Internet ads.

Internet ads.

I like to place ads on the internet, asking ladies to exchange sexual stories with me. If they answer my ads and say that they are writing from work, I like to send them the following story:

In my fantasy, we work at the same company. You are on the clerical staff, and I am responsible for the computer network and software that is used at our company. I have a secret crush on you. You are always fun to be around and your shapely tanned body is definitely eye candy to me. One day after you returned from lunch you had to run back to the office through a rain shower. I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of your wet blouse as you returned to your office. Your shapely breasts, and perky nipples were quite a sight to see through your wet red blouse. I could never decide if I preferred it when you wore tight slacks that revealed your shapely ass, or short skirts that showed your beautiful tan legs.

Our bosses became concerned about employees wasting time on the internet doing things that were not related to their jobs. I was told to install software that logged what websites that were being viewed. So, I installed the software, and decided to check it out. After installing the software, I was curious, I wondered, what you look at. Later that day, I looked at what websites you had looked at, and to my surprise, you had looked at Victorias Secrets, and a few porn sites too. You were looking at spanking, toys, and sites showing women giving men blow jobs. My dick soon was hard as a rock looking at what you had been looking at. I then took the opportunity to call you into my office.

After calling you into my office, I inform you that tracking software has been installed and that the management plans to weed out employees who waste time on inappropriate web sites. I then tell you how I have looked at the porn sites that you were looking at. You plead, "please don't tell on me, I need my job." You ask what you can do to save your job. I tell you to lock my door and come over to my desk. I then tell you about how hard I got looking at your porn pages, many of them of women giving men with big dicks a blow job. I tell you, "I want you to suck me off like those women on the web pages do." I tell you how badly I want you to do it to me. To my surprise, you tell me, "I'd love to do it." Soon, I am rewarding you with a big hot load of cum which I command you to swallow eagerly.

After you leave my office, I tell you that you had better not be looking at porn on the internet, or you'll be in big trouble. You then promise me that you will stay off of the forbidden sites.

Anyway, fast forward a few months, I have to call you to my office again.

I tell you that I have been tracking you again, and that you have been visiting places that you shouldn't again. You claim that you haven't but I tell you that you have been on Craigslist. You claim that it was just to look for something that your boss wanted to buy for the company. I tell you, "No, we have installed key logging software, and you are writing nasty letters to internet boyfriends." I then hand you several pages of material that you have written to craigslist boyfriends.. You say, "OH BOY, I guess I owe you another blow job." I reply, "no, this time you are getting a spanking." You say, "you can't be serious!" I tell you that I'm totally serious and inform you that you are to bend over my desk. You bend your shapely ass over my desk, and I place my forearm over the small of you back, and then I pull your short skirt up over your back. You say, "wait a minute, you can't do that." I soon see that you are wearing skimpy red panties that reveal an incredibly sexy ass. I say nothing but quickly insert my fingers in your waste band and rip your panties down to your knees. I tell you, " you need a bare ass spanking." You protest, but I say nothing, just firmly pressing your chest to my desk.

I begin spanking you, with hard and firm spanks. My spanking is not violent, yet it is still hard enough to be painful. It is also an excuse to check out your beautiful ass. I get behind you and kick your feet apart a little. Soon I see that you have a smoothly shaven pussy. I keep spanking you, sometimes wrapping my finger into your crack and let my fingertips contact your vulva. I get harder than ever, and my cock begins to ooze. Your pussy is beginning to open and you have a bulging clit too.

I can't take it anymore, I stop spanking you and drop to my knees. I place my arms under your thighs and wrap them up to the small of your back. I bury my nose up the crack of your ass and start kissing your sweet pussy with passion. I am licking you from behind. I am tickling your asshole with my nose and licking your sweet juices, sucking your lips with big open mouth kisses. I am totally out of control. Soon your pussy is incredibly moist and you are moaning with passion. I am groaning and telling you how incredibly sweet your pussy tastes.

Soon, you tell, me, "OH, I'M COMING, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!!" I ram my cock into your pussy.. To my surprise, my thick cock slides in easily. I start fucking you hard and fast, our bodies slam together so hard that we make smacking noises. I am afraid that our coworkers can hear us, but I continue to bang you hard and fast. After several minutes of hard banging with both cum with a very intense orgasm.

I have exchanged stories with many ladies, and I also enjoy reading stories in this xnxx story site. If anyone is interested, I might post some more stories. Usually, I ask what my pen pal is interested in and then try to right a story that meets that criteria. Sometimes, I can be sweet, other times, I can make the ladies do things that they don't want to do, well, they usually change their mind and end up enjoying it.

So, xnxx readers, let me know what you think of this story, good or bad, and if you are interested in other stories that I have exchanged. Also, do you know of anyplace that you can do one on one story exchanges without going through the internet ad process? Thank you.

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