my right cheek.

His strong hand grapsed the back of my head, saying "Think you can handle it?" As he finished his question, I looked up at him, and with a slutty smile and took him all the way down my wanting, wet mouth until it poked and slid down my virgin throat. His grunts and moans made me even hotter, I slightly gagged on his huge cock as I sucked him up and down, my head bobbing up and down as i stroked him. I slurped all over his cock as he began pushing me up and down. I gave into his strength as his hips thrusted his cock into my mouth as he pushed me down.He picked his rhythm up with every thrust, where soon he was completely raping my mouth. Spit drooled out of my mouth onto my shirt and sweatpants, gagging so much on his hung cock. My mind was racing, I was loving his cock in my mouth. Sucking it, gagging on it, it was everything I had thought it would be….. and more!!

His cock was so wet from all my spit as he pulled out and pulled my up onto my feet and ripped my shirt off and through me on my stomach on his bed. He pulled my sweatpants off, and as he did Brian licked all the way down my ass to my ankle. I raised my hips in the air, knowing exactly what he wanted… and what I wanted as well. I wanted him to give me the fucking of a lifetime! He pushed my hips down so i was laying completely on the bed on my stomach and climbed on top of me. His cock pressing against my young, virgin ass, he began to kiss my neck and softly whispered in my ear, "Ready for Daddy's big cock to pop your cherry, slut?". At this point, I was in his total control and answered in a girl's voice "yes".

Brian lubed my virgin ass, sliding a finger inside me as i slightly moaned. I could tell he liked me moaning cause he pulled it out and immediately pressed his dick against my tight hole. I was screaming my lungs out. I never knew that there was this much pain in the world. He pressed further into me, tears began to stream down my cheeks. I tried desperately to crawl away, but with his strength, he held me down right where I was. He continued pushing until a sudden POP came from my ass and the rest of his cock slid all the way inside me. My screams pierced through the walls to the other rooms around his. He rested inside me for what seemed like an eternity. He leaned over me again and asked if I was ok with everything. I only answered by saying "I didn't suffer through all of that just for you to take it out" He slowly pulled out… pushed back in…. he was completely ripping me open. I could my walls popping loose, ripping open with every thrust. He climbed up onto the bed and begin to quicken his thrusts. My ass finally began to accept his length and gerth. Instead of screaming in pain, i began to moan and groan in pleasure… I was finally having my ass filled with another man's cock, and I was enjoying every second of it. About 10 minutes went by, and he was now ramming deep in and out of me. I knew I was bleeding all over his cock because I became very slick again. He began moaning louder, his grunts becoming intoxicating when he quickly pulled out of me.

He pulled me up, my legs so weak from his thrusts and my ass sore as hell. I was forced on my knees as he shoved his cock into my mouth as he coated my mouth with his hot, sticky, sweet-tasting cum. Having never swallowed, I had to swallow quickly in order to savour his many loads and not waste them. The whole time he came in my mouth I stared up at him.

I gave his cock one last kiss and began to dress. He walked me to the door, fully nude, and still quite hung. Not turning me around, he grabbed me, pulled him into me, and whispered into my ear that he would be calling me very soon…. and it wouldn't just be the two of us the next time….

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