Interlude with my hot wife

Interlude with my hot wife


This is a bit of a look into our life. This is a true story, short, but honest.

I was horny as hell, no other way to soften the expression, horny, wanting to pounce and pound my wife with reckless abandon. But as is usual with me I didn’t want to cum fast, I wanted to draw out any pleasure, keep things going as long as possible so that my mind is swimming in the experience. I also wanted to make sure my wife cums first. That’s important to me.

This doesn’t mean to say that in the past we haven’t had quickies, something she is happy to provide at times where I get off without her. I don’t care for the fact she hasn’t cum during those few times where everything is rushed, but I make up for it later when there is time. I have gone without orgasm before during those few makeup sessions, where she gets to orgasm and I just get to be the one lucky enough to be providing the stimulus with mouth, hands, finger. I’m lucky enough to be there watching her mouth form an “o” as her breathing turns harsh and she grabs me tightly and then contracts in orgasm on me, my tongue, fingers. That is so enjoyable, I’d need more space than here to describe just what it means and how much it turns me on to see this, experience it.

Anyway, our little session here doesn’t end with anyone cumming, but it also didn’t end there. We finished things properly later, but I so enjoyed this little moment in time that I felt I’d share it with you…

Alyce got back from her weekend at the beach. She was tired and tan and sunburned as well. Funny thing about a beach in Florida with overcast sky, one doesn’t think the sun as strong, but one would be wrong, Alyce was. She pulled up her shorts and showed me the beat red of her ass and the clear lines where the bikini kept the harsh sun out. God, I wanted to rip her shorts off and go at her fierce, as I said, I had been without her for a couple of days and I was literally aching to get at her. such a powerful drive.

We had some small talk about her time there, during which I made comments about how hot she looked, and not just from the flame red of her skin, mind you, the kind of hot that is amplified by deep love for her.

We continued that way for a short time, expecting to watch a movie we had rented long ago and have not seen yet. She removed her clothes, all except for her panties, and was looking for something comfortable to wear, something loose and non offensive to her burn. She asked about a long night shirt, wondering if I had had a chance to wash any clothes, which of course I had. In our marriage we share duties as much as possible. I am a capable man after all, having been shown by my parents early on how to be self-sufficient in life – something required in such a large family I grew up in.

And I had the time, I worked a lot over the weekend cleaning, washing, my regular work, doing anything to try and keep my mind off of my occasional hard on at the thought of my wife and seeing her again.
So it was washed, I led her panty-clad body to the laundry room, pulled open the dryer door and removed her long black night shirt. I knelt there with it in my hand and looked up at her.

“There’s a price…” I said. I mentioned something about a standard fee for such clothing. She smiled.
“Oh?” she replied, “and what’s that?”
I looked up at her, calm as day, but aching within. “A taste.”
She tilted her head and rolled her eyes slightly in mock subjugation. “Oh well, if I really have to.”
She moved forward then, leaning her blue panties toward me. I promptly let her shirt hang in the mouth of the dryer as I smiled and reach out with my fingers and pulled aside her panty enough to see her wonderful pussy. Amid the red of the rest of her body her pussy stood out in a rich and soft light brown, part of her Asian genetics that turns me on, almost as if she is permanently, softly tan there. Really quite beautiful.

I inhaled. Could I do less? I am so turned on by scent, and she has such a scent where I am held nearly immobile taking it in. I put my nose in close, followed by my mouth until I touched her. My lips kissed her then, my tongue slipped out from my lips and lightly grazed hers. I remembered somewhere in there to breathe and I heard my breath exhale and then inhale again.

I used my tongue then, gently, caressingly over the folds and soft ridges of her pussy, occasionally dipping in to the entrance and then back out and around again, slowly, savoring everything.

It isn’t just her pussy, it’s everything about her. I have my face pressed close to her, tasting her, breathing her in, letting her unique, beautiful flavor tingle parts of my tongue that makes me think only image, and the image is only her. I am entirely consumed by this, no other thought powerful enough to pry my mind from where I am, what I am doing. So I continue.

Alyce aids me, she takes over the task of pulling her panties to the side. I love that she does this, and I look up at her. She is beautiful, her face so engrossed in the experience, the feelings I am stirring, I can tell there is little else in her mind right now as well. We are drawn together by this. I slip my tongue in deeper and she places her leg up on the lip of the dryer door opening so I have more access. I moan and she does also, quite, controlled, filled with releasing breath.

She is moist there, she was the first time my tongue touched her. Now the moisture is combined with my saliva, I swallow. I have swallowed so much of her over our time together and I can never quite quench that thirst for her, so of course I keep trying.

I stopped then. I forced myself – to say the least. I had only said a taste, after all. She had paid and I offered her her shirt then. I helped put her panty back in place and stood. I hugged her then, and she hugged back. We continued on with our life then, watching the movie together, my arms around her from behind as she leaned on me. I kissed her occasionally and had to back the move up several times as my mind drifted to her and her pussy. I told her so, and she laughed. She enjoyed that I thought of her like this.

There you go, a brief look at our life. We did finish things that night, “thrusting” our way to sleep. But I wanted to share this little warm spot we had by the dryer, in the laundry room. I think it was special.

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