Jacuzzi Affair – Preface

Jacuzzi Affair – Preface

I was attending a conference in Alaska and I rented a cabin for rest and relaxation. The cabin had a jacuzzi on the deck that over looked a rain forest and a hiking trail, but for the most part was pretty secluded.

As soon as I was settled, I got in my bikini to try out the jacuzzi. Let me describe myself. I am 5'8" tall, shoulder length brown hair, 40DD-30-36. I am big but well proportioned. My bikini triangles barely cover my large brown areolas, large nipples and my shaved pussy. Let's just say my bikini left little to the imagination.

The temperature was in the high 50's. I got into the hot tub. The contrast of temperatures caused my nipples to become immediately rock hard and sensitive. I turned the jacuzzi on and sat down to relax. One of the jacuzzi jets happened to spray over my clit, ohh did that feel good. I started to massage my tits through the material. This will be fun I thought! I positioned the jet right at my pussy and continued to rub my tits. This always starts to send little shock waves to my pussy. Soon, I had my bikini untied so I could feel my massive jugs and twist my nipples. I also had put my other hand in my crotch to rub my hardening clit and undo my bikini bottom. With my bikini in a crumbled wet pile on the side of the jacuzzi, I pointed the jacuzzi jet back to my clit and another jet could be positioned to penetrate my hole. I could not believe the sensations that were rippling through my body. With the jets doing their job, my hands were free to keep my melons and nipples excited. I let my head fall back, closed my eyes and started rocking back and forth on the jets powerful streams of water. I was getting so HOT, I could feel my pussy juice leaking out of my hole as the water engulfed my clit, hit my G-spot and was bring me close to cumming. I could not contain my moans of pleasure. As I quickened the pace, I leaned back to far and the water jet shot right up my ass hole. OH MY GOD!! I could no longer control myself. I was humping the water jets – from my clit, to my cunt, to my arce. I yelled, "Oh God, help me I am cumming. I need — FUCK, I need help." And all of a sudden, my body was convulsing as the orgasms rippled through my body for at least 2 minutes.

I was still calming down and catching my breath, as I stood over the jet stream as it lightly cascaded over my clit. All of sudden, arms came from behind me and started to caress my gigantic tits, kiss my neck and slide a huge 9" dick into my pussy. "I heard you call for help." My cunt was slippery wet and took his 9" easily. I just melted into his arms as he continued to pump my pussy and tweak my titties until he unleashed his first load in my hole. After that he sat down on the side of the jacuzzi, I gave him a kiss. I realized he was a young man early 20's and a bellhop at the hotel hosting the conference. He had been jogging on the trail when he heard and saw what he liked. My kisses trailed down his body to the semi-erect cock that my hands had started to jerk off. I slowly circled the tip and the under side of the purple head before I swallowed the entire shaft. Bopping up and down on his pole, he started to moan as his dick sprang back to life. I could feel the tension in his groin growing as he held my head over his rod. I continued to deep throat him and speed up the pace. Soon he warned, "I'm cumming." I quickly stood back and let him unload buckets of cum all over my tits. I loved letting him lick it off afterwards. He payed special attention to sucking on the nipples and areolas which turns me on. I then positioned him so the jacuzzi jets were massaging his balls and at the same time I started to finger myself and my clit. I was so wet and lusting for more. He lifted me up and sat me on the side of the jacuzzi so he could get a taste of my pussy. His tongue felt wonderful as it flicked over my clit and up my slit. He liked the taste of our mixed juices. He made sure the jacuzzi jet stayed on his cock though, he liked the warm feeling being stirred in his balls. It did not take long before my hips were pressing his face, "I need you to fuck my pussy again, I'm going to cum." He pulled me up to him, gave me a long deep kiss, turned me around andbent me over. I was anticipating the feel of his monster cock, instead, he positioned the water jet to hit my pussy hole. He then rammed his cock into my ass. I had never done this – it hurt, but at the same time my pussy was having an instant orgasm, after orgasm. He reached around me rubbed my nipples between his fingers, then reached down with one hand to rub my clit. I was in heaven. Again, I was having an uncontrolled orgasm has both my holes were filled to the brim. One with forceful water jet sprays and the other with a magnificent cock that was now pounding in and out of my ass. It did not take long before we both came together. He unloaded his warm jiz in my ass hole and my pussy let loose into the jacuzzi.

"Oh my gosh, it is getting late, I need to go home and get ready for work in 1/2 hour. Thanks for letting me help you, I guess I needed some too." He climbed out of the jacuzzi, got dressed and jogged off.

That evening, at the reception opening, I wore my semi-see-through black blouse without a bra, skirt with slit up the front to mid thigh without panties and a business jacket. If a ran into him, I was prepared!!

Let me know how you like this story – I'm pretty hot after writing it!

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