Internet Partner II

Internet Partner II

A couple of months ago I got curious and I peeked at a website that said it was for people who were attached but dreaming of something different. There were dozens of listings of men who were offering themselves to women who wanted to cheat on their husbands. I decided to fill in a biography just to see where this could lead.
I was called by a man who responded to my ad and asked several rather pointed questions, for example, ‘What about anal? Have I ever been spanked?’
I don’t know why but the thought of being spanked made my juices flow. I was raised to be a lady and I moved in very straight-laced circles. No one in my society would ever be caught even reading the ad on that Website, let alone respond to it. But being nude and turned over a man’s knees and having my naked ass spanked really excited me. For sure I had never taken a cock in my bum. I answered his e-mail.
His next e-mail came quickly and asked me to call him and left me a phone number. I knew he would want to meet me. I knew that this could lead me straight to his bed.
As you know I did call. And it did lead to his bed. Yes we spent an afternoon sucking and fucking. Our excitement was so great that we never did get around to the spanking part or the anal. It is true I felt like a really filthy slut, but I also walked away with the most amazing feeling in my battered cunt. It was such a good time we both agreed that we should do it again.
The last thing he said to me as I walked out the door was; “Call me when you are ready then. Besides you still haven’t been spanked.”

‘You still haven’t been spanked.’ The thought kept running through my mind. It was the thought that intrigued me with this adventure in the first place. ‘You still haven’t been spanked.’ My flooded pussy drove me to act on the idea. I was thinking with my cunt not my brain. The thought was perverted. It was to say the least, dirty. Being nude and turned over a man’s knees and having my naked ass spanked really, really excited me.
I waited a week to call him for our next rendezvous. Just like last time, I thrilled when his strong masculine voice answered. “I was wondering if you would call again.” He said.
“How could I not call after the time we had last week?”
“I understand.” He said. “It certainly was a heavy session. Let me ask you how did you feel afterwards?”
“Well, you know, I had some mixed feelings.” I confessed. “It has been so long since I was so thoroughly fucked. When I walked away, my pussy felt wonderful. I felt truly satisfied. But I am a married woman, and I was cheating on my husband. That made me feel a little guilty. The memory of our behaviour in the restaurant made me feel like a total slut.”
“Yes you were quite the slut.” He said, emphasising the word slut. “I think anyone who behaves like that should be spanked.”
There was that word again! He wanted to spank me! “But I didn’t want to behave that way.” I tried to plead in a little girl voice.
“Really? May I remind you that it was you who opened an extra button your blouse. No one forced you to go into my pants and play with Snake. I didn’t force you to open your legs and let me finger your hole.”
“Yes…yes you are right. I am a dirty whore. I acted like the slut that I really am.” There was silence for just a moment while my confession sank in.
“You will appear at my apartment in one half hour to receive your punishment. Is that clear?” he ordered.
“Yes what?”
I quivered at the tone of his voice. “Yes sir.” I repeated meekly.
“Yes Master, is that clear?”
“Yes Master.” I submitted. Ben had set the tone. It was indeed clear who was the boss. I knew that this time I would be spanked. I arrived five minutes early.


When Ben answered the door I nearly fainted. He was almost naked. All he wore was an Apache style loincloth! It was like a small towel that only just covered his thick cock, leaving his legs and hips bare on the sides. I knew he was naked under that skimpy covering. In his hand he held a cardboard box.
“I am going to close this door for twenty seconds. You have two options. You can turn around and leave, or you can take off all of your clothes and put them in this box. If you decide to stay, when I open the door in twenty seconds, you will be naked, and on your knees.” He then dropped the box at my feet, and closed the door.
It must have taken me two or three seconds to realise what had happened. My choice was obvious. I quickly began to strip. I only just managed to be undressed and was still getting down on my knees when he opened the door my shoes were in my hands. He glowered down at me as I threw them in the box.
When he bent over to pick up the box, I got a glimpse, under the loincloth, of the long, semi-hard, cock that he used to fuck me with the last time. I gave a little shudder at the memory. He tossed the box into the foyer behind him and turned back to me pulling his loincloth aside exposing his thick manhood. “Suck my cock!” He ordered gruffly.
Without a further thought I opened my mouth and sucked his member inside. Ohmygod it felt so wonderful! Here I was naked on my knees in a public hallway sucking this man’s dick! My exposed tits were bobbing around on my chest as I pumped my mouth up and down his dong, spit was starting to leak out and drool down my chin. The thought did occur to me that anyone could open a door and see me like this. If this didn’t qualify me as a slut what would?
He abruptly stepped back and his cock fell from my open mouth. “Get inside slut!” I started to get up, “Crawl!” He ordered. On my hands and knees I entered his home, my bare tits swaying below me. As I passed by him I felt his hand checking out my unprotected slit. I was ordered to go over to the couch. There I was to sit on the floor with my naked butt on my heels, my hands submissively behind my back.
When he sat down in front of me his magnificent hardon swept aside the flimsy loincloth and it stood straight up before my eyes still glistening with my spit from the blowjob I had started. It looked so marvellous, I felt my pussy twitch in anticipation.
“I have never seen a woman act so much like a slut.” He spit out the word slut making it sound even more degrading, if that were possible. I felt my face blush with the shame. He reached over and started to fondle my exposed breasts. “Look at you naked and on your knees. You truly are no better than a filthy street whore. There is only one thing that can cure such behaviour. You need a spanking.”
All the time he was humiliating me, my eyes were fixed on his tall erect woman pleaser. I was absorbed with the thoughts of being a disgusting pig that would spread her legs to the first man who hinted at a sexual act. I was so wicked but I could only stare at (and enjoy) his huge phallus.
“Get up here across my lap, slut!” He ordered.
Without hesitation I obeyed my new Master. I don’t even remember the movement. Now I was on my knees, and now I was across his naked legs with his hard cock pressing into my abdomen.
“The first step is for you to admit your crimes.” He said as he stroked my naked ass. “What are you?”
“I am a depraved slut.” I admitted. The feeling of utter humiliation began to permeate my soul.
“Why do you think you are a slut?”
“Last week I exposed myself in a public place, and put my hand in a man’s trousers and felt his beautiful cock. I let that man finger my pussy, then I went home with him and enjoyed myself while he fucked me several times. I am a slut.”
Hearing myself admit what I had done out loud did make me feel truly ashamed of my actions. What if anyone I knew saw me like that? I would be horrified. I felt my face turning red as I blushed in the shame of my so-called ‘crimes’.
“What a pig you are!” The first hard slap reined down on my exposed ass. “You are a total whore.” Another resounding slap landed on the other cheek.
I screamed out in surprise and pain. Again and again he spanked my unprotected bum. I could feel the burning pain as each blow fell on a fresh spot. His spanking hand went up high towards my back, and then moved methodically down towards my legs. All I could do was lie there and squirm as he hit me over and over again. With each blow my hanging tits wobbled below me sending an erotic message to my already overloaded brain. I was sobbing in shame and humiliation. The pain in my buns was agonizing, but I didn’t want the spanking to ever end.
Without warning, I felt an orgasm start building deep in my punished body. I was powerless to stop it. Stronger and stronger the tingling grew with each blow on my burning ass. When he spanked the ‘sweet spot’ under my bum where the cheeks join my legs I lost my battle with control and cummed. I knew I was shooting fluids all over his legs, and I was out of control, I couldn’t stop myself.
I didn’t even realise that he was no longer spanking me. He must have gently rolled me off of his lap and laid me on the floor. I was still spasming in erotic orgasm when I felt his hard cock enter my slavering cunt. He slid in with no effort at all as my flowing juices lubricated the way for him. I am not sure whether this triggered another orgasm or the old one just continued and frankly I didn’t care.
Ben kept on fucking me right through the longest orgasm of my life. I lay on the floor exhausted, my throbbing bum pressing into the course rug causing me even more pain with each delicious stroke of his hard-as-steel-cock. My tits bounced erotically across my chest with each delectable penetration of his manhood deep in my pussy. I didn’t have the strength to move.
Suddenly he drove into me with even more brutal force than he had been using. I thought I could feel his massive cock against my cervix. He was in as far as he could go and it felt wonderful. As he held it there I was sure his dick swelled up a bit, then twitched as he began to fill me with his sperm. I felt another erotic explosion.
I couldn’t stop. Once again I was out of control squirming on the floor, speared like a stuck hog on Ben’s massive prick. I was screaming like a cheap whore as my latest orgasm surged through my sweating body. Then everything went black.


The next thing I knew Ben was gently slapping my face.
“Wow I have never had a woman pass out on me before!” he said as I slowly regained my senses.
I was still lying on my back, with my naked legs sprawled out exposing my drooling pussy. My ass felt sore from the incredible spanking I had received.
“Get up slut!” Ben resumed his role as my master when he saw that I had recouvred. “Clean my cock with your mouth.”
Without hesitation I got on my knees and sucked his semi-hard cock into my mouth. In spite of my punishment I was still his slut slave. I used my tongue to make sure I removed all of the pungent residue from his member. His cock began to grow back to its magnificent hardness in my mouth once again.
“Bend over the arm of the couch.” He ordered as he stepped back making his thick hardon plop from my lips.
“Wha…what … are you going to do?” I babbled.
“It is not a slut’s place to ask questions like that.” He said with anger in his voice. To emphasise the point he slapped my right tit.
Pain raced through my breast and shot right down to my drooling pussy. I quickly scurried to the arm of the couch and bent over exposing my naked, well-spanked bottom to his every whim. My boobs were hanging down like udders underneath me, the right one throbbing slightly from the slap. My nipples were only lightly touching the cushions of the couch and were sending an erotic tickling sensation down my spine. If I thought I was a filthy slut before what had I become now? Could I be even more degraded?
I felt his hand fondling my slobbering pussy. His fingers were exploring every inch of my smutty slit, opening and closing my sodden cunt making our combined cum juices surge into his palm.
I felt so sordid. I was being used like an object, a slutty sex object only good for fucking. I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I had asked for this and I was getting what I wanted.
His crude slime filled hand went up my crack to my exposed asshole. Methodically he smeared our juices all over my pucker. His cum covered fingers invaded my rear hole.
“Oooohhh ….my G…” I moaned as my virgin back door was breached. No one, man or woman, had ever put their fingers in my asshole.
“Silence!” he ordered. A hard slap resounded off my raw ass to emphasise the point. “The whore will not make noise.” I bit my bottom lip trying not to make a sound. The fingering of my butt continued. Deeper and deeper went the finger. In spite of the impending punishment I knew I would receive another groan escaped my body.
“Oooohhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmyyyyyyyygggoooodddd!” I moaned.
Without mercy another few blows rained down on my burning hot ass. I yelped and squirmed in my delightful agony. All my feelings were centred on my exposed upturned bottom. The finger in my hole started fucking in and out driving me further into a sexual frenzy.
Suddenly the finger was pulled out. I felt abandoned and empty. The feeling was short lived.
His thick cock replaced his prowling finger at my back door. First it slid back into my still slobbering cunt and was coated anew with my slime, then it slowly moved up along my open crack to come to rest on my quivering pucker.
“NNNNNnnnnnnnoooooooooooo…” I protested but to no avail. I felt the pressure increase as the spongy glans forced my asshole to open wider. The strain became greater briefly then something gave way as his thick cock forced its way deeper into my rectum.
I saw a red flash as the pain seared its way from my ass to my brain and back again. I am sure that all of Ben’s neighbours heard my piercing scream as I lost my anal virginity. His unrelenting prick sank deeper and deeper into my last bastion of purity. At last I felt his balls resting on my quivering cunt. He was in as deep as he could go.
The pain was brutal. All of my attention was directed to his thick manhood splitting my rectum in two.
He rested there for a while letting me recover my senses. In that short time the ache began to subside. Bit by bit I perceived that I felt more and more in control of the situation.
Then he began to fuck my ass. Slowly he withdrew his monster log stopping just inside my sphincter, then just as slowly returning to full penetration again. The first few strokes were repeated in this manner, but soon the pace quickened. Before long a steady fucking rhythm was driving me relentlessly to my first anal orgasm.
All the pain had subsided by now and I began to enjoy my first anal fuck. This wasn’t so bad after all. He reached around my hips and found my clit and began to rub it in time to his incredible fucking strokes.
I exploded in orgasm. There was so much cum that for the first time in my life I squirted my love juices out of my cunt onto the floor. Another carnal scream came from deep within my soul as wave after wave of ecstasy shook my out of control body. If I thought this man had fucked me beyond reason before I was misguided. My mental powers were overloaded.
At the height of my exhilaration I could feel his driving cock rammed all the way home deep in my ass. He held it there for a moment then I could feel it twitch as he pumped me full of his man cream again.
Exhausted he backed away from my sweating body and collapsed into an easy chair, his massive hardon shrivelling into softness across his thigh. I couldn’t move. I remained bent over the arm of the couch with the spendings of our lovemaking drooling out of my two contaminated holes.
It was then in this post-coital trance that I began to again observe my situation. I was naked, lying over the arm of a couch with my well-fucked cunt and well-spanked ass up in the air. Running down my lewdly spread legs was the scum of my depraved behaviour. What a repulsive whore I am. How much further could I allow myself to be degraded? I was supposed to be the respected wife of a successful businessman. Instead I was the vile slut-slave who belonged to a monster of a man who loved to spank (and fuck) my bare ass. I wouldn’t give this up for anything.
Every muscle protested as I tried to get up from my embarrassing position. My cunt was raw from being ravaged by his big thick cock. My ass throbbed from the skilled spanking I had received. My asshole ached from my first anal fuck.
I staggered over to my master/lover and began to crawl into his lap. He raised a hand to stop me and asked me to pull him up out of the chair instead. He led me to his bed where we lay down together.
Soon he rolled me over on my back and fucked me again. I don’t know where he found the stamina. But I am glad he did.

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