Jan Peggy, Rodger 2

Jan Peggy, Rodger 2

I had just witnessed one of the best fuck’s Peggy would ever get, she was still on his lap, facing him, Rodger was still inside her, she was rocking her ass gently, capturing every last contraction, and enjoying every last second of his cock filling her. Rodger made eye contact with me, and lifted his hips, pushing against her suggestively. His half grin spoke volumes, almost as if he were saying out loud,” you’re next”. My heart skipped a beat, and I thought to myself, “oh my god I hope so”.

Peggy lifted her pussy off of him, his cock made a sexy, wet, sucking sound as it came out of her. She got out of the car, went to the back and peed, and called to me to bring tissues for her. She wiped her pussy, and then asked me for her panties. I had forgotten I had them in my pocket. The panties were almost dry they had been fucking so long. She balanced against me to put them back on, and then got in the front next to Rodger again.

The ride to her house was very quiet; she was snuggled against his shoulder sighing contently, well fucked and totally satisfied. She was resting her hand on the inside of his leg, her eyes closed. She was almost asleep when we got to her house. They shared a quick goodnight kiss, and she went in, seconds before her curfew was up.

Conversation between Rodger and me was very strained the first couple of blocks. Then he asked me if I had enjoyed watching them fuck. I lied that I hadn’t seen much, that I had faced the front mostly. He just chuckled, and patted the seat beside him, asking me to move closer. Almost as if on auto pilot his arm went around me, and his hand caressed my breast. My nipples were still painfully hard and pressing against my sweat shirt, and I realized I was nowhere near satisfied with the orgasms that I had on my fingers earlier. I slid my hand up his leg, and let it rest on his cock, and was pleasantly surprised that he was still hard.

He dropped his hand to my lap, and to the crotch of the unyielding jeans, letting it rest there; it felt like it belonged. He kept his hand between my legs, moving his fingers slightly against my swollen, throbbing, pussy lips, till we got to my house. He parked across the street from my house. Rodger said we should sit and talk a while. I agreed but needed to tell my parents that I was home. Most of all I needed to get rid of these damn jeans. It took literally seconds to say hi to my dad and step mom, and change in to a skirt and halter top. I left the jeans and my wet panties in a heap on the bedroom floor, my sweat shirt and bra tossed on to my bed, and hurried back outside to the car, and Rodger.

He had gotten in to the back seat while I was changing, and like earlier, his pants were down around his ankles, and he was stroking his cock. I slid in beside him, my skirt riding up revealing that I hadn’t worn panties. Neither of us spoke, he just kept slowly stroking his cock, and my fingers went to my dripping wet pussy, and we just sat there, masturbating together, we both knew we would fuck, but we were caught up in the moment both enjoying this totally erotic closeness.

Then he shifted his attention to me, his fingers replaced mine, and he slowly finger fucked me to a shattering orgasm. His tongue was on my clit before the contractions stopped, sending me in to another round of violent contractions. Then he was on top of me, turning down my offer to suck his cock, his hand between us, guiding his cock in to me. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in to me to his balls. We talked as we fucked; a first for me. He would fuck me hard and fast, sometimes making me cum before he stopped, then we would just talk, his cock deep inside me. When I started moving my ass he would resume fucking me again till I came again.

At one point while we were talking and fucking, he told me I wasn’t as tight as Peggy, but that it was better with me because he wasn’t afraid he was going to hurt me. Peggy? I just realized this was the first time I had thought of her, and what I was doing. For about three seconds I felt guilty, then Rodger pushed his cock up to his balls in to me, and I forgot about everyone, and everything, but him fucking me. He seemed to be able to make me cum at will, sensing what I needed, slow and deep, or fast and furious, whatever he did, or whatever position we fucked in, seemed to be just right. Finally, he was back on top of me, his arms under my knees holding my legs high and was fucking me hard and fast, no longer concerned with just my needs; he was close to cumming for the first time that night. He closed his eyes tight, he was hardly breathing, and hardly withdrawing his cock from me, short hard thrusts, deep inside me, my cervix being assaulted by the head of his cock. Then suddenly we were both there, cumming together, moaning, I was crying from the intensity of my orgasm, my pussy contracting around his throbbing cock. He came for what seemed like 2 minutes, filling me to overflowing, his cum streaming down my ass and on to the seat of the borrowed car. I added my own juices to the flow as I squirted; having the first of what I hoped would be many female ejaculations I would have with him.

Neither of us moved, he lay on top of me, kissing my tears, pushing his cock gently deeper, and then slowly withdrawing it a fraction, then he would repeat it all over again. I started getting that special feeling, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to cum again; I was done for the night and with good reason. He had fucked me for just under an hour. Then the guilt returned. I had betrayed my best friend. When I mentioned Peggy, He explained that they didn’t have a relationship, other than a sexual one, but as I expected, Peggy was livid when I confessed to her what had happened.

Rodger calmed her down in under an hour though. (smiles)

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