James & Janie

James & Janie

I grew up in a typical suburban neighborhood in the late 60's early 70's. I wanted to write about my first ever experience for a long time and now, finally….

When I was 11 and my sister was 9, we hung around with another brother and sister, James and Janie. We used to just goof around the neighborhood, play in the park or kick a ball around, but that day would turn out to be a lot different.

James was kind of a young surfer punk looking guy, dirty blonde hair in his eyes all the time and he and I were one of the first in our grade to get high. I, on the other hand, was rather a non-descript type of guy. I wasn't a nerd, nor a jock, nor a true stoner (although I got stoned all the time), not fat nor thin nor very muscular and I had never really had any type of girlfriend. My sister was just, my sister. I had never thought of her sexually at all. She had two little buds for tits and not much else to think of. Janie was a tad older than my sister and I think that made the difference. She already had developing tits and a cute little butt. She looked like James, but a girl, kinda tomboyish but real sexy.

It was summer vacation and it was hot so we decided we would go to the J's house to cool off (remember these were the days before video and internet). We had some ice tea and then went down into the basement (their hangout). It was all done up with rock posters and fluorescent paint and had the lingering smell of stale incense and pot. There was a lava lamp and a black light and no widows to speak of. There were bean bag chairs and pillows all over the place.

We went downstairs and James hit the music and the black light. I remember it was Led Zeppelin II and all the room took on that funky glow (some of our clothes glowed and you could see teeth and a few odd objects). We packed a few bowls in the bong and passed it around and were beginning to feel loose.

James started the conversation and asked if my sister and I had ever fooled around. We hadn't and said so. He said that he and Janie had. I was intrigued. "What do you mean by fooling around, exactly?" I asked. "We get naked and whatever happens happens," he answered.

OK. Now, honestly, not like half (or more) of all the other stories here, I was 11 – I had not jerked off yet, nor come all over the place and had been deep throated and had anal sex on my first experience. I had my share of boners and thought about what sex was, but nothing ever came of it (hah).

So, as the buzz was kicking in, I said, let's try, but I did not want to start with my sister. It was agreed. The J's started off by breaking the ice. They both got undressed in the darkness of the black light. I remember that I was a little bashful, thinking my tiny little hairless boner would be pitiful next to James' but when I saw his tiny rod, I stripped immediately. My sister was the last. She had no hair on her pussy and two half-dollar sized nipples. But Janie I remember vividly. She had tangerine sized tits and a bush of fine downy hair above her pussy.

She called me over to her. I had NO IDEA what to do. I lay on top of her and we wriggled around and just kind of fondled for a while. She smelled like Johnson's Baby Shampoo and I still think of her to this day when I smell the brand. As we rubbed up against each other, I felt her wetness and I started feeling the urge to pee. We continued and than all of sudden she screamed, "James, he's in me, he's in me!!" Very honestly, I was feeling so good and I guess I was so small that I did not notice the very first time my pecker slid into a pussy. But after that scream, I started getting the hang of it and started moving in time with her thrusts. I told her I think I had to pee, but she said no just do it, keep going. I had my very first orgasm inside Janie's little pussy. Janie wanted more (again, this is a true story, I did not last 45 minutes, I was done after about 2 or 3 minutes). She asked me to help her play with herself. So, I leaned on in and I remember that the pussy juice and the little bit of my first cum on her pussy hair glowed in the black light, it was real cool. She showed me where to touch and I started fingering her and lightly touching her little button and after a few minutes, her hips started bucking and she started moaning and then she asked my to stop cause she said it was ticklish.

I looked over at my sister and James and saw that he was not getting anywhere with her. He said that he could not get it into her. So Janie and I went over and Janie started rubbing my sister while James tried to put his cock in her mouth. She still didn't get the hang of it, but we could see that Janie was having the desired effect on her pussy because the black light started showing her wetness. James started rubbing his little pecker on her pussy and Janie sat on her face (and I was watching). Finally, he slipped in and after about three strokes, he came. My sister was disappointed, so I jumped into the vacancy. I kept going now for a few minutes and she started breathing heavily and we both came together.

Now the basement smelled like, stale incense, pot and sex. This never happened again between all of us and we sort of fell out of touch. One time later on I asked my sister if she wanted to do it again and she said sure, but for some reason, I could not get her wet enough (or I grew and maybe her hymen was not broken that first time). Janie did go on to become the High School slut.

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