It had now been quite a few months since Harry had taken Ann to his Buiders yard where she experienced her first taste of group sex. Things had escalated from there, another visit to his yard and yet another humilating session, eventually being brought to a head when she visited his wife to finish the affair with her husband but not before she had been subjected to another degrading experience receiving her first BLACK cock from one the guys who actually worked at the same company as she did.
Fortunately although she diid see him from time to time when she visited the works canteen he never mentioned anything to her about that particular night. Indeed several weeks had passed until one lunch time she had to go one of the storerooms on the works site.The works buildings were some 200yds away seperated by a large storage yard. In her smart pinstriped Business suit and white blouse she was certainly noticeable on her journey over to the storeroom.
Having completed her task she was just locking the storeroom door when Isiah appeared," i hope you taking care of that little pussy of yours " he said to her in a stern voice.At that moment she knew that having just got out of one situation she was being confronted with yet another one.
He then told her that she would have to arrange to see him one saturday morning in the same area on order to allay any suspicion other staff may have of any sexual activities at her workplace.

Quite a few of the female office staff had had numerous sex encounters in various places on the works site that it had become the norm but Ann had not been involved in any of them until now.
On saturdays the office buildings were usually closed with only the works plant open till around midday, she had been on site on previous occasions on saturday mornings going round the plant checking telepone extns or stock from the store room so it was not unusual for her to be seen on that particular day.

An opportunity did arise around 3 weeks later so she contacted Isiah to tell him she would be on site that saturday morning.As the days leading up to her arranged meeting with Isiah drew closer she began to wonder just what sort of humiliation she would have to go through with someone who was really a stranger and who would almost certainly use her body for his own gratification
but she was also resigned to the fact that she had very little alternative but to go ahead with the meeting.

Parking up some 30 minutes before her arranged time and wearing a lose fitting full length Black/white print skirt with a white blouse she made her way over towards the store room.
She even managed to call in the works canteen loo which was open but thankfully unstaffed as some of the female canteen staff were also her close works collegues.
On reaching the storeroom she then had a somewhat agonising wait before the sound of voices could be heard approaching the room,the door opened and Isiah true to his word entered but with two of his workmates.

Ann began to protest at the intrusion by his workmates but this only served to heighten their excitement at what delights were before them to sample and abuse. They quickly grabbed her arms and bent her over the desk but this time there were no restraints or stripping of her clothes just a swift pull of her skirt up over her arse and a pair of hands pulling her pantes down and off.

The invasion of her body was going to be enjoyed by not one but three coloured guys who would almost certainly abuse her until every drop of their spunk had been used up.
The first workmate Samuel was powerfully built but short and stocky there was no foreplay as he entered her and began to hump Ann had to hold on to the edge of the desk as though her life depended on it,as he began to piston his cock in and out of her faster and faster she found herself responding to his thrusts and as she began to moan and whimper he started to climax and she was soon receiving her first load of the session.

As soon as she felt him pull out Franklin a somewhat taller but slimmer individual came over,flipped her on to her back and pulled her to the edge of the desk holding her legs in the air by her ankles in the shape of a V. With his cock positioned at the entrance of her soaking cunt he entered her and was soon beginning his assualt inside her helpless body.They were however disturbed as Isiah told them to stop in the middle of her being fucked as the Security Officer had entered the building to do his rounds.He even tried the door to the storeroom which Isiah had thankfully locked before continuing on his way. Ann had had to endure having a cock stuck up inside her while this was happening.
Franklin though had been unable to hold back and had released his spunk straight into her, when the security officer had tried the door,she told me she could actually feel his cock pulsing his cum into her as he lost control of the situation.

Isiah now took over for his turn flipping her back over the desk he lifted her skirt up over her bare arse and roughly shoved his prize manhood into her causing her to cry out yet again as she was
indignantly reamed her body now being used as a battering ram for yet a third time.
As she faught back the tears due to the severity of the fucking she again found herself responding him as he merciously used her to gratify his enjoyment.
He then emptied the contents of his cock inside her only pulling out when he was unable to release any more spunk.
As the other workmates went out he told her he would be taking the key and would return it to her on monday morning.

As she made her way back to her car minus her knickers which Isiah had told her he was keeping as a momento she now found that she had gotten herself into yet another situaation which could be much more damaging than the previous one all because she was unable to keep
control of the situation and keep her knickers on for more than a few seconds when confronted by horny males.Indeed she still had to find out why he had taken the storeroom key.

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