I'll Do Anyhthing to Protect You

I'll Do Anyhthing to Protect You

Don't read this if you think you have a right to judge some one.
BTW its Extremely Long

She hears the phone ringing, looking up at the clock .. cusses softly its 11pm who in the hell is calling, a quick glimpse at the caller ID shows her best friends name. Knowing it cant be good picks up anyways, we are like sisters and i would do anything for her, * hey girl whats up? .. oh sure not a problem .. just like old times .. ok .. later.* Groaning softly ok i can do this, driving a car and playing guard while she escort a client around, nothing to it, sides a hundred bucks is worth it for a few hours of doing nothing.

Walking to the closet pulls out comfy pants, a slinky black T, and boots, chuckles cause no one thinks to pay close attention to a little girl like her, grinning slides her knife into her boot, patting the pants leg down, brushing her hair back and tying it with a ponytail holder. Checking her makeup in the mirror, walk out the door, grabbing her jacket slings it over her shoulder and grabs her purse heading for the door.

Looking at her friend sitting in the car next to her, grinning at her friend .. opens the door and gets out, flipping open the phones calls the client *yes we are here .. ok inside at the bar .. sure we on our way in.* Opening the door for her friend escorts her inside, shaking his hand meeting him *nice to meet you .. no thanks no alcohol for us.* Sitting across from them orders a Dr Pepper with Shrimp and Asparagus something or other. Talking and laughing at stupid jokes and military stories. Watching her friend, flipping her hair and flirting like she is so very good at.

Leaving and heading to the motel, the client riding next to her and friend in the backseat, more talking and laughing, pulling into the parking lot and a quick walk to the elevator. He seems so nice and such a gentleman opens the door for us girls and offers to fix us a drink which we decline. Walking over to the balcony door propping it open with a chair, sits down and opens her book, watching but not watching, listening but not hearing. Murmuring answers when asked something trying to stay out of the flow of conversation. Hearing my name called she looks up from the book that she isn't really reading, *walk on the beach? .. sure why not.* Closing the door and following them out, the friend attached to his arm, talking about silly things and giggling too much for her to bear, rolling her eyes listening, follows behind them grumbles to herself about the sand getting into her boots. Hearing her name she pays attention, the client is talking about her two favorite subjects knives and martial arts, her interest piqued she asks a few questions and he wants to teach her a few moves, smiling a wicked smiles replies yes should would love to learn.

He is cocky and sure of himself, but he has been drinking and she has watched all night, he throws a punch and what little training she has kicks in, letting him move close to her she blocks and grabs his wrist and slight kick to the knee has him stumbling away from her, he quickly turns and looks at her, sizing her up, knowing that he underestimated her, he gets more aggressive,throwing kicks and punches, sand hitting her, she tries to block but its pointless, over and over she feels the strikes, grateful when she feels him pulling back not using full force. Laughing we go back inside, she is wary and watchful knowing that if it came down to it, that a fight wasn't going to help. Grabbing her chair props the balcony door back open, smoking a cigarette and watching things unfold.

Her friend lays on the bed the client prepares to give her a massage, clothes are moved around and lotion comes into play, turning not wanting to watch answers her husbands call on her cell, talking to him but keeping a weather eye, saying i love you and hanging up the phone. Wanting to talk to a friend calls him and they speak , she lets him know that everything is fine and she would speak to him later. Turning see's that her friends pants are around her ankles and her shirt is over her head, the client in nothing more than boxers. Groaning tries not to bang her head against the concrete wall. Speaks her friends name loudly * you ok? .. you sure? .. ok then* Settling back into her chair watches the client not trusting him. Much later he is done and the friend sits up, almost purring she tell him how wonderful it felt, feeling the need to throttle her friend quickly rises but she chokes it down, her friend is married and will not do anything sexual, I know this and so does the client.

Clothes set to right and talking begins again, getting tired makes a comment about the time, her friend looks at her and replies we are staying all night. A soft growl and muted curses quickly calls my husband to let him know that plans have changed. He isn't happy at all, neither is she, there is nothing that can be done an agreement was made and she never leaves a friend, softly saying our i loves you hangs up. Flipping through the channels the client begins talking about his work and things that he has to do, reaching over he flips his leather case to me, flipping it open, *oh kool, US Department of State Security Special Agent .. thats really neat.* Tossing it back turns and gets a bit pale, yup they are screwed if things get out of control. The night rolls on tired and worried, listens to ideal chatter and soft music, her friend and the client cuddled on the bed.

A sound makes her pay close attention, quickly moving, goes to the bed, her friend in distress and the client not listening, *i think you need to stop i say to him .. a growl .. i love her and want he says and I'm not letting her go with out getting what i want .. looking at her friends face knowing she is scared .. drops down to her knees and looks up at him .. please let her go, you know she doesn't want this, this is Not something she would do, you are hurting her .. another growl .. no .. feeling faint and a bit nervous replies .. you can other rape her and have her hate you or you can fuck me and pretend its her and she will still talk to you .. glassy drink glazed eyes stare down into my eyes .. fine*

The client pushes her friend over and grabs her, roughly pulling her down, raking her hips with his nails and yanks her pants down, shoving her face into the pillow, she hears him hiss, not a word .. don't say anything I'm not fucking you I'm fucking her. Trying not to move, letting my body go slack, feels him pull her friend almost on top of her so he can look into her eyes, turning my head slightly whispers, *tell him whatever he needs to hear .. make him cum .. please make it quick .. do Anything but make it fast.* The clients hand wrapped around the back of her neck holding her head down, not really breathing wishes her friend didn't know her so damn well, a stinging slap to the ass, listening to her friend say things she never thought she would hear, waits quietly not moving not making a sound. Finally he grunts and moans and is done.

Pulling on clothes not looking at anyone. Walks out the door, going down to the beach, watching the sun rise as the breeze dries her tears. Shaking walks back inside not wanting to leave her friend for very long, walk inside and sits down to breakfast, listening to the talking but some what numb not really paying attention, its time to go, feeling her friend slip something into her hand looks down and tucks it into her pocket.
Driving to her husbands work quite and thoughtful trying not to feel, hands him the two hundred dollars and kisses his cheek, I whispers softly i love you so very much, drives away.

Driving home, tears falling, runs into the house and then into the shower, hot, scolding water, slamming into her body. Her skin turning pink then red, her body racked with sobs, finishes. Getting out looks into the mirror, looking to see what is wrong, shuddering walks down her stairs and slips into bed, dreaming and remembering she wakes and goes to work. Life sucks, she knows this. Life is full of lessons,she knows this.

Now I'm done so say what you wish .. just keep in mind sometimes some people mean it when they say * I'll do anything to protect you*

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